Suboxone – Is A Storm Looming?

When I started Withdrawal Ease in 2009, we received a LOT of repeat orders for Withdrawal-Ease and I honestly couldn’t figure out why. I didn’t really count on many repeat orders because there are more than enough capsules in one order of Withdrawal Ease to cover a normal 10-15 day opiate withdrawal and detox period. And then I figured out what was going on…Suboxone. Over a period of a few weeks I discovered that many of my repeat customers were patients on Suboxone wrestling with Suboxone dependency…or rather, ex-Suboxone patients. Suboxone dependency has become a really serious unintended consequence for those that were looking for a way out of a life dominated by opiates.

For many, Suboxone withdrawal symptoms are similar to opiate withdrawals yet, they tend to last longer. Due to its long half-life, Suboxone withdrawal symptoms can last for weeks; which of course makes it that much more difficult to quit. This is especially true for patients who have been on Suboxone for extended period of time (i.e. years). Long-term Suboxone patients insist that the detox from Suboxone (even from as low as .2 mgs) is monumentally difficult due to the severity of the symptoms and duration of post acute withdrawal symptoms.

I’ve always been a proponent of Suboxone for people who have had treatment resistant heroin addictions with multiple relapses and unsuccessful stints in rehabs. For these “hard-core” addicts, Suboxone can literally be the difference between life and death. It reduces the cravings and can be managed on an out-patient basis.

But I have to say that over the past 7 years I’ve seen SO MANY Suboxone patients visiting the site and also contacting me for advice on how to detox from suboxone. If I had to guess, I would say that 50% of the visitors to this site are here because of Suboxone dependency.

In fact, I conducted Google search queries (i.e. how many people Google a certain term) for “opiate withdrawal” and for “suboxone withdrawal”…the results were pretty eye-opening in my opinion. “Suboxone withdrawal” averages 6,500 searches per month whereas “opiate withdrawal” averages roughly 11,000 searches per month. It bears repeating that Suboxone was developed and marketed as a miracle cure for opiate withdrawal and dependency. Is the cure now quickly becoming worse than the disease?

Unfortunately, not all doctors give their patients the full story. People need to understand that Suboxone is not a simple cure for opiate dependency or withdrawal; it is an alternative for full agonist opiates. It’s powerful too. Even the FDA’s own studies concluded that Suboxone by volume is 20 times more powerful than morphine!

I’m not particularly concerned for those that take Sub (Do you mind if I use the slang term? S-U-B is soooo much easier than S-U-B-O-X-O-N-E) for 2-3 months or so and then taper off. I’m more concerned for those that stay on it for years and then have a very difficult time getting off of it. As I mentioned, some folks can have a Really hard time.

If I were a cynic (and I am), I would say that there are some pharmaceutical manufacturers out there who were not very forthcoming about long-term use of Suboxone. Eh hem… Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals? I’m not putting this on the doctors that prescribe it because they can only rely on the data that is provided to them from long-term randomized clinical trials conducted and then approved by the FDA. [editors note: since this blog post was first written in 2009, a lot of controversy has swirled around this topic. Doctors who prescribe it now know about the perils of long-term use and are culpable]

For all intents and purposes, Suboxone is still a relatively new drug and the long-term consequences have not yet manifested themselves fully; that will take a while. But based on my experience with the many people that come to this site who are looking for help to get off Suboxone, I’m guessing that there’s something Rotten in Denmark folks. It’s an extremely expensive drug and if you are on it for years and years, you or your insurance company is spending tens of thousands of dollars on Suboxone! That’s a lot of ongoing revenue for big pharma. [Editor’s note: this post was originally written in 2009. Since that time Reckitt Benckiser’s patent rights have expired and they sold off their Suboxone division. There are a couple different companies that market suboxone now]

Here’s essentially what I have noticed with Suboxone patients. Those that have been on it for a year or longer are usually able to taper down to about 1-2mg’s per day without much discomfort but once they try and “jump” to zero, they have a really hard time. This is curious to me because I often hear that reducing the dose from 16 down all the way to 2mg can be relatively easy and without acute withdrawal symptoms. Why is this so easy for people to do? Going from 160mg of hydrocodone to 10mg per day will send anyone into full-blown goose-flesh withdrawals. I just wonder if the ceiling for Suboxone is lower than what most people previously thought. But that’s for another time and another blog.

When people make the jump (opiate detox lingo for “stop taking the drug”) they often experience some acute withdrawal symptoms 2-3 weeks or so and then move on to the next phase of detox which is called PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome). PAWS is basically an extended withdrawal process that some people struggle with for months. The people that I have encountered with PAWS seem to have a lot of psychological symptoms such as ongoing lethargy and depression but there’s no doubt, it’s opiate withdrawal. Of course I have to mention again that Suboxone has a much longer half-life than hydrocodone so it makes sense that it would have an extended withdrawal period.

With that said, I’m really surprised at the acuity and the duration of the symptoms that people go through after an extended course of Suboxone. It’s a bit alarming. And it must be downright scary for those people who thought that they were getting clean and sober by using Suboxone only to find out they they are sort of stuck with a worse “cellmate” than their original drug of choice. I suppose I should be thrilled that I’m getting a lot of repeat customers and that Withdrawal-Ease seems to be very effective for PAWS. But in this case, “customer loyalty” is not a badge of honor.

Again, I know that Suboxone has helped a lot of people but I think some serious research needs to be done on the long-term effects of prolonged Suboxone therapy and its relationship to PAWS. I’m not really a conspiracy theorist but in many ways I smell a rat when I see all of these people suffering from a treatment that was supposed to help them! I think this needs to be studied a bit more extensively. From where I sit, I see a definite relationship between extended use of Sub and Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome and I bet there are thousands of lawyers just licking their chops to have a big class action law suit against a large pharmaceutical company. Lets all hope it doesn’t come to that because we all know who wins in the end…the lawyers.

I still think Sub may be a good option for some people but a lot of my repeat customers may strongly disagree. We’ll have to wait and see.


Updated 9/15

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  1. The article is usefull for me. I’ll be coming back to your blog.

  2. Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue,so thanks for posting

  3. Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue,so thanks for posting

  4. I have a question-if I have been taking about 40-50mg of percocet a day for 4 months should I go it cold turkey or do I need suboxone help? If I go cold turkey how long would the worst of the withdrawal last? I am a stay at home mom of 4 and need to have an idea what to expect-I need to still be able to care for my children. Thanks for any info you have….

  5. I also find this very interesting. I was addicted to Vicodin and was put on suboxone starting at the lowest dosage then the Dr. kept uping my dosage to now I am on 16 mgs. Because my health insurance RX plan met my yearly limit already I am forced to pay for the suboxone in full about #330.00 so I have no choice other then to start cutting back slowly by 1/2 a pill for 2 weeks at a time because I can’t afford the high price medication after having also to take a cancer med for breast cancer i had in 1996. I feel that my dr could have been more responsible for prescribing more and more without questioning I was just getting use to it trading one adicting drug for another. Wish me luck :)

  6. Great what did I get involved in, I really screwed my self haven”t I?

  7. chuckfromelk says:

    I had surgery on my right knee 09/13/07. After it was obvious my surgeon had made my knee much worse he tells me my only option is joint replacement.It is a workers comp issue so it is still dragging on. First I was on Vicodin then Percocet.I commented to my “pain specialist” that these drugs were starting to control my life he told me about suboxone.Of course I wasn’t told anything negative about it.(Like it did nothing for the pain). Now my knee operation is coming up and I HAVE to get off this awfull stuff but still there may be nothing to help with the surgical pain during the few weeks after my new joint is put in. All because I too suboxone (up to 32mgs for 6 months). I am down to 3mgs now and really struggling. Chuck

  8. Courtney says:

    Great post, I am very interested in this issue since I have been on suboxone for several years now and am having a terrible time trying to get off of it. I am down to 4 mg a day, but if I only do 2mg, start to feel bad by end of the day. I am so scared it will be years before I feel better again! I agree, I do not think they know enough information about this drug!


  10. hey, this article really is the truth. i have been on suboxone for 2 years now and been on it with 2 pregnancies and im still on it for that 2nd pregnancy and i gotta say that i went out of state on vacation and went 2 days on a lower dose of sub than i am used to and i felt terrible!!!! almost worse than when i was on the morphine and oxys! no one ever told me that i would feel that terrible on just a lower dose! i dont want to imagine what it will be like when i come off of sub completely! I agree that you should definetely know what your getting into when you get on suboxone folks!

  11. I have been on suboxone for nearly a year. I never took more than 4 mg. per day. I started to taper myself off of it several months ago. The last month I’ve been down to 1/2 mg. every 12 to 15 hours. I ran out yesterday and just hit about 24 hours. Does anyone have info on what I’m in for? I’ve read some real horror stories online and would like some honest feedback. I really can’t afford the Dr. visit and prescription anymore so its time to kick it.
    Hey Chuckfromelk. Your situation sounds exactly like mine. My knees are shot, my right one is alot worse and I had surgery last November on it. Only made it hurt more. Now I have to decide about replacement and what to do about my left one. I could never get any Dr. to adequately treat the pain, so I wound up getting it elsewhere. Now I’m afraid to take anything.

  12. Some of us even don’t realize the importance of this information. What a pity.

  13. Just wanted to say that your blog has been so helpfull to me! I was on the dr jekle mr hide crap for a year,when my doc got extremely busy and hard to see I decided to quit the suboxne on my own cold turkey.I use to have a etreme vicoden habat and was perscribed suboxne well its been two weeks I cant sleep and there is more…. how much longer do I have to look forward to this

  14. 1 1/2 years I have been taking. Dr. kept upping my dosage and I found myself nodding all the time. I couldn’t drive a car for more than 1/2 hr. before I would have to pull over and sleep at least 30 min. When I bring my problems to the table, I’m told its better than what I was doing (percs and methadone) Is it really? I’ve been reducing my dose weekly, I’m down to 1 mg 2x day (my doctor is still precribing 4 mg 2x day) I have enough saved I won’t be seeing him for awhile. Each visit was costing me out of pocket $250. and I have full insurance. My doctor will only take cash for the doctor visit. Tell me this is not a racket. I’m crying right now because I now the the truth, my journey is just beginning for the detox that will work for me. I am so pissed that I was not given all the information up front!!

  15. Well to comment on what Sharon and many of you who have said (thanks so much for the posts!), there’s some good news. Although it may feel as though you’re trapped in the Sub Box, there is a way out. It takes a bit longer than opiates, for sure BUT, I don’t want people to get discouraged and become claustrophobic. I have heard many positive stories of people getting off Suboxone and ending up just fine. My fundamental issue is with the clinicians who do not tell their patients that when they come off of Sub that there WILL be withdrawals and they will be prolonged. So don’t lose hope folks, it’s reasonable to be angry but don’t get discouraged because you’re not locked into this stuff for life if you don’t want to be.

  16. i love suboxone it has saved my life. every drug has side effects if it keeps me off the streets and keeps me from eating 90 norco a day when nothing else would it is a mirracle

  17. This stuff is SHIT!! A crutch at best and a Doctors(or Pharmacueticals) deception at best. While the withdrawals are not as intense as Cold Turkey from opiates; they are much more lengthy(I’m on day 31) and noy worth the trouble. Today I have severe anxiety, busy brain and SLEEP issues. Take the 5or6 days of hell over what I still don’t know when this will end

  18. I have been on suboxone for four years. I realize now that I switched addictions. I had taken hydocodone for 14 years, only four a day for 12 years. Then I increased to norco and stopped at 70mg. ( 7 pills a day) I tapered off of suboxone and after almost four months, the receptor sites opened and I was in bed in a severe depression for 20 plus days. Now I am taking 8 mg. suboxone a day.
    I am going to rehab. because I can’t tolerate the depression! Subox is a great drug, however, it should be used for a short period of time. What a mess I am in at 58 years old!

  19. My son is on Day 12 OFF of suboxone. He continues to feel awful. When will it end? Does it just continue as PAWS? For how long?

  20. I am fifty one years old and have been on suboxone for 3 plus years. I was a heavy drinker for 30 years and also addicted to perc and Oxy after 3 hip replacement surgerys. I have been completely clean since taking that first suboxone in May 2006.Suboxone saved my life and Marriage. My kids and Grandkids love me now and I will never go back to alcohol and drugs. The cost and withdrawel factor of suboxone is a separate issue and not an option for me at this time. Hope this helps someone

  21. Hi Craig. I think you have the perfect mindset for someone who has resolved to take Suboxone just like one would take high-blood pressure medication or any other medication for a chronic condition. I applaud your recovery and I think if you are OK with being on Sub for the long-term then that’s totally fine by me. Thanks for posting!

  22. I have rethought the rehab issue. If I can remain on subox8mg forever, I will. I appreciate the comment from Craig. I have never been a drinker, but I was addicted to hydrocodone. Suboxone is better than pain pills and withdrawl. Yes it is expensive, but worth the cost of comfort and “feeling normal.” I have numerous pain issues that will be with me for life! So if I get thru detox, the pain will drive me back to pills.

  23. I was a heavy morphine abuser for a few years until I found Oxycontin…2+ years and sick and tired or being sick and tired I sought a Suboxone Dr. through a friend…great guy, just had a loose script hand if u catch my drift…
    80mgs+ a day habit? “Here’s 24mgs of the Orange Devil”
    Can’t sleep? “Here is 50mgs of seroquel”
    Wanna quit tobacco? “Here is some Chantix”
    Little Depressed? “Here’s some 300mgs of Wellbuterin”

    I went from happy go lucky opiate (pills) addict to FULL BLOWN DOPERLIKE (suboxone) and ZOMBIE (all other rx)
    I was getting HIGH off suboxone every morning and I knew it…bought more off street to “supplement” my script

    After my initial 24mgs to start (redonkulous btw, only multiple relapsed IV dope addicts should start on that much)…and I truly believe there is a “ceiling” effect capped @ 12mgs. More is wasteful

    Way easier to get off most DOC than to switch over to suboxone…DOC w/d = 5 days of true torture, then 6 of mild depression/insomnia
    Suboxone w/d is 2 months minimum with another 4-6 of serious PAWS

    Happy to say I said “F-this” and jumped off a 6mg a day habit…been clean from everything for 31 days and never looking back. Unless you’re a pain patient, u have t eventually look yourself in the mirror and say “enough is enough” and push that monkey off your back and start LIVING (there is more to your life than just you)

    Good luck, and check out subsux.com (it saved my life)

  24. I should state I was stabalized on 8mgs for well over 2years (suboxone only, no relapses)

    You should NEVER be on suboxone for more than 2 months and never more that 12mgs a day (take the extra pills and save for taper/bad days*)

    I found jumping at such a high dose useful because it was so horrible I would laugh out loud = NEVER again


  25. melissa nea says:


    I attempted to taper myself off the SUB from 16mg a day to 8 to 4 to a few days of just 2mg. Then, I was out! I had to call off work for three days now and feel absolutely terrible! The only thing that’s helping me sleep is Valium and a glass of wine! Not the smartest thing, but, the sweats, chills, goose bumps, headaches, insomnia, diarreah, restlessness and depression is not wprth it!! I rather suffer now then again later. :(

  26. Will there ever be a “normal” feeling after I go thru withdrawal? Why is it that I feel “normal” when taking 2mg of suboxone everyday? Will I ever get that back without the suboxone?

  27. Yes. It may take months but yes your brain will return to normal function. There’s no literature that shows any long-term negative effects of Buprenorphine on Brain function. But wait, wasn’t this what you were trying to avoid in the first place by taking Suboxone? I’m sorry you have to go through this; it’s not fair.

  28. I'VE BEEN FOOLED says:

    TO ALL- I was sold false info about sub as well. I have a 38 yr. history of migraines- it was inevitible i’d get hooked on opiates. I went to sub Dr.- outlined the course- yes, at outset- it’s a miracle-BUT- I had a kidney stone- NO PAIN MEDS COULD BE ADMINISTERED. After that incident, I stayed off subs for 6 days- no ill effects. Then last march of 2009, I decided to wean- what a nightmare- all the classic symptoms of W/D for over 3 WEEKS! I had to start all over again. I then have searched the internet for a WEANING SCHEDULE FROM THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY– IT DOESN’T EXIST. I am now in my 2nd day of cold turkey- SO FAR SO GOOD- BUT I KNOW WHAT AWAITS ME DOWN THE ROAD. I am very angry with the doctors- they are of no help in helping me wean- my own DOCTOR EVEN HUNG UP ON ME BECAUSE I HAD TOO MANY QUESTIONS AS TO HOW TO WEAN. Beware of what you’re up against. Now I have to “take myself out of “life” FOR UP TO 3 WEEKS BECAUSE IT WAS EASY MONEY FOR THE DOCTOR TO LURE ME IN- BUT ABANDONED ME AT “CRUNCH TIME”!! I AM REALLY PISSED!!

  29. I would first like to say take a deep breath! reading all of the negative posts are not the most helpful thing u can do… I have been an opiate addict for over 5 years using most anything u can think of. At my worst i was snorting over 250 mg of oxy a day, then i tried the the methadone clinic, (bad idea)did that for a year or so then atarted using again after about 2 months. used for about another year and then started subs. now i have stopped taking subs after just about a year and have not used anything else in the mean time. try to remember the desperation u felt when u decided to go on subs, yes u might have to deal with the withdrawals for a bit but would u have ever stopped talking to ur dealer if u didnt start subs? today is my first day off of subs but i have tapered myself down from 8mg a day to about 2 mg a day over time. when i quit methadone i went through a good 30 days of hell and i remember reading the same types of posts from people who were feeling like shit, just remember that the people who are doing good are not on the computer looking up withdrawal symtoms they are out living there life. a very good friend of mine who was the worst addict i have ever seen is now doing better than anyone i have ever seen. NEVER give up hope, and remember that when going through ur worst days that time always passes, no matter how shitty u feel that clock is still ticking and it will be over eventually with a more fulfilling life at the end. i honestly hope this heps some of u out there and i strongly encourage anyone with a positive story to share it, we need to hear from u guys the most!
    Dan 23 in WI

  30. well like everyone eles o0r most i was a hydrocodone user for pain for 2 collasped ear drums very bad migraines…well i got better but coundnt get off the hydro,,,so went too suboxone been on it a year just last week went too dr.s for re-fill and check up…sign on door!SORRY CLOSED TILL FURTHER NOTICE now thats just unethical to but people on a program and leave them hangin i been withdrawing now for days i had a 4 yr old 5 yr ol and a 12 yr old and a husband who works alot dunno what too do!!

  31. Alright. So i just read through a few posts. FROM MY OWN EXPIRIENCE …. i’m outright stupid! i kicked suboxone after just 3 months! The first week was DREADFUL and the following month was horrible. Than i was back to normal. BUT 3 months later i had an offer and began taking subs again. Now i’m going a year straight on them. I’ve tried kicking my habit 2 times in the past year and i’ll torture myself for a week and start back up again. It’s impossibile for me to do my day to day things (work, etc.) while withdrawing from subs. I was reading about something called the waismaan method or accelerated nuero-regulation. You’r admitted into the hospital and it’s a couple day process were you sleep through withdrawl. And supposedly during your constant sleep in that couple day period, the withdrawl process is sped up and by the time you wake up, a few days later, withdrawl is supposed to be completely over with and you should feel normal. I have never heard about this before, no idea if insurance covers it, what hospitals do it, or what the cost if insurance doesn’t cover it… but maybe it’s an idea for people to look into. I know i’m going to. I hate waking up every morning have to take suboxone just to have motivation to get my day started. It sucks. I’m at the point again where i’m ready to lower my doss until i’m done to none but i’m terrified i’m going to start back up like the past two attempts…. i just don’t know how to get through withdrawl. Any suggestions? as far as something that can knock me out when i can’t sleep and feel like ripping my skin off of my body? (regular sleeping pills don’t work and i don’t want to do hard drugs – that would defeat the purpose) or something that i can take when absoulutley necessary to just get motivated to get going with the day?
    Any suggestions would help. In the meantime i’ll be looking into that hospital treatment i mentioned … hopefully someone else will find that helpful too.

    CRAZY and the wrong way to go BUT is it possible to stop taking subs, than let a few days go by, (my addiction was percocets) so let’s say… stop taking subs for a few days, than start taking percocets for a few days than stop cold turkey? ha, probably really stupid BUT i’m wondering if that would be an easier way to get through the withdrawl? OR since subs is already in my system for so long would that idea just not work?

  33. Jimmy2Times says:

    Ive tryed Methadone didn’t work sick of wasting 70 dollers on one 80 OC Thinking about trying sub. But I know I need something everyday to function and feel good. If I can act normal and feel good the rest of my life on sub, I will. I was on 270 mg split dose methadone for 1 1/2yr Rehabed cold turkey in Jail and almost ripped my own eyes out and killed my self. I know what withdrwl feels like. Thats why I never will feel another withdrawel again because im just going to stay on sub. Better than the rollercoster ride my lifes on right now. What do you guys and gals think about that? This is my last hope.. seriusly! 7152800923

  34. Hi Jimmy. I think you have a good attitude about Suboxone and your battle with opiates. If you are ok with being on sub for the rest of your life and you have the means to do it, then by all means do it! Some people don’t want to be on Sub permanently and when they started taking it, they had no idea that they would have withdrawals getting off of it. That’s why some people are mad. But I think that based on your description of the situation, if you can stay on sub and keep off everything else while leading a normal, happy life then that’s a really really good thing. That’s just my opinion and others may feel differently but I think you’re doing the right thing and have the right outlook about it. Good luck to you.

  35. You may precipitate withdrawal but I HAVE thought about that strategy before. It’s a good question that I don’t have an answer for. I’ll ask Dr. Earthman about it and get back to you. Haha…the irony!

  36. Wow that absolutely sucks! Have you tried the Withdrawal-Ease? It won’t take the withdrawals completely away but you’re better off with it than without it. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with the little ones while you’re going through this too; that is really horrible. Hang in there and eventually it’ll pass.

  37. Michael Mulla says:

    iev been on suboxone for about 5 1/2 months it worked great up till about 2 weeks ago i sometime take 8 mg but for the most part just 4 to 6 mg i have gotten real deppesed and had all simtioms of anxitey and im trying to quiet suboxone on my on buy weaning down to 2 to 1 to a half of 1 is that smart or should i cold turkey it. I want to no will the withdrawal-ease help and what does it do, if i can get some good feedback it would be great but for all the bad feed back iev seen shur makes me more deppressed i hope thiers some good answers thanks everyone for beening onest anyway.

  38. Michael G. Smith says:

    I was addicted to pain pills for a year and went into methadone treatment for a year going down slowly, now i have been taking 2mg. of suboxone (roughly every day) for a week and a half. should i stop now or use it to weaken the withdraw symptoms from the methadone. The 2 mg. of sub doesn’t take all the symptom away. does anyone out there have any ideas?

  39. dirtdiggler says:

    you have my attention with this withdraw ease.I have been on sub for 4 years got me out of alot of trouble i feel good because sub. but, theres always the but i know the feelings of sub withdraw and i tried to ween off time and time again but to my frustration FAILED FAILED FAILED.I want to Know more about this product before i send 90 dollars like what does it do for the hellish anxiety!!!!!!!!!!

  40. thomas nestor says:

    the only way ,and best way to get off suboxone is.I was on 600 mgs of oxocontin for 3 monthes.My doctor told me to take 24 mgs. of suboxone daily.Dont ever listen to your doctor.I waited 24 hrs and started at 12 mgs. subox.after 3 days i went to 8 mgs. for 3 days.then to 4 mgs. for about a week.then 2mgs. for about 3 monthes then 1 1/2 mgs for a week ,then 1 mgs for a week ,then to vicodan .I started with about 4 vikes a day for about 5 days.then the withdrawal was very bearable if none at all.Only problem was sleeping and nobody ever died from lack of sleep.This is the only way my friends.

  41. I am a physician who became addicted to most opiates, I was miserable and always in withdrawal. 3 years ago I got started on Sub and the docs almost o.d.’ed me with 16 mg the first day. I finally discovered that of all the docs who prescribe this drug virtually none of them know it well. I did well for the last three years on 2mg twice a day. Whenever I went for more than 36 hours I would start withdrawal. I have been off for a week now and have been anxious and yawning and have a runny nose – I am sure you know what I am talking about… I got a script for Clonidine and Imodium and those help a lot with cramps and severe agitation. I have tried to find someone very experienced to determine the true length of the withdrawal, but as with the dosing issue, it seems there is no reliable information available. The company R-B was of no help whatsoever, they do not want to talk about long term use of Sub for fear the FDA will pull their approval. I like many others on this site feel Sub probably saved my life and certainly my life has been better than doing illegal things to get my fix. But it would be nice if things could be more open and less haphazard, I think most of us would just be happy to have some reliable information. I agree with George’s ( and other’s) comments that some people may be better off just staying on Sub permanently, the only pressing issue may be financial given the lack of insurance coverage for many people. Best of luck to you all whatever you decide to do. I will update you on the course of my withdrawal.

  42. hey i take 8 mags a day for 2 maybe 3 months now will i bee sick if i stop???

  43. I’ve been on subs for a little over 2 years. I did try to taper down & naturally i started to get sick. I started seeing another doctor. He upped my dosage until i started feeling ok. I’m at 2-4 mgs & I’m doing pretty good on that. However I was totally mislead & I totally assumed that i could get off, well we all know how that story goes…but is it that bad? I’m not running the streets with my kid in the car chasing down the dope man…I’m not paying his bills and I’m able to take care of my young daughter. She doesn’t have to be put thru my b.s. being a junkie mom..I can & have held down the same job for the last 2 years…so is suboxone all that bad? I have a “normal” life & so does my innocent daughter..She damn sure doesn’t deserve a junkie mom…So considering the alternative…I will cross that bridge when it comes..Sometimes you gotta do whats best for your child so she doesn’t grow up & follow that Hell road..P.S. I don’t have insurance either but isn’t cheaper than chasing down the dope & spending your kids food money up your arm???????

  44. Hi Wendy and thanks for the comment. Like many of the other comments here, you happen to have a very good outlook on things and there’s no reason to think that your strategy is a bad one at all. In fact, I think that -as you point out- the alternative to Sub is far worse. So if you are OK with being on Sub and it allows you to live a normal life hereafter then that’s great! My post was directed to those that were mislead as you were and DO want to get off; they don’t feel as though they have a good alternative and it’s frustrating. Good for you for getting your life back and having a healthy perspective on Sub; I think in your case ongoing/long-term use of Sub is very appropriate.

  45. I am an alcoholic and opiate addict (somehow this mix gave me incredible energy), anyway been on sub for 2yrs now. Dr. started me at 8mgs 4 times a day!! Now know that NO ONE needs that much a day, but def. helped me stay away from alcohol and roxys (substituting?!) Don’t think any of this is good for long-haul, nevermind the ridiculous expense. Have tried to wean, and have but 3 days without and feel worse than I ever remember opiate withdrawal being!
    I am with R88—I have been without sub 4 days now and am going to take low dose of opiates for a few days and see if this is a better approach to cut down long sub withdrawal. At least I’m not the only one to have this insane thought…..I’ll let you know what happens.

  46. i’ve been taking sub for almost a year and i must say that i agree that it is a “miracle drug” i was taking about 5 or 6 oxycotin 80 mgs a day and 20 vicidin or percacet would last me not even a whole day. i believe that sub has probably saved many lives! i was givin sub when i went to rehab for 28 days and thats before i knew you could get a prescription for it. i was clean after rehab for about a year and when i say clean that also means sub free!!! well those people, them places and those things that i was warned about so many times in rehab and n/a meetings met up with me and caused me to relapse and my life again went in a downward spiral. a friend told me about getting a script for sub and 9 months later i’m still taking it with no problems at all. i’ve also read that people have stopped taking the sub cold turkey after being on it for a long period of time and experienced very mild withdrawl symptoms. i take 2 and a half a day and can go 2 days without taking it and experience no withdrawl symptoms..unless proven otherwise i have to disagree with your theory but thanks for the info and i’m going to ask my doctor about what i just read..thank you so much!!! shellie from ohio

  47. I agree with Wendy.I was shooting smack for 20 years and on and off methadone for over 10 years.The methadone just did not work! I would start fixing again and just have to do more which I was willing to do.Even if I try to fix while on the sub. it does not work .Sub. really does block the heroin.Works for me!MW

  48. This is truly alarming to read all this about Sub. I thought this was a cure for me to get off my $9 dollar per month oxy habit which is prescribed for my fibromialgia(only $9 because insurance will cover) My Insurance will not cover my Sub which is costing my $7 per day so that is over $400 per month instead of the $9 that I have been spending on my legally prescribed pain killers. So my question is… can I now after only one week on Sub can I stop them and go back to my pain meds? It would save money and I would feel about the same? Thanks

  49. Been on Sub for a little over 3 yrs. For the 1st yr all was great & Sub even helped w/pain from my Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. (Maybe Sub caused this illness?)BUT, after about a yr, it just didn’t work any longer, and I dropped into the deepest, darkest hole of depression that you can imagine. Whenever I told docs about Sub not working, they instructed me to take more instead of getting off of it. About 6 months ago I started tapering from 24g, but I’ve been stuck at 4g now for the last 6 weeks. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to go lower. At this point, most of my withdrawal is emotional/mental.The fatigue, apathy & depression is beyond being helped by antidepressants or any other med. Sub has also caused several other medical conditions that will affect me for the rest of my life. (Totally destroyed my appearance.)When I can find bits of short-lived motivation here and there, I’m trying to find a law firm to pursue a case against the company. I won’t go into details, but my life was/is severely damaged by Sub. I lost so much that I worked so hard to achieve for years. I have completely run out of Sub in the past, and the severity of withdrawal symptoms is terrifying. I do NOT exaggerate this! I’m still trying to taper off completely,but how long will I have to suffer like this? Before Sub, I was successful, had a great attitude, was healthy & attractive and had aggressive plans for a wonderful future. I’m absolutely nothing like the person I was before Sub. I’m like a caricature of my former self — so distorted with just enough resemblance to know it’s me.I no longer have any quality of life. In fact, it’s not even a life. I just barely exist.

  50. I have been an on opiates for over 15 years. I have tried the methadone clinic: 5 years in total. I was preganant and detoxed from methadone 2 times, finding that after I gave birth, I had forgotten the hell that opiates cause. I started snorting oxy, morphine, using phentenyl, and vicodin for a kicker when I was 15. I then was sick and introduced to dilladid, heroin and a needle. Then I became an IV user for 10 years total, not counting the methadone detox in my 5th month of pregnacy twice. Methadone was harder to kick than heroin in my opinion. I found that all of my friends that were tired of using went to suboxone, I did the same. I became stable on Suboxtone for 1 year tapering from 16mg to 1mg to nouthing. I am preganant and do not know the safety issues. Has anyone been prescribed suboxtone while pregant. I am so scared that I am too late in my detox and my baby will suffer. But after the methadone pregnacy detox, I knew that any earlier than trimester 2 could lead to miscarrige. I went three days off the SUB and became so sick that I took another sixteenth, which miraculously helped. But the guilt was too much, so I havent took any now for another two days. I need some advice and support. Any reply will help. Is there any chance that it will not be so terrible since I have tapered off correctly?

  51. Hi Lin. Unfortunately, I’m not a doctor and don’t have any experience with partial agonists and pregnancy. Is there an obstetrician you can go and talk to?

  52. Mike Wallace says:

    I took subs for 8 days and quit,8mg down to 2.It worked for me,I would never take subs for a long period of time,it is similiar to methadone wich I was on for 10 years.I took oxys to get off meth and subs to get off oxys.I had to take oxys for 3 months to get off of meth but it was worth it.Meth ruined my life long term.It is not easy but can be done.

  53. I am down to 4 mg a day of sub.I am weening myself can I take the withdraw ease while I am weening off sub

  54. I was on this junk for 1 year and decided to wing myself off. I want you to know how painfull this junk is. I felt like my arms would fall off thats how bad they hurt. Not to mention my legs. I could NOT sleep at all for 2 whole weeks. This stuff is nothing to play around with. The withdraws are worse than any drug you could think of. At times i wanted to give in, just to stop my pain. But Im happy to say Ive been clean for 4 months and it gets easier as time goes by. I still feel the effects of it but Ive learned how to control my withdraw.I just want people to know how hard it truely is to come off this, and im still living with my withdraws.. I will over power this demon, and i hope you can also….

  55. I was in withdrawl for three days and finally last night i gave in and took 2mgs because i was so desperate for sleep. once that 2mgs wears off is the sickness going to start all back over again. or will it just count as a night of sleep? Please help me, I am so lost I could cry. I have support but no one really understands.

  56. I’ll email you…

  57. Tonya Taylor says:

    Thanks Craig, your comment helped me a whole lot. I’m freakin out on some of these comments. I had planned to be on Suboxone for the rest of my life but now I feel a little bit discouraged. I’ve been on it for about a year and doing very well. I don’t know if I should stay on it or get off of it now before it’s too late. I have been on 10mg hydrocodone for 7 years taking around 20-30 pills a day. I tried to quit cold turkey and did so for about 3 weeks. I never felt like I did before the hydrocodone. Everything seemed fast, still got the chills, agitation very badly, and so depressed. I’m 29 and have 3 kids. I can’t go on living life like that. I can’t go through withdrawals with kids. I don’t know what to do.

  58. Hi Tonya. There’s no need to freak out. If you are prepared to be on sub for the rest of your life and you are doing well on it then by all means stay on it! As I mentioned, there are a lot of people who are prescribed Suboxone for what they thought was going to be an easy weening off process and it turned out to be harded to get off than the opiates…that’s what people are mad about here. If you want to stay on Sub for the rest of your life, there’s no harm in doing that.

  59. Wow. I had no idea it was going to be this hard to get off this crap. I’ve been considering over the past few days to just stop taking Suboxone, though after reading this and some stuff on SubSux.com, I’m not sure it’s a good idea. I’m only on 2mg/day, which was hard enough to come down to. I’ve been on this stuff for about three years and I’m tired of spending so much money on this crap.

    But, what do I do? I can’t afford to lay around missing work because I’m withdrawing. Ugh. Three years clean and I feel like I’ve just gone back in time.

  60. I am now 54 years old, and I too have a similar story. I was on sub for 1 year after having been on opiate pain killers for less than 2 years. The amount I was taking got up to over 100mg per day before I went to the sub doctor.
    Before that, I was off pain killers for about a year and a half after being on 40mg of hydrocodone a day for over a year after a lower back injury. (1st addiction)

    I have been off sub for almost 3 years now, and I feel that I have never fully recovered from that sub addiction. I never got back the life and natural energy that I had before the sub treatment. The worst of the withdrawals lasted a full 4 months. Only after then did I begin to feel like doing things again, but I still had periods of weakness and fatigue that persist to this day. I fear that there may long term effects that no one knows about yet.

    The sub doctor prescribed only 1/2 pill every 6 hours (4mg), but looking back, I’m sure I could have done with half that. The doctor never even hinted that sub could be addictive. I only discovered it when I tried to stop about 3 months into the program, and found my symptoms worse than opiate withdrawals.
    I tapered down over a long period of about 6 months, taking only 1/2mg ONCE DAILY at the end of that time. That did not help much, as I still felt withdrawals during the tapering time, and then worse when I finally ran out.
    I’ve read that there is a “maintainance” amount of sub that must be determined and taken regularly by each individual after the opiate addiction is gone, suggesting that the drug is intended for lifetime use. If you want to get off suboxone, I suggest you find that maintainance amount and then taper down quickly from there over about 30 days. This will shorten your withdrawal time, but you’re still in for a long ride. If you could keep back some sub pills or opiates for when things get rough during withdrawals, it might help. But you would probably have to limit it to once every week or two, and enlist the help of a loved one. I don’t know if or how well this would work, as there is no way I could have done it myself. I had to be completely out before I could do without. I personlly believe that opiates would be better for periodic relief, which takes me back to the first addiction.

    I got off hydrocodone the first time without sub after almost a year and a half of addiction. My doctor released me after I refused to have back surgery. Pain management refused to prescribe anything, so I went cold turkey. It was rough for 1 month. The second month was better, but I still wondered if I would ever fully recover. I told myself “I guess this is how it is now”. But in the third month I began to feel my life force and energy return. By the end of the 3rd month I felt as good as I ever had.

    From experience I suggest you don’t go on suboxone. Taper down on your opiates. There’s no easy way out, but you’ll get through it. And remember, Jesus loves you and He wants you to be happy!

  61. I too am like many above. Too much hydrocodone, then on Suboxone for about 3 years now, 6mg/day. The problem is that whenever I feel myself fading, I take 1-2 mgs and I feel great, almost like when i took hydro. So in a sense I’m still friggin addicted, pisses me off.

    Has anyone who’s left comments tried the withdrawal -ease? I feel like i’ve turned into a drug loving sloth these past 3-4 years :( I still think about the Suboxone all day long ! Would be nice to hear from anyone who’s not selling Withdrawal Ease to give feedback on it. Thanks !

  62. I have been on subs now for two years! and was livin in the upper north east of new york, i recently moved to the philly area, and have not had a sub in almost 5 days. the withdrawls are awful, and all i want to do is go get high. i have no health insurance and no one out here that i know that takes them! I’m stuck and need help…???? anyone with good advice? to help me through this time?

  63. I have taken sub for six mths and neva have enough. I was neva told this was what it was, but now i see why i cant kick it. i keeep going back to Lts bc of the pain, the insomnia, its the worst thing ive ever endured. where is the light at the end of the tunnel. is there one?

  64. Hi,
    My doctor prescribed me Oxycontin for injuries resulting from a car accident. This was before all the problems came out. I quickly was addicted and it wasn’t long before I was taking between 40-60 Percocet a day. I couldn’t afford this habit and then I was introduced to Heroin, I was withdrawling bad and it was there and alot cheaper and lasted a lot longer. At that time in my life the decision was easy. My life quickly spiraled out of control and I woke up and was facing Prison time. Never been in trouble before, had a house, 2 great kids, husband and a dog. I lost my house and had to move in with my parents. My husband has to live else where. I am on extensive probation. I have tried to quit before this several times but could not get through the withdrawl, cravings, and pain. I started Suboxone and I don’t think about using any drugs now and have no cravings what so ever, and it helps with my chronic pain. I am worried about the future but it is helping me stay alive and out of prison for now. I have done a lot of research and most has been favorable but with most things there usually something. I guess for now it is working for me and when I come off of it hopefully I will be off of probation. I have heard both good and bad coming off suboxone, but everyone said it was a lot easier then Methadone.

    Thanks for your time.

  65. One other thing I only got a “high feeling” the first two days, I really don’t feel anything but normal now.
    Shannon C.

  66. I had cancer 5 years ago and the chemo gave me severe neuropathy. I have been on mscontin ( morphine) all of that time. I absolutely hate it. I started at 60mg three times a day. This year I have been working hard to get the dosage down. I got it down to 7.5mg three times a day. But I still have the neuropathy. I can take that pain ( well most of the time). But I can’t take withdrawals and the neuropathy together. The whole body cramps from morphine withdrawals kills me. I was thinking about suboxone but after reading this I don’t know any more. I also have diabetes and hep C. Taking morphine everyday is going to kill me. I am back up to on my dose, sometimes 30mg sometimes 15mg depending on the pain level. I have to get off but how to do it? Anybody have any ideas?

  67. i would like to hear from someone who this has actually helped, i am really considering on trying it but want more proof that its just not another scam.

  68. I think some of you guys may be missing the big picture here, suboxone is not a magical miracle drug, its a damage control drug, a crutch, the lesser of a lot of evils if you will. I was a heroin addict for many many years and when i was introduced to suboxone I experienced stability for the first time in many many years. Im not robbing and stealing or lying,cheating and manipulating my way into the next fix. when its time to get off suboxone titration should be done very very slowly and i mean slowly.

  69. Good point Bryan. For some people Suboxone is a good option. But you aren’t the garden variety Vicodin addict like many of the people who are being prescribed Suboxone. Every pharma manufacturer will try and widen the indications for their drugs beyond what is reasonable and this is just another one of those cases.

  70. I lov’d reading everyones posts it’s still nice to know there’s alot of people out there with the same problems. I went to the doctor about 8 months ago I heard about sub. and was told it was a miricle and all the BS. My quack doctor actually told me that in about 6 months it would cure me i would loose my craving for the opiates if I stayed on the sub. and live long and prosper or something along those lines it’s 8months later and I’m doing a hell of a lot better but I really dont want too stay on this drug forever if this stuffs helps i’ll try it. I probable will be on sub. for a long time though i’m a longterm Oxy and morphine addict 7 years i’m only 24 but I was pretty out there I used I.V for about 3 years now and this sub. is better than the alternative of being strung out but I think there’s another way and I hope we all can find it we all deserve a little serenity.

  71. I was told by my doctor that Suboxone was a miracle drug and non-addictive. And boy, oh boy was that a lie! I’ve been seeing doctor for years so when he told me this I totally trusted him.

    For roughly 2 years I was addicted to Loratabs, hydrocodone, and somas. I was taking about 20 of each a day. So when Suboxone was introduced to me of course I was willing to try it, I was desperate. Well now I’ve been on Sub for 3 years and I’m trying to get off, but I can’t. I’ve been on 2mg a day for about a month now and the last 3 days of h*ll with zero. Will I ever feel normal again? I don’t know how much longer I can do this. Should I give in and go to the doctor for another script of suffer for who knows how long……..

  72. I have been on sub for about a year. I just tried to taper and I have really bad anxiety. It did help me, but now I keep thinking that I will have to take it for the rest of my life. If it helps me to feel “normal” then why not. I have children to take care of.

  73. I have been on oxy contin off and on for the last 9 months. The last month or so i was snorting 80 mgs a day. My question is should I take suboxene for a week or so to help w/the withdrawals? Or should I just suck it up and go cold turkey? I was going to take the subs for a couple weeks and slowly decrease the amount every day but after reading all the comments I’m very confused. Also is it bad to drink while on subs?

  74. My husband has been an addict for 3 years now. We’ve tried everything from rehab, NA meetings, methadone, to suboxene. I’m about at the end of my rope here. He’s agreed to actually get a prescription for suboxene and start the treatment, but after hearing all these horror stories, I’m not sure if this is the best way to go. He’s never been on suboxene consistently. He’s just had the few here and there every so often with pain pills in between. Can you tell me what the main reason for taking Withdrawal Ease is for? Are they just for suboxene addictions or are they a much better alternative than suboxene all together?

  75. Hi Kelly. Withdrawal-Ease is a different thing entirely from suboxone. Withdrawal-Ease is meant to do one thing and one thing only: Reduce the severity of common opiate withdrawal symptoms so that people have a better chance of succeeding during detox.

    Suboxone is a maintenance drug that helps very severe opiate addicts who cannot control their addictive behavior and are therefore in need of a substitute for their full agonist opiates (Heroin etc.) Suboxone helps these people regain function and hopefully live a somewhat normal life free from opiates. However, as I mention, Suboxone is WAY over prescribed and your husband is a good example of someone who does NOT need to get on Suboxone in my opinion. He needs to detox and then get ongoing addiction therapy if needed. From what you describe of his behavior, for him to go on Suboxone therapy would be like applying a full body cast to a sore thumb.

  76. If you want to detox with Subs as you have been then I would highly recommend that you do so under a doctor’s care. That way he/she can administer the right dose at the right time and get you off of the Sub in a coordinated fashion.

  77. WOW, this is mind boggeling. I feel for us all. Ive been on the Subs for 2+ys, prescribed 3 a day and take 1 a day. I sell some to pay for the visits, but I’m saving a nest egg for the time I’m going to tell the doctor “I don’t need you anymore”. It has helped me go from vics, perks, and oxys. I would chop them up, mix together and snort them every time. I was doing oxys for about 5yrs. and 6yrs. on perks. Oh yeah did I tell you I could drink like a fish. I used to drink alot when using the opiots. Now I don’t even have the urge to drink. When I first went on the subs they prescribed me 4 a day. I started taking 3. After a week or two I was getting headaches so I dropped it down to 1 a day. I take it in the mourning before I go to work like I am taking a multi vitamin. The past few months I have been taking a half in the mourning and if I start feeling like shit I take the other half. Just when you think you might be feeling better the “PAWS” kicks in. I am 31yrs old, Ive been at this for a long time now, about 10 yrs. I know I’m doing alot better now than I was. I just hope some day I won’t need to take a pill to make me feel normal.

  78. Hi Samantha. Your pregnancy complicates things since it’s probably not good to be on opiates or the like when pregnant for obvious reasons. In any case, it seems that you have probably tapered off of Sub too quickly. From what I’ve heard, Tapering off of Sub should takes months of very precise dose reductions. It’s not like other op-iates where you can do it over a few weeks…I would ask your obstetrician if going back on a small dose of Sub might be ok while you are pregnant. I’m not a doctor so I do not know. But it seems to me that you need to taper more slowly if you are feeling this poorly.

  79. What are the ingredients? I’d like to see a list posted along with dosages. Most of these sorts of products are scams and those that are not – well, the individual ingredients can typically be purchased separately at at lower prices, higher dosages, and superior qualities.

    Therefore, I shall remain skeptical and suggest all other do so until you feel comfortable posting your ingredients prominently on your website.

    I could not find them – if they are listed and I am wrong – I apologize.


  80. johnny boy says:

    all i did is take perks at work because every body has them on a construction site but after a while i needed them just to work so i got help by a doctor or should i say legalized drug dealer who gave me subs. It was the worst thing i could have done. they are terrible to try to get off . Its been 26 days of hell i cant sleep ,i have no energy also i never felt so depresed thank god my wife loves me she is the only person i told what was going on and she is standing by me but i dont know how long I can put her through this. SUBS are nothing but a money scam on desperate people tring to better there life

  81. Ive been taking suboxone for over 2 yrs now, it sucks! I feel like a slave to it, just as I was to the dope. Although it is true, I have been able to hold down a job and an apartment for the whole 2 yrs., couldn’t do that when I was gettin high. Ive just don’t have the passion or energy for life that I once had. I have tried to detox from suboxone 3 times, failed everytime. The last time was 2 weeks ago,Iwent 10 days cold turkey, it was awful, I just couldnt get right ,missed a week of work and started drinking just so I could get off the couch! No sleep, nauses, restless leg and arm syndrome etc,all of this I could deal with, but the depression and lack of energy, I could not. I went back on the suboxone and am back to “normal” and work. I dont want to live like this anymore, I want out. If your thinking about starting suboxone for opiate withdrawl or matainance, I strongly urge you NOT to, its like prolonging the sickness. Seriously I feel like Im gonna have to go back to treatment for suboxone.

  82. Here you go. I’ve actually made a point of discussing the ingredients because I’m proud of how comprehensive the formulations are and think that the history behind some of these herbs is interesting.


  83. I hate the orange devil says:

    Hello, I have been on suboxone for 8 months now started at 32 went to 16 then tried 8 a day. I was sicker then I ever was withdrawing a intro heroin/oxy addiction just from lowering my dose. I saw my Dr and she put me back on 16 a day which costs me 480.00 a month. Now I am addicted to the orange devil just as I was with heroin and worse withdrawl symptoms no one ever explained the withdrawl. I had to have emergancy surgery last month. The worst pain I have ever had becuase of the suboxone I did not feel the demoral or morphine. This is why I am trying to quite. I have tried everything even taking a couple of percs a day to help the withdrawl symptoms. But, I am starting to give up and go back to the orange devil becuase I can not function, sleep, shit, depressed, absolutly no energy. Please if anyone knows a way even illegal please tell me about it. I am so depressed and sick I can’t stand it anymore. Please help

  84. Suboxone saved my life. I was addicted to opiotes for five years, in the last year I was taking 8-10 oxy 80’s a day. Plus xanax, klonopin, soma, ambien, whatever. Within a week of starting suboxone at 16mg a day I was back to ‘normal’, whatever that is. I’ve been on sub for a year now, and am beginning a gradual taper. If it gets too bad, I’ll level off, but I will never go back to oxy.

  85. This is my 8th day off sub. The doctor always wanted honesty,UA and counseling but could give me anything on withdraw. I quit because it was 125.00 doc visit, 143.oo UA, 150.00 counseling, and 221.00 for script. Yes and I called him for a break this month, to just call in the script and no way. This is far worse than vics or oxys withdraw. IT is great it someone else pays for it. Even so the damn arogance of this doctor is worth a lawsuit.

  86. I am a single dad I had open heart surgery and was given pain killers Well I was not to return to work for tweleve to sixteen weeks but being a self employed contractor I returned to work in six weeks with help from pain med well I couldent get any more med so I started getting sick I went to a three day detox they gave me sud three times a day for the first day two sub the next day and one on the third day I felt great and they sent me home two days later I felt like I was going to die so I returned to detox and went thru the same routine and went home slowly I became sick again so I heard on the radio about sub I went to the doc as I look back I think I was his first rat he gave this to because he had know idea what he was talking about or doing any way two years later I am on the same dose I started with so today I was on line and saw the add for withdral ease and started to read everyones stories does it help I dont know but I will try anything to help with the pain of withdrawel my advice to any one thinking about sud dont do it and if you do TAPER IT ONLY FOR TWO WEEKS well any way I heard of a one day treatment it costs alot of money tweleve to fifteen grand I will let you know if it works I know there will be a class action suit against these drug companies

  87. My husband was put on Suboxone when he went to rehab to get off of prescribed Vicodin taken after his 3rd spinal surgery. At first it seemed OK, but after 1.5 years he was up to 16 mg per day and was completely lethargic. Of course he continued to take Xanax at 4-6 mg per day and I expected to come home to find him dead at any time. He was better off on the Vicodin.

    Recently on a Dr.visit they saw that he was unsteady and basically intoxicated. He went to rehab to get off the Suboxone and hopefully to get off Xanax over time.

    It has been 3 weeks and he still is having panic attacks and is a wreck. He is taking a host of meds and Seroquel at night to sleep.

    After reading numerous posts I believe he should have weaned himself down, but I guess he couldn’t do that himself. No hospital will keep you long enough to wean you slowly from Suboxone so it is up to the individual. Not an option for an addict of his type. The Seroquel seems to be just as bad as the Suboxone for him.

    He’s 58 years old and we have been together since our teens. I am about ready to give up. Every time I hope to have the man I married back, my hopes quickly fade. Thank goodness I have a support group that helps me live one day at a time – most of the time.

  88. i can tell you this, Ive come heroine and methadone and Suboxone has the equal or worse withdrawal symptoms. im on my fourth day clean and i havent slept yet. i know a friend that it took 20 days for him just to stop throwing up. this is some serious stuff,so be careful and stay on it as short as possible.

  89. 7 days on sub 8mg will their be any withdraw

  90. I have been going thru withdrawls for a week now! I had to go to the hospital last Friday night, totally out of control.. i could not sit still and posturging! they had to give me Atvin, two does I am still not right after a week, major withdrawls (I guess) HELP HELP!!! This is not what I signed up for! Any sugestions? I have only been on Sub since Sept…one 1 milg and nof off for about 6 days! Any sugestions will help!!!!!!

  91. I have been on subutex for 3 years and I am on week 4 of weening down. I have been in long term withdrawals for the entire month. I am hearing that its gonna take another 2 to 3 months for just the withdrawals to stop not including the next year or so trying to get my serotonin levels back up. I am extremely discouraged about my hopes of getting off. This drug NEEDS TO BE SEEN FOR WHAT IT IS!!! do not get on it for short term opiate use. This drug may help people who are long long term users, but even then not for 3 years.

  92. For the good of the world, if I could wish it done, I would have osama bin laden live the rest of his life on withdrawl from Suboxone. I have gone through many joint replacements in my life. I became addicted to Oxycotin. January of 09 I went into an almost comatose state. I was rushed to the hospital and was treated for an overdose. I kicked that stuff with just a little bit of withdrawls. I went to pain Dr. for ongoing pain in my back. Rather than going back on the Oxy, I was prescribed Sub. Been on it since last July. I ran out of it March 24.For the love of GOD, hell couldn’t ant worse than getting off this stuff. I did not sleep for 11 days. Not a minute.I went to the pain Dr. yesterday for a refill. Feeling a little better today. Withdrawl’s from this stuff is the most horrific thing I have ever experienced in my 58 years. I am glad this site was here. Starting now I am tapering off this stuff forever. Has anyone got any tips on cutting back? I can up to 6 mil a day. I took only 4 today. How soon do I taper off again? Thank GOD this site is available. THANK YOU

  93. in need of help says:

    After reading all the info regarding Suboxone I am getting very worried…I just started on this 1 week ago, should I get back on the Vicoden and slowly get off of that?

  94. in need of help says:

    To add, I am already abusing the Suboxone..I start out great then I am using too much of that!

  95. i have been on suboxone for two yr’s. started at 24mg’s a day. now after two yr’s, because of me i am down to 4mg’s a day. my doctor would not help me cut down at all !! i am from plattsburgh,ny. i am down to 20 pill’s.after that,no doctor.s i am goin to rehab in virgina, i am just going to show up at a hospital and find a detox then rehab. if rehab helps me get off them and i feel good cool ! if not? i will go to a half way house and get off them. i can not take it any more. go to rehab on the state man, they put all of us on this **** be cool and let them help us. and listen, if your suboxone sick go to a hospital,not in plattsburgh,ny.they will not help you at all unless you say you are going to kill yourself.sad but true my dear friend’s. i am 50 yr’s old.lost child hood girl friend to heroin 3 yr’s ago. i have hit bottom and licked it!!! to many ******* times ! any one wanting info how to get help this way mail me at dsdubmon1@hotmail.com good luck to all of us, see man us. we are not alone with this.

  96. I was on suboxone for bout 20months, been off for bout 3weeks and still withdrawing! This is the worst and I think what about long term problems from this drug?! I would rather take the heroine withdraw… yea I have not used my drug of choice when I was on subs or even still! I thought I was clean…. yea right if I was then why the worst withdraw of my life!? SUBOXONE is a drug! I knew it and still know it! For anyone thinking of taking this don’t stay on it to long! Addiction sucks and in my world the orange pill made it worse! Good Luck to anyone fighting an addiction! It’s the fight of your life for your life!!! Believe that!

  97. i have a bad back, been on 40mg of perk,160mgoxy, 10mg valum a day for better part of 15 years, then decided to get help. went to a sub doc and got a script. got kicked off after 7 weeks for smoking bud.decided after my care coach was pleading with me to get back on subs, that i dont need this shit!why trade one addiction for another right?been clean for 5 days and i feel like shit.BUT after reading this stuff, and finding out that the longer i would have stayed on, the more fucked i’d be,i’m never taking that shit again!some good herb has been helping me cope with the insomnia crazies and anxiety .and that shit is all natural. no drug company’s getting anymore of my money!that is the motivation i will use to beat this thing,when i think like that i feel good.(feels like i’m getting over on the man) stay positive and thirsty my friends and quit letting these drug companys run you’re lives.quit living out of a pill bottle!legalize!!!

  98. its doesnt sound good what am reading here I was on tramadol for like five years and if you have never taken tramadol dont start even though its not a narcotic the withdrawls are the worst but am on soboxone now it works and i feel ok when am on it taking sixteen mg per day but i know that i will have to one day get off of it..i wonder how many days does it take from your last dose before you feel the withdrawls..am afraid to get off of subs but i wont be able to afford them forever but if i could i would take them the rest of my life just like vitamins how many days before the withdrawls kick in

  99. Reading all this I am wonering if it’s not better to take the Withdrawal-Ease straight off the hydro. I take approx. 15 a day and I want off, so I was looking at Suboxone. But it sounds worse than the hydrocodone withdrawl.
    Will the Withdrawl-Ease help with the hydro withdrawls as well?

  100. samantha grimes says:

    how long does withdraws from syboxone

  101. From one drug to another from meth to opiates to Emphetimenes and saboxin what next? Im so tired of living my life a lie..im so sneaky only a few people know what I do I go to work energized and hard working now its gotta end… I have just recieved my withdrawl ease today im very excited about quiting saboxin..I ben on sabox for 3 and a half years now and i have tried quiting cold turkey about 2 weeks ago and that was a big FAIL..2 days i felt fine and the 3rd day it hit me at work hot n cold sweats,diariah, i felt miserable my legs started aching,,,So tomorow will be my first day with out nothing ill be taking the withdrawl ease…After reading aout this pill im hoping it will ease the withdrawls im so tired of wasting money on these saboxins..I agree there just another addicted drug there terrible. I just wana be back to my normal self wish me luck ill be leaving a comment in a week to let every one know how it goes…

  102. I was taking Bananas,7.5’s perks quite a few a day. I was almost out & was having problems getting more at that time. A friend gave me less than a 1/4 of a suboxone. It was like energy to the max! Now 2yrs later was still taking suboxone everyday, 8mg usually 2 halfs a day. I don’t know how anyone can take more than that, its fn strong! I had noticed & others said to me, why are your hands shaking so much? I knew I had a problem. I had to take it always, esp if I had a busy day. Then when I got home I had to drink to come down, it was too much. I needed knee surgery so I would be out of work for 4-6 weeks. I decided it was a good time to stop. The begining was soooooo hard!!!! Nautious, diarea, insomnia, no appetite,lack of energy, much congestion in my head & ears etc! after a week I started taking some perks, just to help with the nausea. My DR had prescibed viocadin for my knee surgery, but thats like taking tylenol. I am weeing off the perks, only 5mg. just taking half a day now but think I’m gonna beat it! My appetite is good now, still have a tiny bit of the runs, but am still alittle lazy, esp in the AM. Its been 3 1/2 weeks since I have taken suboxone. I feel like I will be OK!

  103. the way i had taken sub to get off of herion was i took 4mg then another 4mg 2hrs later then every 2hrs until i got up to 14 mgs for the day. did that for 7 days then on the 6th day I took 2mgs every 2hrs till i got to 8mgs for the day for another 7 days. then on the 3rd wk took 2 mgs every 2 hrs till i got to 6 mgs and did that for 2wks and then for another week after i completed those 2wks I took 2 mgs for a week and was done and never experienced really no withdrawl . but if the 14mgs for the first 2days is not enough go up to 16mgs.


  105. moonmama says:

    So much that has been said here is true. Sub is no joke, but for some can be a life saver. we can all say “I would take 4-5 days of hell instead of this withdrawal from sub” but take it from someone who has tried to quit cold turkey, taper from drug of choice, and from sub we can always say we can do it and when faced with actual uncomfortableness of withdrawal you would do anything it get it to stop. Less is more with subs. We have learned with many trial and errors that it is best to use it as little (time wise and dose wise) as possible. Because of the incredible half life it can trick you. Don’t stay on it longer then 6 months taper quick as soon as your comfortable. The last 2mg are the worst but start spacing them out every other day. Most of it is in our heads we all have had a horrible fever, stomach flu, virus and have lived through it. We can all do this too!!! And life will be so much better on the other side…..you will have your choices back no longer a slave to a pill!!!

  106. I am so sorry for all who are suffering and I will be praying for u all. I was addicted to pain meds,loracets, vicodin, loratab, and also soma and xanax for about five years. Everyday running to the drug dealer wondering and freaking out about when I would get my next fix. I not only ruined my life, but my kids life, my husbands, my whole family. The drugs had me stealing in every store I walked into. I finally got caught after 5 years,with my DAUGHTER with me!!! After that I said enough and got on suboxone. It really did save my life and made me myself again. My family no longer fears for my life. On the other hand, Ive been on it for 2 and a half years now, and Im scared to death to go without it , or even leave the house without it, even for an hour. My first doctor did warn me that I could be on it for the rest of my life, that was my first doctor. Now im with another doc and she says she will probably keep me on it for another 2 years and then she says shes going to cut me off COLD TURKEY! Im scared to death. Even though I feel like it did save my life, I feel like a slave to it and I dont want to go through what you all are calling paws. Ive never heard of that term until now. Anyway, at least I know im not alone anymore. Also anyone that prays, will u pray for me?

  107. decsweetie says:

    I was addicted to oxycodone 30 mgs about 20 a day and fentanyl patch 50 mgs for about 4 years. I went in for detox, cold turkey, about 36 hours into detox I went into a coma because of the withdrawls, made it through got out and relapsed. Thats when my doctor gave me Suboxone, I have never taken more than 4 mg. Was on in it for four months, got off relapsed again for about 2 months. I went back on Subxone 4 mg, took it for 6 days, tapered down, I am 52 hours in without any suboxone or meds and I am feeling some minor sweats and anxiety, but other than that I can function. It comes in waves, I will have energy and then feel crappy. DO NOT TAKE SUBOXONE FOR MORE THAN A WEEK! I will never take this stuff again after reading all this crap about it!! Good luck to all!!!

  108. how long does it take befor u can feel a pill after taking suboxne?

  109. Hi Jason. It could take up to 2 weeks if we’re being technical about it. This is the KEY danger with suboxone and overdose. Even though you may not “feel” the percocets or Vicodins or whatever you are taking, your body still has to assimilate it. Do NOT try to overcompensate or take more to combat the Suboxone….the best thing that could happen to you in that case would be nothing or precipitated withdrawals…the worst is death. If you are going to go back to full agonist opiates (which I do not recommend of course), then you need to start out with a very low dose.

  110. I am going through suboxone withdrawals. I just want to know if taking a couple of percocets to ease the symptoms is just “re-starting” the withdrawal process from the beginning, or actually helping. If it’s just prolonging the inevitable, I need to know. Thank you.

  111. Hi Bill. Eh, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I don’t think you would be necessarily starting the clock back but you could go into precipitated withdrawal if you still have a fair amount of sub in your system. Also if you have been on sub for a long time, your tolerance has probably gone down quite a bit. Be very very careful how much percocet you take because you will not feel its effects due to the Suboxone but it will still affect your body…if that make any sense at all.

  112. notosuboxone says:

    George – I’m very glad you addressed this issue. I am wondering if you might know if there have been any lawsuits against Reckitt & Benckiser.
    My husband recently quit taking Subs after what was supposed to be a 9 Month program which turned into a 14 Month program. This was supposed to be “Safe and easy to come off of”. (A note to anyone looking into taking Suboxone, please, please read up on it. Check as many sources as you can and make sure it is right for you.) My husband almost died coming off of it and spent half the week in the hospital. He has damaged his heart in the process and almost passed from heightened blood pressure.
    We are thankful he is still here and regret ever listening to the Doctors that told how great this treatment is.
    Sorry for any bad spelling, but I am exhausted both mentally and physically after being by my husbands side through this nightmare.
    Thank you and God bless.

  113. Hi…is it Chris…I didn’t get your name but thank you for your comment. you know I don’t know about any lawsuits against R&B and I’m not a big fan of lawsuits but if there was ever a just cause I would say this was it. I’d testify since I’ve spoken with hundreds of suboxone users and clinicians. The deal with Suboxone is that they should have explained the residual impact of long-term use to their Clinicians FIRST. Now, the doctors are backtracking and they probably don’t know what to say.

    I’m sorry about your husbands experience and that truly is a very acute reaction to Suboxone withdrawal. I have not heard of anything like that related to Suboxone. Again, I still think it has its purpose and that it can be a good option for some people that simply cannot quit but I think that R&B’s claims need to be adjusted. If you are on Sub right now…don’t panic. There’s a way to get off of it if you do it correctly and there is no long term damage done that I have seen in the literature….again, not a clinician.

    again, I hate to see lawsuits because I’m just not a big fan of the money grab….I just think people need to know the truth

  114. WOW!!!!! What a road its been 26 days now off of suboxone and it has been pure hell. honesty everyone here it is . sweats cold and hot, goose bump flesh, weak, lathergic, restless legs and arms, runs, constant feeling like i have to urinate,, run down tired feeling, headaches, nausea, fever, aches and pains,sadness, anxious, out of breath feeling, no appetite, runny nose,sneezing, yawning, ligh headed and slurred speech, INSOMNIA. What i did my story. i was addicted to percodan and oxy 20’s 120 pills a month for 8 years also an alcoholic. i was clean and sober for 13 years and had a torn rotators cuff and you can figure out the rest. SUBOXONE STORY i went on suboxone about 10 months ago, back in july 2010 i found myself back in AA a friking mess. i weaned myself down to 2 ml. a day then quit and went 7 days until i couldnt take the pain anymore and took an 8ml. after that i started weaning again and took the jump 26 days ago. i still don’t feel that great but i will NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER STICK ONE OF THOSE ORANGE DEVIL UNDER MY TONGUE. heres what i did and it works. you have to get support. i went to AA meeting everynight even when i was extremely sick and when i was there i felt a feeling of calm. i took withdrawal ease and did i feel better i’m not sure but i tried so many times in the past and could not do it . so to me yes it worked. i forced myself to exercise and told my addiction that God is way stronger then you , lots of walks, 4 hot showers a day, went and got a massage and felt awesome when i left, forced myself to eat, more gatorade then you can ever imagine, lots and lots of water, lots of v8’s. lots of vitamin C and vitamin B. I today at 26 days still have goose bump flesh but it is tolerable. i was wearing a hooded sweat shirt at work when it was 95 degrees out. i’m getting better everyday. you have to be mentally strong and take “can’t” out of your vocabulary. YOU CAN DO THIS. ONE SECOND AT A TIME , ONE MINUTE, ONE DAY – 26 DAYS AND GETTING BETTER. get through the day. the 1st 3 days were okay for me then it hit me but i’m doing it one day at a time. GOOD LUCK AND MAY GOD HOLD AND PROTECT ALL OF YOU.

  115. Now this is how you do it folks! Thanks Tommy for your story! Just to let everyone know, Tommy’s story may be different than what you experience and you may not have as hard of a time with it as he has. Everyone is different. But having said that, he’s got some great advice in here and he is going to make it. Too late to go back now Tommy! Congrats and I predict in a week or so, you’ll be feeling a LOT better. It just underscores the importance of tapering, eating right, exercising and all of those things that you read in the Survival Guide and elsewhere. But mostly it takes a strong will and Tommy certainly is a testament to that!

  116. I TOOK MY LAST DOSE OF WITHDRAWAL EASE YESTERDAY. I am now 31 days without suboxone. its been a long road but so worth it. I really believe that God lead me to withdrawal ease. Did i have all those symtoms i listed above ,yes i did. withdrawal ease and its amazing survival guide helped me through this. how i feel today. i am not 100% i still have some tired legs and chills comes from no where, but don’t stay for long, i’m sleeping about 6 hours a night which is amazing. this can be done. you have to surrender to the fact that you are going to feel lousy for a month. its a month, 30 days, tell yourself its just pain, tell yourself this to shall pass i won’t feel like this forever, even though you feel you might, YOU WON’T, YOU WON’T FEEL LIKE THIS FOREVER. I look at it like this. I was in hell while my addiction had me for 8 long years. 30 days of hard withdrawal is nothing compared to 8 long years of misery. i’m getting my life back if its the last thing i do on this earth. My heart goes out to every single one of you who wants to end this suboxone devil. DON’T GIVE UP JUST GO THROUGH THE PAIN ONEDAY AT A TIME AND I PROMISE ALL OF YOU IT WILL GET BETTER. One more thing 80 dollars for withdrawal ease is nothing compared to what i spent on my addiction. Just follow the directions and get through it ONEDAY AT A TIME. May GOD HOLD AND GUIDE YOU THROUGH THIS. This can be done, if i can do it anyone with this addiction can do it. Forget all the negative stuff and know you will get through this. THANKS TO GOD AND WITHDRAWAL EASE I’M GETTING THROUGH THIS. GOD BLESS! Any questions will be answered if i can help just 1 person get off of this devil of a drug it will be so worth it. Thanks George for your kind words. God Bless you and your family.

  117. Alright Tommy! Wow, you went through a rough one but I think you put it all in perspective when you said, “what’s 30 days feeling sick when you’ve spent all of this time worrying and struggling with Suboxone?”

    Good for you and you are definitely an inspiration. too late to go back now…not that you want to. Great job and Enjoy.

  118. Interesting stuff here. I am 10 months into a subox program started out at 24mg a day last Jan. being told to take 10mg a day (1pill and 1/4) However I am taking 6mg a day and reducing 2mg every 2 weeks on my own.Based on that in 6-8 weeks I should be shaving between 1 to 1/2 mg. My fear after reading most here is that I will not get below 2 mg (1/4) pill. Should I go with my plan and buy withdrawl ease when I break to below 2 mg. Another thing is I have on occasion due to pain held back a whole day on suboxone and replaced my dose with 90mg of oxycodone for pain go for 3 days and then hop back on subone while continue to taper. So I am considering if I cannot break past 2 mg of Suboxone to break back to 90 mg of oxycodone and taper off of oxycodone to suppress the horror. I do not have the resources to continue in either addition but I am naturally bi-polar so my fight is mental and with the depression and was the sole reason for use as opiates for me was good at removing depression as long as I had them. Eitherway the price is high as doctors will no prescribe to your tolorance and the depression for me x2 fold. In the past I have pulled out of a full blown 30 day cold turkey from oxy. New waters for me on the suboxone. was okay and had a plan until I read this site now I question my ability to walk away if I am going to fight seveier WD from Subs. Please advise!

  119. PS to that last statement I also after studying dopamine relations have been running 5 miles a day and body building should this not also help when I merely shave on the 1mg to ½ mg of suboxone or am I just dreaming and my WD will be even more intense.

  120. don, i just want to tell you that my heart goes out to you and the road you face may seem overwhelming, getting off of subs is not impossible by no stretch of the imagination. you have to prepare yourself. i highly recommend withdrawal ease. i would not be 40 days off of that devil of a drug if it was’nt for the help of withdrawal ease and it survival guide. before you take the jump make sure you can get some time off if possible. make sure you load up the refrigerator with gatorade and water, fruits, force yourself to eat. exercise, walk, walk, walk and more walks. don you will have to SURRENDER to the fact that you are going to feel lousy. i was on it for 10 months also. the longer you are on it the harder its going to be to get off. SURRENDER. i want you to know if i can do this , my GOD you can, YOU CAN DO THIS, don’t let that orange pill tell you you can’t. i kept my pills for 24 days in my medicine cabinet until i drove to the doctors office with them and told him where he can stick them. you have to face the fact that you are going to be sick and tell yourself this is just withdrawal i am going to survive and i am going to get on with my life. don oneday at a time, just get through the pain oneday at a time, don’t give in, my thoughts and my prayers will be with you. YOU CAN DO IT DON HAVE FAITH. HAVE FAITH BUDDY. I’M ROOTING FOR YOU. GOD BLESS!

  121. I was on Subutex/Suboxone for nearly ten years. It’s been 9 months now since I came off of 4mg/day (yeah, perhaps a little high, but pff,) and I am STILL not right. A couple days after last Christmas. I wouldn’t call it “PAWS”, it’s more like a protracted withdrawal that gets better so slowly you barely notice it unless you think back to a couple months ago. It’s nothing horrific in itself comparatively, at least not after the first month or two, and even then it’s nothing compared to short-acting opiates, but it just goes on… and on… and on… and on… and further on… into the unforseeable future. And still severe enough to totally ruin your life. Some days I can/could barely muster the energy to do just about anything. The discomfort (boughts of RLS) didn’t subside until about 6-7 months. My nose has run pretty much non-stop these entire 9 months and is only now finally stopping.

    I would not have been able to do this if I did not have the complete financial support of my parents. It simply wouldn’t have been possible, I was and still am not able to work… soon again, possibly very soon, hopefully.

    I’ve found other similar stories.. with unique symptoms to other opiates. Like suicidal ideation, from experience opiate users who can place this type of thing as not normal. That’s not an opiate withdrawal symptom. It messes with your state of mind in other ways too, depression which I am far from over (but that itself can be written off as “PAWS”.) As I said I am at 9 months and slowly finally starting to feel a bit more human, but I could just be having a good day as I write this.

    Stay away from this crap for long-term use, please!!! I would have rathered anything else, the worst hell of Heroin withdrawals, for 2 months long, I’d take it instead. I’d even have rathered methadone withdrawals. And when I hear about people considering it for their pill addictions, it makes me want to cry.

    (All this said, I think it’s *safe* as a detox med.)

    Oh, and sorry to the page’s owner, but I wouldn’t recommend anything to help the symptoms (though feel free to try! It can’t do any long-term harm), my brain chemistry is so out of whack, I have tried everything, it all backfires somehow, even amino acids and simple herbal formulations. The fatigue is insurmountable with outside assistance (I tried like L-Tyrosine for example, and just felt fatigued and anxious/fidgety at the same time. Fatigue is not to be confused with tiredness. It is.. at least in this case.. something totally unique.) Sometimes it helps to just push through it, but it’s easier said than done, and sometimes it can just make things worse too.

    Honestly, I can’t say this enough, but it’s so ridiculously bad to be downright impossible without a second thought without a TON of support including financial — indefinitely.

    BUT, of all these horror stories I have heard, everyone who gave it a very serious try did eventually make it through it and was glad they did and much better, even after taking 2+ years in a few cases. So there is the good news for you. I’m glad I did it. I just wish there would be some concrete end so I can be happy and also know what’s physical and what’s mental (i.e. true “PAWS” and the depression that comes from nearly a year of withdrawal in itself) now that I am reaching the point that it’s a fair question to ask — it wasn’t a month or two ago.

  122. Tom I am thinking about trading off my subs for oxys and taper off of them instead as I don’t jave much time yet I get 3 day weekends. So does my already existing exercise regiment not count or will my WD’s be just as bad eitherway?
    Thanks for all and any advice.

  123. would this product heip with Xananx and Ambien detox
    any heip appreciated

  124. don i personally would not do oxys again that to me is putting off your withdrawal. don i know how much this aches you to do. this can be done if you want it more then anything in the world. you have to surrender to the fact that its not going to be comfortable, but doable, you can do this don. how i did was take it one day at a time and i promised myself everyday that i just wouldnt use drugs or alcohol oneday at a time. i just had and have so much faith that it will only get better. gatorade, gatorade, gatorade, fruits, vegtables, vitamins, oneday at a time don, the pain will go away you just have to accept the fact that its not going to be easy and once you do that and surrender you will get through this, i am 47 days now off of suboxone and going strong. you can do this and don’t let your addiction tell you anything other. GOOD LUCK and i will add you to my prayers. i’m rooting for you to do this. i hope i helped and will answer any questions you or anyone has.

  125. Carol Leslie says:

    I have been on suboxone for almost 2 years now and I too want to get off of it. I started out taking 3 8mg tablets per day and I am now down to 1 a day. Alot of times I will take more than I’m supposed to and end up screwing myself at the end of the month. For about a week at the end of every month, I am horribly sick; can’t sleep, RLS, cold sweats, hot flashes, and I just feel like a completely different person. When I first got on suboxone I was told by my ‘then’ Dr., that there are no withdrawls from the drug….HAAAAA!!! That’s the biggest bunch of BS i’VE EVR HEARD! Now I am starting to wonder if I’ll ever get off of it. In the past I have tried Methadone, and the withdrawls from Methadone aren’t nearly as excrutiating as the sub withdrawls. It seems like my entire life revolves suboxone! I constantly think about ‘ the next dose’ or ‘how to get more when I run out’. This medicine was supposed to help me ” not be a dope fiend” and i feel like more of one NOW than when I was mainlining heroin!

  126. I have been on Subs for a year and a half Rickett & binkester actually supplied me for a year free of charge cause for th first six months it was out of pocket over 5 grand. I tarpapered down from 24 mg a day to 2mg over three months I have severe headaches, insomnia, Rls and many other symptoms ive been told it will just take time like a year for my body to build up seritonin and dopamine s wtf i just wanna feel like i can get up and be a productive member of society!!!!

  127. carol i know the pain you are going through and i know you feel hopeless. there is a way to get off of this devil of a drug. i would love to help you through this. its not easy but it is doable. i was in your shoes just 48 days ago. the hardest part is the first 20 days. just think about it 20 days of hard withdrawal, oneday at a time though, i’m still not 100% but have no desire to stick that orange thing under my tongue again. withdrawal ease did help me and its guide , i just followed the instructions and kept telling myself that God is more powerful then this lousy addiction. i would be more then happy to talk you through this each day. i did it. YOU CAN DO IT CAROL. please let me know how i can help you. don’t you ever give up. NEVER GIVE UP. i’m on your side and want you to beat this. lots of prayers to you. tommy

  128. 3 1/2 years ago, i had my only child, via c-section. they sent me out the door with not only my daughter, but a nice size script of percs for the pain. this is all well and good, if you don’t have a horribly addictive personality. and so it went…percs, to vics, to vic 10s, to methadone, until finally…”oranges.” ive been on subs for a year and a half now. the difference for me, is i have no sub doctor, i buy them off the street (ie my brother in law, who IS prescribed. how convenient, right?)
    after much sneaking around, major damage to my marriage, and many sleepless nights over guilt, ive decided to quit. the withdrawl is a nightmare. mostly the constant fatigue. everyone says “be active” to get the energy back. however, i can barely throw myself onto the porch for a smoke.
    today will be the first day trying to muster the energy to hang out with my 3 yr old daughter alone. ive also decided to attend 1 on 1 therapy, hopefully beginning tonight. the leg thing, holy crap?! the lack of sleep it creates does NOT help the all day fatigue. at 29, i just want to be the old me, the one my husband knew 11 years ago, the one i don’t remember. the one my daughter has never known. wish me luck
    ps-subs SUCK

  129. a few days ago i wrote my story on here about the experience im going through with suboxone withdrawal. in a lot of the testimonies above, one of the major complaints (and reasons for relapse…) is the fricken fatigue. how are we to lead “normal” lives when we cant get off the couch, right? this may sound absolutely ridiculous, but here goes-woke up at 4:30 am, after 4 restless hours of sleep, thinking “here we go again.” around 11 i saw a commercial for those 5 hour energy drinks. i thought, why not? i got the extra strength one, and drank the whole little bottle(it’s caffeine overload). a half hour later, guess what? i spent 45 min,on my feet, mowing the yard. crazy right? i played hide and seek with my daughter, did a few loads of laundry, and now, 3 1/2 hours later, looking for other stuff to get me off the couch. i probably could have done with half the bottle, and the other half later, or a whole bottle of regular strength.
    just wanted to let you guys know, if the lethargy is what’s pulling you back, this may be worth a shot. this is the first time i really believe im going to make it without relapse…for good!

    i today feel absolutely wonderful and get better everyday. i am sleeping naturally for 7 to 8 hours a night. i still have some slight sadness, its sadness from the wreckage of my past that i am working on now. i cannot change the past, i can change me though and thats what i am doing. if you really look at the top of this post and say to yourself 54 days, thats nothing, do this only one day at a time and i promise each and everyone of you that is trying to get off of this SUBOXONE DEVIL that it gets better, don’t let your mind trick you. I JUST WANT TO GIVE HOPE OUT THERE THAT THIS CAN BE DONE. GOD IS DOING FOR ME WHAT I COULD’NT DO FOR MYSELF. DON’T QUIT BEFORE THE MIRACLE HAPPENS. the reason i still write is because the people who got off this drug stop writing when they finally beat it. I JUST WANT TO GIVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU HOPE. DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT. GOD BLESS TO ALL! tommy

  131. I have been on Suboxone for 2.5 yrs. and am down to .25mg per. day (1st thing in the AM). I was injured at work and, thanks to the W.C. Docs, got addicted to Percocet. At my highest, I would have to estimate that I was taking 10 to 12 10mg. pills per. day. I too, was under the mistaken impression that this was my way out of dependency, but now I know that I traded one drug for another. My Doctor did not warn me of the dangers and even with the low dose I am on…..every time I go 24hrs…..I instantly get all the classic symptoms. I have spoken to my doctor, who only gives this out to me and a few others (too many people were abusing) and he is at a loss as to how I am ever going to be free. I decided to start researching for myself and I, like the rest of you, are SCARED TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I used to be full of energy, life was great etc….but now, I could not get though the day without it. This is no way to live. I feel very tired all the time, ZERO Energy and I am only 36. Any advice from anyone would be very helpful in getting myslef ready for the day I have to say good-bye Suboxone.
    I hate this drug, and all others. It’s very unfair when you work so hard, get hurt, and the WC Doc.s stick it to you!

  132. Thanks for the tip Elisha! It makes sense since many of those energy “shot” drinks contain L-Tyrosine which is on of the active ingredients of Withdrawal-Ease. I would just caution people not to take them any time near bed time or it will make the insomnia worse…whatever works!

  133. Awesome Tommy! Thanks so much for your inspirational words. It CAN be done and it IS worth it when you have done it as Tommy has proven.

    Enjoy; you’ve earned it Tommy.


  134. George, thank you for your product and guide. 2 MONTHS WITHOUT SUBOXONE oneday at a time. I could’nt of done it without withdrawal ease. i’m starting school on monday to be a surgical tech. i’m working all day and going to night school mon. thru thurs. i still get tired but i just think its normal. i was always use to reaching for the drug for the pick me up, now i get a cup of coffee and am living a clean life. my desire to do drugs has been lifted from me. as i said before i’m getting my life back or should i say starting a new one. Please anyone trying to get off of this drug don’t ever give up, i never thought i would see the light at the end of the tunnel and am starting to see it. 2 MONTHS CLEAN, I’M A MIRACLE, i still have a long way to go but only have to do it oneday at a time. If you are on this site that is half the battle you have the desire to stop, now its just stopping and going through the pain and never looking back. i will never forget how i felt getting off of this drug and thats what keeps me going. IT CAN BE DONE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU IS A MIRACLE WAITING TO HAPPEN.

  135. Thanks Tommy. You sure have had a hard time and I’ve seen a lot of people that have not had to go through what you have. Your case certainly underscores the difficulty of getting off of Suboxone but I also want people to realize that there are also people who may not have symptoms for as long and as acutely as you have had to endure. Nevertheless, you seem to have a passion for getting the word out and helping people and I’m looking for some “affiliate marketers” who are knowledgeable about opiate/suboxone detox and withdrawal to help me talk to other people who need help. If you are interested,I will be starting my “affiliate program” very soon. It will not be a typical affiliate program since I have hand picked my few affiliates and they MUST have a deep understanding of opiate addiction and withdrawal.

    email me at georgec@withdrawal-ease.com if you would like to discuss it more.

    Thanks for your words of inspiration…good for you!

  136. My suboxone update. Its now 4 months off of suboxone and my physical symtoms are all gone. I update this just to let anyone trying to get off of this drug that it can be done. If anyone out there needs help and encouragement please feel free to email me at tommy1403@juno.com i will be more then happy to help you do this. May all your dreams come true. Tommy

  137. 5 months OFF OF SUBOXONE don’t give up its worth the fight. It can be done. God Bless!

  138. I would like to ask all people who submit a post to consider thet YOUR Withdrawl experience belongs to you. No two people are the same and for every person who has kindly posted a horror story there is another person who kicked their use without that same experience. Remember there are people reading these posts who are in serious trouble too many of these one sided OMG I almost went crazy posts may cause a person ready to quit to stay on drugs. I am not saying that there is not truth to what you say, just remember it was your experience and before you post consider the readership of this blog and ask yourself am I going to be doing a good service to the person who reads my post or is my post so intense, so negative, so frightening that the only thing it is going to do is plant the symptoms I had into the subconcious of another. Kind of like the root canal stories we all hear about and what is the truth there. The same as i opened my post with, every person is different. I have had two root canals done in a day and went about my routine afterwards. Try to leave some hope in your posts. Be prepared to pay the money for suboxone and don’t complain about it because if your honest you were probably spending that amount on perc and hydro especially if you were buying on the street at 4-7 bucks a pill. Before going on suboxone talk to your doctor about the horror stories you have heard and tell him you are very frightened of what will happen when its time to get off…IF YOU CHOOSE to do this. Most Physcians I know are not incensitive to your problem, but they are not mind readers so tell them what you are feeling and what you ultimately want to achieve. That way when he suggests an increase in Subs you will be able to discuss with him what the ramifications of this will be and what his solution would be. Suboxone works and it can be tapered successfully without all of the horror stories you are hearing. Just remember everone is different, and everbodies addictive personality is different.

  139. Thanks for this Ray. I agree with most of your points. However, many of these people were probably not appropriate for Suboxone in the first place which is the root of the problem. Many of these people do have really bad experiences trying to get off of this drug and the most acute sentiment that I hear on these posts is that of betrayal by their healthcare provider. Many should never have been on this drug in the first place and many had no clue that it would be so hard to quit.

    Yes, there are some horror stories out there and I do not consider the above post sensationalistic; I’m just telling the truth. If you read my post on how the Taper from Suboxone, I try and give people the rational explanation on why Suboxone takes so long to get off of and that it’s nothing to be scared of…it’s all about the half-life of the drug. I believe that there’s hope for everyone on suboxone; whether you plan to stay on it for life or quit.

  140. the truth hurts ray. the truth is its a brutal drug to withdrawal from. go online and find thousands of people crying in horror about trying to come off of suboxone. the positive it can be done. people need that identification so they know they are not alone and that it can be done. i tried everything you can imagine to get off of this drug and the only thing that helped me is withdrawal ease. Truth.. suboxone is the devil. Truth.. you can get off of it…. oneday at a time go through the pain and the light is so bright at the end of the tunnel

  141. ok well let me start by saying wow i have read alot and yes some has helped me think alittle more and i started with vics after a car accident then perks then oxys then even tried herion but then i got on suboxone and its the best thing i have ever tried it gets me through the day but i do have to say i have been on these subs for 2 years and im down to almost nothing a day but i still cant seem to get off the subs all the way i really would like to wake up everyday clean and not have to use anything like i was before the car accident but i still havent found something that i can waste money on i have wasted enough money through these kast few years so when i try something i want it to work so i think ill keep looking and maybe just maybe one day i will be clean fully clean! thats my goal!

  142. feeling crappy says:

    I’ve been on suboxone for 3 years and it’s terrible!!!

  143. Michelle says:

    I have been on Suboxone for 3 years next month. I should have continued Rehab, and not traded one drug for another. Suboxone does help with withdrawal. However, withdrawal from Suboxone is worse than withdrawal from five, 80 mg Oxycontins a day (recreational use)! My only hope at this point… God! Please, pray for me?

  144. I have been on subuxone for 4 yrs love it exept when I have pain and need to take pain meds. I havent had any issues with my insurance yet, but at the office i goto we treat addiction like it is a disease. Now if you had diabetes would you take the meds away, heart deisease, high blood presure with every disease there is a treatment and subuxone with therepy is the treatment for opiate addiction. I have been on 16mg for 4yrs with no plan to taper or get off them it work my life is great and getting better each yr.

  145. I have had a migraine headache every day for 16 years. I have detoxed from 7 months on demeral; no problem, except the migraines continued. Tried numerous drugs, some trial drugs, acupuncture, chriopractic, sacro-crainial massage, many, many herbal treatments. Most days the pain (on a scale of 1 to 10) was an 8 to 10. I never took anything that was not prescribed by a doctor. Took morphine for 2 years. Tried a rehab hospital, but the drugs they gave me caused a serious allergic reaction. Hqd to leave program and just did it the heard way at home. Tried neuotransmiters; no help. Back on morphine for another 2 and a half years. Detoxed again at home. No sleep for about a week, incredible nausea, the runs for 5 weeks, lost 30 pounds. The worst symptoms were over in about 10 days. I planned to never take ANY narcotics again. Had to have surgery June 2010 during which a major never was damaged. Took morphine for 8 months for nerve pain, and stopped myself. For the 1st time, I took suboxone. It has only been about a month. It truly seemed like a miracle drug. I have been on it for one month, but have already reduced the dose to less then 2 mg per day. Glad I checked this site. It has answered my questions. I am off the subox a.s.a.p. Thank all of you for sharing your experiences. Had I known a month ago, I would have just grit my teeth and go thru the hard stuff. It may be worse than the flu, but every day is closer to natural good health. Remember, after the rough part of detox, your entire metabolic system, especially the autonomic nerverous system and the hormone system have to re-set after the addiction is over. Take your time, slowly get into some exercise, and know that you can do it. I am going to pray for everyone who is addicted to any drugs. Trust your own best instincts and ask a lot of questions, even if your doctor gets irritated. It is your body, not his/hers.

  146. Hey I have been on sub. for five yrs. now, I’ve been told many different things about getting off sub. I was also told that to get off sub. you would have to undergo some sort of anesthesia for this, my doctor tells me different. I have wanted to get off sub. for yrs. but don’t know if I am strong enough to do it. I was put on sub. to get off painkillers, but my doctor didn’t give me all the facts, now I feel trapped and scared. I also feel like I’m alone. My husband knows all of this too, and I do get alot of support from him, but still he doesn’t know what it’s like to have to depend on something like this (suboxone).

  147. Wow, finally you have confirmed what I have been trying to tell my doctors for years now. I started subxone in 2003, yes 2003!, and after 6 months I suggested to my docs that I step down. I am very familiar with addiction (had 10 years clean prior to relapse in 2002, which took be tu sub.), and I could smell a rat. After a year i suggested it again, docs kept saying they were concerned about me being “stable”, etc.etc. It is now 2011 and I am DESPERATE to stop. I have had 2 very serious near death overdoses and I am extremely fearful of any type of w/drawal sympton. I use betw. 8-16mgs per day (i was down to 2mg-4mgs per day), but keep creeping back up. I believe 99% of my addiction is psychological, but now I read about PAWS and am terrified. I am actually considering rehab for subx. If I would have known what I know now, and most from finding out myself, I would have stopped after a few weeks. It is really only those first 5-10 days of w/drawal that I cannot tolerate. Any help would be appreciated. I don’t even want to caluclate what I have spent in 8 years, doc charges $100 just for picking up the rx!, then the cost of the meds. 10s of thousands, ugh, the guilt since I have young children and unemployed husgand. I hate this.

  148. True Believer says:

    Wow, I can relate to at least one thing in every one of these stories. I have been on subs for 5 years and I’m now trying to kick (too expensive). I’m gonna need lots of prayer and nyquil. Wish me luck!

  149. ive been on suboxone for over a year now and i need to get off of it, i was taking 3 8/2mg a day it was hard. i chose sub over methadone. im down to 1 8/2mg a day sometimes its not enough though. i really want off of suboxone im afraid of what lies ahead as far as the horrible disgusting withdrawls.

  150. i was addicted to heroin and pills i was an IV user started at the age of 12 with pills demerol lortabs vicodin percs oxys roxys etc etc… i did it all now at 25 ive depended on suboxone to escape the withdrawls ive been in treatment for 2 now and i am ready to get off of it. what exactly is this stuff and does it work?

  151. I think that’s great Steve and I applaud you for being comfortable with that. You are correct that some people feel they need Suboxone to stay “sober” and I think people should do what they feel they need to do. However, what I object to is the lack of education that some of these people got before starting to take Suboxone. It’s one thing saying, “Ok my doctor says I’ll need to take Atenelol for my high blood pressure for my whole life”…that would make sense to me. the problem that I have is that many people are told that suboxone is a “way to get off of opiates”….a solution…and that’s not really the truth. Nobody should have to be on a drug that they do not want to be on and I would say that suboxone is about as hard of a drug to get off of than anything else out there…including methadone.

  152. ive been on suboxone for two and a half years first year with a doc the next year and a half of the street i was taking at least 20 mills a day for the year after that 8mills some times only 4 mills a day i jumped off that to 2 mill a day last week and now im doing two mill every other day on day 9 now i feel ok during the day but only getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep now my question is does this detox ease work ?

  153. I been on subs for 3 years n my mom too. We thought we would quit cold turkey n boy was that a bad idea we couldn’t move so were back on it n I’m gonna start weening next month I will prob get supplements from this site cause I know how bad we both felt I couldn’t work or even get out of bed.. They deff need more research I’m glad I know now that I deff have to ween off no matter what. No cold turkey ever again:) thanks taj

  154. Deff right sub withdrawal was jus as bad as my other withdrawals with roxys, I’m nervous but I will ween off I deff will not feel like that again I had no idea how bad sub withdrawal is.. It shocked me I thought there was barely any withdrawals boy was I wrong..

  155. WOW!! i read all of this and my heart cringes. i was there right in the middle of all of this. My drug story and suboxone use is all up top. I am going on 1 year now completely drug free from opiates and that horrible devil of a drug suboxone. this can be done. if anyone needs my advice you can email me at tommy1403@juno.com withdrawal ease helped me so much. God Bless to all trying to surrender to this disease.

  156. Great posting! I have been on Suboxone for my chronic pain for 4 1/2 years now. At the max dose of 32mgs. Ran out of last script back in Jan and been tapering myself down since. Now off and gone but jumped off from the 4mg. Feel like hell now! I thought this was a miracle drug, to NOT be narc and get my pain relief? But it seems that when I detoxed off Fentanyl, those withdrawals lasted 2 months. But did NOT feel any sickness like this!On day 14 now free from Sub. Feel like shit, cant sleep, eat or drink much. All expends one way or another. WHEN will I be a NORMAL Sober man again? Thanks for THIS site!

  157. Billy Goodson says:

    I’m kicking my self in the ass about this too. I thought that this drug, Suboxone was going to help get me off of the drugs I was trying to detox from. That was over a year ago and I’m STILL taking the drug because I’m addicted to it. It’s a lot like Heroin – I wish I never ever went to the doctor who perscribed it to me and never told me anything about what I was getting into!

  158. richard paris says:

    let me start by stating I am basing this on my personal experience and I can and will not speak for anyone else. That said it is my personal opinion that this product is a scam and doesn’t work at all. I ordered it and used it as directed and it did absolutely nothing to help ease my withdrawal. for me it was a profound waste of 80 dollars. I never experienced any relief whatsoever. These of products can claim whatever they want regardless of if they actually work with no consequences at all. The FDA does not regulate nor do they test these products. this product is a mix of ingredients that can be easily bought over the counter. I mean seriously the ingredient to help you sleep is melatonin! anyone who has experienced opiate withdrawal and knows what melatonin is would know this product wouldn’t help them at all. and the reviews on the web sight are all clearly written by the same person if you ask me. if this product did what it is claimed to do everyone would be using it and every dr. in the world would be prescribing it. my dr didn’t even know what it was! you re better off going into a real detox than wasting the money on a pipe dream that will leave you disappointed. please think before you buy this product. research the ingredients and look at reviews that are not posted on this sight. I hope that the people running this sight will do the right thing and post this reply. people have a right to hear every side of the argument.

  159. Thanks for the input Richard. First of all, I cannot locate any record of any purchase from you using your first name, your last name or your email. I find that a bit suspicious to be honest. But for now, lets just assume that you have purchased it and have used Withdrawal Ease.

    If you’re not speaking for anyone else than making a blanket statement that Withdrawal Ease is a scam is hypocritical. I really don’t know where to start with your claims because almost every single one of them is either false, conjecture or naive.

    As you mentioned, you can only speak to your experience and it clearly did not meet your expectations. But to suggest that it is a scam based on your detox is not realistic nor is it true. If one follows the program and takes the product as directed, then they will have an easier time during their detox. There are a variety of other protocols involved in our program that we did not develop (tapering for instance) that have been clinically proven to reduce the impact of withdrawal. All of the instructions that we give in the Guide (which is worth $80 by itself) can only help reduce your symptoms.

    The product itself has ingredients that have also been proven to reduce the acuity of withdrawal. Ingredients like Melatonin and Valerian are -in fact- very effective for sleep. The amino acids such as L-Tyrosine have been proven to increase energy and mental function. Many if not all of these vitamins, mineral and amino acids are used in the very detox centers that you suggest people visit. These are the very same detox centers that cost upwards of $5,000.

    I’m not sure how paying thousands of dollars for a 5-day in-patient stay in a hospital bed as opposed to paying $80 (it’s actually $89.95) and detoxing in one’s home is saving anyone any money.

    Your doctor is not visited by Withdrawal Ease reps every day (like big pharma) and most doctors have absolutely no clue how to treat opiate detox so the fact that your doctor did not know about Withdrawal Ease is not really remarkable or noteworthy. That is why most people go through opiate detox alone and in so much discomfort in the first place; physicians are commonly ignorant about the subject of opiate withdrawal.

    And don’t get me started on the FDA. Take a look at our article on Zohydro (http://withdrawal-ease.com/zohydro-appalling-display-hypocrisy/) and you’ll get a good feel for how the FDA “regulates”.

    Yes, all of the ingredients can be bought in a store and were perfectly open about that; there are no secret potions in our product; just proven ingredients that help. If someone would like to print out our ingredient list (http://withdrawal-ease.com/product/active-ingredients/) and go to their local GNC they have every right to do so. We contend that buying all of the ingredients in bulk would be far more expensive.

    It’s also very hard not to get annoyed when someone like yourself suggests -no…insists- that all of our testimonials are written by the same person and are fake. Are you a handwriting or language forensic specialist that can somehow identify who wrote what? Perhaps our competitors write fake testimonials but we take the time to save every single one of our testimonials on file which would be available upon request. Our testimonials all had to be verified by the Better business Bureau in order for Withdrawal Ease to become a member. Suggesting that our testimonials are falsified is also offensive to those that wrote them; it suggests that what they went through and what they accomplished is not real or genuine. It is reality and they worked very hard to get through their detox so perhaps you need to consider why you did not get through yours?

    I’ve posted your comments because you have “conveniently” listed every major misconception or misrepresentation about our product and I decided it would be a good opportunity to dispel many of these accusations.

    The facts are as follows: If you taper, follow the instructions in our Survival Guide and take the product as directed, you will have an easier time detoxing from opiates. This does not mean that simply taking the Withdrawal Ease capsules as directed will miraculously end your suffering; it is a process that you obviously did not execute properly and I’m sorry for that.

    Finally, if you are so indignant that you would take the time to write such a comprehensive post about the fraudulent nature of our product and website then why have you not contacted us for a refund? We DO give refunds when people are not satisfied with our product. All you have to do is email me and tell me your situation; 99% of the time I will issue a refund if you are disappointed with your purchase.

    But as I mentioned before, I cannot find any record of any purchase from you based on your email, your first name or your last name. Regardless of whether you purchased the product or not, thanks for giving me the opportunity to add clarity and fact to the discussion.

  160. All of the information you have written on suboxone is so true, i have been dependant on it for over seven years now and know i will be walking through hell to get off it. i am 47 and began taking it to , thought end a painkiller addiction. I take 4mg a day and cant go lower without severe sleep dep. i have found dlpa helps with depression. I ordered your product a few months ago but have not jumped yet. I even checked into a detox facility where they put me on subutex for a week then sent me to a halfway house with no medical supervision to withdrawl…..i left. Every word you have written on it is 100 percent acurate. I pray to God that someone will come up with a way to help us off this demon without six months of suffering. i have looked into rapid detox under anesthesia……bi weekly amino acid iv treatments…..anything, I love my job, my family

  161. Richard Arlus Williams-Obanion says:

    Suboxone dose work well and should only be used long enough to detox but if you have a reason for chronic pain then you are stuck with the stigma of Rehab and the comments that Rehab Counslelors say to you insurance and try to keep you in their program as long as possible.
    Doctors are trying to only take cash and there is no incentive for them to wein you off and the one I went to tried to get me hooked. I experience horible side effects and the pain relief from Spine Damage was still there but was unable to obtain Pain Managment because I went on Suboxone to separate what was giving me rebound pain and Chronic Pain from Gillian Baree’. Be carefull who you go to and pull all your visit notes and records if it drags on more than a few weeks wile looking for Pain Managment consult at the same time as it take so long to get an appointment.
    Many meds like Oxycodone are over perscribed and give rebound pain and no one care if you just took what the Doctor ordered for you, you are still concidered an addict and though an Opiate may be the right medicine for you the form takes many shapes and should not be mixed with Anti-Siezure or Antidepressant medication resulting in a visious cycle.
    Know you body once detoxed. Do not take perscriptions from different Doctors that overlap or you will be guilty of Doctor Shopping. Suboxone works like magic but all magic comes with a price.

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