The Benefits of Detoxing from Opiates at Home

One of reasons why Withdrawal Ease is so popular is because we are addressing what we call a “Gap in care”. This is a fancy way of saying that there are many folks out there (like you perhaps) that are not getting the appropriate support they need when detoxing from opiates. Rehabs and detox centers may be prohibitively expensive, time consuming and -most importantly- unnecessary for many people who are dependent on opiates.

The Withdrawal Ease program has allowed people to detox in their homes more comfortably and for far less money than the alternatives. This is something that I faced when my detox loomed and I would have been extremely happy to find some guidance on the best way to go through withdrawal at home. It goes without saying that Withdrawal Ease is more than simply a nutritional supplement.

Much of the most useful content that we provide on our site is free. I we have always made sure that our site has significant value regardless if you purchase the product. I hope that this is evident to our visitors.

I drifted off the main subject there. It is fair to say that Withdrawal Ease has helped fill this wide gap in care by helping people detox in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

I really like lists. Perhaps I’m lazy. So here are a few reasons why you should consider going through opiate withdrawal at home:

1. Comfort: Suffice to say that rehabs and detox centers do not have special potions or medications that can magically make you comfortable. Essentially, they will give you some Advil, medicine for anxiety and that’s about it. If they know their stuff, they may give you some Immodium and Clonidine but those are not widely accepted best practices. Therefore, the thousands of dollars you pay gets you an uncomfortable bed, bad food and very little in the way of creature comforts.

Being at home gets you a familiar setting, good food (unless you keep bad food on hand), TV, books, entertainment and perhaps the support of a loved one while you are going through the rough spots. This seems like a compelling option to stay put and save that money for that new hovercraft that you’ve always wanted.

2. Privacy: For most of our customers, their situation is a closely guarded secret. The vast majority of you are not going to post your detox progress on your Facebook page. If you decide to visit a rehab or detox facility, you will have to deal with their schedules and it is anything but private. You will probably have to ask for time off if you go into treatment and I don’t know many people who can go to their boss and say, “Hey Frank, I need 30 days to detox from prescription drugs.” Home provides anonymity and privacy for an extremely personal and sensitive time.

3. Cost: $4,000-$30,000 for detox or a rehab facility vs. a couple hundred dollars; your choice.

Those are the main reasons why I feel that for many people, home is the best place to detox from opiates. Some may need the additional support and extended therapy that rehab provides so this is not a one size fits all proposition. For those that are dependent and simply want to detox in the most comfortable way, I think home is best choice…by far.

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Updated 8.2015