Proven Home Remedies for Opiate Withdrawal

Home Remedies For Opiate Withdrawal That Are Essential For Success.

Are you are one of the thousands right now dreading opiate withdrawal and feeling as though you have no choice but to sit back and gut it out? Well, I have good news for you; there are proven home remedies for opiate withdrawal that can help. These strategies and tactics can help reduce the intensity of your opiate withdrawal symptoms. Some of these home remedies that I will share with you can even reduce the duration of certain withdrawal symptoms. However, it is important to remember that opiate detox is what it is; your body determines how long it will take to detox completely.

Having said that, if we can have a positive impact how you feel during the opiate withdrawal process, it will help you become functional in a shorter period of time. The term “home remedies” is also a bit of a misnomer since many of the tips that I’m going to outline aren’t really remedies at all; tapering is a good example of a strategy that can help significantly. For me, the term “remedy” sometimes conjures up old wives-tails like putting butter on burns (makes it worse by the way).

To be clear, this article is meant to summarize all of the different “tools” that can be used for opiate detox and withdrawal. I would classify this as a detailed list or summary. We have other resources such as “How To Detox From Opiates At Home” as well as the Withdrawal Survival Guide that are more instructional in nature. There are many purported remedies for opiate withdrawal, some of which may be effective and some of which are bunk. I am only going to provide proven remedies for withdrawal and perhaps you can try the unproven stuff on your own if you like. Who knows, some of the more esoteric remedies like “eye of newt” and “wing of bat” (for God’s sake don’t eat a bat…I’m just kidding!) may prove useful to you but for now, I’ll just stick to the facts.

Speaking of facts!: You may have heard prescription painkillers described interchangeably as “opioids” and “opiates”. There’s a difference. The term “opiate” only refers to natural alkaloids derived from the poppy plant. The word “opioid” refers to both synthetic (Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic) and natural occurring alkaloids. Since the term “opiate” is more popular, I’ll use that from here on out.

There Are Three Main Phases of Opiate Withdrawal

  1. The Tapering and Planning Phase
  2. The Acute Phase
  3. The Post Acute Phase

The Tapering and Planning Phase

The more that you prepare for your detox (both physically and mentally), the more comfortable you will be; it’s really as simple as that. Some people cannot prepare due to a variety of reasons such as not getting refills, stolen pills or other reasons beyond their control. Others do not prepare because they do not have the discipline or the determination to get through the process. I can say this because I did this many times prior to detox and I paid for it big-time. So do yourself a favor and follow these recommendations to the best of your ability; you’ll thank yourself later.

Home Withdrawal Pill Taper Box1. Taper, Taper…Taper!:

Tapering is a proven method to reduce the acuity of opiate detox symptoms. It works and there’s no doubt about it. As you taper, you lower the blood concentration of opiates in your bloodstream and begin to clear out your opiate receptors. When you detox “cold turkey” (stopping suddenly) you can get severe withdrawal symptoms and sometimes it can even be dangerous. But if you can ween your dose down over time, your detox symptoms will be a lot more manageable and you will be far more comfortable. We have a great article called The Art of Tapering that gives step by step instructions on how to put together a tapering schedule that works for you and your daily dose. If you are not able to taper due to a lack of willpower of discipline, that’s ok but that doesn’t get you off the hook. In The Art of Tapering, we discuss ways to enlist a friend or a family member to act as your “pharmacist”. This person obviously does not have to be an actual pharmacist but it needs to be someone whom you trust. It must be a person that can keep you on schedule by dispassionately handing out your pills based on your tapering schedule. They will also need to hide them in a safe place to make sure you don’t cheat. When I say “cheat” please don’t assume that I’m suggesting that you are a “cheat-er“; it is not easy to stay disciplined during the taper process so I’m just trying to encourage you to stay engaged and on schedule.

2. Address Personal Obligations Beforehand:

The last thing you want to do during acute withdrawal (Phase 2) is worry about obligations for childcare, bills, relatives and any other distractions during the relatively short period of time that you are in acute withdrawal. That is why you need to take the week or so before you are in withdrawal to pay upcoming bills, get help with the kids and take care of any other errands ahead of time. The key is to make sure that the only thing you need to worry about during your detox is YOU.

3. Take Care of Business:

When it comes to work, things obviously get tricky. Not everyone has days off on Saturday and Sunday and not everyone has a stack of vacation days piled up to use for opiate detox. That’s why you need to be crafty and schedule your time accordingly. In our Withdrawal Survival Guide, we talk about this in more detail but I’ll give you the highlights here. Lets say you actually do have the weekends off or perhaps 2 days off back to back. The typical acute phase of withdrawal is 3-5 days, so you need to make sure that the majority of the days within that time frame are during your days off. This will minimize any disruptions at work caused by your symptoms and/or lack of function. Nevertheless, lets assume that your days off are Saturday and Sunday:

  1. Thursday (Day 1): For the most part, onset of withdrawal symptoms begin 16-24 hours after you stop taking opiates. With this in mind, it would be best if you complete your taper (discontinue use) on Thursday by noon. This will be your last dose of whatever you are taking. And don’t act like you’re going to go out with a bang and take a bunch of pills here; the party is over pal.
  2. Friday (Day 2): On Friday, you will begin to feel withdrawal symptoms but they will not be overwhelming and most people are able to function. Please bear in mind that working with heavy machinery, explosives, electricity, razor sharp tools or other things that could kill yourself or others need to be avoided during this period. Common sense people. Overall, you’ll be able to get through Friday relatively unscathed and it may be wise to plant the seed with upper-management that you may “have a flu coming on.” I know it’s a lie but it’s your job we’re talking about here.
  3. Saturday and Sunday (Days 3-4): At noon on Saturday, you will be 48 hours into your detox and withdrawal symptoms should be acute by now. Sunday will not be fun either but remember the goal is to have the most severe symptoms fall outside of work. By Sunday night should have “peaked.”
  4. Monday (Day 5): By Monday at noon, you will have been in detox for 96 hours. You may still feel like you’ve been run over by a truck but you should start to feel some improvement in energy and function. Many are able to work at this point. This is a critical time because many people can get discouraged at this point; they feel as if they should be feeling much better by day 5. As a result, this is frequently the time when people decide they can no longer take it and go back to their pills. Please remember that the improvements in energy, sleep and overall function return slowly. At this point you’ve come too far to turn back so don’t make the same mistake that many others do. It’s also worth pointing out that any suspicion of lying about your “flu” will quickly fade after taking one look at you!

Timing your detox correctly can make a big difference and help you minimize and disruption in your personal and/or professional life.

home remedies for withdrawal list

4. Stock Up:

There are a variety of items that we list in our Survival Guide that can help you during your detox.  The last thing you want to do is have to run out and get the essentials when you are sick. You need to summon your inner “prepper” and get all of the supplies that will help you get through the rough period.

Food: You will be nauseous (although vomiting is rare) and also probably have some gastrointestinal distress; you will not want to eat when you are in withdrawal. But you MUST eat. My suggestion is to stock up on small meals that do not have a lot of spice or rich flavors. Things like soup, crackers, carrot sticks, rice, bread or anything else that you will be able to tolerate and eat on a consistent basis throughout the day. I myself preferred Cup O Noodles (Chicken Flavor). You get the point.

Drinks: Due to the loss of fluids from consistent trips to the bathroom, it is essential to stay hydrated. Many suggest drinks like Gatorade but I actually prefer water. Gatorade is fine but it has a very rich taste and may make you nauseous. You can buy packets of electrolyte powders for drinks that are far more effective and don’t taste like popsicles. Whatever you choose, make sure that you have a bottle or glass with you at all times and take small sips. Big gulps of water will just flush right out…(think flash flood!).

Proper Clothing: During withdrawal, your body will feel as though it is fluctuating between hot and cold. At one moment you will be sweating and the next you will be shivering like a leaf. To make this as comfortable and effortless as possible, try to wear work-out clothes that are designed breathe and wick away moisture. These types of clothes also have the added benefit of easy on and off so you can change as needed without too much trouble. Brands like Under Armour or Nike are good choices.

Heat Pads and Cold Compress: Both of these items can be found at your local drugstore or mega-market. They will help you in numerous ways. As I mentioned, you will rapidly transition from chills to sweats and back again so having both on hand can help. Since most of the body heat leaves through your head and neck, it is very helpful to use both of these on your neck as needed. Of course, do not put the heat pad on “high” or do anything else rash with these things….common sense. If you do not have either of those, a good cool or warm towel will do the trick.

OTC Home Remedies for opiate Withdrawal

5. Consider Some Over the Counter (OTC) Remedies:

Advil or Tylenol: Although it seems almost laughable to use OTC pain meds for opiate withdrawal, they really do help! You can use them for general muscle cramps, aches pains etc. Just give them a chance and I think you’ll be surprised at how effective they are…take as directed of course.

Imodium AD (Liquid form!): Imodium AD contains a crucial ingredient that can not only help with diarrhea but also alleviate some of the more generalized withdrawal symptoms. The magic ingredient is called Loperamide. In technical terms, Loperamide is called an opioid receptor agonist which occupies the opiate receptors in your gut but does not affect the central nervous system (no narcotic effects). As a result, Imodium will not only slow down your motility (diarrhea) but also provide some welcome relief from your withdrawal symptoms. Get the liquid form if you can but ultimately, the key ingredient needs to be Loperamide.

Ben Gay: Restless legs can be one of the more aggravating symptoms so we have a strategy called The Towel Trick that can help relieve some of the intensity of RLS; especially during the night. Get the cream without the strong scent.


6. Common Prescription Remedies For Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms:

There are a variety of prescription meds out there that have been prescribed for opiate withdrawal symptoms. Many of these medications are indicated for other health related issues but have proven beneficial when prescribed for opiate withdrawal symptoms. Some work better than others and there’s always a risk of side effects and drug interactions whenever you take a prescription medication. However, many people get good results with these medications. All of these drugs must be prescribed by a doctor and taken as directed.

Benzodiazepines: Drugs like Xanax and Klonopin can help with anxiety and insomnia. It’s important to note that these are strong medications with a high risk for dependence if taken for too long. Your doctor may prescribe a small amount for anxiety and/or insomnia but you should only take these for a short period of time. Tread lightly with Benzos.

Gabapentin (brand name Neurontin): Although Gabapentin is primarily indicated for seizures, it also has a variety of “off label” (i.e. prescribed for other maladies or symptoms) benefits. In fact, 90% of the prescriptions written for Gabapentin are for off-label indications. I’m a big fan of Gabapentin (if there is such a thing?) because it is non-narcotic, does not have many side effects and can help with a variety of withdrawal related symptoms. It’s a synthesized form of the neurotransmitter GABA produced by the brain and can help with restless legs, insomnia, involuntary muscle jerks, pain and even depression. You may want to ask your doctor about this drug to see if it may be useful and safe for you to take during detox.

Clonidine: This is one of the most widely prescribed drugs for opiate withdrawal symptoms. Its primary indication is for hypertension (high blood pressure) but it has demonstrated the ability to reduce the intensity of anxiety, restless legs, insomnia and even hot flashes.

SSRI’s/Anti-depressants: Drugs like Prozac and Paxil can help with anxiety and depression. They need some time to build up in your brain but some have reported more immediate results with respect to opiate withdrawal related depression.

Seroquel/Quetiapine: This drug is controversial. It is primarily indicated as an anti-psychotic for bi-polar disorder but has been handed out like candy to active and retired vets for post traumatic stress and insomnia. However, there are a bunch of side effects and some controversy surrounding off label uses. Nevertheless, it is commonly prescribed for insomnia and anxiety. Again, tread lightly with this one.

The Acute Phase

The acute phase of withdrawal is when your symptoms become the most intense. It will vary depending on a number of factors including the half-life of the drug, length of use, dose and your own personal reaction to the detox process. It is the most challenging part of the withdrawal process. How you respond to the challenge both mentally and physically during this time will determine your success.

This is where the rubber meets the road and determination comes into play. In the “Tapering and Planning section” of this article, we have provided examples of items that can be acquired before the acute detox to help reduce the intensity and/or duration of your withdrawal symptoms. All of those items will help you feel more comfortable when your are having severe withdrawal symptoms. Having said that, there are a variety of products, services and other “tools” that can employ during the acute phase to help you cope.

The ultimate goal of the acute phase is to distract both body and mind. Ultimately, the best way to distract yourself is to change your environment. That is why I emphasize getting out of the house whenever possible. It doesn’t really matter where you go or what you do but if you can find a way to change your surroundings, you’ve won half the battle. It’s literally THAT important. It’s even better if you can find your own island in the South Pacific but lets assume you don’t have that luxury. The mall is fine.

How Long Does the Acute Phase of Withdrawal Last?

Acute Detox from most opiates takes 3-5 days before slowly improving. “Maintenance Drugs” such as Methadone and Suboxone have much longer half lives which can lead to acute withdrawal symptoms for up to 2-3 weeks in some cases.

The following strategies and resources will help you get your mind off of the discomfort:

Audiobooks: Do yourself a favor and get an account at Audible.com. They have every book imaginable that will transfer directly to your iTunes, phone or whatever you have that plays audio files. If you don’t have anything that plays these types of files then c’mon go get an iPod or something; it’s the 21st century. I cannot overstate how effective audiobooks are for getting through the day (and even the night). It takes absolutely no effort to listen to these books and it does a great job of distracting you from your discomfort. BIG fan of audiobooks! Just don’t get any “self-help” titles and whatever you do, don’t get any books on addiction; now is not the time for that. You want pure entertainment and distraction.

Movies, TV Series: Movies are obviously a staple and they will definitely take your mind off of things. I’ve recently been suggesting TV series to our customers and those that write to me. Netflix is a beautiful thing and they will let you stream entire seasons of some really good shows. This is a great way to get yourself immersed in an ongoing storyline and have literally dozens of episodes to watch if you pick the right shows. Obviously you want to stay away from the really dark or depressing shows. “Breaking Bad” is one of my favorite shows of all time but it’s not one that I’d pick to watch during withdrawal but it’s your choice; have at it. TV series will give you something to look forward to.

Get Out!: I’m serious; get out of the house for at least 3-4 hours a day. The last thing you want to do is lie in bed and ruminate about how bad you feel and how guilty you are etc. etc. You can go to the mall and stare at people, buy something totally useless yet rewarding (not a car though..just a knick knack). Perhaps go visit that friend that you can confide in. Directing energy, concentration and a new environment will reduce the intensity of your withdrawal symptoms.

Exercise: Take a walk or light jog in the early evening to stretch your muscles and get the blood flowing. Breaking a sweat would be great if you can manage. This will help you get to sleep, reduce depression, increase appetite and also help with your restless legs.

Hot Bath or Shower: I prefer the shower because of the water pressure on the muscles but whatever floats the boat.

Towel Trick: We describe this in more detail in another post but essentially it is a great way to combat restless legs at night to help you sleep.

Sleep Sound Machines: I had a lot of success with these during the night. You can also get a couple apps off of iTunes to save some money.

The Post Acute Phase

Although most people recover fully after approximately a week from start to finish, there are some people that take a bit longer to feel truly “back to normal.” There is a clinical acronym for this pathology and it is called P.A.W.S. or Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. Essentially, P.A.W.S. is a continuation of less acute withdrawal symptoms that can last for weeks and even months after the acute withdrawal period. Don’t worry, it happens to a small percentage of those that are detoxing from full agonist opiates like Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percocet and other common prescription painkillers.

For those that do suffer from post acute withdrawal, it can be frustrating and sometimes it feels like the end will never come but it almost always resolves itself within a couple weeks. By and large, these are not necessarily the drugs that you need to be worried about when it comes to post acute withdrawal. The most common offenders for P.A.W.S. are drugs like Methadone and in particular the “wonder drug” Suboxone. I’ve talked about these two “therapies/cures” for opiate dependency in numerous blog posts and I have some strong opinions about them but for now, I’ll stick to their contribution to post acute withdrawal syndrome.

In my opinion, these two drugs are -by far- the most difficult drugs to detox from. Not just among prescription painkillers mind you; they are the hardest to kick of all pharmaceutical agents that I am aware of. The reason? They both have a very long half-life. They stay in your body (essentially stick to your opiate receptors) much longer than any other opiate. This can result in protracted withdrawal symptoms which is why it is sometimes difficult to detox from these particular drugs. When people suffer from P.A.W.S., they become discouraged, deeply depressed and convince themselves that they will never be “right” again. That’s not true but they are difficult nonetheless and that is due to post acute withdrawal.

I want to emphasize that not everyone who detoxes from these drugs will have P.A.W.S.; some people go through the detox process and end up just fine without any protracted symptoms. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea and think that detoxing from these drugs will always include a healthy dose of post acute withdrawal; that is not the case. Methadone and Suboxone just happen to be the two drugs that cause this condition more often than other opiates.

I wish I had some answers for these symptoms but the fact of the matter is that PAWS just takes time. The most aggravating thing a person can say to you during withdrawal is to “be patient”…I know. But your brain needs to clear out its opiate receptors and “re-boot” naturally. You can also use some (not all) of the pharmaceutical agents that I have listed above for ongoing insomnia and depression but ultimately you need to wait it out and not get discouraged. The good news is regardless of what opiates you take, if you stop them for long enough, you should make a full recovery from the detox. It’s important that I use the term “detox” here because that does not necessarily define a complete recovery. We are just talking about one part of the process.

You may need ongoing psychotherapy, addiction counseling and other resources to prevent relapse. Some of you who have been desperate to get off of the pills but were afraid of the withdrawals may simply be happy to be free of them. Everyone has different needs and I would not presume to think that all facets of recovery can be covered in a blog post; even one as agonizingly long as this one. My hope is that I have provided people who want to detox more comfortably with useful, proven strategies and remedies to help reduce the discomfort of opiate withdrawal. If you succeed, you’ll be one step closer to getting your happiness and life back.

Thanks for reading,


Edited 8/2015


  1. Denielle Bushie says:

    I am going through that right now. I was on opiate and I would get off and detox and then I would relapse, I don’t understand how I wanna be clean an I wanna stay off the opiates and next thing you know the devil is calling my name.. Now you guys talk about P. A. W. S. I would get that I would be good for like a few months and then start feeling sick all over again so I never got the chance if fixing that. It’s like I get out of the program and I feel like that withdrawal all over again and I knk

  2. Just found an empty suboxone package in my grandson’s room. Can you get high using this if you are not addicted to other drugs? He lost his job last week because he had done something and passed out at the job. Could taking this drug have caused that to happen? I would appreciate any information you can give me.

    Worried Nana

  3. Hi Beth (a.k.a. Nana!). I’m so sorry that you’re going through this and I know it must be very worrisome to not know what is going on. I myself cannot tell you exactly what is going on either but I can give you a couple possible scenarios.

    First of all Suboxone can be abused. I don’t know why Suboxone is abused because it really does not produce a very intense “high” if at all. Nevertheless, people do abuse it.

    Most of the time people will use Suboxone intermittently to keep the withdrawals at bay when they run out of their drug of choice. Your grandson may be taking another type of opiate and perhaps ran out which would explain why he had Suboxone.

    Those are the two most likely scenarios. Passing out at work is a behavior that I would not expect from someone abusing pills because people who do abuse them usually get more energy when they take them. BUT, if he was in withdrawal from his drug of choice and then took Suboxone then it’s very possible that he could have taken a bit too much which can make you very sleepy. Or perhaps he could have been drinking. Not sure on that one either.

    Nevertheless, we have an article called How to Help Someone You Love (https://withdrawal-ease.com/opiate-dependency-help-someone-love/) and I think it would be an appropriate article for you to look at.

    I’m very sorry that I could not give you more definitive advice at this point but there are many reasons why he may have had Suboxone. Perhaps this will help you get a bit more clarity.

  4. Stephanie Brumley says:

    Im So Glad I Found This,Ive Been On Suboxone For Almost 8Yrs(i know)But For The Past Few Yrs,Have Only Been On 2Mg/Day,I Want To Quit &Have Tried Several Times,On My Own & Thru Rehab,But Never Stayed Quit,I May Have Some Hope Now,thanks

  5. Hi George,

    I have tapered down 5mg per week, off methadone. I am at 13mgs now, but due to financial reasons, I am unable to continue tapering down or even going to the clinic at all, after today. I am “cold turkeying” starting tomorrow. I am really scared and wish I had money to buy your product! I literally have zero dollars. I have a commission only job….. I am hoping you can provide some insight and advice for my situation? I am hoping the fact that I am at a fairly low dose and have not been taking methadone for even 2 years, will make it easier on me? Thank you in advance for your help. p.s. I was at 127mgs when I began tapering down.

  6. I have been reading all your articles and posts, and I am trying to get off Suboxone, I got addicted to oxys thanks to a pain management doctor. I have severe back issues, 1 surgery, and I had no idea I was gonna have trouble getting off Sub’s!! I have changed drs and did the cutback and he is giving me a butrin patch. Hope that will help! Your suggestions were very helpful. Thank you!

  7. Hi George,

    I am a 43-year old woman with the typical story: a couple of accidents, multiple surgeries, chronic pain, and… pain pills. After 26 years I decided enough was enough. I started to look for information and came across your site. I have found the information you provide so very helpful. Just knowing and understanding what is happening inside my body helps me.

    However, when I read the above post I could not help but scream out “BEWARE OF GABAPENTIN!!!” and so felt compelled to post this comment. I have been on Gabapentin for about 7 years, along with Fentanyl and Morphine. It was originally prescribed for nerve pain, and I do say that it did help a lot and the side effects were not so bad. But the withdrawal is horrible. You see, a couple of weeks ago I had surgery to remove that offensive nerve. So I thought I would taper off the Gabapentin so that I could gauge the improvement. At the same time, I was trying to keep the opiates at minimal. I want to taper those too, but having just had surgery I feel like I still need them a while longer but I don’t want to make things worse by taking too many. But the thing is, the withdrawal from Gabapentin is very, very similar to that of opiates, with the added bonus of possible seizures. It took me a while to figure this out, so for a long time I didn’t know if it was the Gabapentin or opiates causing the wd. Now I’m trying to keep the opiates at a very steady level til I’m done with the Gabapentin, and then I’ll start tapering the opiates. I also read somewhere that Magnesium helps the Gabapentin withdrawal, so I just started taking some of that as well.

    Anyway, in my opinion, if you start taking Gabapentin to help with opiate withdrawal, you may just prolong the agony. I don’t know how long you have to be on it to experience withdrawal, but I have read that the risk of seizure is present even with short-term, low-dose use of Gabapentin.

  8. Thank you for your compassion. I found a great site for Paws amd it is called The 12 step Buddhist for anyone in Counseling who needs a different higher power. Thanks again for your wisdom and advice. I have been struggling with this for 12 years or so.

  9. When starting the withdrawal ease can you take while tapering..I’m confused on this part I just received mine today in the mail and not real sure when to start taking the withdrawal ease while I’m tapering or start detox then take the withdrawal ease?

  10. im on day 14 using the withdrawal ease it cut detoxing in half the program works don’t be scared I am living life and very happy time heels all Good luck be strong my heart gos out to all peace

  11. Doreen Furmanski says:

    I came across this website looking for a name of a pill.user for almost 3 yrs , feel so alone , i cant wait to feel free need to get my soul back because thats what it has taken from me and much ,much more,Im ready to take this walk as soon as i get my kit in the mail,

  12. Hi. I’ve been on almost every pain killer under the sun in the last 5-7 years the one I’m currently on is hydromorphone 8mg 3x a day. I know all to well about these symptoms because people stole them from me so that made me run out way early. But nevertheless I would love to stop taking them but degenerate disk disease that u get from ur parents kinda doesn’t help the matter. So another question what would u recommend for the pain instead of the pain pills. Tylenol and other OTC pills have no effect on me because of how high my tolerance is.

  13. I really found your article on how to detox at home very good actually. I have been a heavy abuser of hydrocodone for years and actually thought I was doing the best thing by getting on suboxone…boy was I wrong. I wish I had never got on it, it has become more of a demon than the pills. I am no expert and have no degree but I would strongly suggest to anyone addicted to pain killers to at least try to kick this on your own without suboxone or methadone (I’ve tried both) you never know what life will hand you, I for example have had to move spur of the moment, 900 miles from home, no refills on my subs, no warning so I didn’t get to taper, I have just had to be sick as a dog. This is not my first time to have to cold turkey from suboxone and after last time I swore I wouldn’t even bother going back for my refill since I had already gone 3 weeks. It is very hard and my prayer, wish, whatever I should choose to call it is just to feel like ME again. The ME that I know can feel good being totally sober. I wish I had the money to try your product but I just wanted to say how I enjoyed reading it mostly because you didn’t make us addicts out to be horrible or trashy or just all around bad people. My thoughts go out to everyone feeling like the world is over and that heavy weight that tells you….tomorrow is gonna suck cuz I don’t have anything to take that will make me feel the way I wanna feel. I remember the natural energy I once had and want that back. After the withdrawal it doesn’t stop though, its the emotional connection we have made with that drug of choice, and fighting with out heads. Anyway, good luck to us all.


  15. Valerie if you are still having trouble and need withdrawal ease i will pay for them for you. Email me and i will order them online and have them mailed to you. ASk George to give me your email address or mine to you.

  16. hows it goin. im in my fifth day of withdrawal. ive been on the methadone clinic for over a year and it is tuesday morning and i last dosed at 71mg last thursday. the withdrawal symptoms are tough and im goin through it. i “woke up” this morning from just rolling around in bed all night about to go to the clinic but i said no! enough is enough! im sick of living day to day to get my precious methadone, its just a crutch and i dont need it anymore. all these things help through the kick but no matter what your gonna have to go through the pain and its not going to be easy. i had to move an hour away from modesto ca, just to get away and get through this. be careful with the benzos, you will find yourself needing them long after the kick. i take .5 xanex around 7 or 8 before i try to lay down n get light sleep. if you zonk out with a bunch of benzos you dont remember the pain of withdrawing. your alot easier to go back to using. if you kick and feel the pain like no matter what your gonna have to do it, you might not find yourself back on opiates. be strong, get through it becouse theres nothing like being clean! can i get a amen?

  17. phil Sullivan says:

    I’m. By far ready an flat out lucky to be alive. As almost everyone ive known has o,d, an passed. This is my first day of 4 yr herion problem. Im strong. Just hope i can continue these thoughts.

  18. I’m so afraid to go through the withdrawals … I have 3-30’s left of oxy and no refills and I’m wondering if it’s pointless to try and tapor off my last 3??! I have MS and been taking oxy for years maybe 6 or 7 years and I have lost my joy for life and am so ready to deal with pain rather then live life being numb …. I am scared to just be me I’ve ran out for a week before of oxy and was restless at night and no appetite ,I felt sad and tired but not sleepy but weak no energy . I began to wonder if I could ever feel like “me” again sober me I’ve forgotten who sober me is . I don’t even know who that is anymore ….I’m truely discouraged but I want sobriety so bad and am prepping myself for a troubled week or 2 . I just need encouraging so any positive feedback will help me , thank you!
    #scared #prayforme

  19. I hear you! The emotional connection I’ve made for my drug of choice is a deep one. I made my daily routines around me taking my oxy I never let people know I took it so I’d always want to be home in private taking my meds in secret and it made me a hermit . God help us!

  20. Hi.. I have really been inspired by this article. I have been on 30 mils of methadone for about 3 months now. Although it helped me quit and stay quit if street drugs, I want to not be a slave to a drug anymore. I am saving this article, planning and tapering aggressively I think I will look into the withdrawal ease and maybe get it… I want to use this site as support.. I do have the luxury of vacation at work.. I think I’ll use a couple of weeks for acute stage.. Any advice is welcome..

  21. I went to detox for a 3 gram a day heroin kick, and a 360 prescribed 30 mg oxycodone I was in full withdrawls so severe I was seeing things and the detox center gave me 4 mg subutex for 2 weeks 3 times a day, I am a disabled vet from the Afghan war, so they also gave me wellbutron 150 mg for depression, when I left the detox I was given a script for suboxone 4 mg film for 7 days so I stopped that and for 3 days felt good but went into PAWS body aches legs but mostly the waist up is crampy and it’s been 34 days sober so I’m hoping this goes away I barely have energy.

  22. I also have tried to start and stop using hydracodone for about a year now. I WANT OFF THEM!! I tried Suboxone and it got too expensive so I quit those and to relieve the withdrawl from them, I got back on hydracodone, and well here I am all over again. I just want to be clean. I have a new life, a new relationship, and now 4 kids to take care of, I can’t go on like this and I’ve tried everything. I wish I could afford this product, it sounds like exactly what I need. Thank you for the other remedies though. I’ll try those even though I’m sure this will be hell, please pray for me.

  23. Hi Dena. Thanks for the kind words. If you have any updates or info to share please do so! Planning out your detox vis a vis your vacation days is a critical part of the tapering and detox process. If you have days that you can take, make sure to bookend them with weekends of course. Good luck Dena.

  24. I was on opiates for about 10 yrs. Got off using suboxone for about 9 months. Took me another 6 months to free myself from the suboxone. Hardest thing I ever done, PAWS is real but it does eventually go away. There are natural things out there that work. I’m living proof. If you need some help or support getting free of opiates, I’d be more that happy to help out.

  25. Hi Mike. Shoot me an email, I want to help. info@withdrawal-ease.com

  26. Wow love all your advice I’ve been an opiate addict for 15 years, of course it didn’t start that way, here’s my story & any advice would be greatly appreciated! First off thanks for your site & taking the time to read my story- I’ll give u the most simple version- I shattered my left ring finger resulting in 5 hand surgeries and 2 bone graphs from my right hip all within a year & a half- metal plates, screws & pins were put into my finger & I had to wear a bone growth stimulating machine every day for 3 consecutive hours for a solid year so my bones would mend back together, then I had to get all that metal out it was unbearable- so thru all that & for years after the doctor prescribed me pretty much anything I asked for- my doctor was a specialist who only did hands and was an hour from home so rarely did I have to make a trip to his office he’d usually just call me in meds- this was before you had to pick up a paper script- then the day came where he said there was no more he could do besides remove the finger- now I really wish I would of had that done from the start b/c that finger is useless I cannot move it, it hurts constantly and gets caught on things. I do nails for a living which involves detailed work on the nails and constant pressure on the joints that were shattered, having it removed is something I’ll have done in the future if I’m ever in the position that I could do so- all that being said with the pain I was in and by this time my body had to have opiates for me to function so I continued taking pills, buying them from wherever. Ended up herion was cheaper at first until the body needs more & more of that, so I attended the methadone clinic for a year & a half & there’s no way I’d ever suggest that to anyone, so far that’s the hardest thing in the world I’ve had to come off of & that pain resulted in me going right back to pills soon after that relapse I joined the suboxone program did good on that for about a year then my marriage went kaput and I relapsed to pills- the hubby had to go to prison & is currently still there- in the meantime I found out I was pregnant & put myself back on suboxone until I could get into a local counseling center who then put me on subtex. I’ve had my precious baby boy & completed the recommended 90 hours of counseling and I cannot continue another 6 hours a week of more counseling plus another 20 hours of some kind of community service just to get the subtex- I went into this willingly and totally on my own to make sure my child was born healthy & without issues & I’m proud to say he’s healthy, and the hospital didn’t have to give him any meds for withdrawals, he stayed 5 days in the NIC unit to make sure he was ok, by the grace of God he is. That’s hospital protocol for babies born with mothers on subtex- long story short I have some suboxone I thought I’d wean myself off the subtex with, is there any advice you may have. Going back to pills is something I’ll never do again I really don’t think I could be paid to take a pain pill, they’re the devil and before you ow it your body has to have it to function and that’s a life I’m totally done with. I’m just ready to get the whole subtex/suboxone thing behind me and get on with life and enjoying my precious blessing!!! Thanks again’

  27. Thank you for your services! Good luck to you! I’ll definitely send prayers up for you and the rest of us as well

  28. I have read thru all these posts and I’m blown away. I’ve been addicted to pain pills for about two years now and I want so badly to stop. Working full time makes it impossible, bc the withdrawal symptoms are too much to bare…let alone at work where I work with the public. I’m trying to get my family to help me pay, but I’m not sure if they’re going to or not. Its nice to see I’m not alone… I’m just dying inside to kick this habit. I want my life back.

  29. This forum is exactly what I need to build up the courage take this journey which I am scared as heck to do because of the physical withdrawal symptoms. This is my story. Five years ago I went to a methadone clinic to get myself off of painkillers associated with surgery. Once the M.D. discontinued the prescriptons, I found myself buying pills on the street solely to get through my day. If you have ever purchased painkillers on the street, you know that it has become increasingly difficult to find and expensive to do so. A little over five years ago, I came to a crossroad because I could no longer afford the never-ending anxiety associated with buying on the street, i.e. cost, illegal, imminent withdrawals if cannot find any. I decided that right direction was a methadone clinic. At the time, I thought a methadone clinic was the answer to my prayers. In retrospect, I could not have been more wrong! My dosage went up to 100 mg methadone daily. I would literally fall asleep at my job because of the methadone dosage. Eventually I came down to 80 mg which seemed to be ok. However, after 5 years, I decided that I have had enough. I was still a hostage to having to take my methadone each and every day. If I forgot to dose on a given morning as I did once per 24 hour period, just a few hours later, I began to feel physical withdrawal symptoms. About 4 weeks ago, I surrendered to a certain extent. I tapered my dosage from 60 mg to 15 mg over a 2 week period.

    I have not taken any methadone for the past 2 weeks; however, I experienced the most miserable physical withdrawals and could not get out of bed. I am divorced, and I have a young daughter with whom I have visitation 50% of the time. I was forced to make excuses such as being ill with a stomach virus because I was not in any condition to care for my little girl had she been with me at the time. After a few days of feeling as if I was going to die, I contacted a person to buy seboxin to help me get through the physical withdrawals. For the first week, I took 4 mg of seboxin each day, and then 2 mg seboxin each day until this past Friday. I have not taken anything since Friday, and I am now on day 3. I began experiencing nausea, cramping, vomiting, etc. I am so upset with myself for placing myself in this predicament. I lost a good job because I cannot cope; I will probably get evicted because I cannnot afford my rent since I lost my job; etc. etc. etc. The ending is always the same when you get caught up in your addiction and it goes too far. If I had health insurance I would try to detox with medical help. In any event, I came across this site for “Withdrawal Ease” which is a God-send. Although I cannot afford to buy it at this time, this blog has provided me with hope. I am going to do that which is necessary to not go back to any opiates, methadone, seboxin, etc. I so desperately want to be free from this struggle.

  30. I’m glad I found this site. I have a daughter that is going through a tough time. Last year she met a guy that was a recovering addict, he had a year clean, seemed like a decent guy, hard working. I realize now, he was so decent because he was still being urine tested a year later as part of probation. My daughter became pregnant, stopped smoking, ate health food, wouldn’t touch caffeine, processed meat etc. the baby game early in September, long story short, she passed away in October. She had a c section, and took mostly Advil, she wanted to be alert and with her precious baby at all times. I noticed a big change around Dec, maybe very end of November. He had started giving her things to make her feel better..let me back up up, during the pregnancy, I heard her flip out a few times, she had caught him doing Xanax and oxy. Gave him ultimatums , ha doesn’t work. Then she joined him. By February of this year she was regularly taking various forms of oxy, my daughter, the criminal justice major, the one that checked out joining the police force, leaned towards counseling. She’s frustrated, has talked to me about detoxing. They use a form of suboxen. I thought I had heard that’s even harder to detox from and your site made that clear. I am on a fixed income, she’s out of work since having the baby, feeling angry, depressed, embarrassed for going down that road. It shows how quickly it can happen, and no one is exempt. I’m going to show her this site tomorrow and say a prayer we can find a way to order. Thank you for taking the time to help others.

  31. Reading all these comments really helping me mentally ive been taking Norco 10-325 15 a day spending 40-60$ a day I’m so tired of this I’m losing my fiance which I love so much we have a 4 year old child together i really want the old me back my family always say that where’s the old Michael we miss him most didn’t know about my issue my fiance just found out couple days ago thanks for this page I’m going to try this for me first of all but to save my family I Changed my life from a gang member only to fall in to addiction many respected us cause we was all against drugs it was not allowed I enforced that the most an now I’m doing just that but I pray I can get thru this I wish everyone else fighting this addiction good luck an god bless

  32. stori Kleinhans says:

    I have been battling this circle of addiction for almost 10 yrs. now, I have 3 beautiful daughters and am so entirely ready to get our life back, to find myself again! My husband has recently been incarcerated due to actions that would have never commenced if not for this addiction. I’ve searched for some help/guidance in beginning our life again and I have such n absolute desire to rise above all of this(as I know we all do) I’ve tried unsuccessfully a few times to stop and at this time I’m so ready to stop battling with myself!! Unfortunately I don’t have any support or help from family and my friends are probably not really friends, anyway, wondering if anyone knows of any financial assistance out there to acquire this program, if so, please e-mail me asap, would really love to be able to receive this, however I’m seriously barley able to get through at this point. I’m truly afraid what the future holds for my girls n I if I don’t make a drastic turn around in life n like I said, I’m so truly ready to make this change in life and I really think this could help us to begin!! My prayers for all who are battling this monster and I wish each of us all the luck n success there is

  33. I first wanted to say thank you for this great write-up. I’ve been addicted to Tramadol (sometimes called Ultram among other names) for approximately 7 years. It began from taking the occasional Hydrocodone from my father’s cabinet as he had an unending supply due to a severe back surgery. Upon going to college, I began to check the internet for something to replace that high and stumbled upon Tramadol. Ever since that 1st year of school, the longest I’ve been able to kick my habit is a few days to a week at the most.

    I know the majority of comments on here are in regards to what are considered “harder” opiates but I’m wondering if these tips can help with Tramadol too? I’m sick of making sure I have enough pills for the day, or a weekend, or the fear of running out and especially the money I spend on a non-productive habit. Does anyone have experience with Tramadol?

  34. Hi Don. Sorry for the delayed response…still wading through a North Korean Spam wasteland on my comments section. Email me at info@withdrawal-ease.com. I want to help. Make sure you mention that I requested that you contact me so that I can remember! Hang in there.

  35. Hi Heather. A short course of Suboxone provided that she is weened down over a period of 2-3 weeks can be very effective. she will have what is called Post Acute Withdrawal which includes less acute withdrawal symptoms but our product Recovery Ease can help with that. She should not feel guilty about anything at this point. guilt does her no good. Determination and resolve are more appropriate emotions and I think she sounds like she has those. Ditch the boyfriend.

  36. Mike…all of your emotions are common and expected but not necessarily helpful. Yes, you need to get your “old self” back and the priority is the first step which is detox. Whatever works is our motto and if our product does not help or if it does not sound like a good option for you, I would encourage you to find other avenues. Your head is in the right place…you just need to re-direct those negative emotions into more positive and constructive ones. Get it done and you’ll have your old self back in no time. I know it may sound like I suggesting that it’s easy as pie…I’m not. But given the alternative, the decision to detox is as easy as pie.

  37. Hi Stori, email me and let me see what I can do… info@withdrawal-ease.com

  38. I’m going through it now bro , I have crohns disease , I get pills and a bunch of other things , I have those pills you mentioned to help with withdrawals but its still freaking hard when I know with my pain , I’m going to get back on the pills when I get them again in about 10 days .. there’s no end for me !! I’m stuck in this vicious cycle.. I get off the pills then my pain from my disease comes back and I’m back chasing that freaking bottle of pills … I know there’s no help for me , there’s no cure for my disease..

  39. GEORGE,

    This site is a GOD send. We all have a purpose and if you don’t already know yours it is this with withdrawal ease. I thank you for the bottom of my heart. I am sure that anyone that has read this blog thanks you. I too am struggling with going through withdrawal. 2006 I had gastric bypass surgery (that went wrong) after having 25 surgeries over a couple of years. I have became addicted to Loratab 7.5, suppose to take every 6hrs. To be honest I was taking them every 3hrs because I would lose that “good feeling”. I would run out early so I was making trips to urgent cares or the ER to get something to get me until I could get mine filled. April my doctor told me that he would no longer write them because his practice was cutting back on writing for pain medicine. I asked him what was I to do he said go to a drug rehab and walked out the door. I just cant bring myself to do that considering what I have read about these clinics and how expensive it is and besides that I do not have a job at this time so I can not afford it. Also the things that I have read about Methadone and Suboxone are harder to get off of then what I am currently on. I have 2 (that scares me to even type that) perc 15 left and I half them and have no clue what I am going to do. Reading all the comments and all about withdrawal ease gives me hope that I can do this and SURVIVE. I really pray that I have a way to purchase this witnin a day or so. Going to try to get family to help me because without this I have no help. Before reading this I was feeling that it would probably be easier to die than go through withdrawals with out any help. I know that I can not do that since I have a family that loves me and I could not do that to them. I just wish that they understood how SCARED I am to do this alone. I just keep telling myself that I have to be strong and pray that a week goes bye really fast if not for me than for my children. Thanks again for this site. I look forward to withdrawal ease helping me in my time of desperate need.

  40. great site, gives me hope of being able to come off OXYS. back surgery only been on 1 month started to ween down. Hopefully in 10 days will have come down to 0. wish me luck retired law enforcement and a senior citizen. YEP it can happen to ANYONE! god bless you all and hang tough.

  41. kimberlie says:

    George thank you .
    I ran across this because I missed my Dr appt. And now have 3 days without my meds. I take fentanyl 75 mcg patches every 72 hours I also take hydrocodone 10 mg every 6hrs. I have often thought of kicking them all. It does scare e to think of the pain II’d be in. You see I have stage 4 breast cancer. My doctor says making me comfortable is all that can be done now. But I hate being on all this crap. I have been talking to her about tapering down she says my body couldn’t handle it. I guess I will just try to on my own sorry for ranting lol. I spend to much time online.

  42. Kimberlie. I have to be completely honest and say that I think detoxing from your opiates is a bad idea. Of course, I’m not a doctor but under the circumstances and based on what you’ve told me, you need these medicines. And lets not make any mistake about opiates; they are very, very effective medications. There is nothing inherently wrong about being on them. My Dad passed away from cancer a few months back and he refused to take his Oxycodone because he was worried that he would get “hooked”. Kimberlie, I know you hate being on all of the medications but don’t put yourself through withdrawal and pain needlessly. If your doctor is telling you to take them and they provide relief and keep you functional then take my word for it and take them! Oh… and stay off the internet (message boards at least)!

  43. kimberlie says:

    Thank you for your reply George
    Yeah, there’s a lot of risks with me withdrawing right now I understand this. I just get irritated. I take roughly 28 prescription a day. Ight I hate it! As far as the staying off the internet that’s all I get to do right now I spend 90% of my time in bed I get bored and that’s why I’m on it to much. Lol

  44. Hi,
    My story isn’t that different from others. 5 years ago I’ve tear up a ligament in my right knee and got on dilaudid 4mg every 4-6h. Then, the med staff says that I was too young to be on those and stop my prescription. But the pain was still there and was keeping me out of function. Then, when I had “pain crisis” I started to have so major migraine and would end up at the E.R for IV meds. So, my ex fiance got diagnose woth cancer and got some dilaudid 2mg a’d was sharing the prescription with me (still does). Then, I started IV’ng the dilaudid 2mg because I wanted to get the relief ASAP. Now, it has been a year that I’m on and ve had to buy some of the streets because 2 dilaudid 2mg a day wasn’t giving me enough relief. It has been few weeks that I’ve been looking on different website to get “natural remedies” to move on from those pills. My fear is that I get back on it because of the pain and they are refusing to have me get the surgery because they saying I’m too young… So, I’m trying to get a new job to get to put money aside so I can pay and get this done in the private med sector. I’ve also looked to get in rehab but they are asking me to pay 350$/day (over 10 000$ a month). I can’t afford that. There’s also the “light coma” that put the person asleep for the withdrawal period, available in the USA (I live in Canada) but it cost over 16 000$… I can’t afford it either. Anyways, now my question is: should I wait to get the surgery first? (Cuz they’ll get me back on opiates when I get the surgery), or do I stop now, knowing I’ll have to go through this again… Also, many people told me to give my meds to a family member and only take 1 pill a day, at night, because I can’t sleep with that pain… Or should I just stop Iv’ng and keep taking them until surgery… I don’t know. But I’ll try to save the money to get the kit to withdrawal ease, and will try to get rid of it all and will see how it goes. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get this, but will look forward to it.

  45. Hey everyone I had a question I’m about to be coming off of heroin and will be starting to feel symptoms tomorrow. I have 2 suboxone 8mg and was wondering what peoples point of view on it was, I want to use it strictly for just the acute withdraw phase because my symptoms will be severe (vomiting,diarrhea etc.) just wanted to know when I should take the first strip because I know if you take it too soon you can throw yourself into precipitated withdraw, and secondly is 2 8mg strips enough to get through the acute withdraw phase? Any feedback will help I just feel so alone right now and don’t know what to do in a very dark place.. Thanks for reading

  46. Hi Rob. Thanks for posting your question here and I’m sorry that you’re facing this. Bear in mid that I’m not a doctor so my advice is only based on prior experience etc. The general rule for initiating Suboxone is to wait until you have full blown withdrawal symptoms prior to taking the first dose. This means that you should have all of the common withdrawal symptoms (goose flesh, diarrhea, RLS et al) prior to taking any Suboxone. As you know this is important. For many people, this occurs around 24 hours after the last dose of whatever they may have been taking. The onset of “full withdrawal” depends primarily on the half life of the drug, so it may take less time for you to be in full withdrawal since heroin has such a short half life.

    Nevertheless, the half life is not really what you need to be concerned about; you just need to make sure that you are in full withdrawal in order to avoid causing any precipitated withdrawals with Suboxone.
    As far as the amount that you have on hand, I think most people who take Suboxone for this purpose start out with a fairly high dose… perhaps 24mg or so. At any rate, you might try starting with 8 once you are in full withdrawal and see if it helps. If it does not help then you can take more but again, you have less than what most people would need for the 2-3 week period. That’s the concern.

  47. George, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you’re doing to help people in trouble. When I first came upon your product I thought you were just hawking the bottle of supplements, but instead I have found that your forum is a place where people can get real, compassionate help . I’m sure you have helped people more with your knowledge, experience, and advice then perhaps even with the supplements you are selling. God bless you. I know you were helping people every day!

  48. I was on subutex for 7 years. I am 8 months sober & have not relapsed. Even after all these months, i still suffer from the foggy head, bad anxiety, severe lack of energy & chills/sweats on & off. I’ve taken B12 since day 1 of withdrawal, but I’m beginning to wonder if it is contributing to my anxiety? Will these (PAWS) ever go away? And will withdrawal ease help with any of my symptoms I continue to have? ,I take Tylenol & b12, that is it.

  49. Careful with the language, grammar and content, everyone. I people can get the help and relief they need through things like this and, of course, through faith and love.

  50. I am in my 3rd day of opiate withdrawals. Am so sick. And have no support. Also no money to buy any remedies. My plan was to go into detox next month, but someone stole most of my meds, so detox on my own has started. I want off this 15 year ride!

  51. Dear Linda. I’m so sorry that you’ve been robbed of your meds before you could taper. At this point, I think the one thing that can help you the most is to take a look at our Guide. It will provide you with some tips and ideas for some remedies that you can get at the store or around the house that can help you. The first thing that I would do is try to find some Immodium or any anti-diarrhea meds with the active ingredient called Loperamide. This will help you…a lot. Also, take a hot shower and try to keep moving around. Drink a lot of water…more than you think you need because hydration is a very powerful withdrawal aid.

    go to the following link to download the guide:


    Hang in there!

  52. The decision is “easy”, but combating all the negative second thoughts that creep in once you’ve started withdrawing is very difficult. I barely have the energy to type this reply. Mid 30s, single parent of two, no health insurance and have endometriosis. Had to put my career on hold to take care of my child, who has severe Crohn’s Disease and the bank is trying to foreclose on our home…right at Christmas. My ex of 18 years bought/supplied heroin (intranasal) to me, saying it would help more than anything else with my endometriosis pain. After I was physically dependent – He later admitted that he actually gave it to me in order to control me, my actions, my life. He left us recently and I’m in my first 24 hours of withdrawing, with 2 children and no family or support network. Even if there was someone I could talk to – what can they do? And as a supposed “intelligent, professional” woman – I can’t easily talk about it because there’s such a bad stigma. People just don’t realize that ANYone can fall victim to this stuff. I’m hoping I’ll come through this having learned a life lesson, but at this point the depression, sweats, etc. are so horrendous I just want to die. How long can I pretend I have “the flu” before my children start worrying and talking to their school counselors about how their mom isn’t acting like she normally does?

  53. Dear Shelly. I have Crohn’s disease and know how hard it is. I was diagnosed at a young age and I almost died so I’m glad your son has been diagnosed. Back then, it wasn’t as common as it is today and the drugs weren’t as effective. Nevertheless, on top of the detox issues, I can imagine how hard it must be. I’d like to help if I can; I’d like to donate some product if you’re interested. I’ll email you with this message too.

    By the way, don’t sell the “flu” short! I’ve had the flu for up to 2 weeks and I swear it was worse than withdrawal symptoms! Nevertheless, you will not have the flu-ish feelings for more than a few days and then you’ll just feel under the weather after that. Keep the “flu” story alive! Those teachers get “kid flu” all of the time so they know how bad it can be. Ultimately, tell your kids what they need to hear and nothing more. Just tell them that you’ll get better with time…which is the truth!

    In the meantime, please feel free to go to the following link and download our Opiate Withdrawal Survival Guide. It has a lot of great tips and tricks and can help you with the symptoms that you are wrestling with.


  54. Samantha, I’m amused by the warning that everyone should watch their language and grammar? This is after all a forum about drug addiction where people are speaking of the most hellish experiences of their lives. Some advice or helpful tips, anecdotes would be far more appreciated.
    My experience with addiction to painkillers brought me to my knees and closer to my creator. I’m certain I wasn’t “spanked” when expressing my anguish brought out some of the vulgarities that lie within all of us. If I surrounded myself with people that would be offended by me I believe I would have had a far worse problem than addiction. Please don’t be offended by genuine people. Sometimes behaving without a filter is a result of being without deceit

  55. sarah pelosi says:

    hey y’all I just need some advice. firstly I will start by telling you a little bit of my background im 25 turning 26 feb 22. about 3 years ago my fiancee of 11 years passed away suddenly. before he died. I was addicted to opiates. percocet, vicodin,morphine pills ( 3 60 mg pills a day, sometimes more) , oxycontin ( about 2 1/2 80 mg pills a day. my fiance new I like opiates hare and there but he never knew the extent it was. he didn’t even know I was addicted I hid it from him so he wouldn’t be hurt. so after he died, I did too. I was angry, I had not a care in the world I didn’t care if I lived or died I pretty much just gave up. so two days after he died I went to heroin for the first time because the pills are entirely too expensive so i was shooting heroin everyday excessively for a year. when I finally thought about it I started attending a methadone clinic so I attended the clinic for 2 years and got up to a dose of 127 mg s a day. but I recently had a slip up at the methadone clinic had no choice but to terminate me there. I am withdrawing so hard right now and the sad part is the worst has yet to come. I am completely terrified I’m going through thisbecause withdrawing from methadone is so much worse than kicking dope. in at this point in my withdrawal the mental effects of starting to start. the depression the extreme self loathing the feeling of I would just be better off dead right now and that really really scares me because I do have mental health issues and don’t have a primary care doctor or a psychiatrist anymore so I cant get my psych meds for my 7 mental diagnosises. I really AM scared here I’m terrified and above all I do not want to use drugs but I’m so afraid that it’s going to get so bad that I’m just going to go out and get a bag of dope and I don’t want to do that. so what I’m asking is if anyone has any words of wisdom advised treatments home remedies anything that could even remotely make me comfortable even if its just a fraction of a bit I would really really appreciate it. I wanted to do this cold turkey turns out this was a big mistake.

    Thanks so much. – Sarah.

  56. I was on fentanynal 50 mls now I want to get off everything so Im on methaone so Im trying to go off it to so Im going to go down 5 mls every week then do this with drawl thing just to get better. I have severe ostriproisis and crushe my neck years ago cant operate then broke my left hip then screwe that again had to get replaced. so now im going to try this.

  57. Unfortunately, I’ve been on 15mg of oxys & 60 mg of morphine for nearly 16 years now. I’m definitely at the end of my rope here. My fiancee left me, I have never had the privilege of having children to care for & share good times with. I live alone – I mean ALONE (for those who know what I mean) – and I got laid off from a really great paying career (job) about 5 years ago – so I had no choice but to go ahead and go on disability (mainly due to health reasons, but because there was no other way to make income any longer.) So even though I was an all A/B student in high school and went to college as well (along with a pretty decent career) I’ve now been reduced to a drug-taking, single guy who lives alone, feels like never doing ANYTHING, living with SEVERE lack of overall energy & desire to do NOTHING at all – bottom line: I’m just done. I’ve never been suicidal, nor do I believe in it either – but I’m just ‘done’ and all I do now (everyday & night) is just hope & pray that this will ALL end soon and hopefully I”ll simply ‘wake up dead’. I can’t afford the ‘withdrawal ease’ myself either, so I guess that hope is out the door. And I’ve gone through the DT’s & WD’s so many damn times now that I’ve lost count (& yet, it NEVER gets any better or ‘you get use to it’ – never). I’m sorry guys. I really do wish for the best to all of you who still retain that ‘hope’ – but I just can’t seem to get it any longer. My worst fear is not dying obviously, but yet – living with this ‘sickness’ for the rest of my life, even if I never take another drug for the rest of my life. I fear so badly that I”ll always feel the withdrawals & DT’s from here on out. And I simply can’t deal with that thought. It seems like every SINGLE person (addict) that I’ve spoken with, just wants to tell me stupid ‘war stories’ (about how he or she has done every drug in the book (like it’s a ‘cool’ thing or something) and even the ones who actually got clean – STILL talks about how much their ‘sober life’ sucks, or how they still never found their older, better days again (so thanks a lot for that guys!) It would have been so wonderful to have spoken to folks who actually ‘beat it’ – AND feel ‘Happy’ again like they use to before any drug use came along – but finding folks like that, are like finding needles in haystacks it seems. So if all sober life can bring me is just more ‘unhappiness’, more sickness, and CONSTANT reminders of using drugs & feeling bored all of the time or simply like crap & with no desires to do anything ever again – then seriously? What’s the point? (and I’m NOT trying to be a ‘smarta$#’ here or one hell of a ‘negative’ person like that – I promise) – I just simply give up – and feel about as hopeless as a person can possibly feel. I”m not sure what’s around the corner for me here soon, but I feel very overwhelmed that my days are looking pretty numbered – and I am sorry for that, especially for those of you who somehow or another found ‘hope’ or someway to at least go on and/or try. I do wish those you the best.

    But I honestly feel like I’m lost and simply ‘done’.

  58. Hello, I am 44 years old and I am terrified of withdrawal. I broke my back in 2009 and have had 3 surgeries to try and alleviate the immense pain from nerve damage. There is no hope for repair or healing unless God does it. But I have been on pain medication since the injury and I tried to stop the opiates by using the suboxone. I am terrified of suboxone withdrawal, even more than opiate withdrawl!!! I have tried!!! I would really love to try your products. I am going to be in pain the rest of my life and I do not want to just keep increasing addictive medications. Ill never work again and cannot afford to buy it. Is there any programs or anything else I can try? The last time I tried to quit or even taper from the opiates or suboxone, I wanted to blow my brains out. I am so ashamed of what has happened to me and I cannot tell anyone. Yes, I know how childish that sounds, bit I just simply can’t. What else can a person do at home to ease all this? Suggestions??? I am at my breaking point…

  59. I am one whom is addicted to Perocets and Methodones. i am prescribed them monthly 10 days after my refill I am loooking at empty bottles.Mad at myself. So then I go to the streets. I have asked for help from the Dr and he says I need them. I have no family. I have 3 kids I raise on my own. I am a good Mother. My kids are straight A kids and MVPs in sports. I feel I am a failure to them with my secret I live. I am financially strapped. I live pay to pay. Mybills are paid my kids are took care of. I needhelp. I read and read on remidities I want off this demon. I cant afford to go to a clinic to get help. I am afraid to stop using them fear of missing a beat being a full time employee and Mother. I really need help.

  60. Could someone tell me how I can help a lovely young lady kick the phentenal patch? I see how imprisoned she is to this medicine. She gets her prescription, tells herself she will take as directed, over does it, becomes full of anxiety about being short and what her pain management physician will do. I see a vicious cycle and it rips my heart out. She hasn’t asked me for help though to stop. Advice? My heart is overwhelmed with Prayers and hugs for all of us that have our struggles on our journey. I have PTSD, therefore, I am on psych meds. I take them only as prescribed, but I shutter every time my Psychiatrist talks about stopping my Xanax. Thank you for hearing me.

  61. Sorry to hear about your son. I hope for his sake it was just experimenting or it wasnt his. With that being said, by no means assume anything or wait . Handle that situation ASAP. IT IS AN EMERGENCY!!!!!!! I was addicted to pain pills. First percs would eat as many as I could get my hands on than went to the O.C ‘s oxytocin 80:s take at least 4 a day for around 6 years. Than was so happy to have the suboxone wonder drug ‘”save my life” Well if that wasnt the biggest mistake of my life. I am a FOOL and the SUBOXONE DOCTOR’S are dealers . Its a joke and a nightmare. Been on sub’s for shit 7 years and never once did a doc tell me about the withdraw or basically its just a legal way to get a fix. I own all my mistakes I am an addict. But these docs are just cashin in on the addicts. Example 2 of my sub docs and I quote said I need them they don’t need me when they prescribe 3 sub’s a day and want u to come in once a week at 100 bills a clip cash only so I can’t afford that so I would take 1 or 2 a day and stretch my meds so I would only spend half. Think the doc would be happy I am not taking as much getin better. NOT. I have 4 kids and I talk to them about drugs all the time. I was and am a good athlete hands on Dad my kids look up to me so I don’t tell them I am an addict and on sub’s. But I in there ear all the time. Grab your son with love help him guide him do everything if he fights you do not give up don’t back down. This opiate , suboxone deal is a huge big terrible problem. Watch your sons every move but with love a parent and friend to him. If he knows you have his back and your in this with him love, not making him with threats and a iron fist. He will follow you to being clean. I am enraged with the suboxone its a lie and these docs are praying on drug addicts to fatten their pockets. Like I said I own my mistakes my addiction is my fault. But I was lied to about suboxone. Shit I was so happy to get off the oxys I asked my SUB DOC many questions cause I thought I was getting my life back was gonna be the Kevin Sacks I use to be a winner likeable people magnet. After paying 350 for the first appointment DRUG DEALING DOC. I asked so how long you think I need to be on these sub’s doc how long till I done so happy to be getting my life back. Doc responds as long as you want. 5 years 10 years. LOL shame on me cause here I am dam near 10 years later trying to kick sub’s. But I have a plan and just got my day night ease withdraw and I am excited to finally get my life back. I am really thinking about becoming a drug awareness speaker and more important speak out against the lie suboxone.

  62. Cross roads says:

    You are a guiding angel put here on earth to help people when they are at a point to choose a road that each path is going to be the most difficult, painful choice of there life!
    Each post you have answered has been non judging,
    Job, or no job, shooting needles, snorting, pills or what ever, you’ve treated each post the same non judging! It’s wonderful and thankful I found your information.
    To choose to put myself in w/drawl and go through the pain and be absent from the people that need and depend on you.
    Husband, 2 kids and taking care of elderly mom.
    Or just continue Pain Management and do it another 17 years.
    I take Dilauded and Adds and something else for break through pain. 2 a day each
    So that’s at least 6 to 8 pills a day
    Yes I’m like most people I have chronic pain and have crashed many cars…
    7 cars!!! :-/ yeah I was sober
    Not drinking or anything I don’t really drink.
    But found out later I had issues w/ a Pituitary tumor and was messing w/ my eyes so I honestly didn’t see what I hit.
    And yes, I don’t drive anymore.
    So here I am in my later 40’s and getting worse
    How much higher can pain mang. take me?
    Where will I be in 10, 20 years
    I have pain but I’ve only hit 2 days of w/drawl and I freaked!!!
    Went to ER and got right back on Meds.
    So scared
    But now I know there is this medication out there
    And I don’t want to do Subs or Methadone
    I’ve learned this from just reading your posts
    Thank you
    For all the information!
    God bless!!!

  63. I have been on suboxone for 8 years as well and have tried detoxing many times. I have not been able to get lower than 1mg before literally banging my head against a wall. I went to a rehab and was given the ‘miracle’ drug. It was great….it felt really well….not like the other times I quit opiates. However….I can’t quit the suboxone now. I really wish I was given a choice when I entered rehab for detoxing. I I have put my life back together because I could function without wanting opiates…..but it has been time to stop and I can’t. This time I am switching back to opiates…..and trying the taper method….then detox. And I am armed with withdrawal ease and information. This time I will be an informed consumer and not just desperate. Thank you!

  64. Hi Carol! I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles and your concerns for your friend on Fentanyl. I can give you advice on how to help your friend detox but it appears that she has a more significant challenge with respect to her addiction. Taking more than prescribed for the high and end up running out prior to refills indicates to me that she’s wrestling with more than just physical dependency. Of course, for many of you here, this is not a revelation! However, we do have a lot of people who are physically dependent and are desperate to stop yet cannot for fear of withdrawal. As I have said in a variety of posts, there is a wide spectrum of opiate dependency which makes it that much more difficult to treat. I could go on and on about the gap in care and the lack of options to help those with different levels of dependency but I’ll spare you all.

    What I’m suggesting is that your friend needs to want help before she accepts it from you. In order for her to be able to get through the detox and get to a point where she can actually work on staying clean, she certainly needs to have resolve. Perhaps she does but its worth mentioning.

    From a more tactical perspective, patches are actually quite easy to taper with because you can cut the patches into smaller and smaller sizes; just like Suboxone strips. the medication on duragesic patches is evenly distributed; one dime sized portion of a patch has the same amount of medicine as another. In my opinion, this can help her taper more accurately. This is where you can help her. Take a look at our article called The Art of Tapering and it will give you some pointers on how to help her taper down…when she is ready.

  65. Hello, my name is Brandon, I’m a good person, but have always struggled with depression and anxiety! I’m 26, I starting smoking weed drinking when I was 17 started taking pills when I was 19 off n on, about four years ago I started doing H, I smoked it off foil.. And its been a horrible struggle I’ve been fighting with for along time.. I am now engaged and I have to kick this! I started methadone, a 30 day tapper, started at 30MG and went down a MG a day, I was wondering with this type of tapper, do you think I should expect a horrible withdrawal experience? Or should it not be too bad since I only did this for 30 days? I’m freaked out… And don’t know what I should do, I’m done with my tapper in 12 days… Should I do norco for a few weeks after so the withdrawals won’t be so long or should I just try and get through the withdrawals??. I’m broke.. Or I would get withdrawl-Ease… Last time I tried to tapper I didn’t last more then two days… Im Scared.. And I can’t loose my girl over this…. Please help)’:

  66. I too was on suboxone for many years because that’s what they wanted. Cash only. They were always willing to up the meds. I turned them down. Took one and half a day. I got to the point to where I wanted to be done. I had know idea what withdrawal was because I hadn’t been through it yet. I called the clinic first and told them I was done. I made arrangements for someone to care for my son. I told my family I was going cold turkey. I have major depression and anxiety, but I was able to do it. Didvi suffer? I was in pure hell. I had nothing to help like Imodium or benzos, but did it anyway. My family brought me things to snack on and drink. It took me about ten days before I could leave my house. Then three to four months until the jitters left my shoulders. The only reason I didn’t go completely bonkers was because I had a positive outlook. Half of withdrawal is mindset. The worst part was constant need to want to move my shoulders. That drove me insane. It kept me awake. I resolved that by hitting things and throwing heavy items out of anger and frustration. Anyway, I got through it with time and didn’t turn back. It can be done, and I did it the hardest possible way. A plan and preparation is the best way to go, not my way. I just got to the point where I had enough and jumped in.

  67. Andrea Sandoval says:

    Today is my first day, I didn’t even take my suboxone at all I took the night time formula last night and the daytime formula today and I feel wonderful! I also got thrive and greens on the go I’m not playing I’m sick of being constipated these drugs would have seriously given me colon cancer in another 5 years if I kept it up. The drugs are poison!!!! Quit before you die!!

  68. Joe Blumetti says:

    Hey Morris-sounds like you have 0 support from love-ones ! what about friends -people who care about us do exist & support & caring from others is definetly helpfull ! death is the final frontier- inevitable for everyone but if you reach down deep inside your being you realize Life is a true gift & short in duration! When i feel bad i try to recognize others who don’t have it as good -perhaps they are handicapped or blind or deformed or starving..U get the picture.things could always be worse -try making a list of any blessings in your life & visualize not having them- they are there- just notice them-& try to extract some essence of positive energy as it will gradually help you heal! I am currently trying to de-tox from 2 yrs subox.use ! It was prescribed by a (Dr-friend) for depression! It worked but now I’m addicted & feeling trapped the way we do when we know artificial moods consume & inhibit real life! Truthfully I’ve always been drawn to opiates they made me feel better but now at age 63 i see how they can cheat the brains true potential .Im at the end of my life cycle -but don’t want to leave bad memories w/kids & grand-kids.I hope you find some way of coping -U need support& U deserve it!

  69. I apologize for all the misspelled words. I’m half asleep on my iPad. P.S I didn’t mean to say your friends are full of shit I meant to say that you want to be happy again witch means before the drugs you were a happy person. Some people were never really happy before the drugs and now they use the drugs as an excuse. You will be happy if you make the decision that your done forever. I believe in you and everyone else on this comment section. Please give yourself a chance before you give up. You have been on a lot of drugs for a long time so your not in a rite place to be worried about the what ifs rite now. You got this…

  70. Thanks for the good advice Sean. I didn’t read your last comment as an insult and believe me, there’s nothing that anyone could say to me that I have not heard before. It’s a passionate subject and one that sometimes goes way beyond the “capabilities” of this site which is limited to opiate withdrawal. I’m tempted to start a message board because people have some great things to say and I try to stay on top of it but there are SO many comments…it’s crazy. A message board is whole job unto itself and things escalate..become toxic. And the SPAM…lemme tell ya, I have to sift through thousands of spam comments almost every day…I have to wonder if the spam works??

    In any case, thank you for the comments.

  71. Nicely done Joe!

  72. Hi Brandon. I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with this and I apologize for the late response. There’s no easy answer my friend. I can’t imagine that a short course of methadone would be cause for serious withdrawal. I think you CAN expect some withdrawal from the long-term Heroin use. Moving from one opioid to another will not get you where you need to be. You are down to 1mg of Methadone which is quite frankly lower than I’ve ever heard someone going. If you asked me today, I would say that your best bet might be to begin the detox after you finish up with the Methadone…it sounds like you are there already. I wouldn’t recommend taking anymore pills because it truly will prolong your anxiety. You have a fiancee, you’re getting married and I think that is a great motivator…it’s better to have a goal and an end date in mind. It’s not going to be easy but it’s just making things more difficult by waiting and worrying. You’ve done a good job with your taper…it’s time to think about getting through this.

  73. My name is Paul. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am addicted to Hydromorphone (Dilaudid). Hydromorphone is 5 times stronger then heroin and very addictive.
    I have been abusing it every day for about 1.5 years.. with occasional use as far back as 2 years now. I am addicted and know i am. But i need to get clean ASAP.
    I sniff hydromorphone to feel that euphoria. That “feeling of ease and relaxation”. That mind easing feeling. The body high. My partner is on Methadone, 60 milligrams.. so he can get off the same pain killer hes also been abusing as a higher and worse level then me. I am a professional and work 11 hour days.. 50 to 60 hours A week. I work with the public. I just can not go into a methadone treatment because of my commitement to my job.. which has not suffered from my abuse. So i do have control of my life… if that makes sense.. i work long hours.. sleep at night… but i do have a strong addiction which, i need to do daily in order to feel normal and go on with my day. Ihave become increasingly un social and withdrew from my friends and family because i work long hours and am always tired, and needing to hunt for pills in my spare time.
    I still get “high”… although at this point, doing it every 12 to 24 hours.. i have to sniff 15 to 20 mg of hydromorphone at one time in order to feel the high! Which is an extreme amount and comparable to what someone would be perscribed with full blown types of cancers. I am a healthy individual. 30 years old. But the high gives me energy and that sense of “well being”. It makes me social when im high, but 15 + hours without it and my mind is spinning thinking about it. How im going to get the next pill and when. Its extrenely expensive to buy off streets and our bills are falling behind because of it… but I am very strong mentally so ive never hit rock bottom with it.
    My partner is on a short term methadone treatment for 90 days. The clinic will taper him and get him clean off that properly within 90 days.
    Howveer for me.. it seems impossible.
    I dont stop thinking about it. I can not commit to treatment because of my job. I have no choice but to do this on my own. I do have a supprt system and a comfy home and friends, etc who know what im going through. Ive tried to stop once a month ago… and again over the last 2 days. I made it to 48 hours (the last 2 days) and then gave back in today. The restless leg syndrome and pains become unbearable. It haunts me. I can not sleep… its horrible. Yesterday i tried quitting… tapering down a little this week… because i just dont want to have to taper dwn for ajother 2 weeks. I want it to happen faster (and cheaper). Im not going completely cold turkey. I have 12 mg left to do 6 mg tomorrow and 6 mg the next day. Then try to go cold turkey. I can not afford your product at this time.. but i am going to have to try over yhe counter muscle and joint pain meds and sleeping pills. All ive done today is lay down and cry because i feel so guilty and bad that my partner hasnt touched dilaudids in 7 days now.. but i cant go 24 hours and still need them.
    Mentally, detoxing is the most difficult thing ive had to do. Or begin. Hydromorphone abuse is extremely hard to beat. Im hoping that because of its short half life… the withdrawel with not last long.
    I just need support. I am going to look into gping to NA meetings a few times a week..m but right now my partner needs to focus on his recovery and not my dramatic cravings for hydronprphone and my detoxing.
    I need to get clean for him, and for me. For our future. *cries*. Is there anyone who is going through the same thing that wants to support eachother? I know we dont know eachother, but i would really like to talk to a women or man goig through the same thing.. for support. Text back and forth. Get through it together. I need help. SOS. Im about to begin detox on easter Sunday. I have to. I cant do this anymore.

  74. I’ve been on oxycodone 10 mg – between 5 and 8 tablets per day for at least 3 years now because of degenerative issues causing terrible pain. I don’t know whats worse – the pain or the side effects of the drug (always nauseous, forgetfulness, inability to function at times, etc.). Problem is, the drug has made me dependent. I decided recently to come off the med to see how I would do. I tossed out my whole bottle. Problem here is obvious….long time user means dependence, addiction. I should have known better and tapered myself down before doing that! My first 3 days were a hell I cannot even describe. On Day 2, I started taking Withdrawal Ease. I’m on Day 9 now. I can honestly say, I’m feeling better than I have in a long time now. My body feels better. My mind and judgment not so cloudy. This Withdrawal Ease product has been very helpful to me through this hard time of recovery. But, Day 9 and I don’t feel as if the world is collapsing on top of me anymore.

  75. Hey Troy, I read your post. After reading all these posts and articles, im ready more than ever to be done with suboxone. I’ve been on 2 mg a day for a few months now. I’ve been tapering with the help of my doctor. But I’ve been taking suboxone for about 6 years now. When I try to take less than 2 mg I start to feel the withdrawal symptoms shortly after and can’t stand it. I have a daughter that I need to be there for with no help. I can’t afford this withdrawal ease, needless to say it sounds to good to be true. The funny thing is I wasn’t bad off before taking suboxone, after reading what every1 said about it I would have been better off by just stopping what little I was taking (percocet 5mg). Any help, tips, ect you could offer on how you did it and what you went through would be really appreciated. Thanks for sharing bad take care.

  76. What everyone needs to remember: the human body, esp. the brain, is an amazing machine, and can overcome unbelievable abuse. I’ve been on various pain meds from the street for better part of 10 years. 80 mg’s percocet just to get my motor running every morning. Then a total of 400-500 mg’s throughout the day to keep that beautiful high going all day. I’m currently on day 2 of cold turkey, and it sucks, and it hurts. But it’s GOING TO GET BETTER! You gotta plow through the misery, and the misery ends. Your brain will go on to naturally produce it’s own pleasure chemicals and you WILL be normal again, and feel like you used to feel before you got into this mess. I’ve done it dozens of times. Not sure what the trick is to not go back, but the point is do NOT think that it’s hopeless and never going to go back to the way things were. IT WILL!! Strength to all!!

  77. What everyone needs to remember: the human body, esp. the brain, is an amazing machine, and can overcome unbelievable abuse. I’ve been on various pain meds from the street for better part of 10 years. 80 mg’s percocet just to get my motor running every morning. Then a total of 400-500 mg’s throughout the day to keep that beautiful high going all day. I’m currently on day 2 of cold turkey, and it sucks, and it hurts. But it’s GOING TO GET BETTER! You gotta plow through the misery, and the misery ends. Your brain will go on to naturally produce it’s own pleasure chemicals and you WILL be normal again, and feel like you used to feel before you got into this mess. I’ve done it dozens of times. Not sure what the trick is to not go back, but the point is do NOT think that it’s hopeless and never going to go back to the way things were. IT WILL!! Strength to all!!

  78. Hey George and everyone!
    George thank you so much for this website. I certainly don’t feel as alone in this mess as I did 30 minutes ago!
    I’m wondering if anyone here has been addicted to Kratom. I know it’s “just a plant” but apparently it’s very similar to an opiate addiction and withdrawing from it has been hell. Would your products help wd from the k? If you’ve never tried it—DON’T!!!
    Thank you!

  79. Laurie Otto says:

    Yes, Amen!

  80. Laurie Otto says:

    George is right. Day 5 feels about the same as Day 4 (so far, no idea why my alarm went off at 06:30 this morning. Not cool after a lousy night of partial rest. I CAN say, there are finally small waves without “goosebump flesh”. They are teasers, like a tsunami. Do not be fooled. Like how a tsunami FIRST clears the beach, then comes in to shore with more voracity than possible to imagine. Then the BIG SUCKERS come in, followed by more low tides. Enjoy the low tides, and the Big Waves do eventually continue to come less and less frequently. No clue when they conclude, but my opiates calmed a similar disorder I have, called Raynauds, so my goose flesh may be worse than most. I hope so. It’s too uncomfortable and annoying to even THINK about depression and PAWS just yet. But I ate pudding, finally! First thing since Pedialyte frozen electrolyte Popsicles (a must for your first few days to keep hydrated). Hold them with a towel to avoid exacerbating the chills you have. Even let them sit for a few minutes before consuming to help calm the goose flesh. Planning enough time is critical. Give extra. You can use the “extra” to exercise back to health – I hope to be able to shower on Day 6. Or sooner – lol Pew

  81. Laurie Otto says:

    Thank you for taking care of a few of the sub and methadone users. That is very generous. I feel AWFUL still on Day 5 without having tried sub’s (2 month wait to see the dr or I would have!) Eff that. That’s enough time to QUIT without them AND SOME.

  82. I am on day 8 of hydrocodone withdrawal n I am using withdrawal ease I went cold turkey off 11 a day n I’m on day 8 and this supplement is amazing and it does work!!! I give all the credit to the Lord for getting me this far but this supplement has made it so much easier on me!! I have had no diarrhea yet n not nausea at all my appetite is coming back ,other then achs and anxiety and some nights no sleep things have went pretty good so far!! This is my first time quiting I started them 4years ago and I will not let them back in my life ever agian!!! But I just wanted to say thank u to withdrawl ease for all the help and those of u who want to know well it works!!!

  83. Wow that is Amazing! Right now I have a problem with Methadone. I have tried so many times to quit, the withdraws are so horrible that I start using again. The longest I have been without was a week, I thought that I would feel better by then but I still felt like crap. How long does it take to feel good again? All I wanted to do was lay in bed and I had no energy to do anything so I went back to methadone. Is Methadone harder to get off of than any other drug??

  84. That`s very nice of you, just wanted to say that to you. I want to try this product too, I have tried too many times to quit. The longest I have went without is 1 week and I thought That I should be feeling better by then but I still felt the same way, no energy and just wanted to stay in bed but I couldn’t sleep either, so I started using methadone again. I don’t think that I will ever be the same again. How long do you have to be off the stuff to feel like my old self again??? Feels like I have the flu all the time..

  85. Amen! I`ll be praying for you!!!!

  86. Jan marie says:

    Dearest George and friends, thank you for the gift of compassion and empathy! I received my W E in the mail this afternoon. Last dose of Heroin today. I have read everything regarding W. E. over and over again so that I am prepared for what is to come. I too have been In rrehabs, tried methadone then suboxone in the past to no avail. I am mentally prepared for this. I also have one supportive friend my daughter who lives states away, other than that I am alone. I am convinced this will work and I am looking forward to a drug free life. I am going to keep a journal of my journey with W.E. and will get back to you with my success story very soon. May God bless us all. I know he has a better plan for us or else we would not be here. Too many of us has died already.

  87. I love this site. It is by far the most helpful and inspiring. I have been addicted to heroin for almost 10 years now and I am only 27. I have had some clean time in between. Once with my mom’s help which in turn helped me be clean when I had my son. Other than that I have only been clean in jail. I can no longer rely on that because I got off parole last december and really don’t want to catch another charge just to be clean. But I am really at my wits end with my addiction. Also can not ask my mom for help as she died in a sudden car accident a few years ago. After that I quit caring about life as I had lost my best friend. That’s when I started going to jail. I got out last may and did my best to stay clean. But after I learned about everything that happened when I was gone, I just lost it. It instilled in me that since I no longer have my mom, I have no one. The only person that does truly loves me is my son, but he is only 7 and can’t help with this problem. Anymore I feel like I’m ruining his life by being in it and that kills me. He deserves better, I deserve better. I want to get clean so bad for the both of us, but I don’t know how to do it. I lost my job a couple of months ago and I have looked at rehabs and detoxs but I don’t have insurance. I would love to have your product it’s sounds like exactly what I need, but I don’t even have enough money to buy a $1 soda. I just pray that there is a way for me to get and stay clean. Thanks, it was nice to get that out, as I have isolated myself and have no one to talk to.

  88. Hi Laura. I know that it is discouraging to go a week and not feel better but unfortunately, with respect to methadone, it will typically take longer for the acute withdrawal symptoms to subside. I think 2 weeks is a better goal. I know that seems like a lifetime when it comes to withdrawal but I think you’ll agree that it was worth it after you get through. As always, stay OFF the message boards and just concentrate on your detox. Everyone has their “own detox” and for those that suggest that their experience is the rule of law, I would be skeptical. The only advice that I can give you with relative certainty is that methadone has a longer half-life which can cause detox symptoms to last longer. I say 2 weeks because that is what I have heard from the people that I have spoken with but I cannot be sure how your body will respond. There is a beginning and an end to detox…that is the only “law” that I am aware of.

  89. What is your opinion of Kratom? Is it addicting? People have recommended it to me to help with my Suboxone withdrawal (this anxiety makes me want to beat my face into a pane of shattered glass), but I’ve already been off for over a week and the thought of ignorantly getting hooked on another “helper”, well, pisses me off. Your thoughts?

    PS From the bottom of my lil junkie heart, THANK YOU for this website/blog. I wish I had found it earlier.

    No, I’m not crying. YOU’RE crying.

  90. I’ve been on this site off and on for the last 9 months probably. I’m finally sick of talking about quitting my pill addiction. From what I’ve read over the years about us pain management patients we have a name now, due to our Dr.’s prescribing of poison. We are accidental addicts. Have been using accupunture for 6 months and it really helps. And now I finally have my medical marijuana card for intractable pain. The Dr.’s are cleaning up their opioid mess and giving us something natural and safe finally. I’ve prolonged the quitting pill process because I’ve been through withdrawals and I can never get past day 3 or 4. I’m weak. But now I’ve had it and want my life back. For so many years I’ve blamed the chronic pain for taking away things I once enjoyed. I even sold my horse.:(. But I now realize it’s not the pain to blame it is the pills that have taken away everything enjoyable. So now I’m making my lists, told my family of my at home detox. Will set up accupunture and massage daily in my home cause I won’t be able to leave the house…from experience I just can’t when I’m in withdrawals. So, I’m shooting for the last week in September to start the process. Wish me luck and maybe throw in a prayer for me. So if you are reading this I say thank you and hope you will be well again too.

  91. Dear Lindsey! Good for you. I’m glad that marijuana has helped. To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about medicinal marijuana indications other than the fact that it is used for diseases like glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, cancer as well as chronic pain. From what I have heard, I think it’s worth a shot for those that are willing and able. I do think it is worth mentioning that it can cause dependency. Of course, it should never have been classified as a schedule 1 drug but it is something to keep in mind if you plan on choosing that route. I think marijuana is promising from a clinical standpoint and FAR less harmful than tobacco or alcohol so I suppose you could say I’m a “fan”.

    As far as your detox, it is good to hear that you’ve made a plan. What most of our visitors here at Withdrawal Ease need to know is that the vast majority of information/content that you need to schedule your taper, plan and go through detox is free on our site. Of course, we sell the products but the site is intended to be useful to everyone; not just the people that purchase. I wish you luck and please let me know how you do.


  92. Hi Kat. As you may be aware, the DEA has decided to classify Kratom as a Schedule 1 substance as of September 31, 2016. Schedule 1 substances are ‘drugs that have no medicinal value and have a high incidence of dependence or death’ etc. I’m actually ok with Kratom (a powder derived from the Mitragyna speciosa tree in Southeast Asia). Most people use it as an infusion and make tea from the powder. Since it stimulates the same opiate receptors in the brain as regular opioids, it can produce some narcotic effects as well as pain relief. There are many folks out there that use it to detox from opiates and I think it’s a worthwhile trade-off if you want my personal opinion. It DOES cause dependence if used on a regular basis and it can also cause withdrawal symptoms if discontinued after prolonged use.

    Having said this, Kratom itself has not represented a significant health risk in the U.S. and I think the primary reason why it has been banned is because it has become more popular and it is not something that pharmaceutical companies can patent. So I’m sure that the pharma lobby was heavily involved in the DEA’s decision to ban Kratom.

    To put things in perspective, Kratom was responsible for approximately 650 calls to emergency rooms in the U.S. from 2010-2015. In the first 9 months of 2016, there have been 6,843 incidents of children eating laundry “pods.” Overall, Kratom has been associated with roughly 30 deaths throughout the world…and there is evidence to suggest that Kratom itself was not even the primary culprit in those deaths. Prescription painkillers are responsible for 2 deaths per HOUR in the US.

    So there you have it. I don’t think you are ignorantly getting hooked on another painkiller because I think Kratom is far less dangerous based on the statistics. But as I mentioned, it can cause dependency and withdrawal. So you are know officially “less ignorant” about Kratom…you now know what I know. I don’t think it was necessarily worthy of a schedule 1 tag but such is the way of the world. If you want to take Kratom, you have 28 days left to do so.

    Not sure what to think about the “Crying” comment? Inside joke??

    Thanks for the post Kat!

  93. I don’t appreciate people knocking down, what has been proven to be thee only hope for some people! That one guy talks strongly about his kid! Some people have nobody or nothing, but what works for them! So, hush! Suboxone , does work for many!

  94. Hi TJ. I appreciate your input. I cannot see the comment that you are responding to however. I know that there are a lot of people here who have had bad experiences with Suboxone and I think they are entitled to their opinions…just as you are. I agree with you that suboxone can be helpful for some and can also save lives of many who are simply unable to quit. I think the main issue that people have with Suboxone is the fact that they were told that there would be no withdrawal symptoms only to find out that there were. Now they are in a tough spot because they are taking a drug that is more expensive than their initial drug, causes the same dependency AND causes withdrawal when trying to quit. Having said that, I don’t think any reasonable person would suggest that Suboxone is preferable to being a treatment resistant IV heroin user. Suboxone most definitely has its place and benefit but some people who are on it now have to deal with a detox that they did not anticipate.

  95. I have a great deal of experience with Tramadol and agree it is the worst narcotic I’ve had to break. I see plenty of horror stories so instead I’ll focus on helping with the withdrawal.

    If you can get Xanax, do so. If not, by far the worst part for me was a lack of sleep. I did finally come up with a process that sounds strange but worked for me.

    First get Sominex not anything like benadryl. Next, purchase a homemedic or similar hand held ADJUSTABLE SPEED massage machine. I’ve had mine for years and paid 40.00 for it originally.

    Tape the handle of the massager to a kitchen chair using gorilla tape or other strong flexible tape. Tape it in a location to where the massage head will land on the corner of your bed. Turn it on the lowest setting and put in earplugs.

    Lay down to sleep and then VERY slowly move the vibration rate up. Eventually, in my case I hit a spot where 90% of the muscle spasms are litterely pulled from your body. I can’t explain why it works but in my case I can sleep through the night.

    Don’t skip the earplugs as I may have suffered hearing loss from using this for a week straight, nightly.

    Hope this helps everyone!

  96. Thanks Bill…gotta be honest…never heard of that method before but whatever works right? I appreciate your advice and hope that it helps some of you. Be careful with the Xanax (and benzos in general). Only take a short course and as directed!

  97. Gypsy Girl says:

    On day 4.
    Feel like crying at commercials.
    46 yrs old.
    Been on percocet for gastroparesis that’s incurable. Then 2 yrs ago my husband got stage 4 cancer. Died within 10 months.
    His entire family left us after the funeral.
    Then 4 months after that my son was in a motorcycle accident. Needless to say I’m on 6 perc a day. My son is in pain mgmt having his 3rd surgery in 2 weeks.
    Taking way too much, run out as usual. Pharmacy cracking down, only refill on the 30th day. I’m so over this crap but the pain is ridiculous. Let’s say day 1 I wanted to end it all. Woke up 4 hrs later saying shit! What a waste of the xanax & wine.
    This is pure hell & nobody knows.
    Folks think it’s just my disease why I’m home24/7. Now I’ve got my kid who’s a mess & I gotta hear him every 2 hrs screaming in pain. This has been worst 2 yrs of my life. Yes, pot helps big time w WD. 20 buks and your good, no puking & still eat lik . Horse.
    Anyhow, love reading all these stories. It helps

  98. Some of the comments on here are truly uneducated. Some things no doctor or well-meaning supplement creator can tell you, that only a user can tell you. I’ve seen faces turn blue a few mins after shooting up; i’ve found people dead in their car; i’ve carried kids out of recovery houses.

    For example, those truly adept w/ opiates know you can indeed get high on Suboxone. You can even shoot it if you know how to break it down. If you can’t get high on Suboxone, it’s only b/c you don’t know how to dissolve it in a solvent.

    Educated users also know about the “nods”, which is one of the most common effects of opiate use. Nodding out at work is inevitalbe at a certain level of use. People nod out when driving for crying out loud — I heard that in rehab time and time again. That’s woman’s grandson was almost definitely NOT drinking at work — the nods would have been enough, plus most heroin users AVOID alcohol — they usually don’t have the money, they know it can ruin the dope effects, there’s no desire for any feeling but heroin, and most importantly, users know it makes an already lethal activity that much more deadly.

    You can really hurt people by giving this bad advice, George. What if the grandma now discounts Suboxone and explores other reasons before it’s too late? What if she investigates the alcohol route only to have the kid OD?

    I know you’re trying to sell your supplements but I would be very, very careful about what you’re doing.

  99. Uggh…Matt; I get it, you’ve been in the trenches and you know more than anyone because you’re a “real addict.” Again, you obviously did not read my post because I explicitly said that Suboxone can be abused. MOST people do not shoot up Suboxone because they have no clue how to dissolve it or potentiate it in some way. Suboxone in sublingual form has a ceiling effect; this makes it very difficult to abuse and/or get high from it. Most junkies use it to stave off the WD’s until they can get more heroin which is what I was insinuating. The VAST majority of people who are dependent on opiates are not shooting up (they are taking pills) and if they are shooting up, they should definitely, definitely be on Suboxone.

    Based on her explanation, her grandson “passed out” which did not seem consistent with “nodding off.” I don’t see how anyone could read my comments and come to the conclusion that I was telling her to avoid Suboxone. I made it clear that there were a variety of circumstances that could have led to him passing out and by no means did I suggest that any of them were “good.”

    She asked me what could possibly have led to her grandson’s condition and I gave her some scenarios…I was also very clear that there were a litany or reasons why he could have passed out. I don’t know and neither do YOU even though you think you do. Most people do not shoot up Suboxone… but some do and perhaps he was but as I told her, I don’t know.

    As far as your “dig” about me selling supplements, if I wanted to just sell supplements, believe me, I would not be wasting any time answering questions or debating unknowns with you…I would be selling and that’s all that I would be doing.

  100. I was on high dose morphine for over 10 years, other opioids before that for another 20 years, was first addicted to morphine when I was 13, nearly died from a burst appendix and was on injected morphine every 4 hours for 6 months, but my spine problems became much worse after a long stay in Nepal while adopting a child there, I was 50 at the time, took 17 more years to discover I had become infected with schistosomiasis, the blood fluke, aka snail fever, which you can get in Nepal from taking a shower in a hotel that has a roof water collection system, they store up water during the monsoons, birds shit in the water, snails hatch from the bird crap, snails are the vector for the disease to infect humans, first stage larvae enter the snails and a few weeks later a ton of infective larvae exit the snails into the water, get the water on you or drink it and you get infected. Then I got strongyloides from my new 10 year old adopted daughter, both her parents died of AIDS and she was badly burned, had TB, scabies, etc. So I got strongyloides from cleaning up her diarrhea for a time, you have to be exposed to shit that has the infective larvae in it, only takes one to penetrate your skin for you to become infected, then you do not even know you are infected, which can last for decades and then if you take any immune suppressive drugs like prednisone, it can become hyperinfective and can kill you, has a 90% death rate, this happened to me, but I survived. The blood fluke, which can live in you for up to 40 years or more, does not reproduce in you, but they lay a ton of microscopic eggs which pollute your whole body causing arthritis, muscle aches, strokes, etc., 3,000 to 10,000 eggs a day, multiply that by however many pairs of worms you have, they cause the exact spine condition I have, eggs travel down the mesenteric artery across the spinal cord at the T12-L1 vertebra causing what is called a Transverse myelitis or inflammation of the spinal cord, then the eggs get caught up into the valveless vertebral arteries straight to the brain, causing strokes in the Circle of Willis, which are known as silent strokes as they do not cause motor deficit as do strokes in the left of right hemispheres do, but still very bad for your brain.

    My detox is still severe at the end of 5 weeks without morphine, I had been on 300 mg a day for over 10 years, plus oxycontin for breakthrough pain, muscle relaxants as well, so I should have known it would be a severe detox, I just went cold turkey after tapering quickly down to 45 mg a day, my spine doctor thinks I have lost it, but there is some improvement now, but I am in a lot of pain, will not know how much pain I will be in until I have fully detoxed, then I may need some kind of pain control, but I was treated 8 months ago for the infections I had, which did change my pain in my spine some, cured my chronic headaches and even the severe curve of my spine has relaxed a bit, but it is major deformed, so do not expect much to change there, but if I can be off opioids for good, that is what I am hoping for. Looking forward to intense bike riding, which I am doing a little every day, just a mile or 2. I would not recommend this to others,, but I found that keeping some morphine right next to me made it easier to not search for it, to not take it. Knowing it was handy, gave me strength somehow, I could look at it and say to myself, you, the morphine, you are my enemy, I will conquer you, I am stronger than you, guess I am a hard ass in that way. But I am surprised how long this is taking, still having daily diarrhea, so hoping that will clear up soon. Also have severe abdominal, intestinal pain as well, so wondering how common that is. I have been taking Pedialyte, which has helped, but Imodium has caused blockages, which then required laxatives to get things going again, so the intestinal pain has been a big deal, legs hurt like crazy as does my entire lower spine. So considering how long I have been on high dose morphine, how long will my detox last? Starting after 10 days I went on Clonidine and then at 4 weeks I started on Neurontin and Trazodone, which is helping me to sleep a little, but no more than about 3 hours. The Neurontin, Gabapentin has helped for sure, as did the Clonidine, my doctor was not willing to prescribe any thing like Valium or Ambien, which I found to be too restrictive, I took Ambien for many years, but got off it a few years ago, so how could a month or 2 on it hurt? I have used a large bag of ice to reduce my lower spine pain, which is obviously tied to my spine problems.

    Doing detox at home is very frowned upon by physicians, but my wife is helping, so I have her support. Really would like to know how long before these major symptoms will relent?

  101. Michele W says:

    Been on prescription pain meds for over 8 yrs now. Had 3 surgeries on degenerative disc disease on my neck. Basically I have permanent nerve damage that shoots pain down my arms, get mad headaches and constant pain in my neck! My neck has been fused basically top to bottom now! Iwant my life back without all these meds clouding my mind. Found your page while looking for ideas to help me deal with withdrawl at home. I found a lot of good information. Thank you!!
    Now I’m off pain meds! Day 7 of withdrawl down! With the advice I found here I know I can get through the rest of my life without them! Still having issues with restless leg syndrome (RLS)bad! Sad thing my arms are feeling it too! BUT I CAN DO THIS! Just want everyone who reads this to know hang in there….never quit trying even if it doesnt work your first time and it’s gonna be worth the bad feelings you get when we succeed!
    Cant wait for the rest of my life without meds! Going to try yoga for pain management now!
    Find what works for you and do it!!!!

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