Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Withdrawal Ease Customers Offer Their Reviews and Personal Success Stories

“Will Withdrawal Ease Work For Me?” This is (by far) the most common question we receive; and rightly so! We can’t think of a better way to answer this very question than to share the personal stories from some of the many people who Withdrawal Ease has helped take their first step towards beating opiate dependency.

The “first step” as I refer to it, is the detox and withdrawal process. Of course, we cannot cure opiate addiction or dependence but we can help you get started. As you read these success stories, I hope you recognize that many of these folks have also used our Withdrawal Survival Guide. By properly tapering and following the instructions in the Survival Guide, you are giving yourself a better chance to feel more comfortable as you complete the detox process.


“After seeing the results from the people who have used the Withdrawal Ease System and researching the active ingredients, I now recommend and prescribe the Withdrawal Ease System to patients for help in combating the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal from opiates.”

– Dr. Brian Earthman, MD. Psychiatrist
Addictionologist and Board Certified by The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)


“I would like to say Thank You for this wonderful product! I abused Vicodin on and off for about 2+ yrs. I went cold turkey a few times and wow, that was horrid. I ordered this product and after 3 days my life begin to get back on track in every aspect possible, love life, depression, anxiety…pretty much everything…This product didn’t cure all symptoms at once but made it easier to deal with them one hr at a time. I feel great today; just walked 3 miles and only have small aches that are equivalent to working out like I used to before opiates took my freedom…..People this is an awesome product but you really have to want to quit for your own well being.”

-Kevin R.

“I am a healthcare professional (39 years) and am very impressed with your product. Your product has been an answer to prayer. I exercised very poor judgment in my own life, but I’m making good progress in turning things around…again and for the last time. I won’t hesitate to suggest your product to others.”

-William K., MD

“Thank you, for your great product. I was going through pretty severe Oxycontin withdrawal when I went cold turkey 3 days ago. I searched around on the web and came across your product. I ordered it yesterday rush and got it 2 hours ago. About an hour later, I felt soooo much better! I was hesitant that there was really a natural product that could help me through this difficult time, but any doubts I had have been put to rest. It’s amazing how much more energy I have with little to no discomfort. I will recommend your product to everyone, as I have some friends that are pretty heavy into Oxycontin that need help too. You also have my permission to use this as a testimonial if you wish. I can safely say that buying your product was the best decision I’ve made in my life since starting taking Oxycontin 3 years ago (as their hasn’t been many good ones within that span).”

-Daryl G.

“Dear George,

I call you “Dear” because I feel like I know your kindness. And your product and help truly transformed me back to the person I used to be- and I was a good person….. and am finally back to that person. Yes, you may absolutely use my words and comments as testimonial.

You not only saved me literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars in pharmacy and medical costs but you saved my successful nursing CAREER and MY LIFE!! I can’t thank you enough George!”

“My life without pain pills has been so freeing!! No more counting pills and stressing about whether they will last to the next refill.

I have more energy and am amazed at how alert I am! Withdrawal Ease and the Survival Guide saved my life!! I have now been exercising and am quite active. I can’t believe how much I laugh now!! My boyfriend of 4 years was ready to “call it off”
but now we are planning to get married!! I can’t thank you and Withdrawal-Ease enough for giving me my life back!!”

-Lidia G. RN (Nurse)

“Hi George,
My detox was painless. Really. Painless. I had been on Methadone for almost three years, then went to Suboxone to get out of the Methadone trap. I then discovered that Suboxone could be a trap as well. So, I tapered to a low dose and bought Withdrawal Ease. I honestly feel lucky, I didn’t feel any withdrawal whatsoever!!! I began taking the supplements a week before my detox and I believe they were a great help. Thanks for helping me get control of my life.”

-Nick H.

“I want to say that it has been a little over a week now, and I was a heavy, heavy Percocet user. Your Guide and product have helped me so much! It wasn’t easy, but no lie…no exaggeration, your product WORKS. And not only does it WORK…it REALLY WORKS! It has helped so much and I cannot thank you enough”

-Cole N.

Your product is amazing! It doesn’t take away the withdrawal symptoms completely but has made them more than tolerable.Thank you so much!!! I was very skeptical about paying $162.00 on a vitamin supplement. We have used cold and flu medicine and some vitamins to weaken the Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms in the past. Nothing has come even close to your product. You can expect many referrals from my wife and I. If you wish to have something from me to post on your testimonial page, please let me know and I would be happy to write something to post.

-David H.

“So, all in all, I think your product is incredible. I called the doctor who was prescribing [my] Suboxone and told her to check out your website. Hopefully she can recommend it to her patients that are trying to detox. I really can’t thank you enough for your emails and product.

It’s helped more than you can imagine!”
-Rebecca P.

I have only been taking the daytime and I must say it helps a lot! I take percocet for pain management and usually dont go over 15-20 milligrams a day. I have stopped before and although the withdrawal I get is probably mild compared to those who abuse [heavily], my worst symptom is the leg cramps and sluggishness.
Your product has significantly eased that pain.

-Theodore (Ted) M.


I am doing great.  Have not touched a perc in weeks!  I still feel some pain here and there from my accident – but nothing ibuprofen can’t handle.  As far as an urge to take a perc – no urge what so ever.  Strange!

You know, the herbs were great – I think loading up a week or two prior (while I weened off) to making the jump really helped. In fact, my withdrawals were not half as bad as I suspected – I think it was all in my head – more mental than anything.  I will say, I did a suboxone on my 2nd and 3rd day off percs.  By the 5th day, I was nearly all better.  I am now, finally, 100% better.

Your product is great.  I think for those who are ‘heavy’ addicts, should consider loading on the herbs 2-3 weeks while weening off (and having hard-core discipline doing so) plus seeing their PCP – but for somebody like me who had an addiction for about 2 years but never got ‘heavy heavy’ – the herbs alone can do the trick along with 2-3 days of rest, eating well, staying hydrated (gatorade, water, tea) and being mentally tough.

Thanks again George.

-James K.

“Today is day five and I have survived [Hydrocodone withdrawal] because of your Withdrawal-Ease and the fact that I really did feel your support…I couldn’t have done it without Withdrawal-Ease and your support.”

Joanne M.


I hit the 2 week mark after stopping Oxycontin and am actually doing very well.  I am very blessed I did not have many physical symptoms. I did not have any flu symptoms at all. I did have the blues but that has lifted too. Yesterday, actually, was the first day I did not have that anxious feeling so that has to be a good sign.  I followed the instructions pretty much to the tee for the first 7 days and am still taking the product faithfully.

-Gregory M.


If I hadn’t found you I probably wouldn’t have ever stopped Oxycontin.  I am very private and do not ask for help.  That is just my personality.  To be able to do on my own, because of you, saved me.  I kept repeating over and over the words at the bottom of one of the pages of the Survival Guide – “you made it one more day so to go back now is not an option.”Now it is 2 weeks already and I have no desire to go back to Oxycontin. Up until Wednesday I thought about it but never could do it.  Yesterday I didn’t even think about turning back.

Thank you so much for everything.

-Peg M.

Hi George! You absolutely can use anything I say in your testimonial page. I think your product is terrific and the survival guide worked wonders. I have spent the past seven years going from pain pills to Methadone to Suboxone and I can’t tell you how good it feels to be done with it all.
God Bless you and if there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know.

-Donna P.

“Man your product is f-ing awesone! I hardly felt anything today (day 4 off Hydrocodone). What withdrawals???!

-Zach H.

“George , You have my full permission and I would be honored if you would use any of my emails as testimonials. I feel very strong about how helpful your product is. While I was in the deep crud, your emails made me feel like I wasn’t doing it alone. When you’re getting off Oxycodone and in withdrawal, time stands still, a minute feels like an hour, with that said, your product changed my [withdrawals] from impossible to tolerable. The night time formula worked great for helping me get what rest I needed. I know I’m starting to go on and on, but I cant help it. I have gained control over my life again and I owe a big part of it to a man named George. I think you came up with a product a lot of people need. I can only hope to help others like you did with me. Life is too precious to live imprisoned by opiates! THANKS AGAIN your friend… Andros.”

Andros M.

“Our worse night was the night before we got the product. IT was BAD! He did not sleep. After he started taking the product he did sleep…overall he has been resting well. He seems to want to eat at night. The pain is not as bad as I thought it was going to be, he says it’s tolerable. Overall. I think it was a blessing to have gotten the Withdrawal-Ease. I do think it has made a huge difference with his withdrawal and detox [from Vicodin]! The combo of herbs seem to really work well together and you are right, if we purchased them separately it would be way too expensive!”

-Jen W. (Re: Her Husband’s Vicodin Withdrawal)

“My job entails a lot of heavy lifting: 100 lbs and up and a lot of driving which during my Vicodin withdrawals I got tired but I have to say that this product helped me greatly and I was able to get through it. I know when I was on Vicodin I changed. I was short tempered and had loss of memory, but now I’m doing so much better. I got my life back which is priceless. I hope this helps someone [take the first step].”

-Jason L.

“Yes that’s totally fine to use my testimonial. I would like other people to read it and to realize how much Withdrawal-Ease really does help and that Suboxone is just another drug in my eyes.”

-Spencer K.

“My wife keeps telling me all the little things she is noticing now that I’m off the Percocet. I actually talk to her again, my eyes aren’t red and little slits and she said even my tone of voice sounds different. These are just a few things that have changed for the better for me. Once again Thank YOU!  I cant put into words what you’ve helped me through. Finding your website as like God sending me an angel THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU! I will never forget this turning point in my life and especially you treating me with dignity and genuine concern.”

-Adrian G.

I just wanted to say thank you and that Withdrawal-Ease has helped tremendously with Suboxone withdrawal. I used Suboxone on the street to stop taking street methadone and oxycontin then got addicted to Suboxone but with Withdrawal-Ease and your Survival Guide I’m on day 10 without subs and feel much better!

Thank you George and Dr. Earthman.

-Peter S.

“NOW….you are NOT going to believe this.  I hardly had any withdrawals at all!!!!!!! It almost scares me b/c I think maybe the withdrawals haven’t started yet.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it didn’t!  Today is Day 5 from my last Hydrocodone!!!!!  No, I’m not in a good mood…but I’m not kickin’ the cat around the house either! And I’m not sick.”

-Cathy C.

“I am finishing up day 11 of my program and doing very well. I started weaning myself off the same day I ordered my [Withdrawal-Ease]. No problems what so ever. Thanks to all who gave me the tools to end my addiction. The guide was most helpful as well…”

-Bruce C.

“He said the (Withdrawal-Ease) pills are helping him a lot and I am so happy about that. Thanks so much for caring.”

-Kelli J. (Re: Her Husband’s Vicodin Withdrawal)

Hello G,
“I am writing you a follow up to let you know that I am still free of Vicodin.  I never thought it would happen as easily as it did. . I even called a facility in Fla to go to, but tried your product first.  Your Withdrawal-Ease is a LOT less money!

I just wanted to thank you once again and if I can ever help you out by talking with a customer, write to me.

By the way, it has been a couple of months for me [off the vicodin] and I’ll never go back…”

Joanne L.

“Thank you for your product. I am on day five  of Hydrocodone withdrawal and I feel great besides the occasional belly ache and some depression. The (last) time I quit I had two miserable weeks. This time was close to a breeze. My doctor had me on two Lorcet 10/500 for a slipped disc, and two bulging discs, but I was taking twice that much or more some days. I am thirty years old, and glad to have my life back. My energy is [good] enough that I will go back to work today. With your product, and my wife and parent’s support, I am doing great. Thanks Again!”

-Allan K

“I am 100% clean and feeling better every day! I can’t thank you enough for all your support. Only someone who has been through this can truly understand how hard it is. Looking back I cant believe I lost 9 years of my life to that garbage [The Vicodin]. If there’s anything I can do to help promote your product I would be glad to. I’ve told a lot of people about Withdrawal-Ease and the man who stands behind it. My hope is to help others and show them life can go on without depending on pills to function. Keep in touch and take care.”

-Manuel Z.


“This stuff really does make a difference, just stick with it! It has REALLY helped me cope, and stay focused compared to cold turkey detox… that’s probably a little corny but that’s my honest opinion.”
-Megan G.

“Hi G.
I am an active duty military officer and travel a lot. The [Survival Guide] was right, the towel trick helps a lot on my legs, pain level is bottom low now!  Doing great! I am taking the Withdrawal-Ease and I believe it is helping a lot.”
-Frank B.

“It’s the depression that usually gets me and I didn’t feel any. I actually ate [food] and liked it as well as took a walk. That didn’t happen the last time. Thanks so much.”
-Tom D.

“I had no pain whatsoever and usually [when in withdrawals] I have a lot of pain in my legs and hips. I really don’t know you but you have been a nice friend to me and very supportive. And I needed that. Thanks again George!”

“Doing things on day 4 that I never thought I would be able to. I still don’t feel totally well but at least I’m not wanting to just curl into bed.”
-Maggie T.

“I took the supplements just like you told me…I’m feeling really good today (day #7). I’m giving my elderly mom a bath today…I never dreamed I would be able to do this on the third day of Oxycontin withdrawal!”
-Gayle P.

“Our daughter was greatly helped by using Withdrawal-Ease to come off of Fentanyl and Hydrocodone. She is now off all narcotics and we are very thankful.”

-Jen G.

“Thank you for checking in on me. I’m adhering to the prescribed plan defined in the Survival Guide for my Hydrocodone withdrawal. The morning capsules -for me- are very effective. The vitamins provide me with a tremendous amount of energy and alertness. Overall I have a good sense of well being, appetite is strong, normal daily activities are good and I’m enjoying my work very much”.

-Mark D.

“Hi George,
I have to say I was very scared. I did as the Survival Guide suggested and tapered off Vicodin while taking the Withdrawal Ease. I am so happy to say that I did it!!!! No Vicodin now except for the Withdrawal Ease and an occasional Ibuprofen for a headache. The withdrawal symptoms weren’t at all like I had anticipated. As you had described in the Guide, I did prepare for the worst. I made it through very well and I feel like a new person. I am happy to get up in the morning and go to work, and can now feel human enough to face family and friends without drugs. I really have no struggle for pills, and take vitamins now to fulfill that need for a pill. I will definitely write a testimonial for you and your product. As I said, I have never felt so good. I have money now, and can sleep, without nightmares. I can afford the things in life that are most important like dinners out, presents for birthdays, and even have money for new clothes and shopping. I cannot stress enough how good Withdrawal Ease made me feel and it was so good to know you were there for me. It was a rough time, and I did it. I will continue with Withdrawal Ease for my 30 day period, and know I no longer will do drugs. Thanks for your help and for truly caring. I appreciate it. I will definitely keep in touch. Again, thanks for your frankness and reality check.”

-Susan H.



“I’ve been using the product for a full week and can already feel somewhat back to normal. My legs are not as restless as is in the beginning. One more week to go. I have say, your product has been working great for me!”

-Ira P.



“Hi George. I emailed you a few weeks ago praying that this worked for my husband. He started taking the Withdrawal ease 5 days before his last Oxycodone. He stopped on a Wednesday. I think his mind set was dead on because 1 week later, he feels great. He is very exhausted, but having pills to take and having your words of advice, is really
helping him. I personally was very skeptical since I studied natural medicine, but hey…whatever works! Not always good, but his addiction is also psychological where he needs to follow routine and taking pills everyday for the past 5 years, the vitamins feed that urge. Thank you again and glad you post advice!”

-Anne J.



I would like to pass my gratitude your way. It’s nice to see professionals who care about helping addicts who truly need it. It CAN make a difference! I personally have been on Suboxone for several years and in combination with your product am starting the process of weaning off. It took a lot of hard work and today I can live a happy and full life. I am a fan of Withdrawal Ease as well as the “Handbook” (very Cool and accurate) in combination with “Meetings” to keep me clean. Let me know if I can give a testimonial or be of assistance in any way.

Thanks for caring….God Bless.
-Kevin M.



My Son is on Withdrawal-Ease and is doing extremely well. Thanks So Much for your product!
-Brett H.



I’m not looking back. You have helped tremendously.. Your comments, your blogs, everything. I’m in South Florida. You already know whats going on down here.

I know you need to love yourself to do this, but my kids are my driving force. I can’t thank you enough.

I’m telling everyone about your product down here. Normally I’d be kicking things, screaming, crying and curling up in a ball waiting to die. With your help, I’m eating, drinking, and maintaining some semblance of a “normal” life while going thru this. THANK YOU!
-Kayla P.

PS… just reading the day by day “You did it” helps a lot too. It’s nice to give yourself a pat on the back instead of feeling guilt.



“Your product has helped so much during my taper down, it is my second month supply and I can tell you that I felt a difference while I was out of it for a week. I have given the info to my doctor and told her how much this has helped. I have had so many side effects from the pain killers I did not know if they were from my a result of my back or the surgery, restless leg had been making me crazy and waking up with bad withdraw from the day before. I recommend this highly and told my doctor what a help it has been. The madness is not over yet but will be soon!!”

-Paul O.



“Hello George, my name is Amy K. I have recently purchased your product. I am now on day 5 of recovery. I believe your product has helped me. I just received the 2 bottles. I have been doing really well as far as most of the withdrawal symptoms. I don’t want to quit taking your product because of the good stuff it has for my digestive tract, but I wanted to know if I can take anything with it. Or if you have any suggestions on what more I can do. I don’t have any want to relapse, I know in my heart that I never want to go back there.”

-Amy K.



“I really just want to say thank you. You’ve inspired me to actually take the steps needed to get my husband back. We have been in and out of rehab, detox centers, etc…for almost 2 years now. You and your product are going to be my last attempt. I want my best friend back and our children would love to have their dad. So again, thank you for actually taking the time to design a product and this website. I appreciated the humor in the detox program as well. I’ve
personally gone through it, but that was over 6 years ago, and I can’t remember everything that happened with me. So, thank you, thank you, thank you again…”

-Susan H.



“Hello! I just had to write to thank you so much for your wonderful product! I had been prescribed 120mg of oxycodone a day for over a year after an injury and I have wanted to “free” myself from the dependency for a long time now. I did withdrawal from them 6 months ago but within 3 days of severe symptoms, and having to take care of my 2 young children, I gave in. This time I tried the Withdrawal Ease and I was determined to stick through till the end. I woke up Friday morning, 12 hours since my last dose, and I took 2 Withdrawal Ease daytime tablets. The next 10 hours were difficult but I knew in my gut that it was going to get MUCH worse before it got any better! But then suddenly, around 22 hours (yes not even a full day!), I started to feel better! I noticed my temperature felt normal again and I wasn’t really uncomfortable at all anymore! I assumed this was a fluke but I went on to sleep 10 straight hours my first night (24-34 hours into withdrawal!). The next 2 days I was very tired and emotional but now I’m proud to say I have gone 4 days with NOTHING but Withdrawal Ease and I am getting my energy back and haven’t had a typical physical symptom since my first day! My husband is blown away completely! He has known many of his friends who stopped their narcotics and he cannot believe I felt as good as I did less than 24 hours in! One more thing that you may not want to exactly post on your website lol but I have to mention is that the most common symptom (in my opinion), running to the bathroom constantly, DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN ONCE FOR ME! I’m still just shocked! I had to email and thank you and this company for making such an amazing product! I sincerely feel like Withdrawal Ease gave me MY life back and I just cannot THANK YOU enough! I know I sound like a fake testimonial or a bad tv commercial but I just had to tell the truth! I also gave details about my specific experience because that was one thing I searched for online that I never could find was someone’s actual detailed experience using this product. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am now a WIFE and MOM – FIRST – before an addict! Wow!”

-Ashleigh P



“I have to tell you that your product is absolutely amazing.  Thank you!!!”
-Lori M.



“I have used your product before and think it is fantastic. I
have an active spinal condition and have been going on and off meds
for pain management for years., for my multiple spine fractures zones
and degenerated/destroyed disks, some inoperable.

Thank you, and I appreciate you guys and your product. It works!!!!”
-Jim K.



“Thank you! I found your program online. I didn’t even realize that I had become physically addicted until reading your site.
I prepared as you suggested and used you products. Today me and my
boyfriend are 2 weeks FREE! The Guidelines was really the most
helpful. By knowing what I was going through and what to expect I was
able to get thru each day. Thanks for helping me get my life back!”

-Haley M.



“I just wanted to write and say thank you for having this product out there for purchase, it was such a huge blessing to me and I am very grateful.  It’s been 10 days since taking my last norco and I am praising God.  I had forgotten how good life is and will be in the future.

I don’t know if any of your marketers go on the forums to see what people are saying, but there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there.  I was going to post on one of them this morning but I don’t  think it’s in my best interest to read anymore than I did.

Thanks again for your product and thank you for helping me get my joy back!”

Warmest Regards,

-Sherry P.



“Just wanted to say how glad I am that I found this product.
It has truly transformed my life. I was addicted to hydrocodone for 2
years. I took 30 pills a day everyday. I tried several times to quit
cold turkey and I failed every time. So then I came across your product
and ordered it. I also bought some 5htp and took it as well. On the
third day of taking the vitamins I felt normal with so much energy I
didn’t know what to do. I was even a little confused because I am not
used to feeling this good. No crying or hot/cold flashes or chills.
Thank you for giving my life back to me.”

-Mary C.



Dear George,

“I have to send u a big ty! Today is day 4, and I didn’t take an oxy. I feel pretty good this morning. Hopefully it will last all day. Tomorrow might be different, but ill deal with that when it comes. Ty for taking the time out of your busy life to help me this past weekend. Your encouragement gave me strength. God bless you George!”

-Kelli B.



“I bought your product. Been taking it for 8 days and feel great no sickness at all. Now it’s all mental but I’m winning. 8 days drug free after taking 10 to 15 lortab a day!”

Thank you
-Tom D.



“Hello George, I wish to thank you for the long personal e-mail during my home detox while using your wonderful product … I read your ten top reasons to quit for motivation never to go back to the UN-Greg…Blessings to you.”
-The “Old” Greg.



“Thank You for your kind words & compassionate attention. We
have already started titration with a schedule from our provider & your
word alone convinces us that your product will make life much more
livable during this harrowing process.”
Thanks Again,
-Liz and Len



“Thank-you so much, I needed it [The Survival Guide] for my son who does not live with me and doesn’t have access to my computer when he needs the info on hand. Printed it out successfully… Thank you for all that you have done with this wonderful product.”



“Hello, I used your product to successfully get off of a many year problem with opiates. I tried inpatient detox/ rehab and it failed miserably – twice. Having said that I still have a benzo
problem that I need to kick and a friend used your product to get off benzos. She used a 2 capsules twice a day and then used 2 capsules for sleep and took two more in the middle of the night when she woke up and it worked for her! *Is this a safe strategy for benzos and is
there anything else I could add to withdrawal-ease to help the benzo cravings? Thank you very much and feel free to call me if you have any questions.”
-Kevin C.

 * Withdrawal-Ease is not currently indicated for Benzodiazepine (Xanax, Klonopin etc.) detox and withdrawal. The reason is that “Benzo” withdrawal can cause seizures…so please make sure that you always detox from Benzos under the auspices of a doctor.  – George


“I would like to thank you guys! I was another victim of the suboxone epidemic. I was on pain pills for 3 years and then tried to get off them by going to suboxone. In return to just get addicted to those. Withdrawal ease definitely made the process smoother. After the
first three days the pain slowly went away and life started to come back in my body. Many people can’t get over the fact of how hard it is to get up in the morning because of the pain and restlessness at night. It gives you the extra boost in the morning and some ease and
comfort to help you sleep at night. I would never go back the sick lifestyle that all started from a simple surgery. It is the best advice any former addict could give. I now can continue being a mother and a college student and working like a normal healthy person my age.
Life is now bright and sunny when it was consumed by a dark secret for so long!”

-Jen G.



“A dear friend has been on your product and is having wonderful results. My question is I have been taking sleeping pills (generic ambien, zolpidem tartrate) for 13 years and have not been able to get off of them, would your product help me get off my sleeping pills?*

 * Please see my note about benzodiazepines above; the same applies to hypnotics and other prescription sleep aids. -George


“THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can’t begin to describe to you how accessible, informational and, most importantly, supportive your information has been during this process. It truly is a kind of hell I hope to never have to repeat again… But with your help and the tremendous support from my surrounding team, I was able to make it through…Many blessings for all that you bring to this world.”



“Let me just say, all the positive reviews do not do this product justice. When I first found this online I didn’t go looking on the internet for bad reviews, I just read everything on your site, finally I placed an order. I did not do the tapering down, when I placed my order I had three of my pills left, I have cervical dystonia, degenerative joint disease and fybromyalgia, and I am prescribed hydrocodone. When I got my order I had one pill left, I only had one day of not feeling so good with the withdrawals, and it was mainly the RLS….this product is so amazing and works exactly (well actually better in my opinion) like the website says it does…..I would recommend this product to anyone, it is awesome! I am so glad I found it!…….”
-Glenna F.



“Dear George,

I have been on vicodin since 2005, taking sometimes up to 30 per day. I was searching the internet for some help as I didn’t want to go to a hospital to detox and I found your product. It all seemed to make sense so I ordered it. I had my detox planned for a long weekend and when I could take some time off work. All I can say is your product is great! I actually went back to work after 4 days! I wasn’t 100% on the 5th day but I was able to hang in there. My best friend was the only person that knew what I was going through. She called me everyday to see how I was doing and she was so amazed at how good I sounded. I was very achy and a little shaky but that was about it. I followed your booklet to the “T”. I have been drug free for 15 days and I don’t even miss it! My world used to revolve around the pills and I’m so glad I can focus on other things now! You’ve given my life back to me ! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You can use my testimonial but please don’t use my last name.”
-Hollie M.



“How very kind of you to take the time to respond to my letter. I have been off all sleeping medication and did start exercising. I am also taking herbs at night but realize it will probably take a while for my body to start sleeping better without sleep medication. It has been years of taking sleep meds so I know I must be patient. After being off the sleep medication I am finding a great lifting of mood and energy even though I am not sleeping normally YET! I feel really blessed that I did not really experience any terrible physical withdrawal symptoms. After being addicted to the meds my heart goes out to all fellow addicts and I applaud your company for trying to produce natural support aids that can help people get their lives back, one simple day at a time! God bless you and all those you are trying to help! In gratitude.”

-Elaine G.



“I was nervous and scared to quit but I don’t want to live this way. I hoped that Withdrawal-Ease would help some but honestly didn’t expect it to be this good. I hoped that training my brain that this was gonna work would help too (maybe it did). I am following the directions. I began taking it and also my pills too for the 1st 3 days then the 3rd day I didn’t eat any meds and went to work. I functioned almost normal. I noticed I sweat a lot but I guess that’s the detox part. I found myself a little uncomfortable but tolerable. I felt great compared to… normally if I went more then 12-20hrs I would start my withdraw symptoms. But the worst symptom I get is mental. I obsess about them and look even if I don’t have $. 1 of the 1st things I noticed on day 4 was the fact that I didn’t think about them vary much or often.

This helped to keep the “jones” to non-existent almost. This was huge for me because normally I’m looking frantically, I’m, Grouchy and depressed among several other symptoms. These were all gone or so minimal I was able to get through the day without freaking out. Also probably my 2nd thing that has kept me from quitting is lack of sleep and being sore and achy and not being able to sleep. This is a big deal for me because I’m trying to continue my job and life best I can while I’m doing this and if I try without sleeping right I’m just asking for failure. I’m just really excited about this. Its different this time and that’s a really good sign.

Thank you very much for your generosity and wisdom. I will keep you posted on my progress. I’m also spreading the word too!”

-Mark D.




Thanks so much!

-Bobbie D.


“Ordered and got the product overnight on last Saturday, I was already in Detox and really feel that your product has helped greatly. Also would you advise to continue to take the products for another month or two after the 1st month ends to keep the balance of nutrients that were established during detox or do you have any follow-up long term products”

Thank you.
-M. Lucas



“I ordered your product for a friend, I am so thrilled to tell you that this friend after 1 month of the daytime and night time they are free of opiates. I hesitated at first because of the cost. But…. it was well worth the investment. Feel free to share this testimony. For myself I have always had a hard time sleeping, I take the night time product, and have been sleeping better than ever. God Bless You. I will continue to share your product with others.”

-Adrienne B.


“I want to thank you for helping my husband taper off from Suboxone successfully. He was on 16-32 mg of Suboxone for 3 1/2 years after being addicted to painkillers. We followed your Suboxone Tapering Schedule with his suboxone film along with the withdrawal ease pills.
It has now been 16 days since his last suboxone film. He honestly did not suffer acute withdrawals and does not have cravings. Remember, we tapered off slowly and it took a few months. Occasionally, he would get headaches,and some mild cold-sweats, and was very tired. Only once, was he given a “rescue pill” on a jump from 4mg-3…It’s important to note, that I also decided to get a digital safe box from Amazon ($50.00) with a code I made up, where I kept the suboxone from him and I was in charge of cutting his doses and administering it to him (This is a GREAT Idea! -George). It took a lot of dedication and commitment, but I was willing to do this for him. This is what he wanted as well. He was very thankful and appreciative.
I know many of you feel helpless and or afraid. Don’t be. There is hope out there. Believe me, I was fearful of this process, but it is definitely DOABLE and POSSIBLE as long as you do it slowly. I wish everyone the best of luck… and know that you do not have to be afraid or be a prisoner to this crap. I wanted to write this because there are not enough positive comments about the process of getting off. All the stuff we read were SCARY, but many people were not tapering correctly. We hope this comes to you at a time you need it most.
God bless….”
-Emily B.


Well as much as I had such high hopes for the withdraw ease, I honestly never thought it would do much,,,if anything at all.My dose was up to about 60 mgs daily, it always varies depending of the work situation.
My first problems – I guess they are all equal-a 5 mg less brings —great depression–PAIN PAIN PAIN– and extreme fatigue.

So- I started taking the W/E for about 4-7 days and I have got to say
1-my attitude went up
2-my energy level went up
—-OH yea another thing is I got a full 8 hours sleep the other night- I have not slept for more than 1 hour- usually 20 min intervals for many years. Oh, I should mention I have severe cirrhosis and hep-c plus started taking methadone cause a peripheral neuropathy developed from taking drugs to kill the hep-c-(didn’t work)

I COULD NOT-COULD NOT BELIEVE . I felt better than I felt in YEARS. I am not exaggerating at all!
NO DEPRESSION at all!!!!!

I feel great about Withdrawal-ease but my person goal is to be clean by my birth date I will actually be able to live my life long dream and go to Alaska.

Thank you and
God bless
Headin’ north in 2013–God willing!”

-Paul W.


Subject: it works!!

“After searching for help for my husband who has been dependent on Opiates for on and off for 5 years this was amazing and the answers to my prayers. He tried to get off of them but could not bare the pain and anxiety. Also trying to continue to work. He took a week off from work and this product helped him cope with all the emotions as well. He is now opiate free going on 2 weeks and counting. Thank you for saving my family!!!”

-Tanya G.


“Well after having been taking approximately 100 mgs of hydrocodone per day or (ten 10 mgs norco)daily for months. I was afraid to go through withdrawals. I don’t know if it’s just the withdrawal ease, but the ONLY symptom i’ve felt is “fatigue”. No restless legs, no pain in my body or joints, nothing else. I feel really good overall on day five, and felt good pretty much the whole five days since stopping cold turkey. I can only attribute it to your product. Thanks a million! Feel free to use this as a testimonial!”

-John H.


“I just wanted to update u..I feel AMAZING ..I can not remember when I felt this great sober n clean..what a great life I can have without drugs..hope ur doing as wonderful as I feel. Have a nice day :) ”

-Misty N.


“Subject: This product saved my life

Message Body:
“I wrote you a while back, I was on 32mg of sub for eight years, I ended up changing physicians and he was shocked at that dose. I had tried to switch to 200mcg of Fentnyl but was in hard w/d still. The last year I have been weaning, when I got to 2mg I started the Withdrawal Ease. After two weeks on it I went ahead and stopped the bup/sub. I am now on mt 2nd week with no bup/sub at all. I have had minimal discomfort and feel better than I have for a long time. I am so happy you made this product. I am working on my degree in addictions and would up-sell this all the way. It has saved my life, I sit here crying happy tears of joy because I am not longer a slave to a pill!
Thank you, I cannot praise this stuff enough”

-Cammie L.


Message Body:
Both my husband and myself were addicted to Oxycontin (3-4 80mg every day) for 7 years, we had tried to quit cold turkey and we thought we were going to die! We turned to the Suboxone Film over one year ago. Sad to say we knew NOTHING about the Suboxone and it was hard to find a doctor in our area. We straight out asked her if it was an opiate and she said, “NO it tricks your brain to think it is.” We did not bother doing research on it, we just took her word. So here we are, and I just found your website last night. I woke up 6 days ago and knew I would never take another opiate again and haven’t. Yesterday and last night were my worst and I thank the Lord above that I came across your site cuz it saved me from relapsing. I also ordered the Withdrawal-ease for my husband. I recommended that he TAPER and when he’s ready to stop, he’ll have your product. I was educated from this site about the drug I was taking; like I did not realize that the withdrawal might not happen right away with the Suboxone, actually my withdrawals started almost 3 days after my last dose. I thought I had won until that third day. I just wish I would have had your Withdrawal-ease earlier! I do want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because like I said reading your site kept me from giving up! I’ve come too far to turn back now!!!! I will also be there every step of the way with my husband.

-Brad and Anna D.


Hi George,

We are doing EXCELLENT! In fact I just showed him all of the email correspondence we’ve had and he is beside himself with the support you have given me, and the caring that you have for him. He is going to email you his own feelings on the experience tomorrow.

This past Monday he finally started becoming “himself” again. I cannot begin to say how wonderful that is, and how grateful I am to have him back. He even WANTED to take a urine test yesterday to see those dark lines appear when it is negative, and they did!

Aside from the fact that you have come up with this product, which I was so lucky to find, you have given me guidance and support through this process when I really needed it. This was not something I shared with anyone and to have you there was priceless for me. I can’t thank you enough. I will happily write a testimonial from my perspective, and I think my son would readily write one for his as well if you would like them. I know this is a long road we are on, but we are going the right direction, and we are not alone. I can’t express my thanks enough!! you most definitely use this as a testimonial!!

-Christine R.


“Hi George, we did as you said and we tapered off for a week, while taking the Withdrawal-ease. We had one bad day the first day and my legs crawled all night but my husband slept like a baby! Today is the second day and we both woke up today feeling a hundred times better and realized for the first time we CAN kick that little pink demon. We both feel so good this morning, I know we aren’t out of the woods yet but heaven help the next person that offers us a pill. Thank you for saving our lives. We really were desperate to clean our lives up. It was eating up all our money, our sex life was non existent, we didn’t even know who we were any more, this is a brand new day and we love you for it. With ALL our love, ( if you want to post this that’s fine, if we can do it anyone can)”
-Carla and Todd F.


Subject: Wonderful Product

Referred: Online search

“I have experienced the full extent of opiate/opioid withdrawal from a prescription mistake after a surgery. I was on Percocet and Methadone for a back surgery and 12 days later I had my gallbladder removed. The doctor who removed my gallbladder sent me home with a few days worth of Hydrocodone. For the following 3 weeks I literally did not sleep and had every withdrawal symptom to a severe extent. I did not know what was wrong with me until I saw a pain management specialist who informed me I was in severe withdrawals.
About a year later I fractured a vertebrae and had to return to pain medications. I was taking about 100 mg of Oxycodone and up to 40 mg of Methadone. I got out of control and ran out every month for the last 3 months I was on the pills. I took the narcotics for 2 years as prescribed and something went wrong with my thinking and I started abusing them. I couldn’t handle asking God for forgiveness every night for 3 months. My body felt saturated with the “junk.”

I was afraid of the withdrawals from my previous experience so I stayed on them. I ordered Withdrawal-Ease and started taking it the day after I ran out of pills. It’s suggested to ween down and start the Withdrawal-Ease 3-5 early. I didn’t know about it so I prayed to God for strength and took the Withdrawal-Ease and had virtually no withdrawal symptoms. I had some lower back pain the second day and a little anxiety because I thought it was “too good to be true” and was waiting for the pain. The withdrawals never came.

Thank you so much for this product. I hope that everyone struggling with addiction/dependence to opiates/opioids finds out about Withdrawal-Ease.
I really can’t thank you enough. I do have moderate pain but I have severe damage to my back and my brain is now starting to lessen the pain without the pills and the use of non-narcotics (Ibuprofen, etc.)
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
With God and Withdrawal-Ease it’s a “piece of cake” to have your freedom from the pill bottle. No more counting or worrying about running out and NO MORE FEAR OF WITHDRAWALS.
Please use this as a testimonial if you see fit.
-Mike D.

A Note About Our Testimonials: All of these testimonials and Success Stories are from Withdrawal-Ease customers. They have not been compensated in any way. All are 100% authentic and on file for disclosure upon request. Some names have been changed at the request of the customer to protect their anonymity and privacy. Any spelling mistakes or syntax errors were corrected as well for legibility. As I mention above, there is a “theme” for those that are successful with our program; tapering, following The Withdrawal Survival Guide and taking the product as directed are the keys to success. By properly weening and following the instructions in the guide you are giving yourself a better chance to feel more comfortable and complete the detox process. Dr. Earthman is a strong advocate for Withdrawal-Ease and he prescribes it in his private practice and other facilities where he treats opiate addiction.


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