Reflections on Opiate Dependency: From George

Opiate and Heroin Overdoses: Wake Up America!

Why Are We So Confused About How To Attack The Opiate Epidemic? I gotta tell ‘ya; if I read one more story about “Heroin Ravaging Small Town,” I might throw my computer. The stories typically begin with horrifying tales of parents OD’ing in their cars with babies in the back seats, people dying at an alarming rate […]

The Thomas Recipe – What Is It and Can It Really Help Opiate Withdrawal?

  Dear Thomas: It is alleged that you passed away in 2008: R.I.P. With one simple post on a message board, the Thomas Recipe was born and you made an impact on countless lives (and no doubt saved a bunch of them). If it is true that you passed away in July of 2008, it […]

Opiate Dependency’s “Gap In Care”: The real reason why prescription drugs kill

By George Catlin, CEO of Withdrawal Ease Opiate dependency is suffering from a gap in care; it is one of the main reasons why prescription drugs kill. To my knowledge, Phillip Seymour Hoffman didn’t want to die, and neither do the thousands that die each year from opiate overdoses. Opiates cause more accidental deaths each […]

Opiate Addiction – A New Breed of Drug “Addicts” Warrants a Novel Treatment Approach

Why Opiate Addiction and Dependency Has Us All Stumped If you’re an opiate addict (or physically dependent on opiates) today, nobody is quite sure what to do with you. You buck the trend, you don’t quite fit into any of the “pre-defined” categories of substance abuse and your dependency doesn’t progress in a linear and […]

Antidepressant Withdrawal.

An Introduction To Causes and Symptoms of Antidepressant Withdrawal Antidepressant withdrawal can occur when weening off of drugs like Cymbalta and other SSRI’s. For those that are weening off antidepressants, a variety of symptoms can manifest themselves. I have a personal history with opiates and I know what it’s like to be dependent on them; […]

It’s The Withdrawal Stupid!

By George Catlin, CEO of Withdrawal Ease If I read one more article riddled with statistics about the unrelenting grip of addiction that is fueling the current opiate epidemic, I’m going to get violently ill. It must be equally frustrating to those of you who are currently battling opiate dependency. Don’t get me wrong; it […]

Ready For Takeoff!

Taking Flight With Opiates: “The Not-So-Friendly Skies” By George Catlin, CEO of Withdrawal Ease: I used to employ a little analogy whenever I would take my prescription painkillers after my surgery (and the many months in recuperation). For me, taking my pills was akin to taking a flight on an airplane. Did you ever use something […]

In Withdrawal? Love The Pain!

By George Catlin, CEO of Withdrawal Ease  Are you in opiate withdrawal? Well,I’m here to tell you to: “love the pain!” I wouldn’t consider myself a “mystic” and have never wholeheartedly subscribed to the notion of holistic medicine. I believe in what works and there are many nutritional supplements that have been proven to work […]

When You’re “Ready” To Quit?

“When you’re ready, Nicorette can help.” I’ve always thought that line was a bit odd. The whole premise of “quitting when you’re ready” is not just a tag line for Nicorette, it’s standard operating procedure for quitting anything…apparently. When I’m “ready”…really? Ok, well then never. How’s that for ready? I don’t know about you, but […]

Am I an Addict or Just Addicted?

Opiates and Accidental Dependency Many of you aren’t addicts — you’re physically dependent on prescription pain killers but you don’t take them for the “high.” You take opiates to “feel normal” and to help treat pain that was once there but now has been replaced by a mirage that feels like pain. And now you’re stuck. […]

Opiate Dependency: How To Help Someone You Love

Let me start off by saying that this article is by no means a substitute for a “formal intervention” process. Those types of interventions for opiate dependency are carefully planned and executed by professionals who are specifically trained to plan and moderate interventions. These types of formal interventions are for those dependent on opiates who […]

Suboxone – Is A Storm Looming?

When I started Withdrawal Ease in 2009, we received a LOT of repeat orders for Withdrawal-Ease and I honestly couldn’t figure out why. I didn’t really count on many repeat orders because there are more than enough capsules in one order of Withdrawal Ease to cover a normal 10-15 day opiate withdrawal and detox period. And […]

Vicodin Withdrawal – Did It Take You By Surprise?

I would say about 65% of my visitors here are taking Vicodin or some other derivative of Hydrocodone. It’s a popular drug to say the least and doctors give it out like candy for all sorts of aches and pains. As funny as it sounds, I think it’s a good drug and it controls pain […]

The Benefits of Detoxing from Opiates at Home

One of reasons why Withdrawal Ease is so popular is because we are addressing what we call a “Gap in care”. This is a fancy way of saying that there are many folks out there (like you perhaps) that are not getting the appropriate support they need when detoxing from opiates. Rehabs and detox centers […]

Be Selfish…No, Seriously. It’s Time To Be Selfish.

By George Catlin, CEO of Withdrawal Ease  Much of the anguish that I felt as I was taking pills was caused by guilt. I felt guilty that I was neglecting my responsibilities. I felt guilty that I was not spending enough time with my family and not enjoying it enough even when I did spend […]

The Secret Life of An Opiate Addict

If you are addicted to opiates. And when I say “addicted” I don’t mean just physically dependent (i.e. you take your pills as directed and don’t get a high…your body needs the pills not your mind). When I say addicted I mean that you live a life of duplicity…a secret life. As I’ve described in […]

Zohydro: An Appalling Display of Hypocrisy

By George Catlin, CEO of Withdrawal Ease April of 2014, Atlanta GA: I was in attendance for 2014 National Drug Abuse Summit and did not have a booth that year so I was able to attend some of the events. The keynote speech was an appalling display of hypocrisy. It’s ironic and perplexing that not […]

Opiate Withdrawal: A beginning, not an end

By George Catlin, CEO of Withdrawal Ease I must admit that as I wrote this title I cringed because it seems sooo corny! I feel as though I should have a picture with some person, arms outstretched facing a sunset just like one you may find on any addiction publication or website….”Yay, I’m Free!” So […]

How To Ease Restless Legs From Opiate Withdrawal

Restless Legs or Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) can be one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of opiate detox. It was easily one of the 5 most irritating symptoms whenever I was in withdrawal. For those not familiar with the term, Restless Legs is a syndrome commonly associated with the following symptoms: The unquenchable desire to […]

Can Pain Relief Be “Addictive”?

In the rush to halt the steadily increasing death-toll from opiate prescription drug deaths in the U.S., there seems to be one factor overlooked that might offer some perspective as to why this is very much a moving target. The majority of people that are dependent on painkillers began taking them for severe, acute or […]

Opiates and Pain: How Much Is Too Much?

Do You Have Chronic Pain But Think You Might Be Taking Too Much Pain Medication? This is another one of those blog entries that is way overdue. It goes without saying that many of the people that are physically dependent on opiates are also sufferers of chronic pain. The term “chronic pain” is used so […]

From the Horse’s Mouth

I applaud this psychiatrist for calling out his colleagues. It will do little good until real legislation is passed to re-schedule certain painkillers. However, it’s well written and accurate. the other thing that is truly important for visitors to this site to understand that MOST of these deaths are accidental. These are not suicides for […]

The Brain’s “Reward Center”

I’ve been told that my brain has a “Reward Center.” I’ve also been told that my brain’s reward center was a little off-kilter when I was taking pain killers on a regular basis. The opiates turned my brain into a little spoiled brat. Although it’s a very simplistic description of a highly complex chemical process, […]

What’s in a LOGO? Withdrawal-Ease: A Proud Member of The Better Business Bureau

I equate the Better Business Bureau seal to the Good Housekeeping seal…it exudes trust. On the internet these days, it hard to know who to really trust because there are companies that have now profited (profiteered might I say?) from selling their “Everythings’s OK with this Site!” logo for outrageous prices that many e-commerce sites […]

Getting “Un-Stuck”

Before quitting pain killers, I can’t tell you how many times I would say to my self “You know, something’s gotta give.” I suppose that’s just another way of praying for “bottom” to arrive so that it would forcibly pluck me from the ongoing cycle of my obsession with these pills. Many “academics” of addiction […]