Why Withdrawal Ease?

Glad you asked! Plus, a few words on our competition.

Since 2008, Withdrawal Ease has been providing comprehensive content and resources for those suffering from opiate withdrawal. This site and the products that we sell are for those who want to stop letting opiates take control of their lives yet have no viable options. For many, in-patient rehab and detox are either too costly, unnecessary or both. Before Withdrawal Ease, the “status quo” was not sufficient to help the millions of people (myself included) who wanted a more comfortable way to end their dependency on opiates. In many ways, the “gap in care” still remains; we’re trying to help you comfortably navigate one small part of the recovery process.

w-e-checklist2Fast forward to 2016: Withdrawal Ease is the unquestioned authority for opiate withdrawal and detox information. We have spent a extraordinary amount of time to write useful content that has value for those who want to detox more comfortably at home. All of this content is free.

Of course, any time a product or category becomes “popular”, competition is sure to follow. This is especially true on the Internet where the cost of entry is relatively low and intellectual property is unregulated. Recently, we have noticed companies that are selling products similar to Withdrawal Ease. We certainly respect everyone’s right to compete as long as it is ethical.

However, many of these companies have very limited knowledge about opiate detox and no intention of providing any useful content. They simply want to sell product as cheaply, quickly and efficiently as possible. People looking for help are probably confused as a result so I want to add some clarity and tell you why I think Withdrawal Ease deserves your trust and your business.

If you ask me “Why Withdrawal Ease?” compared to these other companies I would say, “I’m glad you asked!”

    1. Circa 2008: Withdrawal Ease has been in business for over 7 years. We are experienced.
    2. Superior Product: We were the first to develop a nutritional supplement system for opiate detox using Daytime and Nighttime Formulations. Over the years, we’ve been able to refine, tweak and ultimately improve our product based on customer feedback as well as clinical advice. Withdrawal Ease in 2016 is a far superior product than the one we produced in 2008.
    3. We Wrote the Book: In fact, we literally did and it’s called the Withdrawal Survival Guide. Other companies have “withdrawal guides” but none provide the same level of quality and depth as our 65 page guide. It’s a critical part of our program and we believe that a successful detox depends on your adherence to the general principles of the Survival Guide as well as our advice on the site.
    4. We’ve Worked Very Hard To Earn Your Trust: Withdrawal Ease has never shied away from scrutiny and we’re eager to prove to our customers that we can be trusted to fulfill our promises to you. Next time you visit one of our competitors’ websites, take a look around and scrutinize their credentials. ANYONE can buy a TrustE logo or that image with all of the credit cards together. Anyone can cook up some “logo soup” and place it at the bottom of their home page. Beyond the ubiquitous SSL seal, we try not to include any logos, seals or “sunbursts” that don’t have real meaning or value to you, the customer.

Why Withdrawal Ease Deserves Your Trust:

We’ve had an “A+ Rating” from The Better Business Bureau since 2010.

Some companies may paste a BBB logo on their site in order to deceive you; so make sure to click through and check out their grade and the number of complaints they’ve had.
Withdrawal Ease BBB Business Review

None of our competitors are members of The Better Business Bureau. Why not?

If they want to earn your trust, they should be members of The Better Business Bureau. After all, it’s inexpensive and it affirms your business ethics. It’s what all good, trustworthy businesses do isn’t it? It also serves as a mediator should any complaints arise. All complaints are then noted in our profile and classified as either resolved to both party’s satisfaction or not. We’ve had 2 shipping complaints in 8 years and we’ve resolved both of them. Being a member of The Better Business Bureau is good business.

 We have been certified by The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy since 2010.

This is a very rigorous screening and certification process for which we must be re-certified each year. In order to pass the certification process, the NABP editorial review board will go through our entire site and evaluate our claims, our ingredients, our source materials, our marketing…everything. If it does not pass their standards, we do not become certified.

None of our competitors are certified by The NABP. Why Not?

Withdrawal Ease is a certified NABP E-AdvertiserThe NABP VIPPS Certification is a comprehensive certification process and some companies don’t want to go through the trouble or the scrutiny. However, an NABP certification is the only organization recognized by Google and Bing for retailers of pharmacy related products.

Withdrawal Ease is a member of the American Botanical Council,

The American Botanical Council (ABC) is the foremost authority on evidence-based research and new advances in botanical medicine. The American Botanical Council provides us with exclusive access to the latest clinical trials and literature on herbal medicines which allows us to improve our products based on real data.

None of our competitors are members of The American Botanical Council. Why Not?

Member of American Botanical CouncilFor all of the companies that claim to spend “years and years in labs creating their proprietary formulas,” it’s curious that they have no affiliation with ABC. If there was something magical or worthy of further study, I would think that The American Botanical Council would publish something about it in their periodical called Herbalgram. It’s a fascinating publication by the way; Mark Blumenthal and his group do an incredible job with it. If you are interested in the study of botanical medicine, I believe you can pay for a subscription.

We DON’T Have a 100% Money Back Guarantee: We Have The “Customer Satisfaction Promise” (There’s a difference: see below

We don’t offer a “100% Money Back Guarantee” because we believe it is a marketing ploy to convince customers that a product will work no matter what. It’s truly the oldest marketing trick in the book! Opiate detox and withdrawal are complicated health issues and there are no guarantees when someone is trying to end their dependency on opiates.

We understand that other companies offer a “Risk Free Money Back Guarantee” but read the fine print and you’ll see that it’s just a logo and a false promise. Withdrawal Ease is not a cure or a panacea for detox or withdrawal. We certainly don’t think it is responsible for some companies to suggest that their product works “instantly” or “cures addiction.” It’s a misleading and totally inaccurate representation of what we at Withdrawal Ease are trying to achieve. The Withdrawal Ease nutritional supplement contains ingredients that can be helpful for certain common symptoms of opiate withdrawal and detox. We have had a lot of people who have had great experiences with our product but it is simply one tool that you should consider if you are going to detox from opiates. That’s why we emphasize putting a tapering schedule together and following the practical suggestions in our Withdrawal Survival Guide. These strategies and tactics are just as important (if not more) than the nutritional supplement that we sell.

We recommend that you take claims like “works on the first dose!” and/or “cures addiction!” with a heavy dose of skepticism because it’s not consistent with the realities of opiate detox.

What we CAN promise is your satisfaction with the product and the service as we have described it.

And That’s Why We Have: “The Withdrawal Ease Customer Satisfaction Promise”

Your Satisfaction Or Your Money Back:

If you are not satisfied with Withdrawal Ease or Recovery Ease (or both), you have 30 days to return it for a refund. Doooon’t worry, no forms or jumping through hoops to discourage you from receiving a refund! All that we ask is for you to return all remaining product and notify us of your concerns ahead of time so that we know it is coming. From time to time we may ask why customers are unsatisfied because it is helpful for us to know about customer concerns; especially in the unlikely event that you experience a side effect or something health related that we need to be aware of.

On-Time Shipping and Delivery Or Your Shipping Is Free

We know how important it is for you to receive your product when you expect it to arrive!

  1. If your order is not shipped from our facility on time, we’ll ship it for free.
  2. If your shipment does not arrive on time (less than 1% of our orders) then we will give you a refund for your shipping costs. 

The fact is, opiate detox is an incredibly difficult and complicated process. In order to get the full benefit from our product, you must use it correctly and follow our directions in our Withdrawal Survival Guide. Nothing works 100% of the time and almost 100% of our customers are reasonable and understand this. There is no magic cure, there are only proven strategies and tactics that can help reduce the severity of your symptoms.

We Know We Must Keep Innovating: As the leader, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. Our job is to innovate and provide any resources we can to help you detox from opiates more comfortably. I’m excited to say that we have some new initiatives and products coming very soon that will shake things up significantly! Our goal will always be to help you get through opiate withdrawal successfully.

And we’re just getting started.

Thanks for reading my post!


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  1. Hello George … I love your web site .. Your product helped a great deal during withdrawals.
    At one time in the past you took my telephone call and that was most kind of you.

    Enjoying my family to the fullest , and wish new users of Withdrawal-Ease a easy recovery.

    The key is NOT losing your goal of recovery and a new YOU !!

    • i cant wait to try this, I hope its what everybody says, im ready to get my life together and hope this is the answer.

  2. Sonja Lopez says:

    My 21 the old daughter has been using benzos and oxys since she was 16. It’s been a horrible road to travel. I’m watching her descenigrate . Half her face is paralized (this is the second time in 3 months) and she’s on her 3 rd abscess from shooting up. She’s been trying to detox for a couple days now. She has no health ins. So rehab isn’t even a choice . Anyone know of a free one ? I sure hope withdrawal ease works for her. I am at my wits end !

  3. michael says:

    How is it guaranteed that it’s going to work for my girlfriend. Don’t want to order if no guarantees to this.I just want this to stop,also does it only take one bottle or do I have to buy more then one?thank you.

    • Hi Michael. Withdrawal Ease is not Guaranteed to work for your girlfriend. I wrote a little bit about the whole “100% guarantee” concern that I have in our FAQ. While our competitors site this as an advantage relative to Withdrawal Ease, I think the 100% guarantee is a bit misleading. They may sell a few more orders because they “guarantee” their product but if you take a look at their return policy its a bit ridiculous and prohibitive. Most importantly, it is vital to note that a product like Withdrawal Ease is not a cure; it will not completely get rid of her withdrawal symptoms and anyone who claims to have a product that does so is not telling the truth.

      The fact is that Withdrawal Ease is ONE tool that your girlfriend can use to help her reduce the impact of her withdrawal symptoms. There are a whole variety of other strategies and tactics that can also help her feel more comfortable. We go through these strategies and tactics in our Withdrawal Survival Guide. We do not think that taking Withdrawal Ease by itself will provide 100% efficacy. Will it help? Sure. But in order to truly reduce the discomfort of her withdrawal symptoms, she must make an effort to taper, follow our instructions in the Survival Guide and take the product as directed. This is a program that largely depends on the compliance and discipline of the person who is detoxing.

      This does not suggest that we do not stand behind our product; we do. We have a “Customer Satisfaction Promise” which provides refunds for customers who many not be satisfied with the product or have shipping issues. I believe this is different from a “100% guarantee” which suggests that the product will take away all of your symptoms no matter what. Everyone’s circumstances are unique but the one thing we are always prepared to promise is that our customers will be satisfied with their purchase; I hope that this distinction makes sense. We issue refunds when people contact us and genuinely feel that it did not help; which is rare. We also issue refunds if shipping is late etc. But suggesting that your purchase (or any purchase) carries zero-risk is not honest in my opinion. If this causes me to lose a few sales then so be it; I’m ok with that.

  4. I am 40 years old and when i was 20 i was in a car accident and was given pain meds for back pain and i continued using until i was dependant on them. Well 9 years ago i went to a long term drug rehab and continued to stay clean for 4 years still had pain but i knew i could handle the pain better than i could handle the sickness and withdrawal from not having any well with that beung said 5 years ago i relapsed due to having severe pain in my stomach and being the addict that i am i have put myself back in this miserable life called active addiction. In the past i have missed so much of the goid times i was suppose to be having with my two children. Well im 40 years old and im sick and tired of being sick and tired. At the time i have no insuranse so rehah is not an option and i have been buying off streets and i WANT MY LIFE BACK. I am currently taking anywhere from 50 to 100 mg of oxycodone which is ridiculous so i have read all the info on the product and it sounds great and im getting ready to order but my question is the tapering part. I have lost my job so my use is coming to a complete holt and ive been through the withdrawal process many times and its awful but u recommend tapering but thats not am option so when i receive it and i have bo meds to take is this product going to help with the nausea dirreaha sleeplessness aches and etc etc etc so please tell me i know im going to be really sick does this help when u have no choice but to go cold turkey???
    Loving mother that
    Is an addict and
    just wants her life

    • Hi Melissa. Thanks so much for taking the time to write your post. I’m very sorry to hear that you are having such a terrible time…just awful. I know what it feels like to constantly go through detox and the fear that comes with it.

      As far as tapering is concerned, there are plenty of people who cannot do it or won’t don’t; that is fine. Would it be better to taper? Sure, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t do it. Withdrawal Ease can help with those symptoms but it will not completely take them away. The product is simply one tool that one can use to help reduce the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. The Withdrawal Survival guide that comes with the product is just as important; albeit in a different way. What we are trying to accomplish is give people like yourself every tool in the (non-pharma) arsenal to help you get through the detox process as comfortably as possible. I can confidently say that if you use these tools, you will have an easier time with the detox. I cannot promise that you will be symptoms free but I think you’ll be more comfortable if you follow our program. I also think it would help you to find some counseling for your cravings just to have people to talk to. It doesn’t have to be AA or NA; any group of people who are going through what you are going through will help you feel better and stronger moving forward.

  5. George,

    I am a disabled combat veteran, I was injured during my deployment to Iraq from 2003-2005(when the was was at its very worst). My job was finding IED’s (roadside bombs) I was blown up several times. When i can home after being medically retired from the military, the VA hospital said that they want to do a fusion on my spine but I was to young to have it so they referred me to pain management. It’s been 9 years of injections, physical therapy, me being as proactive as possible with working out and keeping my weight at a healthy level, and the pain meds. At first I was on a low dose and as I’m sure you know, you can only go up from there. I went off of them for 6 months at one point, but was told by my dr that they were the best path for me and to put off the sergery.
    Honestly, I’m ready. I now have a daughter and for her I would like very much to go off of them. I know I can deal with my pain, I’ve just used the meds as a crutch. The only thing is I am on a fixed income and would like very much to try your product but can not afford it. Are there payment options or exceptions that can be made? I know you have a buisness and if you helped every poor sap that asked, you wouldn’t have a buisness. If you want I have tons of pictures of me in Iraq, I was a trailblazer, and maybe u could use them as advertising because the VA hands out pain meds like candy, so there is a huge population of vets that probably would be benefited by your product.

    This is just a shot in the dark or a prayer if you prefer, thank you for your time and consideration.

    A Soldier

    • Dan, first of all thank you for your service! Anyone who has been blown up -not once- but “several times” certainly has my respect and sympathy. Give me a shout when you get a chance and I will help you! And by the way you are not a poor sap…

  6. cara wiseman says:

    It worked for me! I’ve been on hydrocodone for over 2 years and decided it was just making my pain brain worse. I used this and very slowly weaned myself off. Thank you guys so much!

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