How To Ease Restless Legs From Opiate Withdrawal

Restless Legs or Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) can be one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of opiate detox. It was easily one of the 5 most irritating symptoms whenever I was in withdrawal.

For those not familiar with the term, Restless Legs is a syndrome commonly associated with the following symptoms:

  • The unquenchable desire to move your legs. It can happen in other regions of the body but 90% of the time it’s the legs.
  • Twitching and jerking motions during rest or sleep
  • The overwhelming urge to scratch an “itch” in the legs. I often described it as wanting to scratch my leg bones!
  • Odd sensations that can only be reduced by walking or rubbing your legs.

There are other ways that Restless Leg Syndrome can manifest itself but those are the most prevalent ones. RLS is often a symptom of opiate detox and -for many- it can be agonizing. It can keep you awake and also prevent you from being able to sit down and rest which are the two things you want most when going through opiate detox.

The exact cause of restless legs is unknown however, evidence suggests that it has to do with the neurotransmitter Dopamine that is released in the brain. With respect to opiate detox, this makes perfect sense due to the fact that dopamine production slows to a crawl when you stop taking opiates and begin to go through withdrawal. As a result of disruption in sleep patterns, RLS can further hamper dopamine production which only makes matters worse. This is partly why a restful night’s sleep is so important during withdrawal; but it’s hard when your legs seem to want to walk off without your body during the night!

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of what it is and how it is caused, I’d like to share with you some ways to help reduce the discomfort of restless legs during opiate withdrawal.

Easing the severity of restless legs during withdrawal is 2 parts prevention and one part “treatment.”

One of the best ways to help reduce RLS is any sort of exercise that works the muscles in the legs. This is particularly effective if you suffer from it during the night when you are trying to sleep. Giving your legs a good workout can help stretch and tire the muscles which can significantly reduce the twitching often felt at night. I’m not sure if it is the build up of extra lactic acid or some other physiological anomaly but I can only tell you from personal experience that exercise works. Even a light walk every evening (or whenever RLS bothers you) can help reduce these symptoms. Exercise is also a great thing to do when in withdrawal for a variety of other reasons.

The second preventative measure that has helped me in the past is to stay well hydrated. Always have a bottle of water with you and try to take consistent sips throughout the day. Don’t drink huge quantities all at once because your body will just expel it a lot faster.

A good analogy would be the difference between heavy rainstorms and longer lasting rain showers. Heavy rainstorms produce a lot of water but the ground quickly becomes saturated and flooding happens. When rain is lighter and lasts longer, the ground has a better ability to absorb the water and retain it. So drink water at a moderate pace throughout the day and it should help with your restless legs.

The third piece of advice for Restless Leg Syndrome is what I like to call the “Towel Trick”. I used this “treatment” consistently when I had RLS and it worked well for me. Granted, nothing will totally get rid of your symptoms but this can help you get to sleep and hopefully achieve better quality sleep.

I was actually introduced to the Towel Trick by my Mom at an early age due to cramps and pain caused by “growing pains”. These types of symptoms occur when young people have growth spurts which cause the joints and muscles to expand faster than normal. Later in life (much later of course) I remembered the towel trick and tried it on my RLS. Short of cutting my legs completely off (joke), I was willing to try anything to reduce my restless legs during withdrawal. So I tried the Towel Trick and lo and behold it helped a lot!

“The Towel Trick”:

NOTE: I use bedtime as an example but this can be done anytime

  1. Before going to bed, take a hot bath and give your legs a good massage.
  2. After you massage your legs for a bit, take a product like “Ben Gay” or something similar (obviously do not use Ben Gay if you are allergic) and rub it onto your legs. Pay particular attention to areas like your knees, thighs and calves (essentially the whole leg I suppose!). I would recommend using the “cream” form of Ben Gay to avoid any greasiness after application. Give the cream a few minutes to absorb.
  3. Take two terry cloth bath towels (medium sized if you can get them) and wrap one towel firmly around each leg (like a bandage extending from the thighs to the ankles). Be careful not to wrap it so tightly as to cut off circulation. Keep the towels in place by tucking the corners of the towel in at each end; it’s important to keep them firmly in place when you sleep. Gently slip into bed while trying not to unravel the towels…one leg at a time works best. If you can get someone to help you lift each leg carefully into the bed that’s even better.

That’s the Towel Trick!

Why do I think the Towel Trick works? One reason is due to the soothing heat that you will get from the Ben Gay and the towels. The other (perhaps more important) reason is the fact that the towels are putting compression on your leg muscles. This compression can trick the body into thinking that your muscles are being flexed and in motion. These are my theories and perhaps it lacks clinical evidence but hey, it worked for me!

As I mentioned, this has helped me many times during withdrawal and I hope it is effective for you. If you follow the preventative measures that I’ve outlined and then use the Towel Trick I think you find that your Restless Leg Syndrome can be a bit easier to tolerate. It’s certainly a more palatable option than amputating your legs in frustration (again…joke) and it may even help reduce a lot of your other opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Please feel free to send us any comments on this or, if you have any of your own tricks that seem to work, please let me know!

Hope it helps!



  1. This is the best website by far. Thank you

  2. This website is so incredible! I swear this man is thinking my thoughts and feeling what I feel. I’m on my 44th hour and it’s been hell but I can tell u I wouldn’t be able to do this without George!!!

  3. Thanks George,that makes so much sense.I am going to try it,as soon as I can get some Ben Gay.

  4. This is horrible… Doesn’t really hurt but more aggravating!!! I took painters tape and went around each leg snug and pulling my foot up as if it was flat on the floor…. This is helping!! But now I’m not sleepy…. Aarghhhhhh

  5. I never thought i would someone who could relate to these terriable sides

  6. I also tie a belt around the top of my leg and arm (My problem areas). It’s not a total cure and doesn’t help all that much with the insomnia but it sure helps the symptoms. Also Advil might help but I’m not to sure on that one.

  7. Do you think heated pads would work? One for each leg? Also, when I was in High School…God knows that’s been awhile. *cough* 29 now *cough* Lol yet I apparently look 19..so I “suppose” something stunted my aging =P But anyway, I remember my gym teacher, he used to tell us that if we didn’t have a heating pad that we were to take Saran Wrap and wrap it around basically wherever you have pain. It wouldn’t allow to body heat to escape raising it several degrees, thus you had your cheap home made heating pad. Maybe after the Bengay or IcyHot you can use plastic wrap for better results on restriction plus keeping in the heat than towels? I wish you guys all the luck!

  8. George,

    I have been tapering off of Methadone for a month and am almost down to 1/2 pill. The RLS was the most HELLISH AWFUL part of the withdrawal!
    I just ordered your product and can’t wait to try it!
    Thank you for creating this!

  9. if it works then it works. Just make sure you don’t cut off circulation.

  10. Hi Steven. I know it may sound like a cop-out but anything that works and doesn’t risk injury or death to you or others (a bit of levity) is worth a try. I think the towels work very well but if Saran wrap, heating pads or whatever helps then have at it!

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  12. Sounds like a great product…but Im very limited on funds…So $89.00 may as well be a million dollars. Is there any sort of financing? Maybe a trial package to be sure it will really work for me?

  13. Hey George. My GI doctor wants me to go to the hospital on a pain treatment unit to get off fentanyl and morphine because, for obvious reasons, they are obscuring problems I’ve been having since 2002. Any suggestions on how to deal? I am, quite honestly, scared s**tless!

  14. Hi Genesis. Since you mentioned your GI doc, I assume you have some sort of IBD like Crohns or Colitis? Hence the painkillers? Not sure why your GI doc would send you to a pain management clinic for those specific conditions but I could be making the wrong assumption.

    If you do end up going to a pain management clinic, you need to make sure that there is a clear plan for your pain and eventually getting you off of the pills. They will tell you that it is too early to tell but you must push them on this because many of clinics are revolving door pill mills.

  15. Hi Kimberly. We have copious amounts of testimonials and I will provide a link below: The testimonials will give you a good idea as to what you can expect if you taper, follow our instructions in the Survival Guide and take the product as directed.

    Withdrawal Ease Testimonials

  16. PayPal has a financing option but I have been hesitant to try it. The last thing that I want to encourage is for my customers to incur more debt which is why I’m hesitant to offer it. Can you all let me know if this is something that you might be interested in? If I get enough positive feedback, I’d be willing to try it.


  17. Thanks for all this information, it truly is helpful to know. I just finished reading about rls ( I have a friend here currently experiencing it with her detox) and it sounds very similar to what I have been through with my achy legs. I find that just doing what I call cat stretches helps for me. That is, while laying in bed and feeling that familiar tingly feel that signifies the start of rls, I stretch my toes outward to point to the foot of the bed while flexing my calves, then stretch them upward toward my knee as far as they will go, one leg at a time so that while one foit is pointing down the other is pointing up. Kinda similar to a cat getting comfortable on your lap, you know, when they like to dig their claws in. It helps more than anything else for me, including heat packs etc. Hope it helps for others reading this too. The whole reason I came to this website is to try to find ways to help my friend as I know next to nothing about detox except it is rather painful. I only knew about the gut cramps, the sweats and the emotional side of it. I found out a few hours ago about how clonodine helps a little so I gave her a tablet. Apparently it doesn’t help enough or I didn’t give her enough as I can still hear her legs thrashing around 3 hours later. I’m not sure if Withdrawal Ease is available here in Australia but at least I have learnt a few things that may help. Thank you George. It seems to me the price is very reasonable considering the cost of putting all those ingredients together yourself (a bottle of ginseng here is worth around the $30 mark alone), and continuing the vicodin or oxyconin or whatever would cost a heck of a lot more than a months worth of Withdrawal Ease. Anyway, if it were me I’d be saying screw the poison factories (pharmaceutical companies) and their overpriced, under researched rubbish alternative trade offs such as methadone or suboxone which are NOT intended for helping you quit as much as they are intended to KEEP YOU ON THEIR PHARMACEUTICALS. That is just my personal opinion, after all, who wants to lose out on billions of dollars each year when people conquer the stronghold opiates have over them? I say good on you George for helping all these people out and providing them with a product which by sounds of things actually does work (with a bit of will power of course) and doesn’t require a lifelong prescription (cop that methodone). And to all the people here trying their best to reclaim their lives, you’re all doing an amazing thing, be proud of yourselves, and even though sometimes you feel like sh@t or perhaps like a piece of sh@t (my friend does) you’re not, your getting your life back in control and improving it, which is more than what many others do, it’s something to be very proud of. Don’t let anybody get in the way of realizing your dream. All the best to you all.

  18. Thank you so much about the saran tip!

  19. Rodger Mitchell says:

    Moderated reviews are basically worthless because you just post the good ones. Come on people, you need to be straight with us.

  20. Touche my friend! We post all reasonable comments. You’d be surprised to hear that most comments are not about the product but rather about the process and the struggle. We do not guarantee the product because it is a process and the customer bears some responsibility in it’s success. Although we give you the tools, you must be the engine that drives this.

    Here’s my take. “Guaranteed” is a marketing term that works wonders for e-commerce sites but is an empty promise to sell more product. No, we don’t guarantee anything unless you do your part. Of course we guarantee shipping, we give refunds for product that is sent back to us unopened and I give out refunds on a case by case basis but it really doesn’t come up a lot. Honestly, the vast majority of refunds that we give are for Fedex mess ups on shipping. Nothing works 100% of the time which is why I think saying “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed” rings a bit hollow.

    Your comment is well taken though and I needed to address it. I hope it’s satisfactory.


  21. So please tell me what is the best way to taper off morphine 100mg.. and if gabapentin 400mg helps out with the withdrawals??? Please help me my dr.s got me hooked from having two major surgeries and now they just cut me off cold turkey??? I don’t know what to do?

  22. George
    im having trouble sleeping and RLS has really taken over and my knee pains are know greater than when I started to take percs to prevent this pain . so I studied more your web site and noticed that I have been tapering down incorrectly or better yet basically cold turkey because I have had your product for only two days including this one. Is your product supposed to help me sleep right away or it needs couple of days to really kick in? It truly helped my need for the dosage thru out the day but I noticed that Im very down on the dumps. how long am I going to feel this way? Today my will power over took me and I had to take percs is this normal? I was just feeling horrible .I want out. im going to try again tomorrow from scratch again but some time I feel like im not going to be able to accomplish this and that fear is killing me. the ten reasons list was like right on the money for me it was like 8 out of ten but this pain on my knees and the blues feeling is just horrible how long do you think it would last?

  23. Hi Mary Jane. My apologies for not getting back to the comments sooner. I’ve been inundated with emails lately. For all of you who would like to ask personal or specific questions about your situation, please feel free to email me at info@withdrawal-ease.com or you can go through the “contact Us” page.

    As far as your specific situation, it was irresponsible for your doctor to cut you off like that and I’m amazed that doctors who prescribe painkillers do not have the good sense to taper people off painkillers. Especially morphine…I’m going to write a blog post about this and perhaps it will get distributed and help educate.

    I’m a BIG fan of Gabapentin for a variety of reasons (cue in: I’m not a doctor disclaimer!). As you may know, Gabapentin (aka Neurontin) was initially indicated for seizures. It has since been prescribed for several “off label” (secondary indications) symptoms. It’s an extremely effective neuropathic pain medicine that is non-narcotic. I took Neurontin for my neck pain that radiated down my arms and it basically “cured” it. I was amazed. Very good for nerve pain.

    It has also been given in certain situations for opiate withdrawal because it can help with serotonin and dopamine production which is the central issue behind withdrawal symptoms. Not only can it reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms but it can also help with tremors and RLS. So “yeah” I like it a lot.

    As far as your detox is concerned, I would go onto our site and download the Withdrawal Survival Guide. It’s free (although we ask for your email address which I suppose is a form of payment?). The Guide in itself can help tremendously and you don’t have to pay us a nickel. Naturally I advocate our products but the Guide is a great start.

    I’m so sorry that you have gone through this Mary Jane. I wish I could help you more but hopefully you can get the Guide and perhaps the Neurontin will help you as well.

  24. Hi Jeff. I’m not sure if you have read recent stories or seen the abstracts on kratom but the reason why it apparently “works” is due to the fact that there is a narcotic derivative of opiates in it. If you take it long enough, you will have withdrawal symptoms similar to opiates. A few years back when Kratom wasn’t as “mainstream” people thought it was a wonder cure (sound familiar? I’m talking to you Suboxone!) well now that the AMA and other researches have gotten wind of kratom a few studies have been done and it is indeed an opiate that will shortly become classified by the DEA. I say beware and also be careful where you get it because the quality of the kratom varies widely.

    Please understand that I’m not saying this because of who I am; I’m just telling you what I have seen and read from reputable doctors and researchers. Withdrawal Ease is not for everyone and if Kratom is your thing then feel free but I just wanted to clarify what it is before people start running out and buying it.

    Unfortunately with opiate withdrawal, nothing is a cure and nothing is a complete solution. Detox will always be challenging no matter what you take. There are steps to minimize discomfort and increase your chances for success but Kratom would not be at the top of my list.

  25. Hey Rick, I’ve had personal experience with percoceit . It sucks I know exactly what your going through. I took them for about 3 years and when I stopped it was about 4 to 5 days of feeling horrible. But after that fifth day there would be short periods of time where I would feel so much better. More and more those short periods of time would get longer and longer. For me it was like a light switch going on and off. But the times when I felt good It gave me a peek on how I would feel all the time in the days to come. It takes time to heal yourself, But it gets better you gotta believe that. I hope this helped you to keep trying. Good luck

  26. What about those circulation knee socks that you wear in the hospital when you are having surgery. Would that work with the ben-gay in lieu of the towels??? Please advise

  27. I’ve been taking one measley 50 mg tramadol pill a day for 8 years..it was prescribed by my neuro surgeon after my C5 / C6 fusion. I have had RLS for years and tramadol basically got rid of it for the most part. That’s why I kept taking it and I thought it helped with my insomnia too. I also have been using Unisom (Doxylamine Succinate) for 27 years..only 2 per night. About a month ago I began to realize my RLS was back and so was my itching…I itched when taking Tramadol in the beginning, but kept taking it anyway..the Unisom is an antihistamine that I now realize was counter acting the itching..I just thought my body had adjusted. 2 weeks ago I had a serious case of hives and RLS..I believed my body was telling me to get off both medications. So I’ve been at this detox for 12 days now..I’ve probably totaled 12 hours of something kinda like sleep. Although I now have tapered to zero I am itching everywhere, especially my feet, ankles and even the palms of my hands..Benadryl gives me RLS terribly, went to health food store and bought melatonin and a product for restless Legs, it’s called Restful legs and seems to work pretty good…so did the melatonin the first night..I actually slept a full hour and a half. Now the itching is driving me nuts…my question is this normal? I haven’t seen many posters even mention it. By the way Tramadol withdrawal is hell on earth…I can’t imagine how it could be worse..I almost had a seizure..I was totally freaked out?and that’s just from doing 50 mg a day. Can you suggest something for the itching…I’m now coating my body with cortisone cream…but it doesn’t last long…thanks for any help at all!

  28. Hi Darlene. I cannot recall how high those “stockings” go up the leg but if they get up to the thigh, I would give it a shot. It might be a good idea.

  29. Hi Barbara. Tramadol withdrawal is pretty bad and it’s ironic that some doctors prescribe it as a “non-narcotic” alternative. Ok, so you’re giving me a less potent painkiller that is non-narcotic AND causes withdrawals? Gee thanks for that doc!

    I have to be honest Barbara I have absolutely no clue what could be causing this issue but your initial thoughts make a lot of sense. When someone says “itching” the cause is usually some sort of histamines in the body right? So if Unisom was some sort of analog antihistamine then perhaps it was the cause. There also could be certain medical conditions that I’m not aware of that can cause itching. Have you ever tried Gabapentin for your RLS? It works wonders for some people and perhaps the 2 conditions are linked in some way.

  30. It would be a crime not to share what I’ve stumbled onto only recently. It has proved to be extremely helpful and I’ve tried literally everything over the years, with nothing providing any relief. In fact things purported to help with RLS as an adjunct to their main action (ie some sleeping pills) only made me worse. So I still find it hard to believe this common product is so effective, for me at least. To give you an idea … top of my opiate withdrawal symptom hate list – Restless Leg Syndrome. “Kicking” doesn’t begin to describe it. Insomnia & anxiety for days on end is rough & lonely – but when you add the frenzied thrashing around all night CONTINUOUSLY for 3 days solid, without a single moment of stillness – it takes exhaustion to a new level. After only one night I’ve been known to develop stinging bed sores on all contact points between skin and sheets (elbows, wrists, inner & outer ankles, inner, outer sides and tops of knees) – believe me, that takes some continuous writhing about… to top it all off, the one relief I might normally get for a little while sitting in a hot bath evaporates in searing, burning pain!
    My miracle has been over-the-counter pharmacy/drug store diarrhea medication. Namely Imodium or Nodia (in my country) – whatever the brand name, you’re looking for the active ingredient Loperamide HCl. It’s an opioid -receptor agonist which acts on the opioid receptors in the large intestine. Each tablet is 2mg, and the optimum dose is 20mg. It’s not a magic bullet -but nothing is. It’s nothing less than sheer bliss to have the majority of my RLS eliminated and reduced to a restless, sleepless night.
    Google it – and give it a go, if it can work for me there’s hope for you too!

  31. I use tiger balm and the thigh high socks that diabetics use and yes it helps I call this my ebbiejeebbies. I try to get the ones that are mostly cotton. I also remove the elastic bands around the top and bottom as it does tend to cut off circulation I also use a high quality spray magnesium as I get wicked cramps and twitches too and this and magnesium malate …you can also get these heated pressure tubes that diabetics use but expensive even if doc write s scriptt and you have insurance…but they are awesome.

  32. interested says:

    I just want to agree with the Gabapentin for RLS it works great, only thing for me ( this is just me im not saying its happens to others) I get jerks & twitches, mouth & if i focus on writing like sighning my name or typing my hand will do a quick jerk……I have had it happen to me while chopping carotts, lil scary, if im out of Gaba. i do the hot bath & hop back in bed quick bundled up this works 50% of the time, I tried Tiger Balm it helped but stained my PJ’ bottoms…I have to say Ben Gay & moving a heating pad around helps too, I haven’t tried the towel trick with the Ben Gay but thinking that or saran wrap next time will do the trick :) thanx 4 the web site its truley a blessing & im thinking about ordering in case i run out, I had a fusion done as well i thought i was having maybe 5 or so fusions & woke up in mass pain & the dr. kept telling me what a job it was & it was basically a 1 in a lifetime job he will ever do ??? my appoit i got to see the x-ray wish i could post the pic, im all but my neck 3 dics (he didnt wanna cut my tatoo :/ ) is fused!!!! I cant even reach to wipe properly dont mean to be graphic but if you are having or think about having any spine work done ask alot questions, of course i didnt know what to ask until im in the condition im in! The surg. had me on morphine for 2 weeks & into the 2nd month of torture had me on a 5mg perk every 6 hr to 8 hrs, I asked if my primary could take over my pain management & to mine & my primarys suprise he said yes! he his weening me off much better, still have lots of pain & Physical Therapy is helping except the next day. kinda wrote a book sorry about that! ;)

  33. For 30 years, on and off, I’ve struggled with opiate addiction. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have gone “cold turkey” and suffered horribly. I’m 45 now and wish I’d had the information you’re providing to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Although, I still struggle with an addiction issue I keep praying and trying to quit and I will not ever give up. I will be FREE. I won’t be able to order your product yet but the information you’ve provided is invaluable to me. Thank you.

  34. Shawnamama says:

    I haven’t tried the towel trick but I’m sitting hear with icy hot slathered allll over damn leg. Not sure why it’s usually only one leg at a time but I suppose I will be thankful for that. I also have my heating pad wrapped around the leg. Last night was the absolute worse, I contributed to California’s drought by taking three hot as heck baths wit epsome salt. Nothing helped last night but I can tell it’s getting better :) thanks for the advice! I hope to sleep tonight so I can wake up fresh and do it all again on day 3…. Or not.. I guess I will see! Thanks again

  35. Thank you! That is all I can say. I had gone 3 insomnia-inducing nights with RLS and last night tried the “towel trick”. Needless to say I was able to sleep 8 full hours. Thank you for making information like this common knowledge and not pay-to-know. Thank you again!

  36. Hi George,

    First off, thanks for your contributions here. I’ve seen a variety of sites that seem to focus on methods of abuse resulting in skewed answers.

    I have a prescription for 30Mg 3x daily of Oxycodone immediate release from the VA. I’ve been on this level for about 9 months and on Oxycodone for about 3 years total. I had once quit cold turkey because I felt I didn’t need them anymore but soon realized that I only felt better because of them. It was unpleasant but I didn’t have a real problem with restless legs or leg cramps. For administrative reasons, getting my monthly refill is always a nightmare and I’m calling my doctor and the pharmacy to assure I get the refill on time. I typically have to cut back near the end of the month to prepare for a few days delay and I’m finding that I get *excruciating* leg cramps while doing just about anything other than standing up. They start about a day after I cut back and last a few days after I get back to normal. Additionally, the pain that I take them for goes up by the morning after I cut back.

    I recently dropped a bunch of pills down the sink and my refill is scheduled for 12/31. I’m pretty well positive I won’t get them in time and will be short by 5 days. I’ve read much of your advice in this thread and feel it will be very useful.

    My question for you is, do you think I’m better off cutting back and tapering down to make the 3 days worth last 8 days or go cold turkey again so I’ll have a few bad days then a couple not so bad, and then get my refill?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  37. Dear Geoff,

    Thanks so much for commenting and I’m sorry that I did not get back to you sooner under the circumstances. With respect to tapering for the last five days, I suppose you’ve made that decision by now but I would have certainly told you to taper until you have a refill. Absolutely no question in my mind that it is better to have 2 out of 10 pills (or whatever the number is) than none.

  38. Well I’m sure scared to death . At my age 57 and in the B class. From down to eight daily to now slightly less then ,one mg. less then two months by a week , and I’m suffering to say the least George . Jesus frightened like a baby . George ,quick question ? My daughter works at goggle ,do they get access to it at their wellness center there over in Palo Alto ,Ca.
    With any type of discount $$ ? No not trying g to be a cheap bum,just like I said in the class B ,disability. And well you know ,no money ! But reading your articles alone has been worth it, thank you I feel your being honest . I can feel it . Thank you. I’ll work on all this

  39. Coming off opiates is absolutely the worst feeling ever. I find that the stress of knowing what you’re about to go through is almost as bad as the withdrawal process itself. In the next few days, i know that I’m going to be going thru a lot. To make matters worse, I’m out of town and will be thru the duration of my “detoxification” or withdrawal time. The stomach cramps & always feeling bad absolutely suck no doubt. But the two things that bother me most seem to be depression and RLS. Depression, everyone knows about. We’ve all gone thru it. The RLS however is a different animal all together. Considering I’ve done this before, i know about how long it takes for the main part to die down. About 4-5 days. The RLS is a beast because if you’re needing sleep, you’re probably not going to get it. I know that i don’t & the lack of sleep only fuels the depression. Vicious freaking cycle. I’m going to try the towel trick. I’m even going to try the sleeping with a bar of soap and many ppl have indicated that this helps. (If it doesn’t, at least the bed and myself will be smelling good. :) I will come back on in a few days to give my opinion on the towel trick. Good Lord willing, I’ll have a positive post. Thanks for sharing the towel trick. Hopefully it’ll work.

  40. Hey Gman. I have never heard of the “bar of soap” strategy. Can you explain?

  41. The bar of soap is just what it sounds like – putting a bar of soap (wrapped or unwrapped) under your covers. Worked great for me last time I detoxed, not so great this time around. Will try the towel trick tonight. I am withdrawing from kratom and while I will say that it may not be AS bad as opiate withdrawal, it’s pretty close. If someone can use it responsibly, in small amounts, it really is a very useful herb for pain and anxiety, but if you are someone prone to addiction, like me, you end up using too much and paying the price.

  42. Hi it’s good to see so many people giving their ideas to such a common problem I had a severe habit caused by a serious neck injury.
    I was on very high levels of opiates including fentanyl.
    I was at the stage of didn’t care one way or another what happened, I came across a contact that was able to provide a treatment that dramatically reduce my pain level but then I was left with being on such high doses of opiate of how to come off the opiates.
    Once again I was lucky enough to come across a contact via George O’Neills drug therapy and I paid to have naltrexone implant. That wasn’t much fun but I would swear by the treatment the most difficult part of the treatment was being left with leg weakness and dreadful pain and cramps in my legs.
    I found two distinct useful treatments 1 was Epson salts hot bath before bed the other believe it or not was simply, tonic water. I found if I drink about half a bottle the night before my cramps would be considerably less the following day, I hope you find this helpful.

  43. I’d also like to hear about the bar of soap thing.

    I too am grateful for the towel trick, but unfortunately am not able to keep the towels in place or tight enough to work for long. Maybe it’s withdrawal stupidity. Don’t know about anyone else but I get just plain stupid while in withdrawal. ?
    Anyway how do you keep those puppies tight enough, or from just falling off?
    Side note: I get RBS (restless body syndrome) Oh yeah it’s real and its.. Well, I’ll keep my language proper although I’m not sure that’s possible in describing it… A real ugly, nasty miserable female dog-ish! :'(
    I also become extremely female dog-like.
    Anyway, I wish I could wrap a towel around my whole body. Unfortunately gabapentin doesn’t do anything for it, but I know others have had success with it.
    Rambling alert!
    So, while the towel trick wasn’t successful, I did some experimenting and found that ace bandages, or anything like that placed right at the top of the thigh close to the private area works quite well. Of course not too tight. You really need to pay attention to the sensation because if they are too tight it could be serious.
    OK, all done babbling.
    Good luck to all! ?

  44. P. S. thank you so much George. Your honesty and good solid advice are so needed and appreciated by this cookie..
    will be ordering asap!

  45. Hi Bobbi. No worries, it’s a bit of a delicate process to get the towels to stay on. I recommend tucking a corner of the towel into the top edge…sort of as though you are wrapping it around your waist. Oh, wait, since you’re a lady, I suppose it would be around the torso…ah well you get my meaning!

    It’s best to do it literally as you sit on the edge of the bed and then sloooowly lift your legs and put them under the covers. If that keeps giving you problems, I heard from one customer who used compression stockings and they said it worked quite well. The surgical compression stockings go up pretty high…almost all the way up. So you could try that out.

    As far as the bar of soap, I suppose it could be some sort of aromatherapy strategy; I’ve honestly never heard of this before but if it works I’d be eager to hear and perhaps I could add it to The Withdrawal Survival Guide.

  46. The bar of soap under the bottom sheet is an old wife’s tale but it does seem to help some people. It’s cheap and easy and worth a try

  47. I was on fentanyl and morphine for seven years. Was transferred to methadone in 2010. Just had two pudendal nerve stimulators surgically implanted a few days ago. All of this because of pudendal neuralgia caused by a car wreck in 2003 – but symptoms blamed on Multiple Sclerosis – because I already had it and it is easier to blame all on a pre-existing condition.

    I went from fentanyl to a mere 5mg methadone and only take 30mg a day still. But desperately want off it too.

  48. So everytime I am about to go into withdrawal mode, I start getting online to read anything I can find to help with symptoms. I’ve been on suboxone for 5 years and my Dr quit taking my insurance. I slowly weaned the best I could with what I had. I’m down to less then a 1/2 an mg. Already feel shitty! This go around is the first time rime I’ve found this advice column. First I wanted to add that I found a homeopathic OTC by hiland called restful legs. It does help take the edge off. It is available at Walmart and walgreens for sure. I’m gonna try the “towel trick tonight. I just sent my husband to pick me up the bengay. My legs are already going crazy!! Thanks for the great info you have. Try the hilands restful legs though.

  49. Vanessa Teegarden says:

    George, Please Consider Mentioning:

    in your section about what to expect when you mention lots of Nausea.

    Ipecac is the perfect choice to add to your list of remedies as its truly amazing.

    Just wanted you to put the two together. Nausea is very difficult and hard on the body since you can’t eat well and heal when feeling like your seasick!!

  50. Vanessa…Ipecac is something that I have heard a lot about but I have never taken it before. Thanks for your suggestion and we will add it to the list of potentially helpful remedies for nausea

  51. Melatonin helps alot too. Benadryl as well. Just be cautious with the benadryl. Melatonin as well, but it all natural so the most i have ever taken at once was 75 mgs. Probably not the best move but it helps you sleep and youre not groggy when you do decide to join society. Good luck guys. I know i will need it.

  52. I have been addicted to opioids for the past three years. It caused me to lie to my family and sneak my pills around just for that quick high. At one time I was consuming 100mg a day. When you take that much it makes you sick so you take another one to start feeling better again.

    I finally made up my mind that my last prescription was it. I used the taper method down till there were about 10 10mg caps left. I then snapped those in half and started using them as 5mg. I stayed on 5 mg for about 4 days so that my body could get a jump start on detoxing.

    So then comes the first night with no pills left. I tried the towel trick and every other trick I could find but nothing worked. I am a Christian and during the night I was crying out to God to pleas take the pain from me. That was the longest night of my life. The next day the symptoms started. Running nose, yawning, feeling like I would rather be dead, etc… That day I continued to pray. My wife purchased some magnesium lotion that you apply to your skin because it absorbs real well and magnesium bath salts. The second night was better but still tough. Night three. My wife has a prescription for Ativan. It is used to reduce anxiety and you tend to forget hours at a time. I took one and slept through the night. By day four my symptoms were almost gone and my doctor had written me a script for Ativan. I am now clean for 5 days and every day I feel better. I forgot what it was like to feel good without the need of a drug. I will never used opioids again for pain if I should have an injury I will suck t up and let the pain subside naturally.

    So to wrap this us. Lots of praying and a script for Ativan (this drug can be additcitive too but after what we have been through It really does not give you that high. It just allows you to sleep during that awful RLS. After a few nights using Ativan you can stop because your system will be back to normal. You can do this. Just create a taper plan and make sure your worst night are when you do not have to work the next day.

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