The Withdrawal Ease Story

Hi, my name is George and I would like to welcome you to; the leading resource for opiate withdrawal, detox and dependency. First, I’d like to talk about the Withdrawal Ease story because I think it’s important for you to know why I started this endeavor in 2008.

George Catlin Founder of Withdrawal Ease


I decided to start Withdrawal Ease due to my own personal experience with opiate prescription painkillers. This personal nightmare started innocently enough…and believe me when I say that opiate dependency can happen to anyone.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with severe cervical spinal stenosis which is a terribly painful narrowing of the spinal cord. I consequently had to undergo major surgery to implant a metal plate in my neck to take pressure off of my spinal cord. I was prescribed a litany of prescription pain medications and had to keep taking higher doses to manage the nerve pain that kept plaguing me. Doctors orders, you see.

My tolerance for opiates was going up and I was rapidly becoming physically dependent on these pills. I remember vividly the first time that I was without them and I got so sick. I had absolutely no clue what was happening to me and then it hit me: “Oh My God, I’m in withdrawal — how embarrassing! I thought only ‘junkies’ and Robert Downey Jr. went into withdrawal!”

Almost two years went by and I was still being prescribed heavy doses of painkillers from a pain management clinic. I kept taking them, but it was less about the pain and more about being terrified of withdrawals. The withdrawal symptoms from opiates are not life threatening but believe me when I say that you actually WANT to die when you are in opiate withdrawal. It’s horrible. You cannot sleep, work, eat or anything else resembling normal daily function when you are in opiate detox. The pills gave me energy and allowed me to function but also had terrible side effects like depression, anger, loss of interest in hobbies, etc. Opiates kept me from being sick but they were also taking their toll on my life.

So, I started to do research on opiate withdrawal and to my astonishment, there weren’t many options. All of the available treatment options like rehab or rapid detox cost a significant amount of time and a LOT of money. I didn’t want to spend $30,000 on an in-patient rehab or $6,000 for a medical detox; I wanted to find a process or product that could help me reduce the effects of opiate withdrawal and detox so that I could get my life and my happiness back. I truly felt as though there was nothing out there for someone like me. As it turned out, there were thousands of people “like me” all over and they were looking for the same thing.

Eventually I said to myself “something’s gotta give!” so I suffered through an agonizing “cold turkey” withdrawal and quit completely. It didn’t take long to realize how much better I felt and how less depressed I was. There are millions of people just like you (and me) that are sick of being handcuffed to these pills but are afraid of withdrawal and the high cost of getting help in treatment centers. In my mind, if you want to get off of a medication and cannot due to withdrawals, that’s not necessarily addiction; it’s slavery.

I leaned heavily on the guidance of many colleagues and clinical professionals to develop a comprehensive and integrated protocol that targets the specific symptoms of opiate withdrawal and detox. I didn’t want to simply create a nutritional supplement, I wanted to put together a safe, responsible and clinically effective process to detox from opiates as comfortably as possible.

This site and the product called the Withdrawal Ease Opiate Withdrawal Natural Supplement System® is the culmination of years working with professionals in the addiction, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields of medicine. If used along with The Withdrawal Survival Guide and the content on the site, I feel strongly that this is the most comfortable and affordable way to detox from opiates. I hope that the site, the product or both can help you take the first step to getting your life back from painkillers. As I mentioned, opiate dependency can happen to anyone: priests, teachers, doctors, lawyers, soccer moms, pilots (gulp) and every other type of person you can imagine. Most are hard working, law-abiding people who who have been sucked into this vortex of dependency and just want to get on with their lives. We hope we can help.

—George, Founder and President of Withdrawal Ease


Dr. Earthman

Dr. Earthman

Dr. Brian Earthman, MD Psychiatrist, Board Certified Addictionologist and Member of The ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine)

-Withdrawal Ease Clinical Director

Dr. Earthman joined us in February 2009 after I met with him in early January about Withdrawal Ease and the product. Naturally, when you are providing information, advice and even a product for opiate withdrawal and addiction, it’s always great to seek the council of someone who is on the “front lines” of addiction. At first I was pretty nervous about presenting the product to him because there’s often a certain bias on the part of the clinical community about herbal and naturopathic supplements. To my surprise (and great relief) I wasn’t roughly shown the door. In fact, Dr. Earthman seemed more enthusiastic about the Withdrawal Ease website and the product than I could have ever imagined!

You see, there was something that I had not known about Dr. Earthman prior to my visit with him. Dr. Earthman is not an academic although he has more experience with real patients and real people’s lives than any academic could ever hope to have. Dr. Earthman is a healer. If you read his blog entry, he goes into detail about his clinical philosophy and his approach to addiction and what personally strikes me is his true desire provide the most effective treatment options to his patients, even if they might not be “Standard of Care”. The fact that he did not dismiss me and Withdrawal-Ease is a testament to his desire to heal his patients by any means necessary.

There’s a big difference between healing and providing ongoing care. For Dr. Earthman, a good outcome is a patient lost at his practice or in his treatment center. He’s not interested in having a 15-year relationship with his patients just to make sure that his practice has a steady stream of income… I’m sorry to say but some doctors do this. His goal with every patient is to make sure that he actually HAS goals and that he and his patients can make actual progress and possibly even full recoveries. So when he saw my product, he saw an opportunity to add another tool to his arsenal that works. He also saw as an opportunity to reach a greater number of people that quite frankly could use his advice. He believes in the product itself and he believes in our approach to opiate withdrawal.

Going forward, Dr. Earthman will be helping us make improvements to Withdrawal Ease and also introduce new products or content that might help make opiate detox more attainable for those of you who are suffering.


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