The “Art” Of Opiate Tapering

How To Taper From Opiates: A Proven Strategy For Withdrawal Relief

Tapering from opiates is one of the most critical strategies you can use to reduce the discomfort of opiate withdrawal. As I’m sure you can imagine, I get a lot of emails. I get emails from a multitude of folks from every state, every profession and demographic.

However -without question- the one subject that is far and away the most popular is “How should I taper from my opiates?” I probably could have saved myself and others countless hours of typing if I had gotten a clue and just written a little primer on how to taper from your opiates that I’ve learned from other people, doctors and various other resources. I’ll attempt to distill all of this learning into functional tactics that will hopefully help you taper from opiates as comfortably as possible.

First a disclaimer: There are a lot of you out there who are on all sorts of different drugs, potions and cocktails of every size and strength. This is one reason why I do not give personal recommendations to individuals about clinical matters. All that I hope to accomplish in this post is to relay some lessons that I’ve learned about general concepts of tapering that work.  I will go through an exercise where I put together a “mock taper” schedule but that is by no means a schedule for everyone. I am simply trying to illustrate how a taper program might play out. As always, if you have questions or concerns ask your doctor. If possible always taper under the care of a licensed physician that knows your medications and your specific health issues. Again, these are just fundamental “guard rails” with which to taper by. Be safe and smart….

Ok, lets get started.

The Art of Tapering from Opiates: The Goal

The general goal of tapering from opiates is to lower the amount of opiates or medication in your bloodstream and more specifically the amount of occupied opiate receptors in your brain so that you can reduce the impact of your withdrawal symptoms. It is imperative to keep in mind that immediately stopping some drugs can be potentially harmful. As a general rule, it is never wise to completely stop any medication abruptly unless you are advised to do so by a physician. If you reduce the amount of narcotics in your system; your withdrawal will hopefully be less severe and possibly imperceptible. That’s the goal..the hope. If you plan to detox, most physicians (and the data that I’ve read) suggest that tapering is an effective way to lower the acuity of your withdrawal symptoms. Like anything, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.

The Strategy

The strategy for a successful taper is one that depends largely on the “Half-Life” of the drug that you are taking and your own body’s reaction to reduced amounts of opiates/narcotics in your body. In general terms, the Half-Life is the amount of time it takes for the opiate/narcotic levels in your blood to reach 50% of their original blood concentration. The half-life of your drug can vary from a few hours in the case of a drug like Heroin to 5 days for a drug like Suboxone.

The half-life of a drug usually coincides with the onset of withdrawal. So if you are taking Heroin intravenously, one can reasonably presume that with a half life of say: 6 hours, that one will begin to feel withdrawal symptoms after 6 or 7 seven hours or thereabouts. For a person taking Suboxone, which has a very long half-life it can take up to a week to feel withdrawal symptoms. As I mentioned, this can all vary from person to person based on your physical make-up; but the half-life of a drug is a very good indication of how long it will take for withdrawals to start after stopping or significantly reducing the intake of your medication. Ok, so I’ve beaten that one to death. Back to the strategy.

In my judgment, a successful taper is like walking on a razor’s edge. You are literally trying to keep two opposing forces at bay. On one side, you are trying to reduce the amount of opiates (or narcotics) in your bloodstream and on the other side you are trying to keep withdrawal from setting in. I cannot tell you how many people email me and say, “I’ve been tapering and going down from this to that etc. etc. and I feel awful.” My response to that is “Why?” The goal of tapering is to eventually Reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. The reason why you are lowering your dose is to help you feel better, not worse. Clearly, these people are not tapering their dose correctly. Either they are waiting too long between doses or they have reduced their doses too much too soon. Some people may disagree with me (for reasons I know not) but if you are tapering and you are acutely symptomatic then you aren’t doing it correctly. Of course there may be some very slight symptoms but one shouldn’t be in full-blown, goose-flesh withdrawal while tapering. Why prolong the agony? You are going to go through some sort of withdrawal/detox regardless.

The strategy should be to lower your dose as much as you can yet still remain reasonably comfortable so that your eventual withdrawal is as painless as possible. This may take some trial and error but the secret is patience and also a willingness to adjust your taper schedule if necessary. If you are sticking to a schedule and you feel sick then you may need to shorten the time between doses or possibly raise your individual dose just a bit so that you do not cause withdrawal symptoms. It’s a delicate balance for sure.

No one knows this more than a person trying to detox off of Suboxone. The difficult part of Suboxone is that is has a very long half life and people’s opiate receptors are not able to shed Suboxone very easily. For those people on suboxone, it can take months to taper properly and some people even get down to 1/4mg or less yet still find it very difficult to stop. There’s a psychological aspect to the PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal) phenomenon for sure but everyone that I talk to on Suboxone or trying to taper off Suboxone has the same story: it takes a long time to get off of Sub. BUT it can be done. I address suboxone detox in the Suboxone Information section on the website.

The “Mountaineering Memory Management Device”

Taper from opiates memory management device

High altitude climbers must go slowly in order to make sure they adjust to the altitude. If they climb too fast, they can become ill or even die. Tapering from opiates requires the same level of slow and steady progress.

Tapering from opiates is a useful strategy to help reduce the discomfort of your detox/withdrawal but it has to be done correctly or it can make matters worse. A good analogy would be high-altitude mountaineering. All climbers have to acclimatize themselves to the altitude or they can get sick and possibly even die from pulmonary edema or other nasty things that can happen suddenly and kill you. If you have ever read anything on climbing Everest or any tall mountains, you’ll recall that all climbers have base camps at several altitudes on the mountain. When they arrive at base camp #1, they may ascend up to Camp #2 and then come back down for a day or so. Then they gradually move up to each base camp going back and forth as needed so that their body can get used to the lack of oxygen at those higher altitudes. Tapering is essentially the same process. But mountain climbers don’t wait until they have a brain hemorrhage or pulmonary edema to go back down the mountain unless they have made a grave mistake and have acclimatized too fast. I think that this is a great example -albeit less grave- of what your strategy should be for tapering from opiates. Take it slowly and let your body get used to not being on as much medication; if you start to feel sick then maybe you need to slow down or maybe you’ve cut your dose by too much.


An Example of a Typical Opiate Withdrawal Taper

(Remember my disclaimer?):
Lets say that you are currently taking 10 Vicodin per day (2 at 4-6 hour intervals). You and your doctor have decided that it’s time for you to get off the pain meds. So you both put a schedule together and it goes something like this:

Tapering From Opiates pill box

Pill Schedule Containers Like This One Are Perfect For Keeping Daily Doses Organized

Tapering From Opiates: Week 1

Lower your dose to 8 per day but instead of skipping an entire dose just take 1 pill at two of your scheduled intervals. This should always be the strategy; you want to make sure in the beginning of your taper that your body/brain get  medication at the same times that they are accustomed to…just less of it.

    • 8am: 2 pills
    • 12pm: 1 pill
    • 4pm: 2 pills
    • 8pm: 1 pill
    • Before Bed: 2 pills

Tapering From Opiates: Week 2

Lower Dose to 6 per day and keep a close eye on how you feel. Is your energy ok? Are you eating and sleeping well? Are you depressed? If you have any symptoms of withdrawal, you and your doc may consider raising your intake to 7 per day for the first half of the week. Remember, same intervals, reduce the dose.

Tapering From Opiates: Week 3

Lower your dose to 4-5 per day and cut out one interval. This will be a bit difficult but I have found that it easiest to take out one of the intervals in the middle of the day as opposed to the morning or night time doses. As always, inform your doctor if you are experiencing any acute symptoms.

        • 8am: Take 2 pills
        • 12pm: Take 1 pill
        • 4pm: Skip interval
        • 8pm: Take 1 pill (If you are feeling ok at this point, you can try and quit this interval too)
        • Before Bed: 1 pill


Tapering From Opiates: Week 4

Cut Dose to 2-3 per day. This is the point where you take out another interval and begin to lengthen the time between doses.  As always, if you feel very sick or start to go into acute withdrawal, you will want to consider taking a pill as needed to relieve the withdrawal symptoms. Remember, the goal is to not feel acute withdrawals…but it’s not to get “high” either! Those days are gone.

        • 8am: Take 1 pill
        • 2pm: Take 1 pill
        • Before bed: Take 1 pill


Tapering From Opiates: Week 5

2 pills per day.

For our Withdrawal-Ease customers, we would typically recommend that you start taking Withdrawal-Ease at this point.

Take one of your pills in the evening and one at night until the end of the week preferably Thursday. Thursday before bed should be your last dose. This is the time that we all dread but has to happen. It’s DETOX TIME! With any luck, your tapering program went very well, you stuck to your schedule by and large and your withdrawal symptoms will hopefully be mild. However, this will be the first time that your body and your brain will truly be without opiates. The vast majority of people who have been on pain medications for an extended period of time (more than 6-8 weeks) will go through some sort of withdrawal or detox. You will feel like you have the flu and you may have many of the symptoms that we describe on our withdrawal symptoms page. Thursday is a good day to quit if you are on a regular work week, your acute detox process can be dealt with mostly on the weekend…or at least the worst part of it.

Hopefully, at this point you have been able to taper successfully and your symptoms will be mild. If you have been on opiates for a long time, the detox may still be very uncomfortable but at least you have done everything that you could to ease the symptoms.  You should also refer to our Withdrawal Survival Guide that takes you through the first 5 days of acute detox and will give you tips on what to eat, what to wear and how to plan your first few days of withdrawal.

I’ll be honest, a lot of people can’t make it through a taper process because it requires a lot of discipline. But it’s well worth the effort. You really need to concentrate on the end goal which is to get off of your medications and become symptom free, then you’ll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and start to feel better again. If you cannot taper no matter how hard you try, I would recommend getting your “pharmacist” who can help you stay on track with your taper schedule. This person is not necessarily a pharmacist rather, it is someone whom you can trust and will keep your pill supply for you and dispense them according to your schedule. This will prevent any “cheating” that may have sidetracked your tapering before. We discuss the “pharmacist” strategy in detail in the Survival Guide.


I hope that this has been helpful as you plan your tapering schedule. Remember this is just a framework for tapering; not a prescription. Together with your clinician preferably, perhaps you can follow this same framework and reduce the discomfort of your detox from opiates. It’s one of the main hurdles that is keeping you from living a happy life and also gaining back the true “you.” Don’t let the fear of withdrawal keep you from gaining your life back; there’s a way to go through detox on YOUR terms and that makes a critical difference in how it impacts you and those that love you. As always, I will say that with a good taper program and following our Withdrawal Survival Guide, I believe that you will be FAR better off than simply going cold turkey. I think if you follow some of these processes, you’ll feel better and have a greater chance for success. That’s all that anyone can hope for. Tapering works and quitting is worth it.



Originally published in February of 2013

Edited: 6.5.16


  1. jim cooper says:

    how do you taper off morifin patches safly

  2. I can’t tell you how much hope you have given me…I have been on them a long time and have chronic pain I go to pain management Dr and watch try to stay close to the prescription but they really don’t work that much and now I just take themto keep from being so sick. I suffer from depression and mood swings and loss of interst inlife in general. I wish I would have never ever had these things even though they helped me initally. Im not a drug person I am ashamed even though I work full time hve recieved awards at work do everythig IM suppose to do but I don’t enjoy my life I just make it through the day. I can’t go to a rehab clinic I want to be private only my husband know about my use. He is diabled and I take care and work. Ive thought that I need to taper off and so glad you can do this while suing your product. I am going to plan this try to get a leave from work or use my vacation.I will admit I’m so afraid but so thankful to know about you!! BUt I can not go on. However what do you do for real pain?? I just want to be pain free I have amny medical issues like diabetes, heart stent, spinal stenosis, palpatations,disc buldging, sarcoidosis, hypo-thyroid.Thnks for your help!

  3. Thank You George,
    This has been extremely helpful. I have been tapering off for over a week now and not doing bad at all. I was on 90mg. of morphine 3 x d, percocet 4 x d, & soma 4 x d
    I suffer from chronic pain but feel (like you said) the meds are just making me feel normal but I am still in pain WITH THE PAIN MEDS! so…. I thought I’d try and see how I do without them. I have been on these meds and at one time on oxycontin (too expensive) for 12 years so this is VERY SCARY for me but I’m down to 1 60 mg. morphine (I take 1/2 at a time) 2-3 percocets and 3-4 somas a day. so far so good, more depressed than any thing else. Thanks for sharing how to taper off! very helpful.
    Searching for a better tomorrow, Lisa

  4. Good going Lisa! I’m sorry everyone that I have not been replying to these comments but I have gotten absolutely assaulted by spam and had to purge the whole system. I would sometimes get up to 1,000 spam psosts a day and it was hard to sift through the wreckage. Luckily my man Kaush got me a great WordPress plug in that got rid of it so I’m able to respond a lot more now.

    Lisa, please email me an update if you can and I’ll try and email you at the address posted…I want to hear how you’re doing!

  5. Congrat to Lisa and good luck! I also go to pain management and I’m a cancer patient. I have been on 15mg oxycodone for several years and I’m sick of it. I take them more now to prevent WDs than to help with pain. I found this info today and I actually have some hope. I take about 5 15mg tablets per day but I only take 1/2 at a time (usually 1/2 every 3 hrs or so). If anyone has any suggestions on how to taper from that I would really appreciate the help. Good luck to everyone trying to quit!

  6. thank you George for respondind so fast! just going to all posiblle ways of cures and thank God i found the only offorable “cure” YOURS!! i hope! well i think the way you have explain the taper down has made lots of sence fot me! i take oxy’s 100mg~3~day! oxycodone 30mg~4~day! as prescribe by my Doctor! my doc wants to start me on soboxone and that i did more resure AND i think NOT! So i have only 5days left of my meds i will tell my dotor to cancell my sobuxsone? so i can taper off with what i have left of meds or should i ask for another prescription? OF COURSE MUCH LESS MEDS THAN I AM TAKING, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP! BECOUSE I HAVE AN OPPOITMENT NEXT WEEK!! I AM GOING TO ORDER YOUR PRODUCT TMRW AND DEPENDING IN WHAT YOU RECOMEND, WELL I WILL CONSIR-IT! I JUST HAVE LITTLE TIME TO DO ITHER OR! WELL THANKS FOR AVERY THING, I HAVE A FEELING WE WILL BE TALKING FOR A LONG TIME! GOD BLESS!!

  7. Hi Eddie. I just got finished with my “opus” on how to Detox at home. It probably should be a 3 part series since it is so long but take a look at it. It basically put the whole plan together. I suggest that people start their plan 30 days out so you might want to taper a bit longer. I’m not a doctor and more importantly, I’m not your doctor so you should talk to him/her about your tapering schedule and how you plan to detox. A LOT of my customers are getting assistance with our plan from their GP’s and/or family practitioners because no one else will help them. To read the Blog just go to my blog page or you can click on the link below:


  8. What is your take on 280mg Oxycodone per day.
    note; I would love to hear how you came up wit the taper schedule above. It sounds like you read it from a TEXT book and not common sense – real life, real humans – based. No offense. I depend on 280mg (a slow as 220 some days) due to legit pain. And am taking as follows; 80mg every 8hours + 30mg instant release as needed daily. How would you recommend I taper down. daily or Monthly? and by how much? I welcome your reply and dialogue. this may save someones life.

  9. If my original taper process is “not common sense based” then why on Earth would you want me to recommend a taper schedule for you specifically? That does not make…sense.

    Also if you have legit pain then why are you trying to stop your medication?


  11. Hi Cheryl. Withdrawal-Ease has ingredients such as amino acids (L-Tyrosine being one of them) that are the building blocks for dopamine and norepinephrine; both of which give you energy and better moods. Having said that, it will not do all the work for you and you need to eat right, exercise and get quality sleep.

    You sound as though you have some chronic pain and that is also something that needs to be addressed since that can cause lack of energy; pain that is. So you need to deal with the pain in some form or fashion. If you are taking the meds as prescribed, why are you stopping them?


  12. genevieve says:

    grateful to have found your website. i have been on morphine for chrons disease for 20yrs.
    my use varies but no less than 60mg a day to avoid withdrawl.Prescribed 150 tablets of 15mg
    mscontin(ER) and 120 tabs of 15mg morphine sulfate(fast acting)Again my use varies but I make sure I have minimum dose. I am going to do the taper(I will suceed)along with withdrawl ease and will look forward to corresponding with you during the process.Thanks Again! P.S. thru the years I have talked about tapering this is first time I had any info or support for this method

  13. I starting taking hydrocodone after a serious injury. I did not have insurance at the time and I had to go to a pain management clinic, where i live they are everyehere. I have stopped the medication before, but I had another injury at work and became dependant on this medication again. I want to stop, I want my life back, I want to feel good without having to take anything. I have escelated to a dosage that I am embaressed to say right now, You know what I’m willing to trust anything that will work right now-It’s about 40 10mg. a day no less than 25. I need advice to get my life back, I can’t seem to do it alone.

  14. Greetings, I’ve just discovered your site and am encouraged! I have tapered my use down to 20-30mg. of Methadone per day, but am worried about my Anxiety/panic syndrome increasing as I attempt to go lower on the Methadone. I take Xanex or Ativan when I feel my anxiety level skyrocketing, but sparingly, I’ve no desire to get addicted to benzo’s! Any advice to combat my anx/pan conditon w/out meds? Thanx, Drew

  15. Im taking at least 10 lortabs daily, More if i have them to take & i have been taking them in these amounts for a year and a half and im sick of it..I work full time and i dont have any vacation days left only day i get off is sundays and i cant miss work because of all the sick days iv taken because of my addiction and not having the meds. My question is do you have energy while taking the at home detox? Or would suboxone be the best for me? because from what i have heard you dont have any withdrawls from suboxone and it evan gives you energy to get up and go to work. Im so confused and i want to start this process as soon as possible i cant keep living like this.

  16. I think your doseage is way too high. I have gone down to less than a pill in one month and no pain no nothing. I did 20 mg for three weeks. then 16 mg one week. then 12 mg one week and plan to cut tomorrow. I was on opiates for forty years. The trick is a quick comfortable detox. if you do it like most say, you will really be in a state of heavy addiction. I have had NO discomfort and will cut down again soon. I have spoken to many doctors and other people and all agree, quickly and as soon as stable, cut… most say 3=6 weeks. I can’t do that but close. I hope the product works when and if I feel withdrawal. Thanks

  17. Hi Sally. Thanks for the comment. Our time frames are similar and I’m not suggesting that the dose levels in the example are good for everyone. In fact, I really try and stress that this is a very subjective process that really depends on discipline and recognizing the signs of withdrawal in order to make adjustments as needed. Everybody is different so I have to disagree with the notion that “quick is best”. I suppose that I would agree that the goal is to get people off of their meds or opiates as quickly and as comfortably as possible though.

    So the example that I gave may not work for you; it’s merely an example of how the process works and how one can design their own tapering program that suits their needs.

  18. I have been using every abusable drug known and some that arent yet. In about 1990 I decided to destroy my life, business and alienate almost everyone ive ever known.So I know what im talking about. Ive been in residential programs as well as so many hospital detoxes I dont even know how many.
    I had awesome insurance and would detox to retox. In 1998 I decided that opiates were too much to get off, so i went on Methadone maintenance. I got up to 120 mg a day. I cant say exactly when, but in the last 4-5 years, with some Narcotic Anonymous program that I guess I absorbed during those rehabs, I just lost the desire to get High anymore. As of now I am down to 25 mg of methadone a day. I went down 5mg a month, but due to a crushed vertabrae in my mid back september 0f2010 as a pain management thing recommended by my MD I stayed on it.
    I read these comments from people and I guess theres a lot of clueless addicts out there still. Im telling this all in the hope that maybe someone may get something from it, I plan to completely be off the methadone by years end or sooner. I plan to buy your product when I get down to about 15 mg a day. I just hope I can afford it. I barely pay my $200 a month methadone clinic fee, and feed myself. Anyone planning to get off opiates of any kind should really not just try it alone, Narcotics Anonymous and associated programs can really help. People need to know that just attending meetings is a start, but Working steps, especially the 4th really helps get out your inner demons and stuff from life, so people I recomend this product and their helpful suggestions, but really ask for help, its out there if you want it. Just getting off the drugs is not enough, you see itsSTAYING OFF THEM thats tough!! haverelapsed enough for the Guiness book is nothing to be proud of, but kicking this crap is gonna be the hardest thing you do in your life. I hope my words help even one person to go all the way through and stay clean. Good luck all, and God bless us every one. SAM

  19. I would like to thank you for giving me the tools & confidence to taper myself off Subutex/Suboxone. Sincerely,joe

  20. Just wanted to know if you had heard from anyone who used poppy pod tea as their opiate of choice. I have been a chronic user for about fifteen years – about ten to fifteen pods per day. I have no idea how that equates to other opiates. Have tried to detox myself in the past and it is always a nightmare. I am tired of the wasted money and worry about whether or not I can obtain my supply of poppy pods. Sure hope the Withdrawal-ease helps

  21. Tanja Duffey says:

    I understand getting off of the drugs but the reality is that my mother still has severe pain in her neck and lower back. Scar tissue is so large it presses against nerves, the option is to have the nerve killed but then she will have no control of bodily functions. Not a good option. How is pain dealt with?

  22. Hi Tom, yes, I have heard a lot about poppy tea and the detox period is similar to some of the faster acting opiates like Vicodin and Percocet. Please let me know how you do; if you use the product correctly and follow the Survival Guide, it will be a lot easier than going cold turkey.

  23. Very good question Tanja. I’m writing an article on that very subject right now but I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version of what I say: “If you have acute chronic pain then you probably need opiates for your pain”

    If one were to give me the choice of a lifetime of opiate addiction or chronic nerve pain, I’m pretty sure I’d pick the opiates. I know its more complicated than that but opiates are the top selling class of drugs for a reason; they work great for pain.

  24. I noticed there are no comments from tramadol users. I have been taking Ultram for almost 7 years now, and regularly taking 4-7 pills for the last 4 years. I was given them by my dr. when I developed gallbladder problems. He assured me they were non-narcotic and safe…like ibuprofen. I recognized they gave me energy and made me feel great, so I kept getting prescriptions for them. I had genuine lower back pain, but I don’t think that I needed painkillers on a regular basis for the pain. But I liked the way they made me feel. When I realized within the past year or so that they were now having adverse effects on me…weight gain, acne breakouts, moodiness, short term memory issues, etc. I decided I didn’t want to take them anymore. I didn’t want to worry about whether I left them at home, whether the pharmacist shorted me, whether I had enough to make it to my next refill, whether or not the dr would give me another prescription. I hated the control they had over my life. But then I tried to stop taking them and felt the effects of withdrawal for the 1st time in my life. I chickened out and continued taking them, though my parenting, job, and graduate schoolwork was suffering. A year and some change later I am determined to kick it. But honestly it is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do. It’s horrible. I have felt such a mix of emotions and horrible physical discomforts, and every now and then I will just want to take 3 just to feel better. But I am doing this for my daughter…and for me. I don’t like anything or anyone…except God to control me or who I am. This will be my 3rd try within the past 6 months. I have once again weened myself down to one a day and then to none a day. I broke down and took one yesterday, which was the 1st in 4 days. I had used xanax for the anxiety feeling the 1s time but even at a low dose it makes me so sleepy I can’t function. I am a mother to a very active 9 yr old, work full-time, and I am a full time graduate student. I don’t have time to be sleepy. But the effects of the withdraws…anxiety, crawling/sensitive skin, etc. is too much to handle. I am ordering your product. And I pray that it helps me. I am desperate this time. Before I found your product I was thinking of making an appt with my dr. to refill my prescription. I know your product is not a cure all but I pray it gives me the support to get my life back.

  25. Hey Heather…whatever you do don’t give up! It’s too late to turn back now and you are through the worst of it by now. If you just took one Ultram after 4 days of nothing then I don’t think that’s a deal breaker at all. I do espouse the use of “Rescue doses” if they are taken within the scope of a tapering plan. You seem like you’ve got better self control than I do so I think you’ll be fine. Please feel free to email me at Georgec@withdrawal-Ease.com and let me know how you are doing ok? Hang in there…the worst part is pretty much over with.

  26. M. Rose Dominguez says:

    Today I said to myself, “Enough is enough”. I went online to look for some kind of help regarding detox from opiates and the “Withdrawal-Ease” website, popped up! It actually gave me some hope after reading your blogs and how the system works. Unfortunately I am trying to get off Heroin and I’m not sure how to “taper” that. I don’t use it to get high, only enough to go to work without being sick, and to TRY and function normally. This is my dirty little secret that I can’t live with anymore and I want my life back! I started with pills after a very bad car accident with a bus, but heroin was cheaper for the pain. I don’t use it intravenously, just snort it, but it’s been going on for 5 years. I’m buying the product, but all I keep hearing about is pills….does the product and system work for heroin? I wanna start tapering ASAP, but I need a little help; a guideline possibly…. I do at the most a 1/2 a gram of day….and I can go for about 4 hours, or 6 top, without using when I am busy… Thanks George, glad to know that you are trying to help others with WD’s and it’s especially nice to know that you are helping based on your own experience!!

  27. Hi,
    I was hoping you might still be checking this post. I am in my forties and have been legally taking oxycodone for years. I have trigeminal neuralgia. It is horrible. But I want to get off my Rex desperately. I don’t drink, smoke or anything and I feel so bad about this. There is no cure, there is a brain surgery they can do to TRY and fix it but its not a guarantee . Please someone talk to me, and God Bless the person that made this site. I take 4 tablets a day. I can take up to six but I don’t. I just take the pain and I can’t eat either, with obamacare, I won’t have my same Dr. Something he said would never happen but it is. He is an elderly, very smart MD I can’t afford to pay cash and go to him on my own. My insurance covers it now but when oc hits I am in trouble. It’s just not fair. I don’t want a new Dr to have to go through all my personal history. Please keep in touch, someone please. I live in Newport Beach, Ca.

  28. Hi Sue! We’ve got a new site up and have been able to figure out all of the spam issues that were clogging up the comments sections of our website! In any case, please email me at info@withdrawal-ease.com. I want to delve a bit deeper into your situation and hopefully provide some advice but I would also like to respect your privacy. The ongoing pain issues are a concern and you may need to work with your doctor on how to change your dose or meds which may have a profound impact on how you feel. Nevertheless, I would like to discuss this more so please email me when you get a chance. Hang in there Sue!


  29. who is this guy writing all of this?!?!?! Im so happy you exsit! Just reading everything makes me feel so….not alone, and i feel they he really gets it because he went through it, my work gives me absolutely no time to detox, my only option is at home, and i have already started tapering, but very slower, as my job makes me stay active, its my dilemma, i have no time to stop, but i think thanksgiving vacation might be the worst thanksgiving ive ever had, because i think ill do it, i think i can, i just might, its the only change i have away from work thatll allow me for detox, by then ill taper even more, and blame the winter weather for my slowness (i get sick easy during the winter)
    and ill just do it, ill follow everything in this plan and give it a shot , i really want to sooo bad, im crying just writing this post, if you have any pointers about the sweating please please email me please, for me the sweating (i share a bed with my husband too and i have nowhere else to sleep but hes so supportive, he would sleep on a burning floor for me any day of the week, i know, im lucky to have him and regardless of it being about me, i owe this man my life and i want to be okay for him, and for me) so yes anything in this withdrawal ease for the sweating? Even if not, im still buying this along with some other stuff i heard helps, dear god im happy i came here before trying the SUBS, theyre advertised as being detox help with absolutely no withdrawal, how could doctors say that and it not be true , thank god i came here first, i cant imagine going through WD for weeks, ive been through it, and ill admit , not to detox, but because i couldnt get any, thanksgiving looks like DDAY for me, thankfullly, ive been strong enough to have been tapering for a while, and im even saving up for an running machine thing, thanks so much “guy who knows all”, you really put everything i needed to hear out there, and hes right, stay away from the boards, those things depressed me and made me feel like i never want to quit. i love you man!

  30. Thats how it was for me too, 2 accidents, i used to be an athlete! After the accidents, and i think me being socially shy, i didnt know your body could become dependent, i swear i never knew, now im like you, i want to stop but i have things to do, bills dont pay themselves, its tough, i wish i knew this would happen otherwise i wouldnt have taken them everyday now i dont want any at all, and yes him speaking from experience helps alot, like huge difference , and yes this works for heroine! i read this whole site and i saw it, you should pick the only vacation day like me, with me its percocets, but i know heroine all too well from my family members using, goodluck i know you can do this!

  31. listen to him, taper dont quit cold turkey without anything, get stuff for the “runs” maybe some energy bars, but youve gotten further than i have and alot of others, please just taper and use the rescue doses when youre at work and school, then pick a vacation week, like xmas thanksgiving, one of those that give you 2 to 3 days off of work and school, thats when you get off off, and for your child he can stay with a family member for the holidays im sure, hell ill babysit for you! obviously i cant magically appear so ill be more logical and stick to the family member, then you tell everyone that you have the flu and you cant make it to the gatherings, and if you need an extra day or two i would make sure i dnt miss any days at all around the month you know youll be taking for this, and miss a day or 2 after the holiday vacation is over giving you atleast a week tops, but please my heart goes out to you dont turn back or give up, please youve came so much farther than alot of us i promise you, if youre strong enough to get here than damnit you can cross the finish line! just remember, until you get that big break its okay to take rescue doses, just dont go backwards and take as many as you were before you started tapering, stay comfortable , and you can do it!!

  32. My husband and I have been addicted to opiates for 3 years. We have tried several times to “cold turkey” it but we have 7 children and don’t have the time to be sick. We typically make it about 2 to 3 days and turn right back to the drugs. We are desperately ready to quit. The mental and allergy symptoms are what makes me give up and the sweats and sleepless nights are what push him over the edge. We are getting ready to order your product and hope so much that it gives us the help to get us through,

  33. i am 66 with chronic pain and my choice is opiates rather than life in severe pain. you are correct in saying opiates are what works best for pain. now—–what to do about tolerance?

  34. Hi Don. Yes, you are correct and I am a staunch supporter of responsible use of opioids for acute pain. Frankly nothing touches opiates for severe pain. There are many, many folks out there like yourself who have chronic pain and I do not mean to suggest that you should not take your medicine simply because it is an opiate. If your prescribing physician is well versed in pain management for chronic pain, they will take tolerance into the equation; they must. As you know, tolerance happens whether you misuse opiates or not. Therefore, your pain from any type of illnesses (ie. fibromyalgia) or acute injury will continue to get worse unless you make adjustments to dose. There may come a time when your doctor decides that a medication change is required. For instance many doctors recommend fentanyl patches for sufferers of chronic pain since it is easy to monitor and more difficult to abuse.

    Withdrawal-Ease is specifically for people who no longer need pain medication and are anxious to get through their detox process as comfortably as possible. I am the first to admit that there are many folks who need these medicines and perhaps require them for the rest of their lives. If taken as directed and managed correctly, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Given the choice between chronic pain and physical, opiate dependence, I would choose opiate dependence.

  35. Hi George,
    I’ve been on Percocet now for 3 years and I just recently. Ive been tapering off now for a week I’ve been taking 7.5mg Percocet 2x day. One in the morning and one at night I feel fine but I feel like im stuck and can’t go any lower. I really want to get off any advise. Will I have heavy withdrawls?

  36. Wow ! I have been reading from this site for the past two hours and I feel like I already have it licked. I do the pills to get high and am not in any pain. Been about two years. I’m tapering to 2 30 mg roxy per day and am buying your product Monday. Then 1 30 per day for 4 days and I think I can do this in one to two weeks depending on how my body reacts with low doses. Haven’t experience bad withdrawal YET as I never go more than one day without. I’m ready and am sure glad I found your site !

  37. Dear Maria,

    Good question. Before I answer, I want to congratulate you on coming this far. The hardest part about much of this is taking that first step and that is certainly the case with tapering. Convincing yourself to lower your dose for the first time can be scary. As you know, once you get used to the prospect of have less each day it becomes easier.

    Having said that, it’s becomes difficult when you’ve tapered down to the point where you fear that you cannot go any further and I have a good tips for this type of situation. First of all, like I discuss in the post, tapering is essential to reducing the impact of your withdrawal symptoms so I always encourage folks to do it however and whenever possible.

    As far as your situation is concerned, you are now at 2 pills twice a day; taking one of those out of the equation is a 50% drop in dose and will probably put you into some mild withdrawal. It’s not just a matter of lowering your dose; you also have to “trick your brain” into thinking it’s getting what it wants which is why you might consider doing the following:

    Keep the same schedule of one dose in the AM and one dose in the PM. However, try to shave/cut (don’t cut fingers or arm off!) your morning pill and your night pill down a little bit every day or two. Perhaps cut the pill by 1/3 in the morning on the first day, then cut the PM pill the next day. Then keep cutting down the pills day by day so that you continue to have the same dose schedule but each time the dose is a little bit smaller. This will help you reduce your dose without having to cut out a complete dose in the AM or PM. Does this make sense? I would continue doing this until you get to about 1/3 of a pill in the AM and PM which should be a good jump off point. I hope this helps you and others taper. It will make a big difference.


  38. i just want to say i neva detoxed from any opiates but i have taken them for six years i wanna say i was on suboxene for the last six months and tamperd down from 8mg ounce a day down to .50 its been 4 days im off suboxene and i feel really good i purchased the withdrawl ease and from how i felt in the past when i got sick i dident feel that way this time iam not saying to run out and buy it but for me i think it really worked im not gonna lie the first two days were really not easy but when u r on that edge do not quit it took me alot to not go for that piece of suboxene u will thank yourself if i can do it u can do it stay strong and u will be done with this nightmare

  39. Hi george,
    I’m on 15 mg daily of methodone and want off of everything. I ve read many many times that suboxene is easier to get off of so I was going to switch first to suboxene and then detox by tapering with your product. What would you do…stay on methodone and taper or switch and taper.
    Please advise I a m soooo confused.
    Thank you, jt

  40. Hi George, Heres my problem. Got hooked on first percocet and then tramadol and so went to a detox specialist who went the tapering with suboxone route with me. Heres the problem, The first week they always give you a little too much so you are enjoying the “taper.” But when you go back in 2 weeks, they start taking you off too fast so you have some left over from last script so you add in another gram or 2 a day so your not in pain. But the thing is, me and I bet Im far from the ninority is that when we are sick and tired of being sick and tired, we are at a point where the dose we tell the DR we are on, is already not working well anymore and you are ready for an increase, not a decrease. So why dont they let you increase it as my doc did inadvertantly, but, then make the titrate down almost imperceptable in the beginning. Here is what happened when I tried it on my own, not listening to the doc who would have had me off in 4 months. By the 2nd or 3rd week, even if you dont titrate you are feeling depressed(to say the least) anyway just because of the tolerance you are building up, so how do you ever slowly get off a drug that slowly needs more and more for your body to feel the same effect? And why not titrate from the same drug you were stuck on, not suboxone, unless you really need the bupenephrine? I muself have found when they gave me aminos and GABA AND htp5, it all reads great in medical reports, in theory, but in real life, none of that helped me.(dont know about anyone else) Heeeeeelp!!!!!

  41. A tough one JT.

    I get this question a lot. Just to be clear, there are 2 kinds of “Suboxone Detox” methods. The first method includes complete cessation of your current meds/opiates until you are in full withdrawal. Once in withdrawal and your opiate receptors have been “cleared” then Suboxone can be administered effectively to reduce the withdrawal symptoms. The prescribing physician will start you off at a relatively high dose and then wean you down over the course of 2 weeks or so. you will have some residual withdrawal symptoms but as far as a simple detox, this is the best way to take Suboxone.

    The second method is long-term Suboxone maintenance which is what many physicians are electing to do right now. Why? the argument is the fact that Suboxone will effectively block any opiates that you take (which can also cause precipitated withdrawals) and it also can help reduce cravings. Faced with the alternative of methadone, most doctors feel that this long term therapy is the “lesser of two evils”. Having said that, most people will eventually want to get off of Suboxone and the withdrawal symptoms can last a long time. Although they may not be as acute as full agonist opiate withdrawals (many would debate this), the length of the detox can be very uncomfortable.

    If you are not at a high risk for relapse, you may want to consider the short term Suboxone detox or simply detox at home with W-E. Long term Suboxone may be preferable to methadone because you can avoid the unsavory aspects of methadone clinics and cannot really “abuse” Suboxone because it does not produce much of a “high”. In my opinion, long term Suboxone therapy should only be undertaken if you are at a high risk for relapse or if you are doing copious amounts of street drugs, shooting up and/or are a menace to society (criminal). For the “garden variety” opiate dependent person, I would try to detox from everything and then get counseling if need be to keep any cravings at bay.

  42. Hi Marc. It’s a quandary indeed. Even though we have a guide to Suboxone detox that includes a lengthy taper, the detox process from Suboxone varies from person to person. Most people who enlist for the short term Suboxone detox do pretty well but many tend to stay on it for too long and then feel stuck. I suspect that you are the latter. Many people believe that “going back to the one that brung ya” like Percs or vicodin is the answer. Perhaps this may work well for some people but the brain is fickle and may not buy into your bait and switch. The other issue is that you need to wait until the Suboxone is completely out of your system before taking any opiates or you could experience withdrawal symptoms.

    You need to be very careful about going back to old meds because tolerance may have dropped and you could end up hurting yourself. I’m ALL for anything that works in this respect but it really needs to be administered by a physician. I’m not so diluted as to think that a doctor is involved for many folks here but I’m just citing best case scenario. You just need to be very cautious.

    There’s also something to be said for coming to grips with the fact that “the party is over” and tapering is not meant to keep you “shimmery” up until the last moment. That’s where people get stuck during their taper. At the onset of a taper, you have to feel comfortable with the fact that you are not going to get that euphoric feeling anymore and you are now in a different phase of your recovery. Tapering is ultimately the concept of giving the brain just enough to keep it from going into withdrawal. No more, no less. At that point the strategy is to slowly lower your intake as your brain adjusts to smaller and smaller amounts of the drug. I may have gotten off topic here but I’m using this forum to address some of the other questions that may come up with Suboxone.

    I hope that this helped. I don’t have a definitive answer for you and I’m sorry but it’s a murky subject at best.

  43. Hi George, Here is my problem. I got hooked on perscription drugs first.Then one thing led to another in & out of different rehabs. I finally learned about suboxones after finding the right doctor he put me on Suboxone & i was on them for 3 yrs I didn’t have any major side effects things were good. I had a relapse in October 13, 2010 & I made a stupid mistake & I went on Methadone which I’m regreting.

    Well George, This is my real problem. I have been on Methadone for 3 yrs now & I have been tapering off. I went from 130mg to 7 mg but the more I come down the more I feel even worse. I’m currently on a hold with my dose at my Methadone clinic this was the nurses advice. I just really want to be completly finished with my Methadone. I have been through withdrawl before & it really sucks.

    I’m really thinking about ordering your Withdrawl medicine but I’m not sure what to do. Please please I need your advice. I’m a married mother of 6 & my husband is working all of the time. Being sick is not an option to me .

    I just wish my husband was more compassionate toward me. He is not an addict so I guess he really doesn’t understand what I’m going through or how I’m feeling.

    I really just want to live a sober life & be a good mom to my kids.

  44. I am havinga hip replacment and knee surgery with in a month. I take 4 roxys a day, 30mg . Also 100mg of morphine er 2x a day givin to me from my back Dr. For pain Management. Should I taper after the surgery?

  45. Hi Sicily! This is complicated because you will need meds for post-op pain. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact your surgeon and see if they can put you in touch with your anesthesiologist. They will need to make adjustments to your anesthesia and they may want you to taper a bit prior to surgery. You should also let the surgeon know if they don’t already.

    After your recovery, then you can consider taking down your meds via tapering and plan for your detox. Right now, the main thing is to make sure that those on your surgical team know what you are taking and have a plan for you with respect to post-op pain since you have a high tolerance.

  46. Dear Stacey,

    I’m so sorry that you have gone through this. It’s especially unfortunate that your husband cannot help you emotionally or physically. you need that more than ever right now…”in sickness and in health” right???

    Nevertheless, you are determined to do something about your methadone intake and I’m happy to give you my advice. We have an article called How To Detox From Methadone and it has a bit of a different tapering strategy than the normal methadone taper that clinics recommend..if they do that at all.

    Most clinics and doctors recommend taking your dose down by a consistent dose (i.e. 2 mgs per week). I disagree because that increases your overall taper exponentially as you decrease your dose. If you are having symptoms as you taper then it’s not worth tapering because you are prolonging your agony. What we recommend is starting at a comfortable dose that presents little to no withdrawal symptoms; a comfortable dose. then we recommend reducing your dose by 15% as you taper. This will keep the taper relatively consistent as you reduce your dose. Take a look at the article link that I put up top. If you have any questions, please give us a shout at info@withdrawal-ease.com

    Hang in there Stacey, your heart and mind are in the right place; you just need a bit of help and support. Turn that guilt into some determination ok?

  47. So happy to see someone was a success in 2013.
    I want to do this. You gave hope :)

  48. Debby Cianfaglione says:

    I don’t understand how dr. can prescribe these medications knowing how difficult they are to get off of. Most doctors don’t even tell you you could have difficulty with withdrawal and they seems to never try to help!. Makes me furious!! I refuse to take any medication that you have to be withdrawn from I have been on some sort of pain medication for years. I had a horrible ski accident damaged 4 vertebra in my next which now are causing budging discs and arthritis, lost a lot of strength in my left are and it always hurts. I also have a lot of GI problems (which are painful) as well as starting my menopause. I am currently taking the Fentanyl Patch 100 which you change ever 72 hrs, but I was having difficulty after 48 hours, withdrawal symptoms & pain would start. I mentioned this to my dr. & she never gave me any support or help on what to do on the 3rd day before I start a new patch. Then after starting the new patch after the 72 hours if would take like 1/2 a day for me to start to feel better. Every time I went to my pain management dr. I would tell her the same thing & she never did anything to help me. My husband & I said enough is enough, I think I would rather feel the pain then these horrible withdrawal symptoms! I went to 50 for 2 weeks, which was horrible. I think in those 2 weeks I maybe had 1 or 2 good days. Since been back to Dr. & told her I want OFF, she then gives me 1 week of 25 and 1 week of 7. I said to her don’t you think that is quick? No reply from her! I then asked can you give me something to help with the withdrawal? Very reluctantly she gave me a few vicadan to help with the painful days and some ativan for the anxiety. But aren’t I just starting addicting medication all over again? These dr’s have no clue so frustrating. It seems though my life has been put on hold for months now.

    I am very interested in your product & would like to order it. Just a question would I start using them as soon as I receive them as I am withdrawing from the Fentanyl? Is it ok to take vicadan & ativan while on this supplement?
    Thank you so much for help, Debby Cianfaglione

  49. I was on 10mlgm roxycodone every 8 hours and I got a new doctor and she really doesnt seem to care enough to talk with me bout how I feel I went in and she decided to cut my prescription to a 5mlgm every 8 hours and I think I’m going to get withdrawals. Is this safe? The pharmacy told me it is a little dramatic and I’m really nervous. What are the signs and what should I do see another doctor? I have been on them for 3 years and never complained and now she wants to treat me like a Ginnie pig and I dont like it or her. I’m not she what I can do legally because I signed an agreement and in Mn I’m not allowed to “doctor shop” that I can’t go to another doctor. Im just worried I’m going to go thru withdrawal. Please help.

  50. I would like to say thanks. 13 back surgeries in 15 yrs. Have been on, well, you can guess, how much of what for all that time. Plan is, w/M.D.taper w/Rental, then Sub. You make a lot of sense. Think I’ll give ya a shot. Been thru it. NEVER AGAIN! Nothing worse than opiate withdrawal. Sunday tomorrow. Probably order. Again, thanks.

  51. Hi Christy. Cutting your dose in half is a bit rash but that is typical of doctors these days. they get scared and do not give patients the opportunity to taper because it’s a “pain” for them to write a script that tapers meds. so in the end they just cut the dose; it’s easier for them.

    As far as your withdrawals, if you cut your dose on the 11th then you have already gone through any withdrawal you may have had. It will settle down once the body adjusts. I’m sorry that you are going through this but you might consider being proactive and start to taper. you will have to get off of the pills at some point so why not start before you are “forced” to by your doctor? That would be my advice; you need to be in control.

  52. Hi Debby. Thanks for the comment and the inquiry. I’m sure a lot of people here can relate to your story. “Pain management” is a very apt description of these types of practices now. They are a booming business because they “manage” and have no plan to actually “resolve” pain. So you get stuck on them and they require full compliance on visits or NO meds. There are plenty of good reasons to have strict policies for the meds but it’s easy to see why they have a consistent and wide patient base.

    I would begin taking the Withdrawal Ease as soon as you get it since you are detoxing right now. We have not had any reports of interactions with any medications and there are a lot of customers on anti-anxiety medications. I’m really sorry that you are going through this Debby. There’s no “right answer” which is frustrating. If you still have pain and you are in the process of detoxing, you may want to pay a visit to your primary care doctor.

    This is a suggestion for most of you out there who are in a similar situation as Debby’s. The only person that does not directly benefit from you being in pain or taking meds is your Primary Care physician. What I mean by that is: your primary care doc will be able to give you objective advice and take a look at the entire situation. They will be able to decide which meds and course of treatment are best for you as opposed to a specialist who only has one “tool”.

    If you have a good one, trust your Primary Care doc in these situations.

  53. Donna Neuman says:

    Sorry for the typos I am just crying and desparate for help. I can’t even text properly anymore. I can’t organize my house as we just moved up for the downstairs basement and my ex thinks I’m fine to remodel the basement on my own. Little does he know I’m drug dependent and can’t even find my electric bill. This crap has me in such a fog I can’t do daily simple things and pretend to be fine but everyone asks if I’m okay. Its obvious I’m not myself. I am moody and also in menopause and this alone has been hell. Put menopause along with opiate addiction and its the perfect storm. As a mom and a career woman I never dreamed my husband would leave and now I have to run the house on my own. He says well go back to work ! Fix the apartment and rent it! I have two kids 6 and 8 and I a so busy with them I have no time . I just keep taking these stupid pills to get through the day and I don’t need to be on them anymore. I am sorry for writing so much but I came across your site and its the first time I feel hope that Incan do this but as I said I am broke and can’t afford it so I am humbly asking for a helping hand and I promise to pay it back and forward. I want to start ASAP. Today I am begining my tapering and hope I can get your product as i can’t function with the teribble withdrawals. I have a pill box that will help me taper and keep track of when to take my doses. I know I won’t feel good so Inwant to have my sons at dads when I get off and go through the detox time. I have tried to speak to my doctor and she just wants to cut it all in half so I said no. I will taper myself without her help. I can do this but I know I need your help and product . When I read how so many have gotten off these pills with your help I am so happy. God bless you and your product and I want to get on this next week ASAP. I pray you call me as I emailed my phone number to you or at least respond. I called and left a message as well. Sorry I am so ready to start and need to be back in my life again. Thanks for this site!

  54. Good reply . and by No means does anyone have to follow the SUGGESTIONS to Georges tapering technique. There is no exact science to this tapering and what you’re offering is helpful to anyone who’s asking.
    I personally do see the logic in this method.
    I do remember reading in a previous statement ” Whatever works for you”
    Thanks George!

  55. Does length of time on opiates impact the length of time it will take to get off them?

  56. I found your website because I want to help my husband. He has been smoking OxyContin for a few years and came to me for help. He is now on Suboxone 8 mg. He takes 1/2 one a day. I am considering buying your product. But I would like a suggestion. He hasn’t done any pills for a month now, but he really wants to get off Suboxone

    Thank you so much

  57. These articles are very accurate and intelligently written. I am impressed by how informative it is and how spot on this guys approach is. The product seems too good to be true, but after doing some research it seems very beneficial to the detox regime. I am currently on a subutex maintenance and plan to taper from 6mg to 4 to 2 to 1 to 1/2mg and when I “jump off” I really want to give this product a shot! What can it hurt… I mean I’ve been doing nothing but research on buprenorphine, opiate withdrawal, and all that jazz, and I am so compelled by this… Damn Ill just go and buy it already!

  58. Hi Tammy. Yes, to a certain extent it does. Having said that, this can vary from person to person. The difference can be very slight or it can be a big deal.

    For instance, a person who took 6 Vicodin per day for a year and then detoxes will likely suffer through a few days of acute detox, then a week of post acute detox with just minimal symptoms (low grade insomnia and fatigue etc.) followed by a complete recovery shortly thereafter. No muss no fuss.

    A person who has taken 35 Percocet for the past 10 years may face an entirely different challenge both physically and mentally. First of all the acute part of the detox may last a few days longer and the post acute detox could last much longer. Some people might feel detox effects (albeit minimal) for a long period of time after their detox. That is due to the fact that their brain needs to go through the re-booting process and learn how to function on its own again. The body has also been nutritionally compromised for years which is why we recommend some sort of multi-vitamin for post acute detox.

    Having said all of this, there is also a chance for this person to go through what we would consider a normal detox as described above for the person who took 6 Vicodin a day. It depends.

    Ultimately, I’m comfortable saying that the length of time does play a factor in both physical and mental withdrawal as well as how much help you will need AFTER your withdrawal in order to stay off of the pills for good.

  59. Hi Lisa. The general rule with Suboxone is the earlier he can taper off of them the easier it will be.

  60. Hi George, I forgot to tell you that I take Ativan, 2 mg every night for 5 years now for anxiety and sleep issues. Can these help me with quitting my Subutex for good? thank you so much for your advice, it is very much appreciated, I have no one to talk to about this! God Bless you! THANK YOU!!

  61. HI TVZ,
    I am a 36 year old female who had had my (more than fair) share of opiods, and am almost out of the woods so to speak. I have been taking small amounts of Subutex for over a year and have not touched any opiods for almost 2 years. I have had a lot of withdrawals before, and sweating was one of my issues too. I tried drinking a tall glass of room temp or slightly chilled water, and it definitely helps. whenever you start the hot flash, drink a glass of water, maybe like up to 6 per day, not more than that. I promise it helps!!!! good luck and stay strong woman!!!! :)

  62. Hey “joe L”, forgive me, but do I understand correctly that you were taking 8mg Suboxone, and tapered down to .5mg? I ask because I am currently on 1mg, and am considering using this program. Your story gives me hope. Please reply, thanks.

  63. This site gives me so much HOPE. I am scared b/c I don’t get scripts from a doctor. My mother was dying and I was her care taker. I was recovering from drug addiction until my mom became my responsibility and w/a 4 year old daughter to take care of as well. I am down to one pill. A 30mg morphine. I tapered from 90mg so far. Yes, I do wake up around 5:00 am lately and need to take 30. My cousin is going to help me out with his meds until I can taper down more to the “jump off” point. I went through WD’s before many, many years ago and I am scared to death and very ashamed I put myself in this situation. My mother is w/the Lord now and it’s time to deal w/my sin. It helped me take care of EVERYTHING before, but now (even then) I need to do life on life’s term. My cousin has 15mg and I have no idea how many he will give me. I am SO determined to quit and as George said “get me back”. A happier person. I know 15mg most likely will not be enough, but I am in a situation that I have no choice. Whatever my cousin gives me is most likely all I will have to help. I’m praying for God’s mercy and grace. God bless you all and we can do this! Open to suggestions. TY all for your comments and for George and all his energy put forth to help other’s. God bless you George.

  64. George ~ you are amazing and so helpful with all you provide/offer!
    I have a question and I’m hoping you can shed some light and provide a little more (accurate) information I can rely on. I’m a 35 year old mother of four who ended a 15 year opiate addiction March 28, 2014. The road to where I am now is pretty typical… I was prescribed Darvicet for pain when I was about 19 years old which progressed to a 300 (plus) dollar a day addiction to percocet 30’s (or opana, oxycontin, loratab, whatever I could get my hands on) . It didn’t take long for me to deplete not only my weekly paychecks and all of my savings, but also a $14,000 (yes, 14 thousand) inheritance I received in just a few short months. When I could no longer maintain my expensive habit financially, I knew I needed a cheaper drug… Heroin. Anyway, after many, many failed attempts to get clean I finally did it and couldn’t have been happier! I felt amazing, energized, confident and ‘normal’. But about 40 days into this new life that I love so much I suddenly began to feel as if I’m experiencing the hell of withdrawal all over again, though not nearly as intense or severe as before. I couldn’t understand why suddenly I am sweating profusely, extra irritable, chills, hot flashes, cold sweats, watery eyes & nose, sneezing, relentless pain deep in my bones, insomnia and without a doubt worst of all my legs, aching and kicking restlessly all night. I was desperate to get high “just once” so I could feel better and finally get a decent nights sleep. My brother (who has fought a 25 year heroin addiction of his own resulting in countless rehab stints, halfway houses and 2 prison sentences) refused to cop for me despite my pathetic begging. He said I was experiencing POST ACUTE WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME and it would eventually pass. Well I regret to say I never found out because I unfortunately got high (i regret that so much) and continued to get high until about 3 weeks ago. This time I decided to stop with the help of Suboxone because I knew I couldn’t have gone cold turkey like I did last time. Not only was it pure hell that only another suffering addict could understand, but also because I no longer had the support system I had before to help me with my kids and hold my hand and encourage me through that unbearable time. All the years of using and attempts to stop using, I had never heard of PAWS. While I am taking suboxone now, I plan on tapering sooner than later and I’m very concerned about experiencing PAWS again after being teased with 40 days of amazing sobriety like before… And succumbing to the desire to use and relaps… again. I so desperately want to live a drug free life… Can you help me understand more about PAWS, how often it will occur and how long I can expect it to last… Thank you so much!

  65. Mark Smith (Not real name) says:

    I have a recommendation…. post taper spreadsheets – each one a function of beginning daily dose (e.g. 90 mg vicodin/day, etc.). Then have successful people fill in the tapering schedule they followed and then average the results with a listed standard deviation +=- 2 days or mg/day etc. This would be invaluable information and usable as a credible resource to physicians? Just sayin…

  66. This is one of the better informational sites that I have come across- I want to say thank you. Addiction, use, and detox/withdrawal is very different for each individual. Still, there are the standards for withdrawal that seem to effect everyone; we are all effected at different extremes (I feel) due to the changes that have been made in our brains.
    I had never experienced WD’s, didn’t know what they were! At that time I had been recreationally using pills of all sorts. For years, I never had an issue (physical dependence and subsequent withdrawal). However, one day I began vomiting every few minutes. This didn’t stop. I was so sick, so ill. It took me months to realize that I was “detoxing”. Now, I experience this detox feeling whenever I become/experience nausea- no use of opiates to experience the WD’s feeling necessary!- I have surgery, I instantly go into a “detox” like state. Same state goes for food poisoning, the flu, etc.. Anything that relates to my stomach (GI, nausea).

    I have been seeing a Doctor for seven years- buprenorphine maintenance. I was unable to pay him the full amount the last time I saw him- the 2 months prior to that , I also owe to him. Besides that., everything has been ok with the dr. patient relationship- to a degree. My last appointment, I called and asked what I should do- I only had 40 dollars (my doctor has been aware of the financial/ etc.. difficulties) I was told to come in. At the end of my appointment, my doctor of seven years booted me out- So now, I’m another stat?1 I have a family, I’ve gone to him every 3 wks., and paid for the visits, as stated, for seven years! Now, I need to find a new doctor? From what I understand, Patients seem to have zero rights.. In 2 weeks, when my rx is gone, what am I supposed to o? I feel as though I have been set up to fail. After so long. I hope that things will improve for everyone. It can feel impossible to do this, especially when you have tried, and tried- or are trying and getting nowhere. Help is hard to find, but I know it’s somewhere. Thank you for reading my vent!

  67. Hi Mark. You’re on the right track there. In fact, we are working on a “Tapering App” that will use standard tapering rates based on dose and medication to put together a personalized tapering plan. It will be able to give reminders, keep people on track and have a lot of other functionality. I think it’s going to be a valuable tool for our visitors and customers. Stay tuned.

  68. I’ve been reading all of the posts and discussions about the tapering method and I can tell you it does work. It will be different for everyone, based on their specific circumstances. I’ve had two back surgeries in 7 months and have been on oxy or vicodin pretty regularly for about a year. Here is a method I found helpful; I created a graph with all of the withdrawal symptoms down the left column and days / doses across the top row. Each day I would rate my withdrawal symptoms on a scale of 1-5 (5 being severe). I would adjust my doses down a bit, and then record my reaction across all symptoms, when they normalized to a score of 1-2, I would adjust the dose down again…. recording my reactions until they normalize and so on. This helped me in many ways: 1) it let me know when my body was ready for the next adjustment, 2) I saw progress and gained confidence in my success, 3) it allowed me to track my progress and KNOW that the process was working. I did this after my low back surgery last November and it worked. I am getting ready to do this again after having C6-7 Fusion a month ago. I hope this process is helpful to some. Wish me luck as I go through it again. Keep the faith! It can be done!

  69. I have a question, It seems like what you do is great. I was on a similar regiment with my Doctor, “the tapering method” except for he gave me 24 5s told me to take 2 in the am 2 in the pm for 3 days then cut down to 1 in the evening etc…. Anyway it didn’t work, I am now on day 3 sober and feel ok I was on the medicine for Medical reasons and really and truly needed them. If I take one pill will my wds go full blown again or will I be ok, I don’t wanna take them daily anymore or even weekly. IDK what happened it just got outta control. I took one this am because the pain was excrutiating but just one and have no intentions on taking anymore. I guess I just am wondering as far as the withdrawl or if I go home go to the gym I will still be right on track?? I hope there is some good news!

  70. Hi Kelly,
    I consider myself experienced on withdrawal since I have successfully withdrawn from:
    Oxycodone 10-325 2 Day X 16 months. Withdrawal X 6 months
    Opana ER. 40. Mg every 12 hrs Oxycodone 30mg 2-3 day X 14 months Withdrawal X 6 months
    Morphine, Patches then Oxycotin 60mg 12 hrs 40mg. Oxycodone 30mg 1-2 day X 16 months
    WITHDRAWAL for 1 yr with many NSAIDS elevated B/P sciatic leg pain. Determination
    Oxycodone 5mg start X 4 months then 15mg four day X 1 year
    Withdrawal EASIER with immediate release tabs 5 mg and exercise now one 5mg every 3 or 4 days
    Limit NSAIDS, stretch in bed, keep very comfortable with pillow support
    DX: Severe complicated Back Surgery inserting an arsenal of metals now use a back brace sometimes
    Pain Management Techniques – maybe I’ll get them together but mostly
    Comfort in every position
    Mind over what matters have you been here before?
    Going inside my pain winning with mind control, Bio-feedback?
    Support from those who really know you
    Exercise how ever you can and/or massage
    Acupuncture or acupressure when available
    Tens units -many types
    Outlet for expressing what is happening to you
    Sounds kind of silly and lacking definition but thanks for reading this far!
    Lyvia May

  71. im so happy I found this site!! I have taking narcos 5mg for 25 yrs for pain! I’m a amputee for 37 yrs and I have a lot of problems with the one arm I have! I am soooo tired of taking pills for pain and I really don’t no if they are even helping anymore for pain but I’m terrified to withdraw!! So I have been tapering down so the wd is not so bad!! Now I’m down from 30 to 40 mg to to 20 mgs now but I am scared when it’s time to stop competly…….so I want to get the withdrawal ease for the morning and night!! I just don’t i how to take ……do I take the wd ease with the narcos while I am tapering off or taper off first then start the wd ease? Please can you email me to let me no what I should do! Then I will no when to make my order! I’m sooo ready for this to be over but so scared!! At least this gives me great hope!! Thank you so much and hope to hear something soon as possible!! God bless everyone who is trying to withdraw!! I think we can do this!! ;)

  72. George,
    I’m going to give it a try – I’m Committed and Preparing now. I been ten years on Norco at 3-6 tabs (5/325) a day. I can safely say it does little for me except to irritate me and mess with my marriage and relationships. I’m tapering off for two weeks then will give detox a try. I look forward to a better life.

    Thanks for this website, I found little support from my HMO.


  73. I want to quit cool terky ones I get your product I want to stop my 5 a day vicodine habit, how bad will you say it will be my symptoms, please help I only have 30 days left out of work please if you can email me back I don’t know if I be able to find the answer here please..

  74. Hello George – I am a total mess. Right now. I am on 150 mg Fentanyl patches (1-100, 1-50) every 48 hrs. They stay active for 72 hours so I don’t switch them out right away leading confusion to my exact starting point. So, it’s hard for me to have a starting point. I always feel bad discarding a patch that still has some medication in it. My doctor writes it this way because when I sweat, it sometimes falls off before 72 hours. I have a prescription for up to 12 – 30mg Roxy oxycodone for break through pain. Not mistype (360 mg per day). This has been going on about 7 years. My wife is willing to help in any way. I have a 10 year old boy and do not want to be away from him. How would you suggest my starting point? Is there a percentage cut-down ratio? Thank you so much, I look forward to your response.

  75. Hi Dennis. I’m so sorry for the delayed response! I’m WAY behind on my responses to comments…the Korean Spam is outflanking the Russian spam now and it’s a mess for all who preside over comments such as yours. If you can taper and cut that Vicodin to about 2 or 1 per day then that would be great. Take the advice in our Withdrawal Survival Guide and I think you’ll be just fine…truly.

  76. Hi Joe. Thanks for the post and I know it must feel a bit claustrophobic to be so reliant on a medication. Your intake of Roxycodone is “impressive” I must admit. All told, you’re taking a significant amount of painkillers which leads me to my question: why are you in so much pain and if you are, why are you stopping your meds? I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t stop but it seems to me that your doctor knows exactly what you are taking and for all intents and purposes it sounds like he is satisfied with the results? I may be making some assumptions here but I certainly do not want to try and convince someone to stop taking a medication that they may need. Opiates are great painkillers and if you have serious pain, there really is no substitute for them. Nevertheless, as I mentioned, your intake is significant so it is a concern for a young man like yourself.

    Based on the extent of your intake and your obvious pain issues, I’m honestly not sure if a home detox should be in the cards for you. Certainly Withdrawal Ease could help if you decide to detox but again, there seem to be a lot of factors at play here and I’d be irresponsible if I suggested that an order of Withdrawal Ease was your easy ticket to freedom. I think it would be best to discuss this with your doctor since he knows exactly what you are taking; he may have a suggestion as to how to detox you without subjecting you to a lot of pain.

  77. Jonathan says:

    Dear George, I am glad to see someone as yourself interested in helping others to ease through their escape. The back story to my struggle began in 1972, when I was 17. I lived with my sister who was 29. A severe accident occurred in front of our house. The wreck was so bad that both of us were severely cut up from the broken glass and twisted metal as we provided lifesaving assistance. Within a few years we both developed symptoms that were later diagnosed as Hep “c” in the late 80’s. Before that it was non “A” or “B”, and prior was thought to be mono. By the time we found out what this was much physical damage was done to our bodies. My sister died in 2002 and I am still going strong with stage 4 liver disease. We were both on high doses of pain pills and I have detoxed many times. Each time gets harder. I have had 5 surgeries between 1994 and Jan. 2015. That’s the reason I have gone through this so many times, but now I have been on 3ea.@ 60mg morphine sulf. tabs. E.R. since 2009. I began a disability at that time. My ability to provide myself with a livable income has been reduced to a shameful monthly allowance. I find myself having to ask for charity even though most of my life was spent helping others, mostly in the ministry. I was active since 1984 and even went to S. America in 2011 to help the indigenous people of the Amazon River Basin”. While I was there my teeth began to break. Before that I had a proud and motivating smile. My bones have become brittle and my blood vessels have become small and brittle. This January 29,2015, my gall bladder was removed. So I am trying again to detox, which is how I came across your website. I am in constant pain. I suffer with spinal stenosis and had a disc-ectomy in 1999, but the arthritis has returned and now involves the entire neck and back. The bursa on my right shoulder needs to be corrected surgically. I am cured now of the Hep. “C” after failing the first round in 2009 for a years worth of treatment. I began with a new drug in March of 2014 and was cleared after 3 months of treatment and after a 6 month follow up. My liver functions are all normal even though I am in early cirrhosis the prognosis is good. I want to return to my mission and have been asked to come to S.E. Asia. My benefits pay all of the medical and most of the prescriptions, but the dental is way more than I can pay for. I have a terrible, shameful smile, it breaks my heart. I was told all these health complications are secondary to the Hepatitis and taking prolonged high doses of pain meds. has accelerated things. I’ve decided to be free of these narcotics when I go to Asia in the fall. The shoulder surgery is considered one of the most painful so I am down to 1 half tab in the morning and the same at night of the morphine 60 mg.,e.r. but I am at a plateau. I’m hopeful not to require such high levels of pain mgt. following the surgery. Then I have to stop again. I need advise and possible a bit of charity if I can’t do this without some help from the herbal remedy, “Withdrawal Ease”.
    You might ask why get off the pain meds if you still have chronic pain issues. The answer is I have learned to manage without narcotics by reducing the pain distraction through other methods, such as exercise and and diet.
    I’m a fighter at 60, but I have a calling I cannot ignore, it is bigger than me. Thank you so much for reading this and sharing the Hep. “C” story, for there is new hope for those who suffer with resistant genoe types.
    God bless

  78. I’ve been on pain management for 15 years off and on. Started with Lortabs, and worked my way up to Fentanyl patch with Oxy 30s for breakthrough pain. I have very mixed emotions about where to go from here. My back is chewed up. Sometimes the lesser of two evils is hard to discern. Happy guy in a wheelchair or slightly groggy old man who walks?

  79. Dear Jonathan. I don’t know what to say other than your struggle puts everything is perspective for me personally. Good health is always taken for granted and although your journey has been extraordinary, I think it should resonate with everyone who reads your story. If there is any way that I can help please let me know. I would certainly be pleased to offer you a free order of Withdrawal Ease if you wish. I know that you wrote this post a while ago and I’m sorry that I had not read it until now. I have over 200 blog posts, each with comment strings which is difficult to keep up with. Nevertheless, I wish you well Jonathan, I hope that your luck turns because you certainly have gotten your fair share of bad luck and tough breaks!

  80. Hi Dave. Indeed, your situation is one that many people with chronic pain wrestle with. I have been meaning to write a post on chronic pain and function but have not been able to complete it. What I will tell you is that there has been a lot of significant advances in physical therapy over the last 5 years or so. PT is no longer something with diminishing returns. I’m a big fan of therapies like Airrosti (http://www.airrosti.com/) that use deep tissue massage in order to increase blood flow to areas that need healing or that have inflammation. I WILL tell you that the therapy itself can be extremely uncomfortable; they manipulate your tendons and essentially re-arrange your joints to the proper position which is quite a “physical” process. But it works and it is especially effective for spinal injuries. Perhaps a place like this can help you not have to choose between wheelchair/walking.

  81. Thanks for this website, it gives me hope. I tried to do this on my on and I’m failing. My grandaughter birthday party is this weekend and I hope I have my withdrawal ease by then because I’m not physically able to do anything right now. I can’t even stand myself right now for letting this happen to me. I just want my life back. I’m a good Nana and my grandbaby is depending on me to be at her 3rd birthday party but I can’t go not like this, I’m sick ad a dog til I just wanna die. I Never Imagined I Would Ever Go Through Anything Like this. I’m just about to lose my mind. This is tough. I wish everyone well and I pray we all make it through

  82. Folks, Withdraw Ease does work wonders. I went through the detox process in Nov. 2014 after being on Norco for 10 years. After my surgery I decided to clean up and stop taking the meds even though I continued to have back/neck pain. I followed the instructions and I admit it wasn’t easy as I went through depression, chills and few other symptoms. After the 4-5 day I was feeling much better. The end result was after a couple weeks I felt new again. 10 years it took me to feel human again. The only drawback is I had another surgery in March which was very painful and I returned to taking my meds. I’m only at 3-4 a day but it’s time to use Withdraw Ease again to get back to normal. No doubt about it, I’m scared and not looking forward to the detox, but knowing the product works and helps relieve the hard core symptoms, I’m forwarding my experience to the rest of you who hope to get off of painkillers and get back to your life. Honestly, I was happier, more energy and felt like doing normal things life has to offer after using the product and getting off the meds. This includes muscle relaxers. I rather suffer with minor discomfort then being addicted to painkillers again. Good luck!!

  83. Hey George,
    I’ve been taking hydromorphone (imidiate release and contin) for 8+ years now and am currently taking 40mg of short acting and 45mg of contin (long acting). Considering the high dose, would it be dangerous to quit all together without tapering? I say this because personally, I feel that tapering merely prolongs the inevitable, and as you mentioned, what’s a week or so of a bad flu compared to a lifetime of dependency & depression. Forgive my blunt standpoint in that I also feel that tapering is a beneficial strategy in selling your product. Again, I’m certainly not saying that withdrawal ease isn’t effective, as I’m sure it helps, I’m just looking to end this cycle.
    Thank you very much for sharing all of your experience and insight. It is much appreciated.

  84. Way to go Donna! It isn’t easy reaching out a down deciding that it’s time to quit. I say this as a current opiate user for pain management (on a high dose), and relate to the fog/irritability you mentioned. I also think that you can do this with or without the product (‘withdrawal ease’) if you’re truly ready to quit. I can speak from experience in saying that I hesitate in quitting because of the fear of withdrawal. As mentioned, I think it comes down to willingness and if you can admit that you’re truly through with opiates, then you’re ready. Like people who quit problematic drinking, (without tapering, even though it’s more dangerous than opiate withdrawal ), it is possible. From easiest experience, the most important and challenging part is maintainace and support after you’ve quit.
    Again, thanks for the courage and honesty. I k kw you can do this with some help (from loved ones). Stay positive and don’t let the fear control you. Many people quit every day who are in the same boat or often worse off.
    Good luck!

  85. I’m hoping all went well with your detox! Would love to hear how your doing!

  86. Jacqueline Jentz says:

    Have 3 discs that are bone on bone w nerves pinched CONSTANTLY! was on morphine sulfate 100mg 4xs daily for 8 longgg years and as I call to make my next monthly appointment w my Dr. They told me “he quit he’s no longer with us here at this office” WHAT?!!!??? -_- SMH HOW can THAT be legal??!! He has/had about 40 patients a day on opiods like me….now hundreds of other patients like myself are scared to death going thru hell w w/d! Personally,I’m actually glad,I dont wana take that stuff any longer,and I tapered off from 4 a day and after I called and found that out I went to 2 a day for about 4-5 days then 1 pill for 2 days and now I officially ran out the ms continued bottle is empty and boy o boy smh! Can’t sleep,feel like vomiting constantly and I’m not even going to try to find a new Dr. I never want to go threw this hell again! Debating on buying your product,I mean what will it do to help me through this?!? PS I love that you answer ppls questions!

  87. I am tapering off oxy— 30 mg– have been taking them for 2 months now– I can not stand being dependent on a pill– I ordered withdrawls ease and have been taking them I hope and Pray they help me with the withdrawls. From what I have been reading — I feel really good and positive they will work– George I want to thank you for help and making this awful experience — something we can get through with a little more ease— thank you and God Bless— Joanie

  88. I recently bought the program for 89.00 but I can’t find the survival guide

  89. Hi Patricia, you can go to the link below to download it. I’m sorry, you should have received an email with the link:


  90. 8am: Take 2 pills
    12am: Take 1 pill
    4pm: Skip interval
    8pm: Take 1 pill (If you are feeling ok at this point, you can try and quit this interval too)
    Before Bed: 1 pill

    I think there is a mistake on the time for the lowering dose method. It should be 12pm right?


  91. Is there a tapering APP somewhere? I was thinking it would help me so much. 3 year addiction to anywhere from 10-40 mgs of norco a day. I know, not a lot for some but every time I try to stop I can’t. I go up and down in dose. I try so hard to stop or even taper but it’s hard. I’m almost 47 and very depressed about my unsuccessful life. I make $2,000 less a month than I did 7 years ago and just have lost interest in life. I feel old and lost.

  92. hey. I’ve been on opiates for over 10 years. on methadone (50 mg) for 7-8 years. a year ago i stopped taking methadone because i was still taking oxys on a regular basis. so for the past year i’ve been averaging about 4 x 80mg or 320 mg of oxyneo per day. i have a plan. its worked for me before to some extent. i’m going down south for as long as it take. i have to get away from my daily routine and surroundings. i plan to taper myself, and make my persription of 56 x 80mg (2 a day) last as long as possible, or ideally get off before i run out, just wondering what nutrients or vitamins might help. and if the withdrawal ease would work for me, is it available in canada? thanks

  93. Dear Valerie! Yes, in fact, we are in the process of producing an app right now. It’s a very exhaustive process and we want to make sure that we do it correctly. So, we will be launching that very soon. For now, this article is a good start and just remember that you need to take things slowly and the object it to lower your blood concentration of opiates in a disciplined manner.

    47 is old???! I’m in my early forties and while I hardly feel like a teenager, I cling to the fact that (according to US census), I still have half my life to look forward to. So do you and that’s important to recognize. There are still things for you to accomplish, dreams to chase and love to give. There’s still time for grace and kindness. i.e., you have a lot to look forward to but the issue of the pills has hijacked your mind to the extent that it defines you and has become your life. I know that withdrawal and addiction are incredibly challenging; Withdrawal Ease cannot take that challenge away, we can only give you a better chance for a successful detox. BUT, it’s a start. Valerie, you definitely need to “start” so that you can move on with your life…you cannot do that when the pills take all of your emotional and physically energy.

    This type of situation is unacceptable considering all that you have to live for and all that you can accomplish. You must get this done and I sense that you understand this better than anyone. So why not start the process and complete the detox? Why not detox and give yourself a chance to feel what it’s like? I know that detox is scary but at the end of the day, it comes down to feeling like crap for a week and then slowly but surely feeling better each day. In the grand scheme of things and at the tender age of 47, I promise you that you’ve faced more difficult challenges and won. This is a perfect example of the profound “power” that opiates can have over people…the combination of shame and guilt can make you feel as though you are unable to take this first step and I’m here to tell you that you can.

    People do it every day. And I’ll put my money where my mouth is on this. Email me and I’ll send you a free sample of Withdrawal Ease. All that I ask is that you see this through and detox completely. Give yourself the change to gain perspective.

    I know that this free offer may lead to a barrage of requests for samples. I often give out free orders but -to be honest- I very rarely give out free samples to people that specifically ask for them. I know that this may sound a bit harsh but that’s my policy and I have my reasons. Nevertheless, I want to help so shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can do.

    Thanks for contributing Valerie.

  94. Justin…thanks my man! I’m always grateful for people who point out typos and the like. It’s a LOT of content to manage and I occasionally make mistakes. I apologize everyone. I’m changing it now.

    Thanks again Justin. BTW, I took out your email for privacy reasons.

  95. Hi I have a question since July and it’s Feb 1 I been taking opiates like perks or vikes everyday straight so Like 7 months the first 3 months I can only take like 5mg-10 than went up more now I can take like 30 mg -60 mg a day I mostly would take them at night.. Sometimes during day.. Sometimes I would only take like 10mg or 15 mg tonight I took.. 30 mg around 5 than around 830 I took 20 mg.. But like I said if I can only get 10 or 15 mg of perks or vikes I would take that.. I do want to stop getting off, I’m gonna order the withdrawal easy day and night and recovery ease tomorrow, I have like 58 5-325 perks left.. Me and my fiance are gonna do this together we take like the same everyday, but everyday is different can be alot.. Than might be only 10mg or 15 ..a day.. Like I said mostly around 7 pm we would take them and sometimes during day, it all depends on if we can get them and how much money well have.. He has degenerated disk disease, herniated disk and neck locks up, so after this we have to figure out what he can do for pain.. I started fully every day since July.. He has been taking them alot longer than me.. Started around 2011 when he hurt his back at work.. Took a low milligram… Than started taking alot.. Than he went through bad withdrawals to get off.. And that scares me to get off like that.. He was good for a while than pain started to get worse so got back on like 6 months before I started taking them with him.. I’m just not sure how to taper because it’s all over the place on how many a day.. And mostly night time sometimes day time.. And when withdrawal ease comes in if we should take that while we taper down.. I read how to taper but it’s not how we take them and we want to taper down and be done with the opiates in about a week or two if we have too but mostly a week and stay on with drawer ease for like a month and hopefully feel more energy, don’t sleep most of day, don’t feel so drawn and body aches..i want my energy back the most.. I do take lexapro for anxiety and vayvanse for add I do have to take them.. Can you explain how we should do this.. We have 4 kids we want our life back, more energy feel good without these.. Not be so grumpy and want to sleep if we don’t have any, and most importantly stop spending so much money on these.. I need my life back and energy! Just little harder with him with a life time of pain, but we will figure that out please let me know thank u

  96. I’ve been taking oxycodone for 6 years or so. like most people I started small because it made me feel high and of course I needed it for pain. over the years are gradually increased until recently when I think it got out of hand. For the last month I was eating or snorting upwards of 450 milligrams per day. I realized I needed to stop. I sorta quit cold turkey but one day on the worst withdrawal day, which I believe to be day for I took a very very small 5 milligram dose hoping it would help the withdrawal symptoms. honestly I think it prolonged my withdrawls so no I did not taper off like I sort of planned and I just quit cold turkey. Today I am at 8:12 and I am clean free and clear with no withdrawal symptoms, I’m eating again, & I even slept last night. I had no cravings whatsoever the only thing I have to worry about now is that psychological addiction because right now sometimes I think I might want one just because I know it will make me feel a little bit better but I’m afraid if I let myself do the one then I will eventually wined up right back where I was. but with the absence of the withdrawal symptoms I feel like this should be easy from here on out so I recommend to anyone who really wants to get past this to just stay strong for 5 – 9 days and you will get through this. Everybody in my family is a serious addict of one sort or another so I’ve always had a genetic sub position for this sort of thing so if I can do it after taking 450 milligrams a day up my nose then anyone can

  97. Hi I just vwant to ask a question im taking opiates 50 Mg a day some time 70 should I ease off the opiates before taking withdrawal ease or take withdrawal ease while still weaning off the opiates very confused about this process I want my life back

  98. Hi Mark. I would use this post to put together a tapering schedule based on your intake. Since 50mg is your current intake, I would start with that. I know that 70mg is an occasional dose but if 50mg keeps you comfortable, that’s where you start. You should gradually lower your dose based on a schedule like the one that I have written above. About a week before you stop taking your meds completely, I would begin taking Withdrawal Ease. So…for the last week or so, you are taking your meds and the Withdrawal Ease together. This gives the product time to “load up” prior to the start of your detox.

  99. Thank you for getting back to me I really am going to complete this taper down process I’m so happy you have read my post is it ok to use Valium when I’m really irritable or can’t sleep or is that another excuse it seems to help when I’m anxious or irratable I’ll probably get my withdrawal ease Monday but I want to make sure that I’m comfortable to do so I mean to start taking it I want to ween down for a couple of weeks not just days I have the resources I just want to make sure when I put them down it for good I have been home all week back to work Monday but 2 weeks from Monday I have another week off that’s my goal to start my adjustment from opiates hopefully I will start then is that a good start or not

  100. I am a pain patient for 11 years and I can attest it does indeed feel even I was set up to fail. In fact a majority of the Country has due to the fact of a heroin epidemic and I bet they started off as pain patients. – you see how it works, they make sure they got your brain cause once they do that they got your Money all at your expense in every way possible as if your soul is contracted out to them. THEN they try and get you off OR the DR’s themselves just disappear if you been compliant and they have no cause to discharge you. For them THEY have loopholes to escape a dependent patient to pawn off to the next to deal with as much as they can milk it. WE WIN if we can defeat them and let go of our old selves.
    I think we all need to stop this cycle of control and have options we don’t feel humiliated and suffice to such INHUMANE treatment.
    I already stated my truth over in signing petitions to change the law. I for once want to feel in my adult life that my rights are not equal to a child’s. We been prepared for this since grade school but we are waking up – you are not alone!

  101. George I have the ability to taper for as long as necessary. I am using opiates Oxycontin 30 mg about 10 a day. Can you give me a sample taper and let me know how many bottles of WE to purchase. I have drawn up a plan and even though I do not have a person I can share this with ( I am a professional and well known in my community) I do have a support system in place to go to after detox is complete. My goal, thanks to you, is as comfortable a detox as possible and take my time with the taper. I have been using on and off for 10 years. It started when I decided to have implants done on 95% of my teeth. Your wealth of info has amazed me. Of course I understand if you give me a schedule to taper that it is individual to the person and not a prescription to follow to the T. If I take my time and purchase enough WE to ease withdrawals I believe I will be more successful. I realize WE is not a substitute for withdrawals but I also believe in the pschological value this might have.

  102. Finally clean says:

    This product really works if u take it as directed… And I didn’t receive my order and I called back and they shipped the product in 2 days…. I thank God that I found something that really worked and I didn’t even get sick when I tapered down and began to take this product… Thanks again to the founders and the company that made this product….,

  103. Hi Matthew. I believe i replied to your email about this. Take a look and see if you got it. I recommended a 3 month taper if you had the time and meds for it.

  104. Hello,
    I am in the same situation with tramadol. I should have do e my own research on it but didnt. So I have tapered down to two a day o er the last 4 months, I have slipped a few days in the past month and taken more to just feel normal. I am hoping this supplement will get me through the rest. I would rather feel the pain than be reliant oN a medication that doesn’t help less and less as time goes on

  105. KattyWamp says:

    Not many here say what other means they use to control their pain when they lower their meds. An 82 yr old relative has been on 75 mcg of Fentanyl for 10 yrs and sometimes it’s not enough to control his pain. He is not addicted but dependent. His pain doctor has told him he has to get off the Fentanyl as the latest “regulations” say it is too dangerous for older people to take. So he will lower it 12 mcg per month but he just has to completely get of it. He is willing to give him the Norco he has been taking for breakthrough. He has pain from several problems, degenerative discs, bad shoulder joint, Fibro, bad arthritis. Doctor says his worst pain may be helped with facet injections and will try injections in lower back etc. But it’s going to be rough. Will his tolerance “reset” so that the weaker meds can handle most of it? Anyone have any suggestions?

  106. Steven Goetz says:

    I hope you were using an exaggerated example of Percocet usage. Obviously since Percocet has 325 mg. of acetaminophen, per tablet, overdose and toxicity, occurs at anything over 8 tablets per twenty four hour period. Thirty five tablets would cause Liver failure, and continued misuse, in this form, would result in death. Please don’t exaggerate when using drug names to illustrate withdrawal experiences. People with no experience with drugs might read that and use that amount as the max dose.

  107. Hi Steven. Thanks for the comment. I don’t exaggerate when it comes to these matters.

    35 Percocet a day is a significant dose but by no means and exaggeration unfortunately. You would not believe what I have heard from patients and doctors with respect to doses that people take…it is staggering and sometimes well above 35 pills a day. This is due to the extremely rapid onset of tolerance combined with incremental increases in dose to achieve the same “effect.” This rapid onset of tolerance is one of the primary reasons why the opiate problem so challenging.

    In the real world, people are abusing pills at very dangerous levels and I was no exception. There is no doubt that a person who has never taken Percocet before would be in mortal danger if they took a lot more than the normal, prescribed dose. When I wrote that comment, I probably assumed that people understood that 35 Percocet was a lot but I thank you for clarifying; 35 Percocet in one day is way beyond the normal recommended dose by a wide margin.

    Percocet comes in a variety of strengths (Oxycodone/Acetaminophen); 10/325mg, 7.5/325mg, 7.5/500mg etc.

    I don’t mean to jump on you Steven but I think it’s odd that you cite the volume of acetaminophen as if that was the most dangerous aspect of taking 35 Percocet per day. I need to write a blog about this because the whole “acetaminophen scare” is an interesting story full of misinformation, greed etc. I won’t get into all of that but I will just say that acetaminophen and liver toxicity is way overblown in the grand scheme of things. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at a study released by the FDA. Approximately 100 people die per year from liver toxicity due to Acetaminophen overdose…more people die of opiate overdose per DAY in the US. And these statistics do not account for any other contributing factors like alcohol consumption, family history etc.

    If someone were to somehow assume from my comments that 35 Percocet per day is OK to take, the opiates are far more likely to kill them than the Tylenol, I can assure you. The fact is, if you take anything in excess, you can put stress on your liver…anything; even water. Of course, you should never take too much of a pharmaceutical…that includes Acetaminophen.

    And Don’t Take 35 Percocet Every Day!

  108. I am a 31 year old female who became enslaved to suboxone exactly 3 years ago. I was addicted to heroin at age 19-21, which I finally kicked in 2006. I was clean of all opiates for 7 years, which allowed me to successfully work, make friends, live fully, and complete a BA from UC Berkeley. All of that ended in 2013 when I was referred to a chronic pain management doctor after a botched surgery.

    When I was referred to CPM (chronic pain management), I had an enormously stressful schedule consisting of two part-time jobs and full-time school. On top of all that, I was teaching an undergraduate class at Berkeley while having to maintain a 3.8 GPA (in case you’re unaware… Berkeley is an immensely difficult and competitive school to attend) for a scholarship. Aaaand, to make matters worse, my (ex) husband was totally unstable and self-destructing with drugs and alcohol. Point is, I had way too much on my plate and lacked the time and energy to research all of the scary indications of an ex-addict naively walking into CPM.

    During my first appointment with the CPM doctor, I made sure to tell him about my prior history with heroin addiction. Regardless, he decided that it was a good idea to start me off with 90 10mg Norcos per month. PER MONTH! I did not expect that to happen as I have become accustomed to doctors never-ever-ever prescribing narcotic meds to professed addicts. Needless to say, I was a bit concerned (and elated, to be perfectly honest) when I picked up the script for the first time and popped one in my mouth.

    Long story short, that first pill down my throat quickly morphed into a full-fledged pain pill addiction that lasted 6 months. I was so incredibly stressed by my personal and academic life at that point, that the opiate high was just too tempting as a self-medicating option. During this period, I had also met my long-lost biological father and 6 half-siblings, which stirred up all kinds of emotions and memories of childhood trauma for me… Something I point out, because it’s nice to remind myself that I had zero chance in the face of so much stress and so, so many pills.

    During my second-to-last semester, my addiction was discovered by family and an intervention ensued. I agreed to see an “addiction specialist” who could help me get off the pills while remaining functional enough to finish school. I was so naive, omg. I went to the doctor, who was an old man with a language barrier (he was middle-eastern) and shit-ton of degrees on the wall. He barely listened to me and essentially just peddled suboxone at me as the solution. I had encountered suboxone during my heroin detox days of yesteryear, but had no clue whatsoever about the poignant withdrawal experience suboxone poses. And, of course, the doctor wasn’t volunteering that information in lieu of the $300 cash he got from the 10-20 patients he saw daily. (Seriously, it was like a factory line in his office – cash to script.)

    I followed his instructions: I let myself get sick from pill withdrawal, then took some sub. It was miraculous – all of my symptoms vanished AND I had the energy to do some homework and email some peeps. I was ecstatic. In the following days, I even noticed a bit of a high from the suboxone that occurs if you let it soak in your mouth for 45+mins. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, until I had finally become so addicted to the ritual of suboxone that I’d waste hours letting it soak in my mouth to get the best effect. Yes, hours of sitting on a couch with a massive spit ball in my mouth.

    After 6 months on suboxone, I became sick of the expense and behavior it had inspired in me; I tried to stop it cold turkey and quickly discovered that the detox is similar to other opiates while lasting twice as long. I had no idea and was utterly heartbroken – how many times could I idiotically trust a doctor without doing my own research? I couldn’t believe that I had to face opiate detox again after having been clean for 7 years. God, that was so heartbreaking.

    Considering my school load, I wanted a quick detox, which led me to a “rapid opiate detox” program in San Francisco. It was very expensive and gnarly, to say the least. $7,000 and takes 12 days… (BTW, I was/am totally broke and on food stamps at the time – we put the 7k on a credit card, just to give you an idea of how desperate I was to get off sub.) You have to hire a nurse or family member to stay with you 24/7 to dispense medications and monitor vitals. My husband played that role. He also had to take me to the detox center every day, where they literally gave me a shot of naltrexone (sorta like getting a shot of narcan) to help push the sub out of my opiate receptors ASAP. That caused the detox to feel a thousand times worse, but I was kept pretty sedated with all kinds of meds and it was all over by day 12. Upon which time they give you a shot of a non-opiate opiate blocker to keep you safe from relapse.

    The opiate blocker wore off after 30 days. Since I hadn’t dealt with all of the underlying issues of addiction, I was immediately back on suboxone to get high. Aaaand that led to the dissolution of my marriage, family and friend relationships, jobs, school – I basically lost everything because of my addiction to opiates, whether dope or pills or sub. Let it be known that I absolutely despite suboxone and all opiates because of their ability to turn any innocent person into a miserable, suicidal waif of their former self.

    Three. Motherfucking. Years. Later. I am still on suboxone. What can I say? The detox is so painful and traumatic that I just cannot bring myself to do it. The doctor who prescribes it is like most of them – overpaid, bored, apathetic, and seeing himself as a better class of human than his patients. I mean, why else would you fall into a career of making ridiculous sums of money off the plight of addicts with no intention to set them free?

    I am 31, I want children, I want to go to graduate school, I would really like to have a LIFE. I find it impossible to move forward while my mind, body and spirit are chained by the daily ritual and obsession with this medication. I cannot believe how small I have become because of it.

    I am all about tapering, as I just cannot bring myself to go through that detox again. I know that there will be major discomfort at some point, even with tapering – after all, you cannot take the benefits of an opiate into your body over prolonged periods without paying a price. It’s cause and effect, positive to negative, it’s fucking… the age old battle of opiate addiction. I don’t mean to ramble, but it’s so hard to find anyone to talk to about this who genuinely understands. It’s a really bizarre issue for people who’ve never gone through it.

    I guess my point is simply that I want to taper off, feel ready, and am really inspired and calmed by the success stories. I’m at 4mg and am not sure how to tailor my tapering in a way that is comfortable, but I’d love suggestions. I’m also curious about the Withdrawal Ease – I’ve seen a few comments attesting to its worth, but don’t understand what the ingredients are. In my experience, the natural stuff doesn’t work in acute withdrawal because it’s so intense. But, in a slow tapering situation, maybe?

    Thanks – sorry this was so long!

  109. Hi Katty. Thanks for the comment. With a person of such an advanced age, weening off of Fentanyl must be executed with extreme caution…extreme. His blood pressure could/will spike if he goes into withdrawal and that must be monitored continuously. The taper must be done gradually; I cannot emphasize that enough. It must be done very gradually. Although I’m not positive, I think a person could be switched over to Norco but I think it has to be done in conjunction with the Fentanyl taper. The doctor in charge of his care needs to really know his/her stuff!

    Tolerance does “reset” to a certain extent but will never totally reset. Even though I have not taken a Norco in 7/8 years, I could still probably take 3-4 and be totally fine…that’s enough to really mess up a “regular person.” When I was taking Norco on a regular basis, I could probably have taken enough to kill a Rhino but that is likely no longer the case. Ultimately, (In my opinion) the Fentanyl taper must be done very slowly and the Norco must be administered along with the Fentanyl taper; I don’t think they will be able to discontinue his Fentanyl intake completely and then switch to Norco; he’d go through some pretty acute withdrawal in that circumstance. The problem is the fact that Fentanyl is so much more potent than hydrocodone so it is a delicate balance. There might be a way to integrate a short-term course of Suboxone into the mix and then switch him over to the Norco but again; the doctor really has to have a deft touch to plan this out correctly in order to avoid acute withdrawal.

  110. George,

    I have been on norcos 10mg for 8 months now. I got all the way up to 5-6 per day, and now I am down to 2 a day. I have been down to 2 before, and never could get past it and went back up to 3-4 a day, and now I am back to 2. Went 2.5 two weeks ago, 2 all last week, and now I want to go to 1.5 this week, and then 1 following week, and then half, and then done.
    My question for you is I have a friend dispensing them already, but how often should I cut? I am in a high pressure sales job and need to be “on”, so that’s why I have been dragging this on and haven’t stopped for good.
    I am ready to go to 1.5 (went to 1.75 last night), and be off in 2-3 weeks.
    What do you think is the best way to get across the finish line with the least amount of WD symptoms. Thanks

  111. Hi Justin. 8 months on 50-60mg of Norco should not be a big problem. It’s a relatively low dose and not a long duration compared to many here. Of course this is by no means easy and please do not think I’m taking your situation lightly! Having said this, you are in the timeframe where quitting sooner rather than later will do you some good with respect to the detox symptoms. I think you need to “pull the band-aid off”. You’ve tapered enough and I’d be surprised if you haven’t already begun to feel some lethargy and mild withdrawal symptoms. My suspicion is that any additional tapering may prolong the discomfort. My recommendation would be to take the last dose on a Thursday afternoon (assuming you have the weekend off?). By the end of day of Friday, you’ll start to feel like crap and then the worst part will be over the weekend. You’re going to have to push through on Monday and Tuesday but just tell them that you’re under the weather. By Wednesday, I suspect you’ll be on the upswing and fully recovered in time for kick-off on Sunday. That’s my “educated” guess.

  112. Hello: I have been taking approximately 25 gm/day of kratom for chronic back pain for approximately one year. While kratom is very effective for eliminating the pain, my goal is to stop taking kratom due to a number of side effects I have been experiencing. I did try to stop cold turkey once and the wd was unbearable. Primarily insomnia and increased back pain. Would a gradual taper eliminate the wd effects from kratom?

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