Withdrawal Ease – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


To start out, we would like to address an extremely important distinction between “Addiction,” “Dependency,” “Detox,” and “Withdrawal.” It is important to understand the differences between these words because we want you to know what Withdrawal Ease can do and -perhaps, more importantly- what Withdrawal Ease cannot do. Withdrawal Ease cannot cure opiate addiction or opiate dependency. Our program can only help reduce the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. It is one tool (of many) that you can use to help make your withdrawal symptoms more tolerable and give you a better chance to successfully complete your detox.

These are key terms that are used throughout the site and in our literature. It’s extremely important that you understand what we mean when we say “dependence” or “addiction” etc. We are very diligent about our “claims;” it is in our best interest that you understand exactly what you are purchasing from us if you decide to purchase the product. This site was designed to be the authority on opiate detox and withdrawal; we want people to be able to get a lot of value from the site regardless of whether you purchase the products that we sell. We think we’ve accomplished that and we will continue to create new content in order to provide more value going forward.

If you do not have a solid grasp of the difference in meaning between these terms, it would be a good idea to take a look at my post for the sake of clarity.

What is Withdrawal Ease and how do you take it?

Withdrawal Ease is a nutritional supplement that is specifically formulated with ingredients that can help reduce opiate withdrawal symptoms. The system includes daytime and nighttime formulations, both uniquely formulated to help relieve withdrawal symptoms either during the day and at night. Each formulation comes in capsule form and contains a month’s supply (60 capsules in each bottle). The system also includes our 65 page Opiate Withdrawal Survival Guide which provides education, strategies, a tapering guide, daily detox planner and much more. To learn more about the fundamental aspects of The Withdrawal Ease Program and how the product works within the program, please read the following article: “How To Detox From Opiates”

Is Withdrawal Ease safe?

Withdrawal Ease has been formulated using the highest quality ingredients and best practices in dosage and drug interaction prevention. All of the ingredients used have been classified by the FDA as ingredients that are regarded as safe. If you have any serious medical conditions, or are pregnant or nursing, please consult your doctor before use. To date, we have no reported cases of serious allergic reactions, drug interactions or any contraindications. We have had a few reported cases of skin rashes from customers who were unwittingly allergic to an ingredient which can happen. Ultimately, you should consult your doctor before taking any nutritional supplement because everyone has a different set of circumstances and although we have a product that is comprised of ingredients the FDA has “generally regarded as safe,” it is best to be cautious.

We might also take this opportunity to point out that opiate detox -while not considered life threatening by itself- can cause spikes in blood pressure. If you have a history of high blood pressure, we highly recommend that you talk to your doctor prior to detox. Please review our page on withdrawal symptoms to make sure that a home opiate detox is right for you.

Does Withdrawal Ease Provide a Money-Back Guarantee?

We don’t offer a “100% Money Back Guarantee” because we believe it is a marketing ploy to convince customers that a product will work no matter what. It’s truly the oldest marketing trick in the book! Opiate detox and withdrawal are complicated health issues and there are no guarantees when someone is trying to end their dependency or addiction to opiates. We are only trying to help you with one aspect of a recovery process that may have several steps. Fear of withdrawal is one of the most common reasons why people decide not to quit; it certainly was a huge factor for me.

We acknowledge that other companies offer a “Risk Free Money Back Guarantee” but read the fine print and you’ll see that it’s just a logo and a false promise.

Withdrawal Ease is not a cure or a panacea for detox or withdrawal. We certainly don’t think it is responsible for some companies to suggest that their product works “instantly” or “cures addiction.” It’s a misleading and totally inaccurate representation of what we at Withdrawal Ease are trying to help you achieve. Withdrawal Ease is a nutritional supplement that contains ingredients that can be helpful for certain common symptoms of opiate withdrawal and detox. We have had a lot of people who have had great experiences with our product but it is simply one tool that you should consider if you are going to detox from opiates. That’s why we emphasize putting a tapering schedule together and following the practical suggestions in our Withdrawal Survival Guide. These strategies and tactics are just as important (if not more) than the nutritional supplement that we sell.

Having said this, we believe that any company that sells a product or service should be prepared to address concerns and do their best to ensure that customers are satisfied with the entire purchase experience.

THAT is why we have a “Customer Satisfaction Promise” that guides our principles with respect to our relationship with you; our customer. Basically, if you aren’t happy neither are we. We have always been eager to make sure that customers are happy with their purchase which includes not only the product but the shipping, customer service…everything. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for a refund minus shipping and handling. All that we ask is that you return the bottles along with any additional, unopened product. No questionnaires or other hoops to jump through!

We ALSO promise On-Time Shipping. Customers are always eager to make sure that they understand when their package will be shipped and when it will arrive; we go to great lengths to make sure that the product gets to you as quickly as possible. If your product does not arrive on time, we’ll refund and shipping costs for expedited (FedEx etc.) shipping or orders that include shipping charges.

How Do I know that Withdrawal Ease is made properly with safe ingredients?

Withdrawal Ease is manufactured by one of the largest vitamin and nutritional supplement companies in the US. Our manufacturing facilities are FDA certified “GMP” (Good Manufacturing Processes) which assures that every step they take during the manufacturing and packaging process is safe, sterile and of the highest quality. All natural ingredients are certified organic. We never use ingredients that contain metals. To learn about the ingredients, click this link.

Who should take Withdrawal Ease?

Withdrawal Ease is meant for people who are detoxing off of opiates and would like to reduce the acuity (severity) of their symptoms. Along with the Withdrawal Survival Guide, Withdrawal Ease can help reduce the discomfort associated with the acute and post-acute phase of opiate withdrawal.

When should I begin to take Withdrawal Ease?

You can start taking Withdrawal Ease at any time during your detox. However, we recommend that you begin taking Withdrawal Ease as part of a tapering regimen about 5-7 days before completing your taper. In other words, if you taper down your dose of Vicodin over a period of 2 weeks, we would recommend that you begin taking Withdrawal Ease at the beginning of the second week of your taper along with your opiates. This would be approximately 5-7 days before you stop your opiate intake completely. To learn more about how to put a taper schedule together, please read the following article called “The Art of Opiate Tapering” .

Can I take Withdrawal Ease with my opiates before I quit?

Yes. If you are on a tapering schedule, Withdrawal Ease should not interfere with any opiates or partial agonist opiates. Withdrawal Ease is safe to take along with your opiates as you taper down.

What is the recommended dose?

The recommended dose for each formulation is as follows:
–The Daytime Formulation: 2 capsules in the morning after breakfast. The Daytime formulation can make some people a bit nauseous if taken on an empty stomach.
–The Nighttime Formulation: 2 capsules in the evening before bed. It will make you drowsy so please take these capsules right before you sleep and do not operate any heavy machinery immediately after taking the nighttime formulation.

Will it help if I take more than the recommended dose of Withdrawal Ease?

We have heard nothing to suggest that taking more than the recommended dose will provide any extra benefit.

What if I am unable to begin the Withdrawal Ease 5-7 days prior to detox (my last pill)?

That’s OK. Although it is preferable to begin Withdrawal Ease prior to your withdrawal, it can also provide relatively fast relief for certain symptoms. Begin taking Withdrawal Ease as soon as you can. The nighttime formulation is faster acting due to ingredients such as Valerian and Melatonin which can help you sleep. The daytime formulation can take up to 24 hours to start working for most people although we have heard reports of faster relief from many customers.

What if I’m not able to taper?

Oftentimes, a person will have trouble tapering for a variety of reasons. If you are not able to taper, we recommend taking Withdrawal Ease 5-7 days prior to stopping your opiates. It’s always a good idea to try to taper your opiates and we highly recommend trying to follow the “Art of Tapering” which can also be found in the Withdrawal Survival Guide. If you ultimately cannot taper, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s hard to do… but well worth it.

When should I stop taking Withdrawal Ease?

We recommend that customers stop taking Withdrawal Ease when they feel they no longer suffering from the symptoms of withdrawal. A typical opiate withdrawal period can last about a week with some residual symptoms possibly lasting a bit longer. One order of Withdrawal Ease contains a month’s supply of both formulas and is usually plenty for a full opiate detox. For ongoing Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS), we offer another another product called Recovery Ease, which is a daily supplement system for people who continue to experience those symptoms associate with opiate dependency.

Do some people need more than one month’s supply of Withdrawal Ease?

Yes. Some people, depending on how long they have used opiates, can suffer from Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome — or PAWS — which is a milder form of withdrawal that can last up to 6 months. PAWS lasting more than a month after detoxing from opiates is rare, however, but people who are detoxing from either methadone or Suboxone may have symptoms that last longer. The symptoms of PAWS usually include insomnia, depression and possibly some muscle jerks. For those people that suffer from PAWS, Withdrawal Ease can be an effective long-term solution to many of the ongoing symptoms. We have also developed another product called Recovery Ease for those people that suffer from PAWS or residual symptoms. Recovery Ease is a daily supplement designed to reduce the long-term effects of post acute withdrawal and help restore organ function. Recovery Ease includes a Daytime and Nighttime formula for $59.95 (including shipping). It’s a great way to reduce ongoing symptoms and promote optimal health.

Are there any drugs that I should avoid taking with Withdrawal Ease?

At this time there are no known interactions or precautions with any of the ingredients in Withdrawal Ease. With over 12,000 products sold, we have had no complaints of any allergic reactions or interactions. All of the ingredients are classified by the FDA as “generally regarded as safe”.  However, this does not mean that allergic reactions or drug interactions are not possible. Allergic reactions and drug interactions can happen anytime you take a nutritional supplement (or ingest anything for that matter). If you have any concerns about a specific drug that you are taking please consult your doctor, your pharmacist or feel free to email us at info@Withdrawal-Ease.com.

Is it safe to take Withdrawal Ease if I’m currently pregnant?

Although it would seem more advisable to take a nutritional supplement versus an opiate, we do not advise that pregnant women detox off of their opiates or take Withdrawal Ease without first consulting a licensed physician or OB/GYN. Opiate detox can be very taxing on the body and hence the baby. If you are currently addicted or dependent on opiate painkillers, you should speak to your OB/GYN immediately about your current intake/habit. Your doctor will follow HIPPA regulations regarding privacy and will also be able to give you the best advice regarding the present and future health of your baby. If your doctor encourages you to detox from opiates during your pregnancy and you are interested in using Withdrawal Ease, please take the list of ingredients to him/her and have them approve taking Withdrawal Ease before you do so.

What types of medication withdrawal are indicated for Withdrawal Ease?

You can refer to our complete list of indicated painkillers HERE. In general terms however, any narcotic that is prescribed by a doctor for pain can produce withdrawal symptoms which can benefit from Withdrawal Ease. Although we use the term “opiate” frequently, Withdrawal Ease is actually designed to help ease the symptoms for virtually all prescription painkillers (opiates and opioids), muscle relaxants, partial agonists (Suboxone) and methadone. The Withdrawal Ease product is not formulated for withdrawal from benzodiazepines, alcohol, meth, cocaine or other street drugs (with the exception of heroin) that are not prescribed by a doctor.

Are there any age limitations to taking Withdrawal Ease?

If a minor is addicted to an opiate, a parent or loved one can contact us to determine if we think Withdrawal Ease might be appropriate for the individual. We would encourage all children under the age of 18 to speak to their parent or guardians before using Withdrawal Ease. Even if your parents are aware of your struggle with addiction, they may want to know that you are buying a nutritional supplement. We highly encourage anyone that takes painkillers for recreational purposes — especially kids and young adults — to stop and seek help immediately.

Are there any opiates in Withdrawal Ease?

No. There are no narcotics in Withdrawal Ease. Although Valerian and Melatonin may cause some sleepiness, Withdrawal Ease does not contain any opiate derivatives (a la Kratom, Poppy Seed Teas) or illicit substances.

When I Stop Withdrawal Ease, will I experience any withdrawal systems?

No. Withdrawal Ease can be stopped with no ill effects or withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal Ease is not addictive or habit-forming.

What are my shipping options?

We realize that there are a variety of reasons why one might order a product for opiate withdrawal. That’s why we offer a variety of shipping options from First Class Mail to FedEx First Overnight Shipping (next business day by 10:30 am) and even FedEx overnight delivery on Saturday (please be aware that the postage for this option is outrageous so try to order ahead of time!).

Do you have people on-staff that I can talk to about this before I purchase?

Yes. From 8am to 5pm M-F, Withdrawal Ease is staffed by a call center that will be able to answer basic questions about the product and take orders. Please be aware that call center staff are not licensed addiction counselors and cannot give out any advice with respect to your personal medical history. If you have questions about your own medical situation, we highly recommend visiting with your primary care physician. We also invite you to e-mail George (info@withdrawal-ease.com) if you should have any specific questions about our product as it relates to detox from opiates. George does everything he can to reply to emails in a timely fashion but he gets swamped occasionally, just be patient and he will respond.

Will Withdrawal Ease work for suboxone withdrawal?

As we discuss in the section on Suboxone in the website, Suboxone is a bit different when it comes to detox. Due to the longer half-life of Suboxone, the withdrawal symptoms can last a bit longer. Some people find Suboxone more difficult to withdraw from than regular opiates and some people find easier. Nevertheless, Withdrawal Ease has been used by thousands of people who are trying to get off of Suboxone and we have had extremely positive feedback. Due to the longer withdrawal period of Suboxone, however, some customers end up buying more than one order of Withdrawal Ease or Recovery Ease for the Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) symptoms associated associated with Suboxone detox.

Can I detox at home with Withdrawal Ease?

Most of our customers detox from home with no in-patient treatment. Home detox can be by choice or it may be necessary due to time or financial constraints.  If you decide that detoxing at home is the best option for you, please read our article called “How To Detox from Opiates At Home”

How long before Withdrawal Ease will begin to take effect?

This depends on the person. Some people can start feeling better within an hour or so of taking Withdrawal Ease. For others, it can take up to 24 hours to start recognizing the benefits from Withdrawal Ease. That is why we recommend that you “prime” your body by beginning to take Withdrawal Ease Supplement System as directed about 3-5 days in advance of quitting your opiate intake.

Do you have any comments from people who have actually used Withdrawal Ease?

We have taken great pride in the feedback that we have had from Withdrawal Ease customers. All of the testimonials are presented in their entirety and and the customers who wrote them have not been compensated in any way other than “thank you!”. The only thing that we change in testimonials are syntax and spelling errors, as well as any information that might jeopardize personal information or privacy.

How do you know it works?

It’s important to understand that Withdrawal Ease cannot totally take away withdrawal symptoms. It is meant to help relieve them. Withdrawal Ease has a 98% approval rating and we believe it’s because we set realistic expectations but also deliver an extremely high-quality product that works. For each ingredient in the formula, we have gathered clinical abstracts or abstract summaries of clinical trials and have included them in the “How Withdrawal Ease Works” page.

If it doesn’t work can I have my money back?

If you are not satisfied with the product or service (or me…etc!), we will give you your money back.

  1. If you are not satisfied with the product, just send it back to us within 30 Days and we’ll issue a refund. Simple. No forms to fill out, no hassles; just send it back, we press “refund” and you get your money back; minus what we paid to ship it to you. That seems fair, right?
  2. If your package does not ship when it is supposed to ship, we refund any applicable or expedited shipping.
  3. If your package does not arrive on-time, we will refund any applicable or expedited shipping. 

We do invite you to take a look at the research provided on our “How Withdrawal Ease Works” page and make your own judgment on whether or not it might be effective for you. Opiate detox is a complex process; a very difficult one. In order to succeed you need perseverance, determination, faith and a good program. Withdrawal Ease can be the “program” but you need to provide all of the other factors involved with a successful detox.

For Returns Please Ship Product To:

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How can I learn more about the ingredients and their clinical uses?

I have included a section called “About The Product” that discusses all of the natural ingredients in detail along with pictures and some interesting historical facts relating to each ingredient. We also have a complete section on Withdrawal Ease Active Ingredients as well as a Product Information page that will help you make an informed decision on whether Withdrawal Ease is safe and appropriate for you

What if I have any other questions?

In the contact us section, there is an email address that you can use to forward any other questions to us. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours and hopefully address any questions or concerns you may have.

Attention Parents and Adults: Opiate abuse among minors often starts at home. Please keep prescription medications safe and secure.

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