The Top Ten Reasons To Stop Taking Opiates

As you read the top ten reasons to stop taking opiates, please keep in mind that I am not trying to be judgmental with this list. Some of the reasons to top taking opiates may apply to you and some may not. My hope is that this list will help you be honest and objective with yourself about your opiate dependency and why you should stop. This is your life.

  1. The Highs Are Getting Lower And The Lows Are Getting Longer

    As your body has become tolerant of the drug, a good “high” or that feeling of contentment is getting harder and harder to come by. And you know what? Even if you take more pills, you’ll never get it back. What you will get is depressed…those shorter and shorter moments of euphoria aren’t worth the longer and longer bouts of depression, irritability and fixation on the next dose.

  2. Your Work Is Suffering

    Taking opiates/painkillers has an insidious, negative impact on your train of thought and your ability to perform. When you take pain killers, you may even feel a rush of energy and what seems like “focus.” It’s not really energy OR focus, it’s more “inhibition.” The opposite is actually happening and most of the time when I was taking Vicodin at work, I was doing crappy work and also not completing what I needed to do in a timely manner. In short, while you may think you’re doing just fine at work, you’re probably not doing half as well as when you were sober.

  3. You Can’t Remember All The Good Stuff

    I don’t know about you but my opiate dependency turned my brain into oatmeal. My short term memory was lousy! It has been proven that cognitive and executive function is reduced when taking opiates so this makes sense. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a movie and woken up the next morning not knowing how it ended…or even what the movie was about. Now think about how many memories you have lost that really mattered! Maybe it was a great time spent with a loved one or a great conversation you had with your kid…don’t let these pills steal all of your great memories!

  4. Your Children Know, And They’re Concerned

    It’s amazing how much even 2 year-olds can pick up from their parents! They feed off your energy and take their cues from your moods and everything that you say. I’ll never forget reading a bedtime story to my 5 year old daughter after I had taken my customary night time dose of 5 Vicodin 10/325′s and guzzled about 5 glasses of wine (Woodbridge Chardonnay…gag). I was really “high” and I was having a hard time reading Green Eggs and Ham! I looked up from the book and my daughter was just staring at me as if to say “Dad, what the #@%&?” She didn’t have to say anything, she knew…

  5. Your Friends Miss You

    Since pills (or your opiate of choice) are your priority #1 right now, everything else suffers. Do you spend as much time with your pals as you used to? Talk on the phone much? Face it; if they aren’t involved in your drug use in some way, chances are that they are slowly fading off into the distance. In other words, you’re quickly becoming really lame.

  6. You’ve Lost Your Passions

    Do you have any passions? Or rather DID you have any passions? Was it gardening, reading books, hanging out with friends, golf or just a general hobby that helped you escape? How much time do you spend on your passions now? If you’re hooked on pain killers, THEY are your passion.

  7. Your Body Has Officially Stopped Loving You

    After all, if you’re taking large quantities of liver-shriveling pain killers and generally not taking care of your most precious asset, your body is not going to reward you with its best performance. I know this may come across as holier than thou and agonizingly obvious but it has to be stated that these medications when taken incorrectly are just plain bad for you.

  8. Got Mood Swings? Pain Killers Bring Out Your Dr. Jeckyl and your Mr. Hyde

    Opiates affect the neurotransmitters that control (along with many other things) the mood centers (Dopamine and Serotonin levels) in your brain. Along with that euphoric feeling when you take pills comes a healthy dose of rage, depression, anxiety and other moods that make you a generally unpleasant person to be around. When I was in withdrawal, I was particularly unpleasant and nasty; for good reason of course. If you sense these moods and feel like you can’t control them, you’re not imagining it…the drugs are having their way with your mojo and you’re just along for the ride. I can tell you with relative certainty that your friends and family never know what “You” is going to show up when you’re on these drugs. I can remember at least 5 times when my withdrawals (due to running out too soon!) ruined family vacations, get-togethers and other things that should have been fun but became hell.

  9. Your Love Life Probably Sucks

    If you’re addicted to pain killers, they not only hamper your physical ability to “perform” they also probably lessen your libido. Take Cialis or whatever you want but you’re not going to want to engage in any sort of intimacy of any kind; even holding hands becomes irritating.

    Want to hear the cruel irony of it all? One of side effects of opiate withdrawal that you may notice -if you decide to quit- is that you become extremely amorous (in thought)…yes, it can happen. But if you are actually having sex while you are in opiate withdrawal then you probably aren’t in withdrawal.

  10. You Are Liable To Do Some Really Stupid Things

    This is true for alcohol or any intoxicant. If you’re inebriated and uninhibited on pain pills or booze or both (which was my personal preference), you’re inevitably going to do some really stupid things. It’s as if you all of a sudden, you time-warped back to when you were 14. There’s a whole myriad of stupid things to do when you’re on pain killers: “heroic” physical feats of strength or courage (i.e. things that could get you killed), saying really stupid things to the wrong people, stupid decisions with money, stupid decisions with the opposite sex and perhaps most of all, the really, really stupid idea that taking five more of those Vicodin will make you five times higher!


First published: Jan 2009

Edited: April 2016


  1. Laurel Perkins says:

    Dear George, Thank you so very much for your passion for helping so many people who are addicted to pain meds. I have been taking buprenophrine for 4 years, I started on 12 mgs in 2009, and weaned to 3 mgs( currently). I tried to detox in 2011, and thought it was all good, until the 3rd day off subox, and then the withdrawal hit me hard!. I went back on 3 mg a day. I am into the 9th day of taking your product, and 1-1/2 mg. of subox. I feel great and am going to stop the subox. in 4 days. After reading the testimonials, I am so encouraged. With God’s help and Withdraw-ease, I really believe I win this battle. I have referred two friends to your product. They have been addicts for 30+ years, what a wonderful hope they will have with this product. God bless you and Dr Erdman. Laurel P.

  2. mike salemme says:

    I just left detox and I am Back Home and extremely agitatied, Need help from someone that has been through it, havent sleep in 3 days, please help

  3. Hey Mike, it happens brother, most of the time it takes about a good month for everything to be almost normal. Sleep especially. I’m there with you. My advice, is take some Melatonin before you lay down, afterwords when you wake up, be productive. If you can’t sleep and your agitated, make something. Figure something out and put your time into it. It won’t take your mind off of it completely, but damn it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you force yourself. Also I’ve noticed when I’m in WD I lay around because I’m lethargic. I may be mentally tired, but from doing nothing all day, my body is not going to want to sleep. Try walking and stretching and doing some VERY light exercise. If your sitting around and lounging all day, your not going to sleep for more than an hour…that’s if you can fall asleep. I’m going through it now my man. Be safe brother, and stay strong. Just remember, 1 dose = Restart of Misery.

  4. Thanks Steve. Good advice indeed and much appreciated. Melatonin is a great ingredient. I cannot help myself…it’s also in our Withdrawal Ease Nighttime formulation along with GABA and Valerian. There I said it! Overall, your comments about staying active are critical. I tell people to go see a movie, go to a mall and stare at people etc.

    You don’t necessarily need to run a triathlon but as long as you can get out of the house and occupy your mind then that’s going to help. Exercise is great as well but just doing the simply things also help tremendously.

    Thanks for the kind words of wisdom

  5. My husband and I have been slowly killing ourselves and our family for over 4 years because of opiate addiction, recently our self-inflicted hell escalated when I (a 37 year old mother with an education and a career in healthcare) spent 14 hours wearing orange scrubs as an inmate of Arapahoe County Jail. Taking 30mgs of Percocet 4-5 times a day along with 90mgs of Adderall 3 times a day turned me into another person- a pers

  6. Person who became addicted to shoplifting. I was caught twice but never arrested, I didn’t go to court because we didn’t have any money because of the pills, eventually it caught up with me (as everything does) and I certainly paid the price last weekend. Sitting in a cold cell definitely gets your thoughts going and I realized that all of my problems started with opiates. The top ten reasons to quit really hit home and we are ready to be done forever!! Thank you for your website, even if we can’t afford the product, the tips and resources provided have sealed our decision to be done with this poison…we want our lives back!!

  7. Its been 2 days of no loratabs. I feel like complete shit. But I know it will be worth it not to be dependent on them. I waste so much money on pills. I’ve been with my boyfriend for ten years and our relationship is going down hill over me taking pills. I feel like I’m alone in this because he says its all in my head. It kills me when he says it. Its been two long years that I’ve been taking them. Every morning I would wake up.. roll over and take 5 pills. And I wouldn’t get outa bed till they kicked in and I felt “normaL”. I just want to stop completely.

  8. Dear Becks. I’m sorry that you are going through this and admittedly, my first reaction was “get thee to a treatment center!” I know that this may not be feasible since you are short on funds but the bottom line is that you MUST detox and get sober or your will end up in jail for a much longer period of time or die. I hate to be harsh about this; more of a tough love type of answer I suppose. Opiate addiction is ultimately a fatal disease; no one survives it. That is why you need to trust your instincts at this point (which are well grounded) and detox any way possible. If you cannot afford the Withdrawal Ease product, we have a lot of info on here that is free; including our Guide.

    You MUST do this Becks. If you don’t use Withdrawal Ease fine…if you have to go on Suboxone treatment at this point I’m fine with that as well. Suboxone is a better alternative than your current opiate intake and lifestyle.

    Again, I don’t want to discourage you; I’m trying to strongly urge you to take immediate action by giving you your options. The Adderal is also pretty out of control too which can make you more unhappy and irritated. Do anything you can to detox Becks. I’m pulling for you both.

  9. I have had my life totally devastated by opiate use , which began as legitimate use and then stolen joy and passion. I am talking about 30 years of use of every opiate known to man. I just found your website and you are exactly on the mark! I am going to begin my taper tomorrow and ask for help to purchase your product which is a brilliant combination. Suicide has been what I have been considering as the only way out and you have given me what I believe to be a very workable option. I have done it all and tried subutex which I thought worked but ,as you know, while better than three 100 microgram patches of fentanyl along with methadone with actiq for breakthrough pain. My only concern is I have intractable pain but the slavery of the dependence and loss of my joy for life is not worth the trade! I am ready.

  10. Your top ten hit home in so many ways but I do have an 11th. A car accident caused by a drunk driver on Jan 1st 2003 stole my life, or so I thought. Months later when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as a result of the accident, I thought fibromyalgia stole my life. There are so many symptoms of this disorder, it’s just stupid. Living with chronic pain led to the use of hydrocodone for the past four years. Now, I just wonder if its chronic pain stealing my life or the use of hydrocodone and I’ve come to the difficult conclusion that its hydrocodone. I live a secret double life and I’ll tell you why. My husband is an ex-addict (as far as I know). I watched him go through withdrawal four times that I can remember, 2 of them during our “family” beach vacations. When I had a baby, I was prescribed a handful of some type of narcotic. My husband stole most of those. When I broke my foot, I was prescribed some type of narcotic and my husband stole those. It has been many years but I do not trust him enough to be honest about my treatment plan and sneaking to the pharmacy and finding new hiding places for the meds is wearing me down. This is the fourth month in a row I have run out of meds early. But right here, right now, is the first time I haven’t had hydrocodone in my system in several years because this month I am completely out four days before I can get a refill. I thought the cold turkey approach would be unbearable but so far the only thing that is unbearable is the unbelievably strong need to move my legs at night. I really can’t emphasize enough how horrible that is and I’m going to try your towel trick tonight, So, does my husband know more than I think he does and steals an occasional pill or have I become irresponsible by taking more than the prescribed dose? I don’t know, either is plausable. When I wake up in pain in the middle of the night, I’m foggy and go for the pills and forget all about the dosage, which may explain the shortage. Now I’m finally going to make my point: the 11th reason to stop taking narcotics is living a secret double life is exhausting and frankly, sucks out loud. Most people are having to hide this from someone–parents, spouses, children, bosses, parole officers (lol, jk). I’ve decided to give your program a try and see if I can get my life back. I want to know how much of my chronic pain is fibromyalgia and how much of it is really induced by the pain killers themselves, a topic for another time. Thanks for this and for all of the informative posts. It took me several hours to find a helpful website.

  11. As both a pharmacist and substance abuse counselor I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that you have taken that important first steo in recovery. You need to talk with a substance abuse counselor and come up with your treatment plan. If you are having trouble finding direction I woulkd suggest a 12 step meeting such as AA and go from there. Network and ask questions about recovery. I am certain you will get what you need so you can progress in treatment. Good luck. Jim

  12. I’m appreciate this information. I have just been taking oxy for 7 weeks due to an accident, broken ribs, nose etc. although I am in pain it’s nothing like the pain and spasms of the initial crash. I want my life and energy back! Tried to just stop taking and spent most of the day tossing cookies. Could I be having issues with detoxing? After just weeks of taking? I have bouts of sweating profusely, insomnia etc… Calling my primary tomorrow.

  13. Hi Paul,
    My heart breaks for you. As a mental health professional, I am very concerned for your well-being. You must have been feeling so low to be contemplating suicide. On the other hand, maybe you are just brave enough to say what has probably crossed all of our minds at some point. Do you have a good support system? Have you ever considered talk therapy? Your post mentions financial hardship but in many areas, some counseling is offered pro bono. In this area, we have an entire pro bono support network with 70+ therapists who donate some of their time. I am also ready to taper and try George’s product and I also have a lot of pain. I think though, that hydrocodone has messed up my pain receptors and lowered my pain tolerance. My hope is that once my brain is functioning normally, the pain won’t be so bad and I will be able to manage it in different ways. Just know that you are not alone. I am right there with you and you know what? For the first time, I’m not scared to death, I’m actually kind of excited to do this.

  14. bro hang in there…it always feels like a winless battle…me as well hav done every opiate under the sun…been to rehab, IOP, tried to detox out of state at my bros house keeping me comfortable on xanax and valium. Just recently decided to ween off the Dope take a 8mg subutex and ween down off that and the last 4days where l would feel like l was losin my shit hav not bben bad..keep ur head up and reply bak

  15. Well I just finished a 7 week taper from 200 mg of MS Contin, & adderall, had taken for 10 plus years and am into detox 10 days with nothing , no Narcotics or Alcohol. I ordered the withdrawal ease towards the beginning of my taper. I didn’t take it (withdrawal ease) like I should have so it was pretty uncomfortable. However during the last 10 days I have taken 2 in eve 2 in morning. I do think it helps. I still don’t sleep more than, an hour or so at a time. Everything you have said is absolutely true. In addition to rx . I was drinking every day and eventually messed up my pancreas. I thought it would help me through my withdrawal, but my body didn’t agree with me.
    So I just made things worse for myself because I believe alcohol is my drug of choice. Physical health problems started rx situation. But I was hurting and having muscle spasms in extremities the last couple years the 200 mg of MS Contin ER wasn’t helping at all. I felt like my pain issues may be better with out them because they weren’t helping at all possibly making it worse. I was right. It’s been hard to tell withdrawal symptoms from pancreas pain, mixed with alcohol withdrawal in addition to rx withdrawal . I cannot mess with any of this ever again. I’m going to check out a 12 step program for support because I can’t stand listening to myself any more, I need help! After 10 days I still have withdrawal symptoms, my stomach has this knawing constant ache. Can I Still be detoxing. It’s the feeling I would get and a few shots of whiskey would smooth out. Like a nervous stomach. Anyway I know I should talk to my doctor about it but just thought maybe I should give it a little more time. Thank you for your product. I used to work for Naturopathic doctors so I was familiar with ingredients in your products and felt that your price was a bargain compared to trying to put together this supplements on your own. I urge anyone thinking of doing this to purchase the “withdrawal ease products” getting ready to order the “Recovery supplements” now.
    If I can do this anyone can.
    Good luck,

    Self absorbed big baby)

  16. There is a better way.

    You do not have to be prisoner to these pills.

    I hope you will consider seeing somebody to talk to about this, or at minimum, a close friend and confidant to speak with.

  17. Dolores Rauch says:

    I just had surgery, total knee replacement, They had me on Percocet, 2 every 6 hours, I took them for a month, trying to wean myself off to 5 a day then 4 a day then 3 a day, but when I got to 3 a day the withdrawals started very depressed and jerking of the legs at night and can’t sleep because of it, even if I take a sleeping pill. How long will this last and what can I do for, I do not want to take anymore drugs, so I don’t want a drug to take care of withdrawal and have withdrawal from that drug Please help me

  18. Dear Patty. Thanks so much for your comments. You’ve made some pretty substantial physical and emotional changes over the past few weeks and your body/brain will need time to adjust. If your body is used to something for 10 years, it will most certainly take a bit of time for it to settle down and begin functioning properly.

    For instance, I’ll use an analogy. With the adderall and opiates, your brain was given a “turbocharger” much like a car would get for extra power. That “extra power” created a lot more dopamine and serotonin which are neurotransmitters from the pleasure centers of your brain. Over the years, your brain and body have come to rely on the extra boost from these pharmaceutical turbochargers. When you take this “turbo” out, the brain needs to re-learn how to make these neurotransmitters again. I’m hoping that the analogy is making sense.

    I suppose what I’m attempting to demonstrate is the fact that it is not just about getting these pharmaceuticals out of your bloodstream; it is also about giving you brain time to re-boot and figure out how to provide you with the physical and psychological tools that you need in order to maintain a functional happy life.

  19. Dear Dolores. Day 3 can be the most difficult day. that’s really where the rubber meets the road and when things like our Guide come in handy. Essentially Day 3 is when you need to get out of the house, go to a movie (or 2 or 3!) and do anything to distract yourself. Many people get to this point in their withdrawal and say “no way, I’m not going to be able to handle this” and then start taking pills again. I did it myself…many times.

    It’s extremely important to remember that after day 3 or so, you’ve gone “too far to turn back.” Why get through the worst part of the detox and then quit? All that lies ahead of you on day 5, 6 and 7 etc. is recovery and feeling better each day. If you get to day 3 and quit, the best possible thing you can do for yourself is to start the process all over again…get back in the saddle. You will not be “re-setting the clock”

  20. Can Withdrawal Ease be taken on the first day of detox with a taper but just got the Withdrawal Ease.

  21. Thank you everyone for sharing honestly your attempts and hopefully successful attempts at that. I went from taking thirty plus vicodon/ loratab. . . Anything I could find to eighty mg oc prescribed to me to rock botto. When the Dr went to jail and I went to herion! Never did I think I at thirty nine with an amazing five-year year old daughter I would become a heroin addict well guess what folks OC is just legalized heroin and without products such as this and stories such as yours I would have never had the chance to take my life back and yes the “kick” is over but the hard part staying off is a comment that your stories and only the stories of other honest addict s seems reachable because just a quick reminder is all I need sometimes so thank you my fellow addict sincerely thank you. Your worth it life is worth it what you have to lose? Remember your parents saying “now if everyone was going to jump off the cliff would you?”
    JUMP (you get my point)

  22. Hi Shari. Yes, it can be taken whenever you get it. Many customers do not have the time or the means to taper so they begin to take the product right when they get it even if they are in withdrawal.

  23. Hi, I am grateful to find your site. I have shared this issue with many people who find there is no where to go. The overall story is that oxycodone is given for physical pain. The physical pain never really goes away. Sometimes the meds help sleep through the pain. Forgetting names, what I have just read, etc. has just got to stop. I want to say no more. This has been going on for 20 years. I am starting to feel lost and detached. I also feel I am not hiding my issue anymore. I rarely get out of bed except for what needs to be done. I am barely getting by and if I weren’t married I don’t know what would happen to me. I have a good life by I feel it is starting to unravel. I am so ashamed that I don’t want to seek an outside source. I am in desperate need of kind words of encouragement.

  24. I’m at that point that it’s no fun. I’m taking 6 10mg perks (oxycodone) at a time to get that high. Then maybe making a 3 hour drive for a few bags of heroin. Then methadones when all else fails. I’ve been on Diladids now and instead of my last methadone, as I feel those withdrawls are the worst and I’ve kinda kicked it out with just painkillers awhile now, I took a quarter of my only suboxene. I’ve pawned everything of value. I used to make music and tour. Now all my pro equipments in pawn and I haven’t even attempted writing or performing in over a year since my fiancé and kid left (after a huge fight cuz I was with drawling.) she never knew and I didn’t wana ask for help for worry of losing it all. Well I did anyways. I’m getting my kid more now after taking her to court which is still a huge stress. But I can’t keep on like this. I forgot what it’s like to be sober. My bodies falling apart. I’m backed up. Never eat. The depression is getting worse than I have ever felt even as a confused teen. I’m at my wits end. I want to be done. But I feel like I can’t work and am just lazy etc when I’m sober. I’m afraid to be really. It’s been years of not at least poping a pill. I want this demon gone. I feel I can’t do it with others help or rehab cuz I can’t afford even food for me. And I don’t want to risk losing my kid anymore. But I don’t want to have to be high just to feel like a good parent when I do have her. It’s not right I know this. But no one but me knows. I guess I’m just asking for anyone out there, if you have some advice, please..please help. I need it soon. I’m just afraid.

  25. Hi Mark. I hear ya. One of the common misconceptions about opiate dependency is that the “party never stops”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Like many out there, you continue to use in order to NOT get sick. It’s no longer about getting high or even feeling that shimmery rush of “feeling good”. But one thing that you must give yourself a tremendous amount of credit for is putting your thoughts down on “paper” here and telling your story. Even though you are in a bad place right now, you are helping others by letting them know that they are not alone. It’s critical that you attempt to transfer this guilt and loneliness into resolve. It’s no coincidence that the “bad things that happen to you” are almost 100% a result of your dependence on opiates. By taking the process of getting through your detox and getting on with your life, you are giving yourself a chance to make a profound impact on your quality of life and mind. This is not BS; it’s reality. Your child needs you to be alive and also happy. Your child takes his/her cues from you and as a result, you determine their fate as well. I’m not trying to heap more guilt on you because you have that in abundance right now. What I’m trying to accomplish (in my own fumbling manner) is distill the problem in order to make the solution that much clearer. Regardless of whether you buy Withdrawal Ease, you are the engine that drives this process and when you think about your situation in these terms, withdrawal is a small price to pay for your freedom and happiness.

  26. I just want to tell a little bit about myself. For 1, I never thought there would be a chance in hell I could share my feelings with anyone ( including my wife(sad to say). I’m sure it’s going to start like the majority of us. Starts with an injury, doc prescribes perks.take them for a couple of years then move on to Oxy’s. 20-40- 80’s then you get the Fentynol patch(100 Mgs.) supposed to switch every 72 hours, Then they don’t work as long and they prescribed them to you for every 48 hours . Then you leave the one on while you add the other and possibly another.. Is such a vicious cycle that I have been gone for approximately 20 years. Finally went to detox 13 days ago and just starting to eat and move around. Even with the meds that they give to help, I’m sure they do help but most definitely not as much as we or I would like. Like they say, it is different for everybody so for all of you out there and have that similar situation it does get better just hopefully a lot quicker for you!lol. By the way I do not laugh very often at all and with in the last three days I’ve never laughed more in many years that I can think of. It does get better, I promise !

  27. thank you for this guidance i am in day 5 now felling much better,thanks for the 10 reasons, i couldn’t agree more, when i feel down always go to this page and read this over again i am not a heavy user,occasional over 1 year on and off until i got hurt at work this time i really hook into it until last week after reading this page i decided to stop it hard but i can do it thanks again George

  28. david jones says:

    Debbie, you know like I know, it’s not our head, it’s our body’s craving. I decided to reduce my pill intake from 8 a day to 7 for two weeks then 6 down to 2 then none. After three days, withdrawal struck hard. I took the 60 remaining pills and gave them to my wife to hide. I was determined to be done with these pills. I wanted my life back. That was 21 days ago. During th he days I feel normal. At night I fall asleep normally but only for an jour at a time. I’ll never turn back. It’ll get normal some day. You have to make that choice and take the few days of pain and come out clean on the other side.

  29. justamom says:

    Mark, I hope you are doing ok. This is my 10th visit to this site. I have yet to make the plunge to quit (well I taper, then back, taper, etc…). I physically have not been able to. I work, have two small children. They are the reason I keep coming back to this site….
    Do it for YOU but you are doing it for that girl, so you can be the truly loving parent it sounds like you are.

  30. Just wanted to say that your 10 reasons were the ticket to get me over the hump to stop taking Hydrocodone! All of your reasons were dead on! Thank you so much for sharing this with the world. Hopefully others who have this addiction can find hope and freedom from your blog. Thanks again. Daniel. :) >

  31. Today is day three for my detox. The physical is manageable. But the mental is driving me crazy. I have two small children. And two teenagers. One of little ones is only 17 months old. My husband is home for the next three days to help. But I don’t think I can do it by myself after that. I have so much rage in me. I have been taking sleeping meds to sleep as much as possible because when I’m awake I’m just a monster. I miss being a loving attentive parent. I feel like none of that or my energy will ever return.

  32. Chris. Day 3 and 4 tends to the hardest. You’ve come tooo far to go back now. The most difficult part of your detox is over. The actual quitting and then the first 3-4 days are really the hardest part. Most people give up and go back to their pills because they become discouraged. I know that it’s extremely difficult to imagine that you will feel much better when you feel so awful right now but that is reality. Your energy and enthusiasm will improve each day that you are not taking pills. This is not just mumbo-jumbo “positive thinking” that I’m serving you; it’s reality and fact. Just hang in there and give yourself the chance to find out for yourself.


  33. I also know what your going through. I was exactly the same, I would take the same amount of Norcos in the morning and stay in bed just like you till it kicked in. After four and a half years I was done. I started taking Methadone, boy was that a mistake. I abused it obviously and I’ve been paying for it for five days. I bought Witthdrawl Ease after detoxing at home the last five days, I took naproxen, ibuprofen and homeopathic leg cramping meds and it helped, I received my Withdrwal ease today took my two, feel good just my left leg aches, and neck pain from Cervical Stenosis. No matter my bad pain, I’ll never look back. I want my old life back, that I really don’t remember.

  34. First, I want to say that I love this website. I take opiates for pain not recreational use. I’ve been on them for approximately 3-4 years. The top 10 reasons to quit on this website really hit home for me. I am on day 3 of detox from 60 mg/day of Morphine ER… I am still taking up to 14 Pills of 5 mg Percocets a day. In the past, I’ve tried detoxing off of the percocets while still taking the Morphine ER and never make it. Now, I’m trying it the other way around. I have to do it “cold turkey” because I’m pretty much an “all or nothing” kind of person, so when I stop the Percocets, it’ll be none just like when I stopped the Morphine ER. I know that I won’t be able to stop both at the same time.
    I love the honesty in the previous posts so I am going to be super honest (with myself). Although I take the pills for pain, I have become addicted to them for additional reasons and I’m terrified to stop completely. I have always had a lot of anxiety and I can’t turn my brain off when I try to go to sleep. When I started taking the pain killers, it not only helped with my pain, but I had a decrease in anxiety and I’ve been able to sleep better. I also have IBS and the pills have all but eliminated my symptoms. Its been like a “Wonder” drug for me in many ways.
    With that being said, I hate this cycle of my world revolving around the pills. It has become my #1 priority. I’ll run out of medications every month and go through withdrawal symptoms until I buy some from other people which is very expensive and takes money away from my financial obligations. It has put me in a very bad financial situation. I’m tired of stressing out about how many pills I have left and constantly worried about running out and going through withdrawals. I just want to be done with it all…
    My problem, is my fear of living in constant pain and the withdrawals amplify my anxiety disorder to the point of feeling crazy. Even though I’ve still been taking Percocets, I’ve been experiencing strong withdrawals from stopping the Morphine ER… I’m having trouble sleeping… one minute I’ll be asleep and the next minute I’ll be awake almost in a panic attack. I’ve been having aches and pain and the sweats… My stomach is upset and I’m really irritable. It terrifies me because if I’m having withdrawals this bad from just stopping the Morphine ER, I don’t know how I’m going to deal with not having the percocets too. In the past, when I go through withdrawals from the percocets, I can’t get out of bed because of the pain and no energy. Mentally, I don’t WANT to do anything…
    Does anybody have any advise on how to control the anxiety and restless legs outside of exercising? Words of encouragement are welcomed… and needed… as I try to get my life back pill free.
    Thank you!

  35. I’m on my 5th day clean from norco I was taking 100 msg a day..I’m feel better but still depressed

  36. Con- My body hurts so bad and for the next 3 months I am stuck working from 7 am to 10 pm seven days a week. I dont know how I’m going to do this. I’m so sad. I have already lost sight of my reasoning for this and I have nobody to turn to because nobody knows how bad my addiction is. Some body please respond and let me know I’m not alone in this.

  37. I don’t have any advice but I feel right in your shoes at this point. With my 4 a day lortab habit I felt like I could accomplish anything , I have a full time business a husband and 7 kids yes 7, at that time when using I felt nothing could stop me not even pregnancy of working the day before delivery but I found out the hard way, and thank god my baby didn’t get addicted but I’m slowly coming off well cold turkey actually and I’m so lost its been 7 days, I’m still waiting on that “natural” energy to come back… So I can be the best mom I can. I have no energy whatsoever! It took me everything tonight just to make spaghetti … I’m going to start the withdrawel ease tomorrow. Just because I’ve been trying every multivitamin and oc pain med out there and in hopes I get some energy back.and my pain of my back will get better Plz feel free to share how you feel today as I see this is old post

  38. Dear Jeremy, I’m so sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been sifting through literally an ocean of Russian spam on my comment boards and I barely made it out alive! I’m not sure where you are at this point of your detox, and my hope is that you’re fully recovered and moving on with your life now. I honestly hope that you never have to come back to this site again. However, if you are still out there wondering if you might be alone and/or if you feel that way, I can assure you that it is not the case…not by a long shot. There are so many people commenting on this site and on hundreds of message boards all over the internet about their dependencies on opiates. It sucks. However, I can tell you without a doubt that I also hear from a significant amount of folks who have made it through and are so happy to be out of the fog. Detox is painful and scary; that’s why we’re all here and that’s why Withdrawal Ease is so popular. Having said this, the detox process is a temporary syndrome that has a beginning and an end. All of us worry about the beginning but perhaps it would serve you well to also anticipate the end of your dependency which -in my opinion- is WAY underrated. It’ll be ok; you’ll be ok but you have to complete this task first and it includes feeling horrible for a few days. To me, the trade off was well worth it and I’m confident that you’ll agree.

  39. I’m just starting day 4 and I do feel better, it’s nice waking up without rushing to get my fix so I can actually start my day, I have a very physical job and I have lower back pain which is the reason I started taking oxy and hydros, but I feel like I’m starting to get my life back so I can be a better parent and husband to my family,this site has really helped me out, I can just feel I’m getting better and better every day, Thank you!

  40. Jay dude is back! says:

    12 days ago my life went in a direction I have always feared. I was a HEAVY heroine user. I was selling it the last year or so mainly just to pay for my ridiculous tolerance built up over the last couple years. Well on Jan. 9th I got a very loud knock at my door that wouldn’t go away and with a quick glance through the peep-hole I knew my life was about to change. Had made it to almost 25 years old without ever getting caught for my life-ruining (I wish only my own life) illegal choices and now a drug task force with a search warrant Just slapped two felonies on me and confiscated my supply and took me to jail. I had a VERY high tolerance to opiates (VERY pure black heroine, 1-2 grams a day!) and i was suddenly in jail with withdrawals coming on and the jail doc trying to help my sickness with aspirin and other low grade over the counter meds. I thankfully was bailed out after a couple days but knew I was still in prison as i walked miles home in single digit temperature in full withdrawal from jail at 1 am thinking that being home didnt sound much better than jail at the time. After I was home and realized the cops did a very good job of not leaving a crumb of opiates at my house which looked like a tornado blew through (the cops wrecked my recently deceased mothers house like they got payed more the worse it looked). I knew it was gonna get worse before it got better. And it DID. 4 days without using and Ive never felt worse in my life. Physically and mentally flattened. All my money confiscated,no food, rent due in a week, and feeling the worst I’ve ever felt just trying to not kill myself in the same bedroom I found my mother dead in very recently after her long struggle with heart problems, cancer,mental problems,depression, and her similar struggle with oxy and benzos prescribed to help her with her even longer list of health problems. Im just glad she didn’t know about my secret addiction this last year-ish because it would kill us both had she known. I knew I had to get past this point and try to salvage my life or end up dead or in prison. Luckily yet Unluckily my new roommate got busted with me so I had someone who was on the same page as me regarding our future. We knew it was quit now or start digging that 6 foot hole. We did our research on beating opiate withdrawals and after 12 days without using and eating handfuls of vitamins, amino acids, sleep-aids, ect.(Interestingly we almost nailed your products ingredient list without knowing your product existed) were starting to feel better and see the light of life again. Having trying to quit once before and suffering WAY worse withdrawal symptoms then without the help of your products ingredients. (I wish we found this instead earlier cause buying your products ingredients individually is about 8 times as expensive). Kinda went on for a while there…. but after reading everyone’s similar stories I had to tell mine and let anyone in doubt know that It DOES get better and the grass looks greener on the other side. In fact, after dealing with such lows for so long Im just starting to see such potential highs in my near future. And until I experienced such lows Ive never had the urge to live life to my potential as much as now, even more so than before i ever got involved with those devil opiates. I know all too well what alot of people that are reading these stories are,have been, or are about to go through. It can be very depressing,painful,uncomfortable, at times but the ingredients this wonderful product is made up of will make your journey 10x easier than without. The first time I tried quitting I tried subs and methadone and trust me, that will just prolong your suffering. With these wonderful ingredients I haven’t thrown up or had the sh!ts the entire time since ive been using them. I’ve been able to do regular life things again these last couple days and am starting to love life again. I found out If i stay on the right track Im on I can probably get my clean record back once I fulfill the courts probation, drug- counseling, ect (if I start it on my own before my court date in 2 months I probably wont have to go to prison which is AWESOME!) All in all what Im trying to say is anyone that has doubt about getting their life back… You CAN do it with this product and It is worth it. You will spend way more money, time, and depression if you don’t get well or try to just prolong the sickness with subs,methadone,ect… I use to like life a lot before opiates but now I look forward to my clean future more than I ever have before I got in that opiate funk. If your struggling with getting well, please dont hesitate to email me at “LesBoognish323@gmail.com” and i will do my best to help you out. I feel for anyone that’s going through what i just did. Who knows, maybe i’ll work towards becoming a drug counselor after I’m done with court. I just don’t want anyone to feel like I did 10 days ago EVER again. George, you are a awesome person for creating this product and putting so much good effort into helping people see the light again. I honestly was considering trying to make a product like yours to help people like it helped me until I just saw that you already got it on lock down. Good job man. You are doing such a wonderful thing to help people get their life back and the world needs more people like you! I’ll definitely be trying the post-acute withdrawal product you also made once I get the cash together.

  41. Wow, this is the first “get help” group of people that i can truly identify with. George when i read your top 10 reasons to quit it hit me like a ton of bricks. Every other opiate user I’ve met has never entirely clicked with me in terms of our understanding and relationship with opiates. I did opiates off and on at 14 to 16/17 then quit no problem. Maybe this isn’t fair, but in high school no one in my family knew about my pain pill use. then had surgery at 19 and had a taste again, also my mother was obsessed with controlling my medication, and i remember calling the doctor to get a refill, this was chest surgery BIG TIME PAIN, and the dude talked to me like i was a dumb piece of shit and my mom kept making “I’m worried about you getting addicted” comments. Call it reverse psychology, but that kind of shit is the absolute worse move you could make on someone who hasn’t even had enough time to develop an opiate problem yet. I managed to control myself until I was 20 (mainly because i had cut all my drug friends out of my life at 16 and i had no black market sources) and had an entire summer to kill. long story short: I ended up asking around for hydros, but ended up getting heroin. That went on up until my girl friend overdosed. I’m 22 now, off needles/ heroin, in college still and the personal information you’ve divulged is staggering how easily I’m able to imagine myself like that when I graduate. I’ve got a girlfriend I’m probably going to marry, she does opiates too, but she doesn’t have the money I have to just go buck wild with doses of hydrocodone and morphine pills that could kill a regular person, so I know it’s really up to me to make the big boy decision to say we’re done. I thought that if i just used pills I’d be fine, but i think the heroin fucked me around big time, because I’m having all sorts of health problems and weigh 30lbs less, all muscle loss too. My body is developing so many weaknesses I previously only associated with people I referred to as “pussys”. Well jokes on me now, I’m a total pussy. Pain tolerance is way down, mental strength down, work ethic down, muscle strength down, hair thinning, control over my emotions down, control over my money nonexistent. I had my first headache last night in what must be 16 years, not counting hangovers or colds. Also talking about colds, i had stopped getting sick after i hit 18. idk super immune system i guess. well that’s not the case anymore. I’m so frail compared to what i once was it’s embarrassing. I think this summer would be a good time to give this a shot. I can’t keep this up much longer. Everything you’ve said is true George. You’re the first guy I’ve come across that actually gets it.
    I wish you all the best sir.

  42. I’m feeling nervous for myself. The one thing I always liked about myself is I’m not in denial I’m aware when a problem is coming on. I have a dependency to Xanax I am prescribed but often run out and have to make calls. Sounds exactly like opiates I dt feel the Xanax rush anymore I have 2 wake up to 2 mg to not be sick and benzos in like 6 hours your face starts to shift, you get rebound anxiety, etc. I know benzos and alcohol are the only thing you can die from if you go cold turkey. In the meantime the girl that cleans my house I caught her in the bathroom of my house snorting a blue powder. She said it was an oxycodone 30 and she would never steal from me but it has been her addiction for over 5 years. She is also the girl I get my Xanax from when I run out of my script. In the past two mths I lost my grandma and found out my boyfriend was cheating with an intern for over a year at his job. I have gone off the deep end. I get prescribed 60 oxycodones 5 mg bi monthly for menstrual cramps and I actually snorted some and liked the feeling. I would feel guilty at times and throw the script down the toilet and not touch opiates for a few days then if I have a trigger I call the girl and will buy an oxycodone 15 or 30 to numb my sadness. it alters my personality for a few hours but I realize this is distorted reality. I asked her if she cared about me she would not give me opiates and I told my doc oxycodone 5 mg wasn’t working so I shut down my script. I don’t believe I have an opiate addiction yet but I have been abusing them. I don’t want to take on 2 addictions. I believe Xanax has tremendously helped me with social anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. I would like to remain on my Xanax but stick to what I’m prescribed which means I have to do an at home taper. things hit home hard and I was doing 6-8 mg a day and I’m prescribed 2. I’m worried about myself. Does any1 think im in denial and I’m addicted to opiates I believe I have the self awareness and knowledge and realize its no good. I’m 30 and I don’t want to look old and spend 35 on an oxycodone 30. insight anyone?

  43. Order Withdrawal Ease Day & Night for PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome). Also take 10mgs. of Melatonin and 5htp right before you lay down to sleep. It usually takes awhile for your sleep cycles to reset. You can do it!!!!!

  44. HI, Read of all these great people wanting to be free of drugs & George’s very intelligent responses. Really wish you’re all successful ! With God’s help-everyone will be ! Hope my 26 yr. old friend gives heroin the permanent shake ! Nutrition definitely is important, especially to those in opiate withdrawal, needing every possible advantage over this devilish adversary of addiction !

  45. Hi..i have been using pain killers for 5 or 6 years..i started off using 2 vicodin because i have been getting headaches since i was 5 years old..the day i took 2 vicodin is the day my life was over.. i fell in love with the feeling and been chasing the high ever since..2 days ago i woke up prior to me taking 3..10 mg..narco my dose every time i put pills in my mouth..i decided that i wont to quit..i look.up some things and withdrawl ease popped up..and i read almost every thing about it including comments from other people..i told myself i have to have that..so i made the purchase and now i am waiting on my package i have never been so ready in my life..i cant wait to start this new journey..narco turned my life up side down i have done things that i would have never dreamed. Of doing if i wasnt on narco..i have sold things stole things..put my chirldren after narco..and i am not a bad mother these narco had me being some one else that i didnt even no i could be..as i mention to you all of these things that i have done behind narco..i am crying my eyes out..i feel so ashamed and pathetic..this is why i must stop taking these narco. And with that being said thank you so much for finding a way..may god bless you because i truly have faith in withdrawl ease..i no it has to work.

  46. What about the leg cramps and moving them, feeling like you cant not move your legs. That is the worst feeling. Im happy for you Jay. You still doing ok?

  47. this was so glaringly obvious it was a waste of time.

  48. It is so good to know I am not alone in my struggle with opiate addiction. I have a legit health problem and need relief but opiates are not working for me anymore. I am powerless to control my use. Especially fentanyl patches. I am in day 4 of what will hopefully be my last WD. I was clean a few years ago for almost a year and long to feel again. I had every intention of remaining clean but I met a woman who’s daughter is into all kinds of drugs and more than happy to share. Since that time I have spent more than a hundred grand with nothing to show. I also have a doctor that is more than willing to give me whatever meds I desire. So after WD it’s time to find a new physician! WD is extremely difficult for me and I really loath repeating it ever again. The worst parts for me are the sleeplessness, bone itch (knees and elbows), and total lack of energy. As a DSP, ( direct support professional), I need to be clean and sober for all the clients I work with. So goodbye fentanyl patches….. And hang in there guys and gals.

  49. Time to sharpen my claws back and train my teeth on this habit once and for all. I take probably 4-5 tab 7.5’s a day when I’ve got them. I know that doesn’t sound like much to some of you but to me it’s a big deal because it’s something I no longer want to do and have had quite a time deciding to rid them from my life. I’m a lion, I do NOT have issues like this. I am committing to this to regain the leadership of my pride, my businesses and my life. Too much on the line. I’ll be dammed if I lose this fight. I know it will suck not having my “little motivators” before I hit the gym, or pull a 14 hour day, but I also know my body will respond to the workouts better without the Tylenol/ibuprofen in my system and my natural supplements will be more effective as well. We only get one chance at life, I WILL NOT allow some crutch to permanently prop me up. I will not lose. God is my pillar of strength. Empowered, emboldened, the righteous path of honor I shall walk on again.
    You too can summon this courage as I have. Reach down inside of yourself, and reach out to something divine and bigger than yourself. How will you roar when you’ve reclaimed your life?

  50. My heart goes out to those currently suffering from this painful process. Mike, I pray to the Lord your recovery be short and your life will change for the better. Having someone to talk to who has or is going thru the same thing can sometimes help. Let us know how you are doing now that we are in 2015.

    Take care,

  51. Concerned says:

    Okay, I got on this site by looking up a new medicine my doctor gave me this morning. Oxycodone 7.5-325. I have been on Hydrocodone 10-325 ambien and robaxin for about 5 years now after 3 major back surgeries. I was on Opana ER (3years) and Exalgo(2 years) but they really messed with my head so I stopped taking those and went through pretty bad withdrawals. Here is my problem, and i know this is an addict’s usual response. I do not believe I am addicted to the meds. I take only my prescribed dose and no more and no less. It was getting to where it did not help the pain at all, and I told my “pain management” doctor today and that is why the upped me to oxycodone and more of the robaxin’s.

    Here is my issue, after reading every comment here now I am scared to death to take this medicine, but I think I am even more afraid of the pain. I went from having a successful career and several hobbies to nothing, I sit at home and most of the day is spent laying in the floor in agony from the back pain. I have often thought about just taking a gun and ending it all because of the pain and the burden I have put on my family, and I don’t understand why I cannot get help for the pain just more drugs and now stronger drugs. I don’t want to end up addicted to pain meds or maybe I am, just in denial. I have absolutely no one to talk to except my wife but I feel as I am burden to her because she is supporting our whole family now that I am not able to work because of the pain and mental issues that apparently this drug is causing. I feel just like each and everyone of you here, and I am just so confused now. I don’t know who I am anymore, I have basically isolated myself except for my wife and children. I have no energy or will to do anything anymore. Is there anyone that can help me, am I an addict, am I crazy, I just do not know anymore. Someone, anyone help…

  52. Hi Billy. You certainly are NOT alone and I’m sorry that you’ve gone through this whirlwind of anxiety and confusion about your medication and pain management strategy. It can be very confusing and the last thing I want to do is add to any anxiety you already have about your meds. Right off the bat, I’m not a licensed counselor so I would not be qualified to determine whether you are addicted or dependent. I will say that someone who has legitimate pain and who takes their medications as directed does not fit the “mold” of an addict. To me, it sounds like you are certainly physically dependent and I would be surprised if you got any “high” from your current meds. As far as I can tell, you are not doctor shopping or forging scripts or buying pills off the street. It is that type of pathology that separates an addict from someone who is physically dependent.

    I think your rationale is the right one and you’re not making any progress by simply taking stronger meds like Oxycodone. Pain management is essentially that; they manage your pain but they do not help reduce or address the cause of the pain. For back pain, I think you should start thinking about mobility. There are new types of physical therapy out there that can really help with back pain and I’m a big believer in these types of programs. Places like Airrosti and other “new age” PT programs can help you regain function and reduce your back pain significantly if you follow their protocols. I think you should consider giving something like this a shot.

    You are not doing anything that should cause guilt and the shame that you feel is not justified. I would encourage you to address the source of the pain in order to hopefully reduce the need for your meds. In the meantime, take it easy on yourself and recognize that you have pain that must be addressed; you just need to try another approach.

  53. Teresa N. says:

    Hello. I have a question and not sure if I could ask it here or not, so I am going to just ask and hope I get a response. I have had four major back surgeries and have constant pain. I hate taking the pills. The things I have read is me over and over again. I cant sleep so I take alot of OTC sleeping pills even though they say non-habit forming. its scary what I have to take to go to sleep. I can no longer work and the slit change in weather puts me down for days. I have tried other means of pain therapy without success. My question is that If I come off the meds what do I do for the constant pain? thank you

  54. I am going to try this.. i have been taking (started with 10/325 Norcs) i could kill 120 count bottle in 2 days and mixed in some 15mg instant oxy and 40mg oxycontin and then some 80 mh contin and both i would chew down to nothing to get 12 hours of neds in 1 to 2 hours. Lately its my 120 – 15mg oxy codone instant release (snort) and again 120 gone in maybe 2 to 3 days and then get 100 of the 30 mg roxy’s (my love) snort and swallow and they also last about 4 days vs 30 AS PRESCRIBED! THEN for the downs i take ambie , snort muacle re laxers, valume and xanax, basically sleeping days away, so asleep i roam my gated upper class neigjborhood and like piss my bed as so under. I mix cocaine and LOTS of adderal snortinf of course. If your “addicted” to norc/vicadin/lortabs, be honest thats baby asprin to me but thats where i started. Keep clean keep a “real life” and u wont die

  55. patience, exercise even if you don’t like it, and just a strong will to live remember always that life is more important than anything you take to chemically in your body to always feel good its false advertisement for your body, Ive left detox many times and felt the same way but from what I learned is that if you really really want to quit and not just doing it cause you cant affort it anymore than you can actually accomplish it, always remember this cause its the most important thing to remember you Only live once! don’t waste it cherish it whatever problems in ur life that happen in the past that made you start leave them in the past cause the future is the most precious thing in the world and for all you people who had surgery I figure if you can go through surgery for something that’s a battle on its own and if you can go through that ordeal and go through physical therapy to get back to normal that theres something deep inside all that has a strong will to live longer,, I love being normal again I saved my marriage my kids look up to me and ill never let that feeling go and that my friends is the best high I ever had.. God bless and good luck to everyone who cherishes life.

  56. Hi Teresa! so sorry to get back to you so late. The conflict between chronic pain and prescription painkillers is common. If you are taking as directed and under the auspices of a doctor then I would not worry about it. I suppose “worry” is the wrong word to use; it’s more about whether or not you have been abusing the drugs. It’s also about your level of function; if the pills help you function and go about your daily life and your are able to do the things you want to do then I would think opiate dependency is a fair trade off. I say dependency and not “addiction.” I know that you hate taking these pills and I have a lot of folks just like yourself who hate taking them too. But without them, many are not able to function which gets us back to the issue at hand.

    My advice to you would be to seek out some of the more advanced and novel forms of physical therapy that have been popping up all over the country. Since it sounds like your back is the main issue, I would highly highly recommend a program like Airrotsti that can help your regain your function and mobility. I’m a big fan and it can potentially help you reduce your dependence on your pain pills. That would be my advice to you. Regardless, I think “function” is the operative term and it must be your priority.

  57. I’m about to do my third detox from opiods. I first took opiods after I was hit by a vehicle while crossing the street. I took Norco for approx. 10 years. I quit cold turkey and that wasn’t fun. The other two times (including now) are from cough syrup with codeine. Unfortunately, I had two exposures to toxic chemicals and was diagnosed with chemical pneumonia each time. Currently, I’ve reduced the cough syrup and will stop it completely in a few days. During the “dosing down” period, I definitely experienced withdrawal symptoms. I’ve ordered your product and am very excited about trying it. My lungs are damaged and I know I’ll have to take this cough syrup again. It will help to know that there’s a natural product that will help with the withdrawal. A question: Am I messing with my brain by periodically taking codeine and quitting? I’m happy to add that I’ve not felt the need to resort to other drugs. I don’t drink, either (I’m a Mormon and we don’t get to have any fun!). Thanks

  58. you need suboxone and slowly ween yourself it and then you need something like valuim or xanax to relieve agitation so you can sleep. I did not sleep for 16 days until i took xanax.It is hard to get but it is better than suffering. I am taking xanax and will take it for the rest of my life and I feel great and productive and sleep great. find a doctor for xanax or any benzos Thats what you need. good luck and get some sleep.Also try coladadine. i think i spelled it right. talk to your doctor.

  59. Try pushing yourself to get some form of exercise to stimulate your production of the natural feel good chemicals in your brain. Take hot baths and read the Bible or if your not into that read some type of encouraging literature. Another important thing to do as was mentioned…hit some 12 step meetings and don’t eat junk. Do some juicing or healthy smoothies and flush vitamins and good nutrition through your body. I’m about to go through the same thing and what you are going through is my biggest fear. But I have done it before and these suggestions are what worked for me. I found my strength in Jesus and He guided me to do these things. God bless you and I will pray for you to get through this.

  60. Oh this broke my heart to read. This is the devastating path these pain mess lead us on. We start out just wanting some quality of life in getting out and doing things in spite of painful conditions and we end up in an out of control spiral downward that is so deceiving. I see Marks post is from last year but I pray he got the help he needs. I pray he finds people to socially bond with that can help him not go through this alone and help him stay clean. Mark if you’re out there let us know how you are doing.

  61. Thanks M! I have not heard from Mark and I share your sentiments. I also appreciate your suggestions with respect to smoothies and literature. always eager to have more advice for those reading through the blogs.

  62. I was just searching for solutions to my dependence on hydrocodone. I started taking it on a daily basis after my wife passed away last year. It helped me cope with the loss and relieved the pain I have been having in my back and side I think it was related to years of alcohol abuse. But then I realized that I was taking the pills just to function normal and the doses increased. I quit smoking cigarettes after 40 years and have almost cut out drinking completely with no adverse effects. But this is a hole different animal. My doctor has prescribed Lorazepam 0.5mg for my depression and anxiety. It helps a little but I need to find the will I had defeating the other abuses. I need focus and direction. I’ll be talking with my doctor tomorrow…Thumbs up!

  63. George,

    Thanks for sharing. #2 I’ve found to be spot on; at work in particular and overall well. I’ve noticed this for years. I’d feel focused and motivated, but things just don’t seem to get done. I’ve noticed a tendency to become very stagnant, unable to improve significantly in things I practice. After stopping the opiates, I notice a kind of mental calm kicks in and I can focus again – during and after the withdrawal . I’ve always found this mental downturn to be a subtle effect of opiates, since it is not uncommon to see people on opiates appear focused. Again, thank you for mentioning this.

  64. Dear Concerned…I hope you have gotten some relief from your back pain. Pain is the ugliest. Stealer of life and freedom…I agree with George about Physical Therapy. Did you get an MRI..to see what is really happening in your low back? I take Medes for chronic pain for nerve damage and I still have pain from surgeries. The hardest thing for me is to stay on the dosage I have and not want more. Because the men’s, if you try to be active, never quite “cut it”. This may surprise some people but I have used ICE for pain for years. Right now I have some burning going down both triceps. I have taken my morning 30 mg Zohydro, one Norco (10-325) and 6 mg Tizandine. This is what the Pain Clinic allows me. But, my back..all of it..still burns/aches. Not as bad, mind you, but still there. At this point I want Soma so bad. And I have it. It works the best for the burning. Thing is…if I start on a little Soma, I want more and more Soma. Soma-Coma right?? It will make you tired/zombie like if you take too much. It is a very easily abused drug. That is why pain clinics won’t prescribe it anymore. so, I use ice-packs for the pain!! And it cuts that pain right off! Because ice is a natural analgesic and it numbs and decreases those nerve endings from firing so rapidly- that give us pain! Also it’s an anti-inflammatory. Try ice people when you are trying to detox!! And the stuff George sells. I have ice packs I got from Walmart that are gel packs inside a wrap that has a Velcro strap so you can wear it and walk around etc. they also have neck ones. In the evening I do my back with one back and the neck with a neck one. Relief!! It will help tide you over till the next dose. It keeps me from INCREASING my pain meds. Also walking, and eat as well as you are able. Good luck to everyone posting. I have been reading on this website for 3 days straight. And it has really made me think. It has helped me. I want to order the product. I am just trying to decide how I will taper off. I have read what George has said about Zohydro. I would like to eliminate my PM dosage first. See what happens. But, I want to get the product and follow the directions before I start. Thank you everybody for your comments. And don’t forget: ICE FOR PAIN!

  65. Teresa…George is right. But, have you tried ice packs for the pain!! People are always forgetting that ice is the best (free and non-addictive) treatment to use while you take mess, between dosages especially. Anytime! The colder it is, the deeper it goes and faster it will numb out an area. Don’t put it directly on your skin, unless it has a cover on the pack. At first some people can’t stand it that cold, and need another layer. But that changes when you get used to using ice for pain. Freaking out nerve endings will calm down! At least halfway and usually more! Good luck to you.

  66. I’m sorry “DUDE”! You wrote this 3:46am…you should have been asleep anyways instead of “wasting your time” on my glaringly obvious article! This article is not necessarily meant to “enlighten”, it is meant to reinforce the pitfalls and unintended consequences of being dependent or addicted to opiates. I wrote this because sometimes people who are living “alone” with their opiate dependency might feel good to know that they are not the only ones that wrestle with these issues.

  67. TK! So sorry for taking so long to respond. I’m not sure if you will read this at this point but I’d like to respond nonetheless. If you have taken these drugs for pain, you may be surprised at how little they are truly taking the pain away. I would encourage you not to confuse “withdrawal pain” with real pain. “Withdrawal pain” is your brain’s response to not being fed opiates; it is your body’s way of screaming for more and it makes sense that the most effective way your brain can convince you to take more is to ratchet up the pain.

    Certainly IBS (Crohn’s, Colitis etc.) is no joke and it can be very painful; you are not imagining that. But there are new drugs out there that are not narcotic that deal with the issue as opposed to the symptom. You are just wrestling with the symptom and now you’ve become addicted to the energy and -quite frankly- the lack of detox pain that the daily dose of opiates provide. But what is a week or two of detox compared to the years of mental anguish that you’ve suffered? Detox does NOT last…your body has an amazing capacity to heal and if you stop taking those pills your body will begin to stabilize. At that point, your “true” level of pain will manifest itself and you will need to address it at the source (in your case, your IBS).

    I’ve talked to thousands upon thousands of people dependent on opiates. I have NEVER heard anyone say that they wish they hadn’t stopped. I have never heard anyone suggest that the detox was not worth getting off of the pills and getting their life back. I have yet to speak to someone who said that they felt like they “gave up something good” for something bad.

  68. Well,

    In a nutshell, I can compete with some of the best of you on here (even though this is NOT a contest) but I’ve been doing 30mg Oxy (roughly 120 about every 4-6 days, and about 100 Xanax every 5-6 days to come down on) other stuff as well, but you get the picture. My main concern/question is: I’ve seriously been doing this on a daily basis for right at 22 years now somehow and certainly not proud of it. To be honest, I’m actually sick of it and have gone thru the DT’s and WD’s so many times now that I lost count many years ago. However, that doesn’t mean I still fear the process each time if you know what I mean? So I guess my main question would be: is it even possible to ‘go back’ to a ‘normal’ life style if I was even able to finally ‘quit’ once and for all? And I need some REAL answers here – not the typical BS answers such as ‘just believe in God and he’ll do the rest” or ‘sure you can if you just believe that you can” type answers. Not trying to be a dick here or anything like that, but I know I’ve put my body and soul thru hell over all these years, and I’m just having a very difficult time believing that I can obtain any type of ‘normal’ or much less a ‘happy’ type lifestyle after getting of all the drugs. I DO however think I can beat the WD process and get thru that awful period – it’s just the ‘other side’ I’m so afraid of. I honestly feel like I’ll feel miserable for the remainder of my life. And if all I get to look forward to is constant ‘cravings’ and/or complete boredom from here on out – I can honestly say that I’d rather just ‘hang it up’ if you get my drift? So again, I need to really know if there is ‘true happiness’ once your clean, and if life can actually go back to the way you felt BEFORE you ever started taking drugs? (And again, ‘real’ answers please, no ‘spiritual’ answers or words that come from step programs or the back cover of a self help brochure – I’ve already been thru rehab programs, and though they make work for some, they just didn’t work for me – and I’m truly at my last hope here) thanks.

  69. Hey Mag, I’ve been on Oxys, Roxys, Methadone, Zanax, Heroin, you name it. Had 3 discs removed out of my spine and my L4 andL5 partly removed then got infected with (M.R.S.A.) staff in my spine from falling thru a roof. For some reason I felt compelled to respond because 20 years is about where I am, I cant even O.D. on Heroin my receptors are so burnt, I offer a bb size to a friend and they are out fro hours, I fill my spoon with 10 times more then go to the gym or whatever and no one knows a thing, there is no more tolerance. It’s time to quit and so I stopped the pain management and relate to your long drawn out process of it ultimately ends up owning you. I haven’t tried the withdrawal ease but am thinkink about it. I found it easier to detox by getting some benzo’s and seraquill and just putting myself into a hard 3 to 4 day sleep, then once I wake up, I wait about a half day and if I still feel detoxy I take a quarter to half of a subutex for 3 to 4 days then, start eating, moving, walking, back to the gym and find a good friend who wont judge but help to not relapse. It was the legal meds that led me to the illegal stuff. I’m actually very well spoken, nice looking clean cut and have worked for some of Americas top software and computer companies but eventually the MEDS stole my work ethic and Joy and God etc, I’m not a Doc. so you may want to ask before trying this but I know many years of my life have been destroyed from all that stuff, GOD BLESS YOU and I wish you well. Michael

  70. Find some Xanax(low dose if you don’t have a tolerance to them) then get Seroquel or any hard sleeping pill that will put you out for 3 days, if you wake up and still feel detoxy, get a couple subutex and put a quarter under your tongue and wait @least 2 hours, 4 to 5 hours go by and you still feel crappy take another quarter same way with a low benzo and do that for the next few days then bam, make yourself drink a lot of juices and soft food and move baby, walking, stretches, music and it should be gone. I’ve been on everything hard and injectable for many years, all veins are collapsed and bounced back many times. Now GOD has forced me on my knees and he has come for his TRANQUILITY whether I wanted it or not but I want it this time, Part of life is showing up which I missed out of a lot. I wish you and every other Gorgeous Child of God on here to kill these Demons that laugh @ us for being so weak minded then chew us up some more then spit us out. Trust me, I fell thru a roof and had 3 discs removed out of my spine then caught M.R.S.A. staff and was in the hospital for a year. So legally I can get whatever I want thru Pain Management but I stopped going and detoxing for the last time,

  71. I’ve been on Opana ER 160mgs per day along with Klonopin 1mg three times a day and Oxycodone 20mg 4 times a day for break through. These are prescribed by a Pain Management Doctor for 12 years!
    I’m a Veteran who can’t get an appointment for 3 months. I’d like to use your product, but read on your earlier post, that care should be taken when I have been on Klonopin.
    Would it be ok to use your product? Tired of all of it!!
    Look fwd to your response.

  72. Hey bud i feel you im on my 4th day and its hard. I know what you are going threw stay strong be around postive thing it will help its help me so far good luck and god bless

  73. Hi Katy. Yes, you are correct, I would be very careful about detoxing from long-term Klonopin use. This does not mean that you cannot do it but it must be done on a very regimented basis and while adhering to a strict taper plan. Some people can go cold turkey from opiates (although it is better to taper) but benzos are different. A cold turkey detox from benzos can cause seizures so be careful ok? Withdrawal Ease may be able to help out with some of the post acute withdrawal symptoms from benzos but I do not recommend it for acute detox from Klonopin for this very reason.

  74. Jay, God Bless you! You touched on some things, very close to my heart! I am about 2-3days, cold turkey, from oxy 20’s & 30’s 3 each within 24 hours. & have headaches, anxiety, all of the above.. I have ordered the withdrawal ease, and hope to God it arrives tomorrow morning, & gives me some relief, from this evil withdrawal. I want my life back too. Thank you for sharing, Sincerely!

  75. Afraid to say anything considering you are in better shoes than me awaiting back surgery I (l3l4 disks very herniated found my MRI to have a handful of problems prescribed hydro 10’s and morphine 30 MG’s.the problem I have is I was already (a junkie) before my groin and back issues became an issue I find I run out 2 weeks before my next script and look to friends to void the time I already and have need help these articles have hit home I will say I need the meds because of the horrific pain I’m in until I get fixed I plan on tapering down my intake once this happens and buy withdrawal ease to get off the meds.my advice to you is don’t take more than what you are prescribed especially now on oxycodone(much more addicting) you might even cut back even more than that(envy you)but your condition you have must be rough don’t dig a hole like I have run out then spend your money filling the void its not fun trust me I will beat this plague soon don’t want you to fall into that trap eat well stay healthy my friend I will beat this wish I were at your level stay there at least (can’t say its right but you control it instead of it controlling you)

  76. i agree,.exercise is more important then we tend to give it credit for My situation of a post whipple recovery process (july-2112) has been up and down so many times its just a way of life if you are a post whipple patient or have similiar problems which hve led you to the aggrivating dilemma of trying to gain,. and ..maintain,..weight. Or to eat for that matter in a consistent and somewhat normal way that normal folks do,…well,…we cant have everything but you get the point if your where i am. MIss breakfast,…lose 5 pounds,…miss breakfast for three days in a five day week and you find yourself struggling to get that five pounds back,…maybe for the next couple of weeks. Being careful now,…not to eat something that may annoy your pancreas,..whats left of it that is,…and hope you wont have an attack due from overeating ,..trying to get that five pounds back. Us folks dealing with post pancreas cancer surgeries may find a way to help each other by clueing one another in on their secrets for maintaining weight,…eating lower carb meals,…and findong items for zero carb input like veggie stuff. Excercise,..yes so important to maintain safe glucose levels,..and with our system the way it is,…glucose levels fluctuate in so many propensities that they become cryptic and miss-leading to many degrees and we might just find the answer of course form what,….DIET AND EXCERSISE,…of course we know this allready,…but at times we find ourselves so exausted ,..we dont have tohe get up and go to go to the kitchen at times,..and othen settle out for something a little less entraining,..like a shake,..or a boost,…whish these things may help in certain situations,…but those quick fix high protein drinks need proper supervision at times to relay the effect that ones n our case are involved.


  78. I couldn’t agree with u more. I’ve had to do this several times myself and never could have done it without the Lord. I’m fixn to go thru this again. I know I can do it, I’m just real nervous.

  79. I just finished 4 days of real hell going through withdrawl of Morphine Sulphate. It started with Vicodin to treat the pain of sciatica about 10 years ago. A year ago my med was changed to MS. I ran out over the weekend and couldn’t get a refill. On Saturday I was crashing fast. A friend encouraged me to simply get off of it now, and opt for physical therapy and yoga. That night I committed to going cold turkey and crawl out of this nightmare. I looked on the internet and had every symptom of withdrawl. It wouldn’t be an overnight process. Hopefully after 4 days of torture, I’d begin to feel differently. And that’s what happened. For the first time in years I know what it’s like to feel good again. There might be a few remaining symptoms that could last for the rest of the week, but as of now, I feel like a new person. Yesterday I saw my Dr. and he prescribed Welbutrin to help as needed. Being addicted to prescription drugs isn’t fun. Getting off that shit is the best thing that’s happened to me in 10 years. I’ll manage the sciatica with Physical Therapy and yoga. I never want to go through that feeling again. It sucks all the energy from your body.

  80. I'm alive again says:

    You can do it! When you finally feel better it is like being born again! I found myself abusing pain medication after my mom died (unexpected and to young). It was the only thing that brought me some type of relief from my grieving. Not only did it make it worse, it prolonged the grieving process. I’ve seen them ruin lives! Some people do have legitimate pain, or are dying of cancer and need them. Never thought I would be addicted to pain pills. They are the devil!

  81. I agree with you Laurel. And a lovely post. I was on opiates for pain and didn’t realise but George’s post regarding same made me actually laugh out loud as I related to all he has put. Gee I was a horror on them but now free and getting my life back on track as you will too Laurel.
    My family are noticing a difference although I still hide away from socialising as the pain has come back but I am self medicating on herbs and make my own numbing cream with Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and essential oils. You can also use coconut oil as your carrier.
    You Tube has a vast wealth of knowledge.

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