Suboxone – Is A Storm Looming?

Since we started selling Withdrawal Ease in 2009, we receive a LOT of repeat orders for Withdrawal-Ease and in the beginning I couldn’t figure out why. I didn’t really count on many repeat orders because there are more than enough capsules in one order of Withdrawal Ease to cover a normal 10-15 day opiate withdrawal and detox period. And then I figured out what was going on…Suboxone. Over a period of a few weeks I discovered that many of my repeat customers were Suboxone patients…or rather, ex-Suboxone patients. For many, Suboxone withdrawal symptoms are similar to opiate withdrawals yet less acute than withdrawal from Percocent or Oxycontin. Due to its long half-life,  Suboxone withdrawal symptoms may last a bit longer.

However, there are some that suggest a detox from Suboxone (even as low as .5mgs) is monumentally difficult due to the severity of their symptoms and duration of post acute withdrawal symptoms.

I have to be honest, I’ve always been a fan of Suboxone for people who have had long-term (2+ years) and moderate to heavy opiate addiction. But I have to say that I’ve seen SO MANY Suboxone patients on the site and also contacting me for help. Unfortunately, not all doctors give their patients the full story. People need to understand that Suboxone is an extremely powerful OPIATE. Even the FDA’s own studies concluded that Suboxone by volume is 20 times more powerful than morphine! It’s one of those drugs that’s sort of a a Jekyl and Hyde type of deal. It can be great in the short term but for long-time users it can be a nightmare. And I’m concerned that people have gone rushing into Suboxone without knowing the full story and appreciating the true potency of Suboxone.

For someone like myself, I went on Suboxone and started on about 16mg’s per day and then tapered off pretty quickly which is what we call a rapid Suboxone detox. There was depression and some lethargy but nothing like I have seen with others. I’m not particularly concerned for those people that go on Sub (Do you mind that I abbreviate? S-U-B is soooo much easier than S-U-B-O-X-O-N-E) for 2-3 months or so then get off by tapering. I’m more concerned for those people that stay on it for long periods of time and then have a very difficult time getting off of it. Some folks can have a Really hard time.

If I were a cynic (And I am), I would say that there are some pharmaceutical manufacturers out there that might need to watch their butts in the next few years. Eh hem… Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals? I’m not putting this on the doctors that prescribe it because they can only rely on the data that is provided to them from long-term randomized clinical trials conducted and then approved by the FDA. For all intents and purposes, Suboxone is a new drug and the long-term consequences have not yet been born out. But based on my experience with the many people that come to this site that are looking for help to get off Suboxone, I’m guessing that there’s something Rotten in Denmark folks. It’s an extremely expensive drug and if you are on it for years and years, you or your insurance company is spending tens of thousands of dollars on Sub! That’s a lot of ongoing revenue for big pharma.

Here’s essentially what I have noticed with Sub patients. Those that have been on it for a year or longer are usually able to taper down to about 1-2mg’s per day but once they try and “jump” to zero, they have a really hard time and often experience what is called PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome). PAWS is basically an extended withdrawal process that some people suffer from for months and months. The people that I have encountered with PAWS seem to have a lot of psychological symptoms such as ongoing lethargy and depression but there’s no doubt about it, it’s opiate withdrawal. Of course I have to mention again that Suboxone has a much longer half-life than hydrocodone so it makes sense that it would have an extended withdrawal period. Having said that, I’m really surprised at the acuity and the duration of the symptoms that people who are trying to get off Suboxone after long term use. It’s a bit alarming. And it must be downright scary for those people who thought that they were getting clean and sober by using Suboxone only to find out they they are sort of stuck with a worse “cellmate” than their original drug of choice. I suppose it’s a good sign that I’m getting a lot of repeat customers and that Withdrawal-Ease seems to be very effective for PAWS but in this case, “customer loyalty” is not a badge of honor.

Again, I know that Suboxone has helped a lot of people but I think some serious research needs to be done on the long-term effects of prolonged Suboxone therapy and its relationship to PAWS. I’m not really a conspiracy theorist but in many ways I smell a rat when I see all of these people suffering from a treatment that was supposed to help them! I think the good folks at Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals probably need to figure out what’s going on..and fast. Because from where I sit, I see a definite relationship between extended use of Sub and Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome and I bet there are thousands of lawyers just licking their chops to have a big class action law suit against a large pharmaceutical company.

I still think Sub may be a good option for some people but a lot of my repeat customers may strongly disagree. We’ll have to wait and see.


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  • http://webmd Jay

    Great posting! I have been on Suboxone for my chronic pain for 4 1/2 years now. At the max dose of 32mgs. Ran out of last script back in Jan and been tapering myself down since. Now off and gone but jumped off from the 4mg. Feel like hell now! I thought this was a miracle drug, to NOT be narc and get my pain relief? But it seems that when I detoxed off Fentanyl, those withdrawals lasted 2 months. But did NOT feel any sickness like this!On day 14 now free from Sub. Feel like shit, cant sleep, eat or drink much. All expends one way or another. WHEN will I be a NORMAL Sober man again? Thanks for THIS site!

  • Tina

    All of the information you have written on suboxone is so true, i have been dependant on it for over seven years now and know i will be walking through hell to get off it. i am 47 and began taking it to , thought end a painkiller addiction. I take 4mg a day and cant go lower without severe sleep dep. i have found dlpa helps with depression. I ordered your product a few months ago but have not jumped yet. I even checked into a detox facility where they put me on subutex for a week then sent me to a halfway house with no medical supervision to withdrawl…..i left. Every word you have written on it is 100 percent acurate. I pray to God that someone will come up with a way to help us off this demon without six months of suffering. i have looked into rapid detox under anesthesia……bi weekly amino acid iv treatments…..anything, I love my job, my family

  • George Catlin

    Hi Samantha. Your pregnancy complicates things since it’s probably not good to be on opiates or the like when pregnant for obvious reasons. In any case, it seems that you have probably tapered off of Sub too quickly. From what I’ve heard, Tapering off of Sub should takes months of very precise dose reductions. It’s not like other op-iates where you can do it over a few weeks…I would ask your obstetrician if going back on a small dose of Sub might be ok while you are pregnant. I’m not a doctor so I do not know. But it seems to me that you need to taper more slowly if you are feeling this poorly.

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